Giant Squid wraps tentacles around a paddle board.

Giant Squid wraps tentacles around a paddle board.

I would not go that deep in the ocean on only a paddle board

I don't think they're very deep. Spooky stuff can come pretty close to shore.

I believe that's a Humboldt squid. Cephalopods are so scary.

Full Video

Nope, it’s definitely a juvenile Giant Squid:

The mantle and tentacles are disproportionally longer compared to Humboldt squids. It’s not uncommon to see dying Giant Squids near the surface, I’ve seen quite a few videos of that occurring on YouTube.

Instant colon cleanse [x-post r/awesome]

Instant colon cleanse [x-post r/awesome]

Well they did warn him

I remember this gag from Resident Evil

Neptune: the most underwhelming boss


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Don't tap the glass, you'll piss off the fish.

Kayaker getting stuck under a bridge as the tide is rising.

Kayaker getting stuck under a bridge as the tide is rising.

Flip it over and jack sparrow that shit

"Guess I'll just"

I found the full thing. I had to fast forward to the end because I felt like I was gonna puke.

He makes it out, but it’s worth watching for the face he makes at the end.

Not really thalassophobia but this is definitely claustrophobia

This aerial shot of NYC is horrifying

This aerial shot of NYC is horrifying
This aerial shot of NYC is horrifying

I don't believe this is relevant to this subreddit

This seems super out of place for this sub

Horryfing? I think it looks rather cool/amazing.

Slight heart attack

Orcas don't really fuck with humans outside of captivity. He's probably just interested and taking a look

That's just because it noticed the camera. They are smart enough to leave no evidence.

I freaking love Orcas, and this is amazing, and clearly curious, friendly behaviour... but yes, it scared the shit out of me also.

Yeah. I’d probably soil myself. But after calming down, that experience would be pretty awesome.

dead trees sticking out of the water have always creeped me

dead trees sticking out of the water have always creeped me

snakes and things that eat snakes 🐍

I hate swimming near dead trees in murky waters. You definitively know somethings hiding down there.

They're great places to fish, but there's no way on god's green fuckin earth that I'm going to go swimming near that.

snakes and things that eat snakes

So... bigger snakes.

Half underwater, half above water

Half underwater, half above water

If it stayed that bright I don't think I would mind taking a gander at swimming there. But I'd shit bricks if the light source went out in the middle of my swim.

Fully terrifying

The brighter and farther I can look, the more time I have to look at whatever lake monster is swimming towards me

That's not even a pun. git gud



There is no proven account of any orca in the wild ever killing a human, and the rare and few attacks are classified as 'mistaken identity' when they mistook us or our our boats as their normal prey (seals and other whales). In fact, they are genuinely curious and gentle around us, a trait they share with their cousins the dolphins. There are even well documented cases of orcas purposely aiding and even protecting humans.

This does not follow for stressed out captive orcas of course, which have in fact hurt and killed humans because what else does a massive creature designed to roam the depths of the entire world's oceans do when you restrict it to a tank that's only a few of its body lengths long.

Orcas are undoubtedly the most apex ocean predator that has ever roamed the seas ever. Thanks to their intelligence and social structure, they could absolutely decimate any sea creature that ever lived, including prehistoric monsters like mosasaurs and megaladons, and yet they genuinely seem to be okay with us.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'd be panicked to be in the water, but knowing orcas or dolphins are around might actually ease the anxiety.

I mean, that’s some conjecture at the end.

Megalodon was 60ft long and Mesosaur was 50ft long so they dwarf the Orca. Orcas are more intelligent but I wouldn’t say absolutely decimate.

Also, just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it wouldn’t in regards to Orcas killing a human. They’re massive wild animals. The likelihood is low but I’m not gonna relax and drop my guard around them.

Edit: just to expound a little, being around any large predator in the wild is absolutely a risk. People have encounters with Silverback Gorillas in the wild as well but it’s still a risk. Same with parachuting or bungee jumping. People do it because it’s thrilling and I don’t blame them. I just know that I wouldn’t be calm around them. Nor an elephant. Nor a Gorilla. Nor a tiger.

You might as well relax around them. It’s not as though you could swim away or fight one off if an orca got a wild hair on its ass and came after you.

We know so (relatively) little about prehistoric ocean predators, but one was a fish and the other was a reptile. No fish or reptile has ever shown an intelligence level even remotely comparable to modern Delphinidae, and that would be it's downfall. A Meg might even end up a regular and prized food item on an orca pod's menu.

Sharks may occasionally school, but they do not have the complex social structure orcas do. A single 50' or even 60' Megaladon could not defend against a pod of 30' orcas. Mainly because orcas communicate with each other. They coordinate attacks. They develop prey-specific hunting techniques when needed. They are highly intelligent and can even pass on hunting tactics to their young. Orcas routinely hunt and kill sharks, including Great Whites and Tiger Sharks, sometimes for fun, sometimes because they just don't like them, other times for their nutrient rich livers.

Other than humans, Orcas are the most apex of predators that has likely ever lived on this planet.

As for human attacks, anything is possible of course, but we've lived alongside orcas for millenia and there's just no history of it at all. The few documented attacks are almost invariably accidents when they've briefly confused us or our boats for seals or other prey items. Once they realize their mistake, they move on and as a result no fatality has ever been documented.

Humpback whales feeding

Humpback whales feeding

This photo comes around a lot and has been debunked as heavily photoshopped.

So, it's a cool piece of art.

i’d be wondering when the whale that’s right under my boat will do this and capsize me

Still pissing myself just looking at it

Thanks for this!

How Titanic sank

Soooo much better then the original, love these compressed reboots they're doing nowadays

Yay, repost!

Especially since they were put into a false sense of security being told that it was unsinkable.

I can only imagine how scared those people were in those few hours. The Titanic is so fascinating considering I'm not a ship guy.

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