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Road trip starter pack

Road trip starter pack

Pedro says, “You never sausage a place!” South of the Border: 73 miles away

Driving through rural PA Billboards are 33%Guns 33% Jesus 33% Fast Food

Yeah I was totally about to say that these are all in South Carolina.

Hand guns, Heavenly Father, and heart disease

The redneck trinity

Lo-fi Tunes Startpack

Lo-fi Tunes Startpack

“Lofi hip hop beats you can relax/chill/study/smoke/game to”

There are way too many of those LoFi/Chillstep stations on Youtube, and that is not a bad thing.

Forgot the Simpsons background

Deep meaningful conversations about life in the youtube comments

The “I grew up with no internet” starter pack.

The “I grew up with no internet” starter pack.

I miss purble place and freecell

And that song of Space Cadet Pinball is so awesome tho

Is that 3D chess?! I never had 3D chess

I literally haven't seen or thought of Space Cadet Pinball since the internet happened in a big way. I spent a lot of time on that.

Also the "I'm paying attention to computer class in 2004"

The Artsy White Girl Starter Pack

The Artsy White Girl Starter Pack


doesnt make any art

Black leggings and combat boots. Bisexual.

Thick glasses or wide frames

Also missing

super-faded VSCO filtered photos with the subject standing 57' from the camera

Inviting the spoiled kid over starterpack

Inviting the spoiled kid over starterpack

“You have to I’m the guest!!!”

When you’re at their house:

“It’s my house! My rules!”

Oh my god fuck this motherfucker Omar you really were a dick back in the day

"wait, your family doesn't go on vacation twice a year?"

I remember being friends with the spoiled kid. I knew he was a douche bag. Just not how big of a douche bag. Regularly yelled at his parents when they didn't buy him the newest biggest thing until they eventually did. I'm talking straight up yelling at and degrading them.

At one point he and his friend stole my Diablo 2 account by convincing me to change my password because of some bullshit reason he caught me on.

So they snagged it and I was distraught. I stayed friends with them even though I knew they did it. Eventually I got it back and almost everything on my characters was gone.

So a few weeks go by and he wants to show us all Dark Age of Camelot. So we go to his house and he gets in his moms purse, pulls out a credit card and orders us pizza. We sit and watch him play. Eventually I convince him to show me his Diablo 2 characters, curious where they were since I had stopped playing.

I knew my mom was picking me up soon so I needed it all to go smooth. Watched like a hawk as he typed in his password. Soon my mom came and he went to open the door. I logged him out real quick, changed his password and logged back into the account so he couldn't tell.

Got home that night and had several AIM messages begging me for it back. I just let it sit for nearly a month before logging in and stripping everything from every single character he had and reoutfitting my characters as best I could. He actually quit playing.

I was okay with that.

Wholesome achievement starterpack

Wholesome achievement starterpack

Steve Irwin

David Attenborough

wheres Carl Sagan?

I feel sorry for the person that is without David Attenborough in their life

MILF pornstar starter pack

MILF pornstar starter pack

Missing the c section scars

Missing the ass that looks like cottage cheese

Yes, there probably is a better, more technical term to use to describe such an appearance but I don’t know it

Always awful boob jobs

Nailed it.

The Two Political Extremes On Reddit Starterpack

The Two Political Extremes On Reddit Starterpack

Do right wingers quote filthy frank a lot? Because I know that he's pretty dang left, that'd be ironic.

Bernie Sanders

Political Extreme


This is a really good first step to an "Enlightened Centrist" starter pack. All it really needs is a horseshoe.

One of my friend groups is obsessed with Filthy Frank and we're all over the map politically. The only thing we have in common is a sick sense of humor and masochistic tendencies.

"We just make ends meet"

"We just make ends meet"

I see an ill fitting hoodie, skull design and some kind of slogan referring to freedom and revenge, along with pajama pants tucked into fake uggs.

Never turns off a light, and their car is a mess. Putting $2.45 in the gas tank

Cigarettes are the biggest waste of money since... I really don’t know what is a bigger waste of money than cigarettes.

How to stay in debt forever starter pack.

African warlord in any movie starter pack

African warlord in any movie starter pack

Where are the blood diamonds?

"My people want..."

"My people need..."

acts entirely selfish, randomly beating/killing his people

This is giving me hardcore who killed captain alex flashbacks

General Buttnaked

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