[WDYWT] little smile

[WDYWT] little smile

havent posted a fit in a while but wanted to show jacket made by other streetwear user :)

PUFFER JACKET FROM YOURS TRULY /u/Bleblebob and his brand steadyhandsapparel

ce hat

ce ashram gloves

ce x porter bag vest

rick walrus cargo

y3 ryo high with no cover

my instagram

Not sure I'm describing it right but there's something rly wholesome and down to earth about seeing someone I've associated with only expensive clothes enjoying the clothing made by another redditor

steadyhandsapparel the /sub/streetwear fav

What jacket is that? looks amazing

[WDYWT] Valentine’s day with Raf Simons ❤️

[WDYWT] Valentine’s day with Raf Simons ❤️

Simple but effective Happy valentine day OP

I’m straight but will you be my valentine

Is that the New Order album cover Power, Corruption, and Lies on your shirt? It's a really good look

rare raf when I wear raf

[WDYWT] bring back ombre

[WDYWT] bring back ombre

Really cool. Fun way to break up the monotony of all black.


JohnUndercover 17ss Gradient Ombre Jacket

Hysteric Glamour "Hagi's"

SLP 15AW Double zip rangers

you could try bleaching a black hoodie of your choice a la this guy

Meh I hate colour matching, it feels too corny for me

[WDYWT] Bring Heritage Techwear Back

[WDYWT] Bring Heritage Techwear Back

Everything fits you so well

Instagram @rataface

Fit Details:

Commono Reproducts Ventile Cotton Jacket

MUJI Sweater

MUJI Linen Shirt

Green Label Relaxing Saxony Tweed Water Resistant Pants

Joint Works Leather Mountain Boots

Barneys New York Scarf

Cote & Ciel ISAR Roasted Chestnut Rucksack

Explanation: Heritage techwear is a style that focuses on functional and utilitarian clothing using technical / outdoor clothes reminiscent of those from the 1970~2000s. Heritage techwear has existed for a long time and is still popular in places like Japan with brands such as Snowpeak, Pilgrim, and And Wander. Although the urban ninja style that is prevalent today has only existed for a short amount of time, it has eclipsed other subgeneres of techwear solidifying the association that: military = techwear / all black = techwear. As for Heritage Techwear, the style doesn't rely on technical and military cues which results in vibrant color palettes with colors like yellow, orange, green and brown.

fr I think these are the best fitting pair of pants I've ever seen

You look like you're about to go on an adventure.

Possible Off-White x Olympic Games Merch???

Possible Off-White x Olympic Games Merch???

I currently work at the Olympic games and this image+vector file was sent out this afternoon. We're supposed to print it out and put them in a separate booth behind the hockey arena..i think this pretty much solidifies the rumor. Image: If this actually happens I'll be so hyped.

Damn if this is true I honestly gotta give Virgil props. Pretty indifferent towards his brand but if you’re doing shit with Nike, Ikea, Levi’s, and now the Olympics within 6 years you’re doing something right

you got any proof you work at/for the olympics? having a photo means a little bit fuck all in this day and age so sorry for not believing atm GHC means Gangneung hockey centre. MPC is main press centre.

Lol one of his accounts is exclusively for posting on fashion/sneaker reps

[Discussion] does this oversized garment fit too oversized??

[Discussion] does this oversized garment fit too oversized??

fits fine man, just need the confidence to wear it

Is that Hagrid's overcoat ?

type shit

when you accidently size up on an off-white hoodie

[wdywt/art] I did an edit on a (v basic) fit!

[wdywt/art] I did an edit on a (v basic) fit!

Like you said the outfit isn't spectacular but I really appreciate the editing in this.


Admittedly, the outfit isn’t anything groundbreaking lol, but I focused moreso on the edit/art. Still, I wanted to share it. I’m looking to combine some of my own film photography with drawing and outfits. It’s the first in a series of pieces I am working on, so things will get more colourful and bold with the next.


A lot of people seemed to have complaints about white listed users wearing too "out there" outfits. Hopefully this outfit satisfies people who enjoy seeing more grounded outfits. My suggestion would be if you really want to give it some more pop throw in some accessories, maybe a ring or two. A necklace etc, if that's not your thing that's cool too.

I will always be in awe of people pulling off skinny denim and derbies. Looks great!



So pathetic what people will do to get “hype” shit.

Ape shall never kill ape 😭😭😭

That's why I ALWAYS have my buddy with his hunting rifle set up about 100 yrds away when I sell things online.

That's just sad

WIWT: Mud Color Vibes

WIWT: Mud Color Vibes

You look like a cross between Jacksfilms and Logan Paul.

In that case ive FAILED

Really nice fit ! I could really see someone wearing that in real life and not looking like a weirdo


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