Warning to Blizzard for the WCS Challenger Open Qualifiers - NA

Warning to Blizzard for the WCS Challenger Open Qualifiers - NA


After reviewing your games last night during the Open Qualifieres for WCS Challenger Season 1, we are issuing you a warning.

Section 4.20 of the RTS design rules indicate that "thy game shall not have silly massable spellcaster units that lead to undue massing, excessive turtling, and engagement volatility." Your Raven unit is in clear violation of the aforementioned rule. Evidence from last night's games indicates you are not even trying to make a fun game, compromising your commitment to stakeholders, including players, professional competitors, tournament organizers, and esports fans both foreign and domestic.

In any case, such gameplay goes against the integrity of the competition and the intent of the qualifiers, and as a result we will be monitoring the remaining games.

We are warning all parties and hope you will refrain from such hopelessly poor design decisions in future iterations of the game.

Finally, we will also require an apology to THERIDDLER for insinuating that his actions were at all malicious rather than the result of your game design which promotes infuriatingly long, boring matches that annoy viewers and frustrate tournament scheduling.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this warning.


Enclosures: Blizzard Warning to THERIDDLER

Opinion: /sub/starcraft

Avilo v. TheRiddler

We consider whether the administrator was in the right to call a draw and regame at Avilo's request.


Approximately 59 minutes into set 1 of the series Avilo vs TheRiddler, on Backwater, Avilo paused the game and offered a draw. TheRiddler declined. Avilo then asked for an admin's opinion. TheRiddler sought confirmation from the admin, whereupon the two players agreed to continue playing for 5 more minutes, and reassess.

At time 1 hour and 5 minutes, Avilo again offered a draw, and TheRiddler again declined. Avilo asked the admin and, on the admin's behalf, declared the game a draw, and left. A regame was called.


End state of set 1


Map and army overview:

Avilo and TheRiddler split Backwater along the river. Both players had fortifications (Planetary Fortress and Missile Turrets) all along the central river. Both players had an army of mostly Ravens. Avilo's army included Vikings and Siege Tanks. TheRiddler's army included Liberators, Marines, and Medivacs.

Comparative materiel:

Both players had no more vespene gas reserves. Avilo had a stock of approximately 800 minerals, and TheRiddler had 6000. TheRiddler's Ravens outnumbered Avilo's by 2. TheRiddler also had a Battlecruiser and small Marine force, with which to harass Avilo's turret ring.


Throughout the game, it is evident that TheRiddler is the active player, and Avilo the passive player. This comports with our prior understanding of Avilo's playstyle, and the defensive features of the map, Backwater.

It is simple to suppose that TheRiddler devised an economic approach to defeat Avilo's defensive strategy. Indeed, we know from the strategic triangle that Expanding defeats Defending.

In extreme late game situations, this entails slowly grinding the Defensive player's resources. Eventually, with efficient or even trades, the Economic player will outlast the Defensive player. Naturally, this leads to long games.


The strategy of economically choking a Defensive player is demonstrated in the regame, in which TheRiddler sets up an even bigger economic advantage going into the late game, and it able to trade more aggressively due to his bigger stack of resources.

We can gather from his behavior in the regame that he would have ended more aggressively in game 1, if he thought such a tactic would have been successful.


For a draw to be called, it ought to be apparent that neither player can actually achieve the victory condition of destroying all the opponent's structures, or that in an unstable situation, neither is willing to take the risk of losing the critical battle.

For inability, the in game timer will automatically start a draw countdown if one of several stalemate conditions are met, which never activated, even in the period of the game where Avilo claimed that nothing was happening.

For unwillingness, initiating the critical battle was not TheRiddler's immediate next step. He was poking at Avilo's static defenses and depleting his minerals gradually, with Marines and Yamato Cannon shots, with the goal of breaching Avilo's defensive line to establish a position from which his Ravens could more likely win a fight.

Neither condition for a draw is met by the fact pattern at the end of game 1.


The decision to draw was called for time purposes, but the regame was on the same map, and played out in exactly the same pattern as the original game.

Considering Avilo is known for defensive play, this outcome was easily foreseeable. It could be expected that a regame would last just as long as the original game (1 hour), and it did.

