Impressive Gutwrench Powerbomb transition into Deep Six.

I don't know what I expected.

I expected a gutwrench powerbomb transitioned into a deep six.


Or hurricanrana into inverted tornado zig-zag.

I can't wrap my head around why Rousey is going to Raw.

I can't wrap my head around why Rousey is going to Raw.

Title. Someone enlighten me.

Edit: I know raw is the flagship show. My confusion is based on the rumors that she would face Charlotte at WM, and I really don't see what she could do on Raw that would make an impact, unless she breaks Asuka's streak, which I hope doesn't happen.

Edit: I should've had a bit more explanation in my original question. I know Raw is the A show, I've been watching wrestling since the late 90's and it's always been this way. That being said, I was almost sure that since Charlotte doesn't have an opponent at WM yet, that Ronda would be it.

Have you no common sense. Mainstream star = flagship show. There you go.

She tried to get on 205 Live but they passed. She settled for raw.

Because raw has like a whole rating point over SD right now doesnt it?

Putting her on SD might lead to a ratings boost but its pretty clear that they have always seen SD as a secondary show. Just look at the amount of top level wrestlers on each brand, its pretty easy to see.

Oh yeah, he really stuck it to Vince by working with him to improve the ratings of his TV show.

Jeff Jarrett going into the WWE Hall of Fame!

Jeff Jarrett going into the WWE Hall of Fame!
Jeff Jarrett going into the WWE Hall of Fame!

This caught me way off guard.

It probably caught Jarrett off guard. Now I feel obligated to not watch the HoF just to keep his drawing power down.

EDIT: There's some beautiful irony that my first gold in my six years of Reddit came from a comment about Jeff Jarrett.

Jarrett continued to compete around the world and also began to promote shows that gave future WWE Superstars like AJ Styles, Bobby Roode and Eric Young their first major exposure.

No. They never will. Don't ask.

First Bullet Club member to make it into the HoF

Batista and Goldberg

Batista and Goldberg


Is Batista an honorary Tri Lam??

Maybe they are gonna be in a " buddy cop " movie!!!

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John Cena and Goldberg

John Cena and Goldberg

AJ Styles was also asked if he would like a photo, but he didn't want nun.

This... is actually a quality post.

Never thought I'd see a Sister Act reference on this subreddit but I love it

Cena's arm worm is growing stronger

NJPW Documentary: "The Golden Comeback"

NJPW Documentary: "The Golden Comeback"

Kenny and Kota look so happy to be working with each other again. This is wrestling.

If this is all a ruse for Omega to turn heel again im going to cry.

"Golden Freezer"?


This will be a bigger sadder moment than Ciampa turning on Gargano

Zack Ryder baldspot cover-up leaves a stain on the canvas.

Zack Ryder baldspot cover-up leaves a stain on the canvas.

When this happened live I said holy shit that was a bad one- usually he just leaves a little spot.

Broski, that's a well guarded secret. It's why the ladies sit up front on the Disney rides.

Hit so hard that his head pooped a little

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Major changes behind the scenes of 205 Live

Major changes behind the scenes of 205 Live

Based big dick Haitch once again showing that he's the future of wrestling.

If you have paid attention to WWE's 205 Live series the last several weeks on the WWE Network, you may have noticed that the series feels far closer in essence to the Cruiserweight Classic tournament that spawned it than what has been the overall presentation of 205 Live itself over the last year.

There is a very good reason for that, PWInsider.com has confirmed. As of last week's episode kicking off the tournament for the vacant WWE Cruiserweight championship, Vince McMahon has stepped aside and is no longer personally putting 205 Live together.

PWInsider.com has confirmed that the series is now being overseen by Triple H, who has brought back many of the hallmarks of the Cruiserweight Classic including the style and presentation of the Cruisers inside the ring. While Vince McMahon had been personally working with the 205 Live stars to bring out their personalities to present them in a certain light, there has been more a focus on the in-ring work and competition under Triple H's vision.

In recent months, there had been talk behind the scenes about why the brand wasn't firing on all cylinders. We are told that McMahon believed that a character-driven show was the best way to get the 205 Live brand over, as seen by his decision to have Enzo Amore shifted there and become the nucleus of the brand, since he was such a strong character.

While Enzo led to an uptick in viewership and interest (before being fired by the company), others in the company still argued that presenting 205 Live similar to how the Cruiserweight Classic was presented was the right way to go. The belief among those who pushed for a return to the CWC presentation was that having smaller talents echoing Raw and Smackdown personalities wasn't going to showcase what made the Cruisers different and unique and it wasn't going to help 205 Live grow beyond being an hour of WWE TV on the Network.

It should be noted that aspects of the CWC were dropped almost immediately from 205 Live after the series debuted, including personality packages that had been produced to introduce viewers to the performers that were almost immediately discarded.

McMahon finally made the decision to allow Triple H to take over as show runner two weeks ago in an attempt to reboot and fix the brand. While there's always a chance McMahon could place himself back in control (it is, after all, his company), the last two weeks of 205 Live have been compared by those behind the scenes to WWE NXT, in that Triple H has been the alpha and omega when it came to being the decision-maker for the product.

The lead writer for 205 Live is currently Jonathan Baeckstrom, who has been part of the company's creative team since August 2013. He's been working for the company as a lead writer since November 2016, coming into the company after working in talent management. Adam Pearce, the former NWA champion who transitioned into a WWE Performance Center Coach before being moved up to a Producer for the main roster, remains the lead Producer for the 205 Live brand.

We are also told that the vision seen the last several weeks is very much in line with the original plans for 205 Live series before Vince McMahon decided to get personally involved with the direction of the product and the nurturing of the 205 Live talents, who may end up being the last generation of talents McMahon worked with on a specific one-on-one basis to groom.

We are also told that 205 Live house shows are not off the table after the two test shows in Lowell, MA and Poughkeepsie, NY last month, but there are no current plans for additional live events at this time. Instead, the focus is going to be building the brand up by presenting strong athletic characters and in-ring competition before taking the brand back on the road for another experimental house show run.

So, if you enjoyed the likes of Hideo Itami vs. Roderick Strong last night, expect more of that in-ring style going forward as Strong was specifically brought up as a way to help freshen up the 205 Live roster and product - and there may be other additions in the weeks to come.

Awesome, next step is to move it away from that 10:30 PM timeslot. The cruiserweights should always be what gets the crowd going at the beginning of a show, not when they are getting ready to leave.

"204 Taped Before"

great tip from Jay White. this is very important.

great tip from Jay White. this is very important.

Is there an actual generation of people who are going to call wrestling freaking "sports entertainment"?

No. There's only like 7 people who would do that.

Plus, it's non-specific. Maybe he wants to be a Harlem Globetrotter.

Sarcastic yet serious answer. Is there a word for that?

Personally I'm training for a career as a WMAC Master.

[Fan Art] Goldust and Mandy see the Mixed Match Challenge through rose-colored dreams

[Fan Art] Goldust and Mandy see the Mixed Match Challenge through rose-colored dreams

When they look at her, they see "just a blonde model".

But when he looks at her, he sees the next leading lady.

He was once "just somebody's son", before the right casting call.

Risky click of the day

I'm a homer for Goldust and Foxy, but we couldn't have asked for a more perfect pinch hitter than Mandy Rose. I've got prints of this illustration for sale on my Etsy shop too!

Damn. That shit is powerful. Bravo.

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