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Matt Jackson: "Young Bucks officially have the top selling shirt in @HotTopic, beating Rick & Morty & every single band tee in the store. Blown away. Thanks everyone!"

Matt Jackson: "Young Bucks officially have the top selling shirt in @HotTopic, beating Rick & Mor...

Rick and Morty doing the job to the Young Bucks.

To be fair, you have to have...

Maybe its not updated? I doubt they would jeopardize their deal by making this up and posting it publically

the Young Bucks...

Matt Hardy thinks Thanksgiving is a boring holiday

Matt Hardy thinks Thanksgiving is a boring holiday

I use to love these facts "Matt Hardy likes nachos"

You'd think someone who likes green beans so much would get more excited about Thanksgiving.


Matt Hardy is correct. That's why I'm on SquaredCircle at my holiday get together.

Happy Thanksgiving from Perry Saturn!

Happy Thanksgiving from Perry Saturn!

Hope you are all having a great Thanksgiving and I just wanted to tell you all how thankful I am for all the support you all have shown for me and my documentary. You guys have all been cool as shit and have helped a lot, but I'm going to need a little bit more. The documentary only has 7 days left and we are only 44% funded and still need about 100 or so followers. I know it's the holidays and all but I really need your help. Thanks, Squared Circle. You're cool as shit! www.seedandspark.com/fund/perrysaturn And don't forget to check me out this Monday on The Raven Effect podcast!

Thank you for the amazing memories, especially when you were in ECW. I lived a few blocks away from Swanson & Ritner and seeing an ECW show in person was an unforgettable experience. The Eliminators were my favorite tag team and Total Elimination was my favorite finishing move. Glad to see that you are doing so much better now after a long struggle. I am rooting for you 100%

Thanks, Perry. You too.

Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Juventud Guerrera, Psychosis, Rey Mysterio Jr, Perry Saturn.

You were one of my favs as a kid when i discovered WCW Nitro. Chin up. I hope you get all the help you need.

Edit: And Raven. Can't believe i forgot Raven.

Edit: And Raven. Can't believe i forgot Raven.


Batista said he’s been speaking with Vince McMahon regarding a possible return to the WWE, He’s interested in returning to the WWE with a full-time schedule; including House Shows.

Batista said he’s been speaking with Vince McMahon regarding a possible return to the WWE, He’s i...

PWStream :-

For everyone that's forgotten, Batista was promised a title run. Instead, he happily put over Bryan at 'Mania, and The Shield on two separate occasions.

Haters gonna hate, I'd love Big Dave back in the WWE.

Interesting that he would be willing to be a full time wrestler considering his success in Hollywood. I would love to have him back in WWE.

I’d take Batista vs Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title at WrestleMania over Lesnar vs Reigns any day

Is there a chance for Pete Dunne to become NXT Champion?

Is there a chance for Pete Dunne to become NXT Champion?

Do you think that Pete Dunne will join NXT regularly and compete for (and win) the NXT Championship given how great he is and how much Triple H seems to respect him. I know, I wouldn't mind and keeping him out of the main roster for a bit isn't a bad idea either. I personally would love to see a Pete Dunne NXT Championship reign.

I can see it

And he was one of the best NXT Champions too.

I still bo-lieve.

I really hope he has a good, long run in nxt as opposed to moving him straight up to the main roster. Its easy to forget how young he is, and spending one or two years in nxt will give us matches we wont see on the main roster, as well as letting him improve further in the pc. He is hhh's golden boy at the moment, lets leave him on the brand hunter can build him up as a top guy

WON - Dave Meltzer on AJ Styles retirement

WON - Dave Meltzer on AJ Styles retirement

Source- Wrestling Observer Newsletter

"Styles did an interview with boxhouston.com and said his goal right now it to work hard so he can enjoy it later noting that in a few years he’ll be able to see all of his kids sporting events. Styles in the past had told us he’s looking at retiring around the age of 42, and he’s 40 right now. But he’s making a ton of money right now and when you are, unless it’s an injury situation, the lure of one more year is pretty great. I can’t think of one person who truly walked away on his own except Michaels, although guys like Orton have remained with a reduced schedule and are really happy with it. There could be that compromise when his contract expires (early 2019) so he could still make good money while having more time to be with his family"

He said he planned on retiring at 42 before he signed with WWE. Probably wasn't expecting he'd be turning down massive amounts of money at the time.

I reckon he'll be around a few more years yet, albeit maybe a reduced schedule.

He's already had a better career in WWE than most guys signed by WWE have, so there's that.

I often wonder what goes trough A.J's mind seeing himself converted in a global phenomenon. I know he was well known for the, I would say...semi-dedicated wrestling fan but lets face it, WWE is the only segway for being truly known worldwide.

And also the money, he probably has made in one year what he did for most of the time in TNA, NJPW and the Indies.

I don't want him to retire for another 5 years I'm a selfish fan but him and the Shield are my favorite guys on the show.

WON: Wrestle Kingdom 12 will ONLY be available on NJPW World

WON: Wrestle Kingdom 12 will ONLY be available on NJPW World

The show won’t be on PPV in North America. New Japan refused to allow it, wanting the only way to see it live be on New Japan World. The feeling is with Jericho vs. Omega that they have the shot at greatly building the number of new subscribers overseas as the mentality of that match is it’ll put new eyeballs on the product and many will enjoy it enough to become regular customers. Fite TV offered New Japan is significant guarantee for PPV rights outside of Japan but New Japan wasn’t interested in the deal. It is leaving money on the table, because there are people who will order a PPV, and there would also be advertising for the PPV that will hit people that aren’t going to order New Japan World. But the New Japan mentality is they want everyone they can on New Japan World with the idea of this show building numbers and retaining them going forward. Really New Japan should at this point be working with American partners to do four major shows a year, the Dome, G-1 finals, Dominion and a fourth similar show from a major U.S. city, and put them on live PPV and then follow it a week or two later with TV specials on AXS similar to the big event boxing model

Wrestling Observer Newsletter, November 27, 2017

A significant amount of money will have been left on the table if the imperfections as far as English-speaking users are concerned are not resolved by then. I don't believe that Fite TV is a platform that's exposed enough to bring people as many buys as television PPV, but even so, it's a fair show of confidence on NJPW's part to be mostly dismissive of guaranteed rights money.

