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I like how it just says"Trump lawyer" on the briefcase, seems like a nice subtle jab lol

I was on a 6hr drive listening to the "Nunberg interviews" implosion on XM. It was by far the best exposé of the year, until Mañana.

We need someone to start a live thread for '60 Minutes' tomorrow. I'm guessing viewership will be at 90's Super Bowl / Prize Fight Levels and then we'll be here during commercials. Let's be real.

And my depo name, if needed will absolutely be Jaleel White.

Too much effort to add a name when you’re just going to have to change it next week

No that’s the alias he used when he called reporters to leak his own stories.

Trump supporter reacts to news about the Russia investigation

Trump supporter reacts to news about the Russia investigation

If I get home and my mother isn't watching Fox, I know with certainty that Donald's been an idiot again and Fox is still working on how to spin the narrative [see: car crash on Hannity.]

It is fascinating, yet frightening, how easily they were sucked into the propaganda. They repeat the things they hear to me later, and it's disturbing to know my parents are racist homophobic fascists, and that your Nation allowed this awful excuse for a human to hold the highest office.

Did anyone else see the bill that passed yesterday allocated half a billion dollars to the Inspect General? I wonder what that's about.


Are you five?

*Nice edit

It's human nature though. The GOP has gone off the deep end and is being led by a skillful conman.

After years of advertising I've learned that you don't change minds; you reinforce beliefs that are already there and tap into visceral triggers. Trump is a racist conman, but he knows how to speak to the gullible racist in all of us. Trump's propaganda works not only on his supporters but also on the media and his opposition. He gives both sides red meat, and like hungry predators, the news media, his supporters and his opposition continually fall for his shiny objects.

I have empathy for all sides involved, but lament that democrats are not as aggressive or effective as the GOP at voter suppression, because as dug in as Trump voters are, they are by no means the majority, and this reign of terror would not be possible without getting people who believe in democracy to stay home.

This did not age well.

This did not age well.

Lol talk about toxic CVs. Felt for the Cambridge people but his worse... Sputnik, Breitbart etc

Guccifer 2.0, the guy who leaked DNC emails, turned out to be Russian agent because sometimes his vpn broke, which ended up exposed his IP address.

This tweet's just a string of stupidity that happened around Guccifer. For example, before his status as Russian agent's confirmed, his conversation with a Vice journalist showed that he has only basic grasp in english and Romanian, where word Guccifer came from. Then he said moronic shit like MAGA and i vote for freedom...

Doesn’t know what a CV is? Username checks out.

I'm an Indonesian who happened to take interests in American politics. I do visit other subs, but only as a lurker in incognito tabs. Also, i already admitted that i come from SEA before, and i've talked about Indonesian stuffs, like LINE trolls before.

This's my second time in getting called as foreign troll today. I never get called like that before. Wonder why?

The_Donald right now

The_Donald right now

I love that so many of his subjects finally point out how wrong and uninformed he is when he tweets about bump stocks. Lol

More like "Trump wants DACA protections" vs. "Trump doesn't want DACA protections"...good bit of angst in their sub over that question.

Also, "Trump successfully tricked Congress into getting him the bill he secretly wanted which will MAGA" vs. "the DEEP STATE and the cuck Dems and cuck Republicans are holding him back from his mandate to MAGA". They don't know if they should celebrate or go cry about this spending bill.

Yet here you are on The_Mueller.

Rent free?

If führer Donald recommended putting all illegals in detainment camps, don't pretend the Donald wouldn't support him vociferously



Man, i remember when i look into Trump for the first time. I thought he's just your typical super corrupt businessman. And a friend of Vince McMahon.

Turned out that he's so dumb he keep digging the ground to lower the bar.

This looks like it could've been written by a Russian troll.

Joker of modern age

Acually is Indonesian.

The real reason behind the constant White House dumpster fires.

The real reason behind the constant White House dumpster fires.

"Well of course their testimony is going to paint me in a bad light, I just fired them."

"That was your wife's testimony..."

"We're in the process of getting a divorce."

"...and your kids testimony as well."

"I just disowned them recently."

"As well as your own self incriminating testimony."

"I hate myself."

If only a narcissist could hate himself...

Seriously. I have thought this may be a legit strategy.

Narcissists have tremendously low self-esteem, especially evident when they're not receiving their satisfactory level of attention.

Cambridge Analytica search warrant granted

Cambridge Analytica search warrant granted
Cambridge Analytica search warrant granted

Americans - YES!!!!!

British - Jolly good show. FYI - Just joking, don't jump on me.

I wonder how much data got wiped.


You can't really wipe data. These fools all use protonmail.

They're not wiping shit

Try one of these subthreads