Some estimations about the end state of the original game placed a limit of 20 minutes left before Avilo's minerals would be depleted, at which point all damage inflicted by TheRiddler would be permanent. Such state was not reached because a draw was called prematurely, and to the opposite effect as intended.


These were not even the longest games in competitive Starcraft history. Brood Lords, Infestors, and Swarm Hosts made for extremely long ZvZ games in Heart of the Swarm. The very same day as Avilo vs TheRiddler, a game in the match Clem vs Guru lasted approximately 90 minutes.

In none of these cases did an admin intervene.


We overturn the judgment of the admin.

It is so ordered.

The shitpost that /sub/starcraft needs.

Did Clem and Guru also get a warning for not attacking into each others for longest time in one of those game?

What about Snute vs Goblin?

Blizzard blaming their bad design on players is just baffling. The late game in this current patch is horrible, HORRIBLE. Very imbalanced, and impossible to engage in.

Air units, casters, and AOE is wayyyy too strong in late game armies...

Damn your clerks are way better than mine!



I think Avilo accusing everyone of maphacking is a great example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Avilo has such bad map awareness/scouting that he doesn't even realize how bad it is. Clearly anyone significantly better than him at these skills must be cheating.

Clowns belong in the circus.

Yeah, terrible behaviour from avilo in this match.

In Blizzard's warning, they state, "We are also warning both players to refrain from in-game chat or excessive pausing during the competition." avilo whines about "map hacking" the entire game, and even pause leaves when he decides the game is over.

Yeah, terrible behaviour from avilo in this match.

In , they state, "We are also warning both players to refrain from in-game chat or excessive pausing during the competition." avilo whines about "map hacking" the entire game, and even pause leaves when he decides the game is over.

Dunning–Kruger effect

In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias wherein people of low ability suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their cognitive ability as greater than it is. The cognitive bias of illusory superiority derives from the metacognitive inability of low-ability persons to recognize their own ineptitude; without the self-awareness of metacognition, low-ability people cannot objectively evaluate their actual competence or incompetence.

Conversely, highly competent individuals may erroneously assume that tasks easy for them to perform are also easy for other people to perform, or that other people will have a similar understanding of subjects that they themselves are well-versed in.

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Congratulations to the GSL Super Tournament champion!

Congratulations to the GSL Super Tournament champion!

Stats <Neon Violet Square> Dark

Stats <Acid Plant> Dark

Stats <Backwater> Dark

Stats <Catalyst> Dark

Stats <Blackpink> Dark

Stats <Eastwatch> Dark

Stats <Darkness Sanctuary> Dark

Stats 4-3 Dark

Stats takes it over Dark in a crazy comeback. One of the best finals we've had in recent history, if not ever. What crazy fucking games, and what a comeback. God damn.

Also, the second time in a really short span that Stats has turned around a 1-3 to win, and the previous time was once again against a Zerg (soO).



I was on the edge of my seat that entire 7th game, watching the duel between storm and roach/ravager around Dark's 4th. Still uncertain about that 6th game, though, genuinely feels like Dark kind of threw it away.

It was a pretty good series, I'm fine with any of these 2 take the championship. However, I do think Dark is too committed with the Roach/Ravager strategy, it's kinda weird.



That was an epic finals all around

Well, dark threw pretty hard game 6, he can only blame himself. Being up 2 bases and doing nothing just siting and letting stats tech up.

2018 GSL Super Tournament I is Coming Soon!

2018 GSL Super Tournament I is Coming Soon!

2018 GSL Super Tournament I is coming soon! Our schedule and matchup is here.

We deeply appreciate your continued interest and love for GSL and GSL Super Tournament

■ Online stream platform AfreecaTV: Twitch: Youtube:

Thank you. AfreecaTV GSL

Maru vs soO and Innovation vs Rogue hype!

Thanks afreeca for the production value and the effort you put in these tournaments

Maru will extend his streak and win his third consecutive championship!

If Maru wins a third championship in a row it will be one of the most amazing hot streaks of all time.

Congratulations to GSL 2018 Code S season 1 champion!

Congratulations to GSL 2018 Code S season 1 champion!

Maru takes it 4-2! Maru really seems to be unstoppable right now.

The first and last triple crown winner of Korean leagues.

2013 OSL

2015 SSL

2018 GSL


Today, you are the greatest player in the game, I hope you love you like I do.