I love njpw, but they need to seriously work on their subscription service if they intend on keeping some of the influx of westerners for wk 12.

New Japan refused to allow it, wanting the only way to see it live be on New Japan World.

Then make the fucking service properly in English. I'm a massive fan of NJPW; I'm going to the Tokyo Dome for WK12, but honestly, for new fans who want to experience the show, having it be in broken English through translate is a joke. We've discussed this repeatedly, but yet here we are at the end of 2017 without a proper English service. It's time to use the millions in revenue made this year to actually grow the service internationally. Japanese people for some reason don't care for subscription services, so it's absolutely imperative for NJPW to make money from foreigners with a proper platform.

I'm getting tired of this lack of action from them, because everything else is great.

I'd heavily disagree with them on this.

There'd be an influx of people interested in watching Jericho for sure. However, to expect them to sign up to a subscription service without much/any knowledge of NJPW is absurd.

IMO, they should have made it available on PPV for a reasonable price and cram the show full of adverts for NJPW world advertising a free first month. Book a huge match for the week after with a big name to reel people in.

WON: WWE PPV schedule for 2018 (only 14 shows; down from 16 this year)

WON: WWE PPV schedule for 2018 (only 14 shows; down from 16 this year)

Along with more info on the MITB PPV now being dual-branded, the new Observer lays out the PPV schedule for next year.

The plan for 2018 is to cut back to 14 shows, with five major shows. Money in the Bank, which takes place on 6/17 in Chicago, will become one of the major shows, with wrestlers from both brands facing off. There would likely be two MITB matches, and could be as many as four. Whether it would be broken down as separate Raw & Smackdown men’s matches and women’s matches, or just a men’s and women’s match hasn’t been decided yet, but the talk was two dual branded matches (and there was even discussion of adding a third with tag team competitors). Whether Chicago in June will be like Philadelphia in January, New Orleans in April, Brooklyn in August and Los Angeles in November, and be a four-day thing with NXT, Raw and Smackdown is either not yet determined or information not finalized.

Elimination Chamber is the next Raw exclusive event, which takes place on 2/25 in Las Vegas. That match would either be a multiple person title match with all the key players involved, or if Smackdown wins the Rumble (and the idea of Reigns winning the Royal Rumble this year in Philadelphia is not a good one), it could be where Reigns earns his title shot.

Fast Lane, a Smackdown event, will take place on 3/11 in Columbus, OH. WrestleMania takes place on 4/8 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

Next will come a Raw brand event, Backlash, on 5/6 at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Payback, a Smackdown event, will be 5/27 in Baltimore. Next comes Money in the Bank.

The only show between MITB and SummerSlam will be a Raw show, Battleground, on 7/15 in Pittsburgh. SummerSlam is 8/19 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Extreme Rules, a Raw show, will be 9/16 in San Antonio. Hell in a Cell, a Smackdown show, will be 9/30 in Nashville. TLC, a Raw show, will be 10/21 in Boston. Survivor Series is 11/18 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. And the final PPV for the year, Clash of Champions, a Smackdown show, will be 12/16 in San Jose.

Having a separate MITB for each brands men and womens division would just be fucking overkill. Four people walking around with MITB briefcases would just be ridiculous.

"Money in the Bank, which takes place on 6/17 in Chicago, will become one of the major shows, with wrestlers from both brands facing off."

NOOOOOO!!!!!! Now Survivor Series is NOT the one night of the year where RAW and SmackDown! superstars face off.

Maybe have 1 for mens and 1 for womens, each match has 3-4 people from each brand?

Edit: Just read the rest of the post. A tag mitb would be cancerous

4 Money in the Bank matches in one night would be hilarious/a disaster. Book it

Meltzer's Survivor Series and Takeover ratings

Meltzer's Survivor Series and Takeover ratings

Lars vs. Ohno 3

Black vs. Dream 4

Ember vs. Nikki vs. Kairi vs. Peyton 3.25

Almas vs. Drew 4

War Games 4.5

Elias vs. Matt Hardy .25

Enzo vs. Kalisto 1.5

KO/Zayn vs. Breezango 1.25

Shield vs. New Day 3.75

Women's Elimination 2.5

Baron vs. Miz 2.75

Usos vs. Bar 3.5

Charlotte vs. Bliss 2.5

Lesnar vs. AJ Styles 4.25

Men's Elimination 1.75

For those interested, he gave Riddle/Suzuki a 3.75, Sabre/Ospreay a 4.75. Both of those were from the Rev Pro Global Wars show.

Source: Wrestling Observer 11/27/2017

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Have a happy, fun and argument-free thanksgiving everyone!

I feel like if this was any other year, Styles Lesnar and the NXT main even may have been rated higher.

He's mentioned multiple times he's seen so many fantastic matches this year, they could all contend for MOTY most other years, so anything less than fantastic is hard to praise.

I genuinely don't understand how he could think that Lesnar/AJ and Cena/Roman were on the same level.

Usos vs the Bar, underrated af imo.

The Cena/Roman rating was probably the most controversial rating he has given in 2017 maybe even over the last few years. Most people rated that match between 2.75-3.50.

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