I'll just sit/stand here

I'll just sit/stand here

When brain says GO, and body says NO.

My dog does this haha I always call him a weirdo but he doesn’t give a fuck

My body saying let's go, but my butt is saying no.

Stit Ubu Stit

Slow motion pupper crash

Soon as that right paw hits nothing but air

"Dear God, so this is it..."

You can see it in its eyes. "And it is at that precise moment that he knew he fucked up". Golden.

Also, /sub/bettereveryloop.

MFW I read the first problem on my final.

You can even see the horror in its eyes!

When bunk beds are hard mode

I want what she’s been drinking.

“Maybe I should look at the landing zone first..... Naaaahhhh”.

Make it double

When drunk beds are hard mode

Consensual punched by girl in the face test

Standard mating ritual at the University of Alabama.

I never got this. A lot of guys seem to think that somehow because guys can hit harder, a punch from a girl won't hurt. That's not how it works.

Actually from what I’ve been told this is actually the reverse

Lol what'd he expect to happen

Fetch.boy encountered unexpected fence


And it won't be /u/GallowBoob.

Someday, somewhere, a person will upload a gif that doesn't end too soon.

But the ball went through it, why can’t the dog?

Burrow.exe failed to load: packet size too large for transmission

This is our hedgehog, Helga, who we've had since March! She loves to burrow into clothes, pillows, and armpits, but sometimes she really gets into it trying to fit in small places.

If you want to see more, follow her on instagram! @helga.hedgehog

Is that a hedgehog.. trying to get into a raw turkey?


haha no, it's just a little pink pouch

Pretty easy actually. They're nocturnal so they just sleep during the day and eat/run on their wheel at night. You should take them out to hang out for a bit every day, and you can just let them walk around, sniff things, etc. They're so cute and funny, definitely worth getting one!

Ticklish boy lag

The thumbnail makes it looks like he has the torso of a man.

C’mon u/Gallowboob, I know you’re a serial poster but at least get the gender right!

I can just picture you waking up, putting on your suit and tie, kissing your wife saying "I'm off to work, honey" then walking straight into your room and pulling up reddit

I was going to say 'chicken' but whatever...

Chip bag extension is not compatible with dog, and has caused it to freeze

I️ know someone who’s dog suffocated from this, be careful

Yup I had to bury my neighbors young dog while they stood there weeping. It was awful to say the least. They were gone for a hour and the dog suffocated with a chip bag on its head.

Thank you! Unfortunately that happens a lot. I don't find this funny at all.

I guess habit would be opening up the other end of the bag before throwing away. Good to know

Tongue.exe crashed

For that model the refresh button is on the nose

Boop the nose.

mlem.dll is missing

you may need to update your salivers, or try contacting your snoot provider directly

boop the snoot

Stand.cfg was installed in an inverted manner.

Stand.cfg was installed in an inverted manner.

A football with paws


A floofball.

The z axis is inverted, common bug

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