Maru's control is on a level above every other Terran pro right now. Look at Rotti's analysis of how Maru was about to lose and how Maru had to pull off the perfect control and engagement to beat sOs at IEM (Rotti literally uses the word "perfect" in his analysis):

As for today, Maru had the money EMP on Stat's HTs in game 6 (and for whatever reason, Stats clumped his HTs together with ghosts out on the field). And every time Maru's Banshees were attacked by Stats, Maru would cloak the Banshees instantly to save them. I think Innovation, Byun, and TY are not at the level of control Maru is right now and that's why the other Terran are struggling.

I'm not Maru!

I'm not Maru!

Quality shitpost. 10/10.

Nothing like waking up to a proper sunday shitpost. 7/7

No judgement here. I just transcribe life into memes.

So are swarm posts. Oh!

Edit: because you posted the same comment twice.

Congratulations to the second finalist of GSL

Congratulations to the second finalist of GSL

Maru takes it 4-2 against Dark and will play Stats in the finals.

God I sound so fucking cliche but watching Maru siege libs, split bio against bane/ultra, split ravens and Vikings from parasitic bombs, throw down armor shredders, land snipes with the ghosts that he’s splitting, and target fire Vikings all at the same time is mind boggling. He’s the only human being on planet earth that can control terran lategame - and you can see that he does it his own way which is why it works. He goes mech not for mass tank thor pushes, but he sits on it just long enough while pumping bio upgrades to switch to LATEGAME BIO AIR?? His control is inhuman, his multitasking is unfair, he’s the only person alive that can make this work.

Best lategame TvZ’s of the year. Any other terran would’ve lost game 5

I can't believe you'd insult Maru like that

Game 5 was insane. Absolute pure insanity all the way down to the final moment.

what a fucking series jesus christ

Congratulations to the winner of WESG 2017!

Congratulations to the winner of WESG 2017!

Maru takes it 4-3 against Dark in an amazing series!

A lot of things change in Starcraft. Proxy 2 rax being a championship-winning strategy is not one of them

Game 7 proxy 2 rax was some Mvp level shit.

That drone pull was a $120,000 mistake.

maru is now the highest earning sc2 player! it's also interesting that all top 3 highest earners are jin air players (maru, sos, rogue)

so crazy!!!

Was Serral trying to send a message to the korean scene?

Was Serral trying to send a message to the korean scene?

He embarrassed, played around with the undisputed best korean Protoss player in the world in Classic. Was he trying to send a message that the gap is still extremely small?

Was Maru trying to send a message to the foreign scene? He embarrassed, played around with the undisputed best foreign Zerg player in the world in Serral. Was he trying to send a message that the gap is still extremely large?

Either he was trying to send a massage or he just wanted to place as high as possible in the tournament and wanted 40k. One of those two

Or did he send a message to Blizzard about ZvP?


Congrats to the Winner of the SC20 Achievement Hunt

Congrats to the Winner of the SC20 Achievement Hunt

reposting from other thread:

It REALLY is quite remarkable and fascinating, actually. I realize some folks, especially in /sub/starcraft, have not been very fond of Destiny for quite a while possibly due to him "abandoning" the game we love but let's give him credit where it's due:

Almost 48 hours of non-stop game play. And at brutal difficulty level, at that. It's not like he is cruising through the missions. Even after 2 days he is still methodical and focused.

His mechanics have always been top notch. OK maybe not GSL level but still you can see how much it helps him to complete these missions.

He is still interacting with his fans. I appreciate that. And his community has been nothing but on full-support-mode. Small donations, encouraging (voice) messages. I enjoy watching him still interacting with his chats (he has 2, one Twitch and one his own website) and his chat helping him, guiding him and all.

He loves Starcraft, period. Very knowledgeable about the lore ranging from Broodwar story to LotV. It's quite enjoyable to hear him sharing his insight and opinions about the characters and scenarios.

Overall, this has has been great. I hope he wins, just for the pure dedication and competitive spirit he showcased last couple days.

Blizzard finally find a way to make destiny and others play Starcraft again

>blizzard used money

>it's very effective

> too effective...

Starcraft 2 got destroyed in that debate

his face when he finally gets to sleep

Try one of these subthreads