Don't let spies sap the internet! Internet providers could make you pay more money to play TF2 and other games online. Even if you think they won't, they might. "Never open a door you don't want someone to go through." Support Net Neutrality today!

Don't let spies sap the internet! Internet providers could make you pay more money to play TF2 and other games online. Even if you think they won't, they might. "Never open a door you don't want someone to go through." Support Net Neutrality today!
Don't let spies sap the internet! Internet providers could make you pay more money to play TF2 an...


We already have a top post about it. At least wait until the other one drops before adding another one. It's a bit of karma whoring I think?

But we neeeeeed to make everyone sees it and we get that sweet sweet karma

There's already a top level post about this same topic?

Demommad Ali VS Solly Liston (SFM)

Demommad Ali VS Solly Liston (SFM)

This is really impressive

Demoman is the type of merc to have a shit ton of lower body strength

Aye. All ya fine dandies prancin aboot wit yer weak bellies. Holdin’ fine scrumpeh’s a great way to get strong, lad.

Very nice.

Only problem I have with it is that it looks like Demo’s right (viewer’s left) glove is clipping into his forearm, which could just be the lighting. But I feel like if you rotated it counter clockwise slightly it wouldn’t have a gap on the one side and the clip on the other.

Other than that, this is quite impressive. Even with the crowd being a million Spies it’s still a lot of work to get the spacing right and place that many freakin models. Was SFM running at like 12 FPS by then? Lol. And the front row/photographers look great too

70s aesthetics war paint

70s aesthetics war paint

It's not that good. What part of the 70s are you recreating? If you google, "70s patterns and designs" you don't get anything that looks like what you've made.

From the previous topic you all seemed to like it so I decided to continue work on this war paint. It's now on the workshop here. Thanks for all the feedback and stuff.

I was gonna say, this looks closer to 80s than 70s. 70s had a much warmer, more subdued palette.

It's nice as an unthemed effect, but as a 70s themed effect? Maybe not.

the pain of playing engineer

the pain of playing engineer

Good lord these memes are moving fast.

How did you get Engi’s goggles off in SFM?

please stop calling me sentry cuck

its a link to the gmod workshop, but there's links to the SFM version there

Frosty Frenzy Cosmetic

Frosty Frenzy Cosmetic

Uh idk

From steam comments:

it looks ugly, but god damn its funny to see frosty running like a mother f#cker

Scout's carrot is displayed quite prominently there.

owo what's this notices bulge, rolls the fuck over cliff and dies like i lived, a yiffing madman


Guys literally only want one thing

Guys literally only want one thing

Not sluts like her, if her picture is anything to go by.

Golden Pans are better in every way.

I'm sorry, I had to remove this because memes need to be within self/text posts. Feel free to resubmit!


Very true. Dudes are just out for your gilded cast iron. Sickening.



eggs D

He is probably /sub/dankmemes mod

I main heavy

Has an australium sniper rifle with 8K kills

Something isn't adding up here...

dude wtf me too!

Can anyone help me?

Can anyone help me?

I'll admit it, that's clever.

Guys, it's alright, I found him alright, little sneaky bugger. He really blends in, doesn't he?

All stock weapons

I see your a man of class.

Mann of Class.

The Sniper class.

Miggy, founder of and Ferocitygaming has passed away.

Miggy, founder of and Ferocitygaming has passed away.

Hello, my name is Soxxie. I am in the former owner of the APP servers and a contributor to the Ferocity Gaming Community. I'm sorry to say that I'm here to tell you that Miggy passed away this evening at at 10:15 EST November 14th, 2017. I spoke with three members of his family not long ago who told me he died peacefully surrounded by his loved ones.

Miggy had been fighting a very hard fight against cancer for the last three months. In the last few weeks, he was diagnosed as terminal and sent home from the hospital into Hospice Care.

Miggy was a community server owner, contributor, an anti-cheat mod, and the developer of the anti-cheat sourcemod plug-in IntegriTF2. Please remember the compassionate and amazing person he was. Anyone who was close with Miggy and would like to send their condolences or message to his family, feel free to add me on Steam. You can also post them here. I will make sure they get to the right people.

Update: His family is planning his service, they hope to live stream his service. And are planning a memorial to honor miggy's online life.

So many of you have messaged me wanting to know more about Miggy. His name was Stephen Chavez, he loved mustangs and weiner dogs. Lived in Miami, and had an eye for aimbotters.

Peace Out, Aye Lmao

RIP Old Friend. You will sorely be missed. See you in the next round.

- miggy lft video

If I can get personal, Miggy is responsible for saving my life. A year ago, I was going through a very down time in my life, and I had the intentions of killing myself. If it wasn't for him and a few others, I wouldn't be here. He was a friend that even through the worst of times, was there for me. I will never forget our 6 years of friendship Miggy, whether it'd be through Steel 6s, or Tabletop Simulator, or our talks that we had. I love you Miggy. Forever in my heart.

Seriously, fuck cancer. I never knew Miggy all that well, but I've heard nothing but good things about him. He really did make the TF2 community a better place.

See ya, space cowboy.

I never knew miggy but I watched a bunch of his hilarious and informative anticheat videos and I'm sure his anticheat efforts helped make many of my games more enjoyable, even from another hemisphere.

rest in peace

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