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Wayne Rooney celebrates scoring against Manchester City, 4 years apart.

Wayne Rooney celebrates scoring against Manchester City, 4 years apart.

Two people behind the colorized guy on the left is the same too I think.

Rooney on Twitter

Always nice to see a few familiar faces 😂👋🏼

It's like the opposite of spot the difference.

Fuck off. That's what it means.

This corner kick today in the football game Paris SG vs Toulouse FC

Looks like they caught the defenders completely off guard here.

He really spanked that one.

Yeah, they sure know how Toulouse.

He was tracking the run that was coming behind him, as he should, since they are zonal marking. Problem is that this was a very unorthodox corner... he used his laces which put a lot of power with low trajectory and a slight out swinging curve. Extremely difficult technique, and by the time #5 could judge the path he was running towards the other runner the opposite way. I would say the other defender is more at fault for not putting a body on the guy that scored to knock him off enough to make him miss.

EDIT: Since there seems to be confusion on how zonal marking works, remember is called zonal MARKING, not zonal standing still. You still mark players, but the player you mark is based on the zone they occupy rather than following them anywhere.

Choose your fantasy football picks wisely.

Choose your fantasy football picks wisely.

You don't need the sign to tell me where this was

This guy looks like the stereotypical GTA online character.

Actually I think its Nashua, right outside the Pheasant Lane Mall.

You thinkin Concaad, New Ampsha?

Football Fan Celebrates Goal With Leg Drop

Football Fan Celebrates Goal With Leg Drop

From the top turnbuckle


Thats a Rikishi style leg drop if I'm not mistaken, so it could've been far worse

As an Arsenal fan.... This hurts

Edit: of course one of my highest upvoted comments is about Arsenal losing

Byron Buxton circles the bases in under 14 seconds for an inside-the-park home run

Time to home was 13.85 seconds, the fastest inside-the-park homer ever measured by Statcast.

Wow, a true inspiration. I think I can handle each base in 13.95 seconds.

This is great athleticism - not only performing an incredible physical feat, but simultaneously analyzing the situation within the rules of the game while performing the feat.

Edit: the distance between the midpoints of bases is 90 feet (27.5 m), meaning that in just under 14 seconds, with all of these decisions and turns, he ran 110 m. Incredible!

Edit 2: for reference, the world record for a 100 m sprint is 9.58 seconds. This comparison has to take into account the extra 10 m (and the fact that peak speed is reached at 50-60 m when running in a relatively straight line), the lack of sharp turns, the uniforms, the decision making process, the ground on which they're running, and likely some other factors.

Edit 3: sorry for the excess edits, but people are downvoting a user below for asking a question. Please don't do that; everyone, at some point, doesn't know the rules, and there's no reason to be upset at someone for that. If you're not in a great mood, may I instead suggest you go here to cheer up?

And he didn't even sprint off the hit!

Professional Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee looks like it would be an excellent spectator sport when it is played by top athletes.

I didn't know people took ultimate frisbee super seriously until my first year of college when some buddies and I were playing one night and these two random guys asked to join and then they absolutely fucking demolished us. Turns out they played competitively all through high school. They were lobbing the frisbee all the way across the field accurately and making diving catches and shit. It was nuts.

I played Ultimate in college (it was/is club, not NCAA). I thought I signed up for some stoner hippy shit. Hell no. That sport can kick the shit out of you. Practice was 90% running suicides. Also is a shit ton of fun. It's been over a decade since I played, but I kind of miss it.

Well it's not called "pretty good" or "just ok" Frisbee

Out of nowhere

Out of nowhere

Is MJ too good for colour now?

Millennials killed black and white television.

We didn't have color back in 1992.


Thyago Vieira's first pitch in the major leagues

Thyago Vieira's first pitch in the major leagues

It was damn near his last pitch, too.

Even better was his .

Nine points for reaction time. Ten points for attitude.

The umps reaction made the gif even better.

Odell Beckham One-Handed Catch

Superglue gloves and a shitload of practise.

ITT: People think they could go pro if only they had bought a pair of gloves.


Redditor: "OH YA!?!?"

slams down beer can, peels self out of arm chair

Curved Goal by Paul Pogba

My all time favorite goal, that camera angle is insane

it's a good goal, brent

Check out reberto Carlos free kick if you think that's crazy swerve check that out

Yea, i reckon Chicago Fire have a great chance to win it.

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