Guy does an AMA on r/drunk and answers all of his own questions

Guy does an AMA on r/drunk and answers all of his own questions

He got a shit ton of karma tho

How big is your penis?

10.7 inches. Thick

Can confirm. Have same dick.


Yeah, it’s too bad he deleted his account though

"This has been verified by mods"

I'm fucking dead.



Ducks make up for the rest of the birds then

Image Transcription: Reddit

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/u/HanCloudstone, 34 points

Birds don't have dongs. RiP. [sic]

/u/KineticConundrum, 32 points

You just blew my mind.

The males of most bird species do not have a penis, both sexes have a multi-tasking orifice called the cloaca. Copulation generally involves a few seconds and a mere touching of these organs in order to deposit sperm


/u/JohanTheJuan, 57 points

a few seconds and a mere touching of these organs in order to deposit sperm

TIL I'm part bird

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Ducks have dicks

This poor guy's wife

This poor guy's wife

Heyy thats how i found this sub From showerthoughts :D

put me in the screenshot

I mean I couldn't not


yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee we in here

o o f

o o f

Are you kidding me? Who wouldn’t post a sex tape for $100 billion? Heck I’d split it with whoever did it with me and we’d both be happy with $50 billion each.

I’d do pretty much anything for that much money. I might even cut my leg off for it too. I’d be a cripple but that money’ll last until my great grandchildren are dead

What kind of question is that? Who wouldn't post a sextape for that kind of money. Hell i'd have that bitch playing on loop in the mansion i'd buy. You walk into the main hall and on a giant 4k hdr flat screen would be the thing that gave me my wealth.

Plus you’d be first in line for bionic legs, if you’re really invested and you want the tech before anyone else does, just start your own company and poach talent from the entire industry. I mean why not, with 50 billion you could buy entire countries.

OOOOOOH look at Mr. fancypants

OOOOOOH look at Mr. fancypants

So is 99% of reddit confirmed virgins?

Welcome to the league, my dude

Whoa, a transcription! I’ve been hoping to start transcribing, but I’ve never been bothered starting out.

Good Human

Me irl

Me irl

Better /sub/suicidebywords than /sub/thathappened


I’m not wearing hockey pads

I'm not lost, I was making an argument.

Must be hard to live with that.

Must be hard to live with that.

double suicide?

The second one is a murder

The second one could be serious, can't be sure

Which makes the reply a murder.

1st comment is suicide

2nd comment is murder/assisted suicide


You’re just like me

You’re just like me

A murder-suicide.


How dare you use the same reddit app and theme as me. You know how many goddamn times I tried to upvote you and opened the picture instead?


Fat Bastard IRL

Fat Bastard IRL

Pretty sure Guy Fieri already owns that market...but dude ain't like Fat Bastard

Diet Fat Bastard

it’s called the US presidency

They prefer the term "small-fat".

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