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I have ascended #BisonMasterRace

I have ascended #BisonMasterRace

Did you buy this? I want one.


Its like 300 dollars well 100 dollars for a plastic model

Though i feel like I saw an all metal replica for 300 on this subreddit a week or two ago...

I want to know where you can get one too.

He lives to collect cash for another wave...

He lives to collect cash for another wave...

When you can't find that 1 dollar lying somewhere on the map though... Worst moment ever

Scouts only want one thing

Not a Lime paint bucket


She looks like a cougar who wants some delicious cookies

Found it!

when you are taunting and you see a teammate approach you from behind

when you are taunting and you see a teammate approach you from behind

Then it turns out to be a Spy, but he shoots up and taunts back and kill binds 0.5 seconds after that.




heavy turns around

throws sandwich on dead spy

"Thank you!" nodding furiously


Why does this comment just say tf2?

We need 6 snipers

We need 6 snipers

I love the fact that “is this a bird” is back on this sub.

I haven’t seen one of these (til recently) for like 3 years.

Andy Bold

I like how you used the font Terraria uses. What’s it called?

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Demo: "I can't win. Not without my demo recordings."

Odin: "Are you the Dem... fuck."

Always go for the Frying Pan or the Bottle. Never use the Swords. Oh, and don't forget to bring your Sticky Jumper!

The real men sticky jump with the stock without a buff.

Soldier: Hit him with a crit sticky.

Demo: I just hit him with the biggest crit sticky in the history of Demomen, it did nothing.

Is this...? Yes it is.

Is this...? Yes it is.

oh no, resupply cabinet!

Is this... mon dieu!

Boy, that was fast

Loss doesn't work in the slightest and hasn't been funny for 2 years.

Just let it die, dude.

Logic needs not apply

Logic needs not apply

Didn't someone already make a post comparing those two hats that the Engineer and Medic are wearing?

I know exactly how to solve this. Add a Halloween restriction to the Crown of the Old Kingdom. Hell, while we're at it, we should add Halloween Restrictions to every single cosmetic item that breaks the art style too much! /s

But in all seriousness, the art style is pretty neglected at this point.

I, for one, am ready to be killed by a walking advertisement for Mao Zedong

Here's a great idea!

Make a brown paper bag that enables you to decorate it like decals!

Such a wholesome sight!

Such a wholesome sight!

And so the cycle continues...



Why is this picture so accurate

The bottled water is cold, the pool water is not.


Is he potentially washing the chlorinated water out of his face with fresh water?

"our whole team has dominations..."

"our whole team has dominations..."

tfw the only person that dosent have a domination is a scout

When you click the good looking boston boi, but after playing one game with him you realize that he's shit and switch to that hard hat texan man and build a sentry at the last point.


Get your shit together Enchanted Gamer

Try one of these subthreads