My dog's reaction when I tell him it's time for a bath

Picard made a bad call in this episode. Just my opinion. Every assimilation after that day was on his hands

Good show, flawed characters.

Thats why I worship at the altar of the Sisko. .

You wouldnt have much of a show without flawed characters. If everyone was perfect it would be boring

MRW I overhear a girl at the bar say that she prefers men with beards

MRW I hear a girl at the bar say she prefers men without beards

Trek has enough material to really show those /sub/prequelmemes losers. Let's hope Discovery sparks enough interest for us to muster the troops and take our rightful place as top memers of reddit.

Talk about getting nowhere fast

How I feel when I keep trying to explain to my manager that our documentation at work is screwed up

when I try running in a dream.

My response when I'm asked if I like Star Trek

Oh yes. [Redditly]

I can hear everyone of these

Oh yes. [Picardly]

I've been thinking it was for something else this whole time...

MRW "Doctor Who makes sci-fi history by casting a woman as the lead"

Please tell me someone didn't actually use that phrase in an article

So as far as we know, nobody is saying this except for the people that are complaining about it?

I adore Janeway. Such a badass

Except no one is saying that except people complaining about it

MRW my girlfriend says "Why would you put all that work into a gif just so some jerks you never met can have a chuckle?"

And a chuckle was had, fine Sir.

Just tell her "at least those jerks like my gifs". They always like hearing that

Need further instructions.

MRW I finally paid off my student loans and the school asked me about doing donations

Yeah, fuck that noise. My college's president makes over $500k per year, why doesn't he donate some money?

Oh I'm sure he does... to college students strippers

I went on to do a master's at a different uni. They were allready chasing me while I was still studying. 4 years later I still don't make much money. I hate the constant calling and the many leaflets. Leave me along for 20 years or so and maybe I can spare you a tenner.

I remember all the bullshit parking fines I got while going to school. I tell them to go get my donation from the Public Safety office. You reap what you sow.

When I come home and see that my mother-in-law's car is in the driveway

My mother-in-law is really cool, but this would sadly be my reaction if it was my own Mom.

Imagines Lwaxana as MIL. shudder

My old housemate always considered her a MILF and I never understood why. I think as I age I'm coming round to his way of thinking.

Also, as a mother in law, Lwaxana would be a hoot. She's knows how to have fun and seems to be a genuinely caring person.

The same

MRW I'm totally done but the bartender says next round is on the house

I'm not normally a fan of reversed gifs, but this is a good one, OP.

Me neither, but when I posted the normal one in a thread a few days ago somebody reversed it and then a title idea hit me so I thought:


Haha thank you this made me laugh like a moron

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