Bayonetta in Smash 4

Bayonetta in Smash 4

After seeing Manny's tweet, I just wanted to vocalize a few things to however many/few people may see this.

I know I'll get down voted by every Bayo main out there, but I truly think this character has ruined the game.

As a viewer, before she was released, I watched religiously and even after, too... That is, until we reached the current situation. Since EVO, my interest has consistently decreased to the point where I didn't even know GF of G5 was going on until midway through the set. This is coming from someone who watched damn near every streamed set of EVO. At this point, my fandom is almost exclusively following Larry, Elegant, and Nairo through bracket and the occasional powerhouse MU if the cards play out right. Unless sm4sh gets back to pre-bayo entertainment levels, I just don't know if I'll ever watch consistently again.

As a player, I can say that playing Bayo is without a doubt the most annoying. The precision required is simply so much that it takes away from the enjoyment of the game. I'll admit, however, that I'm a lower level player, so let's examine the top of the scene. Look no further than EVO. With an absolutely enormous percent lead, ZeRo misinputted ONE monkey flip and LOST EVO as a result. Manny recently tweeted he doesn't want to travel a lot to Nationals purely because of Bayonetta and how she makes it "a guessing game."

I love this game and I think 56 of the characters are beautifully crafted (Buffpuff!), and I don't know what the fix is to this problem, but at G5, sm4sh had nearly half the participants as Melee and I just don't see this as a coincidence. I'm not saying anything negative about Bayo mains, but for a scene to succeed it needs passionate players and entertained viewers, which just doesn't seem to be the case at the moment. Something needs to give, and it may just be Bayonetta.

I honestly agree. I feel like a bitch complaining about this, but it’s just the truth, I genuinely don’t enjoy smash as much as I used to because of her. I stopped watching G5 after mistake beat nairo because I realized I just wasn’t enjoying it at all. I never used to just stop watching a major tournament like that, especially during the finals. I still love playing the game, fortunately my local doesn’t really have any prominent bayos

I would previously dismiss this kind of debate with a «lower-level» player, telling them to «git gud» and overcome this very powerful character.

I have begun to realize that it’s simply no longer about getting 1st, it’s about the actual enjoyment that Bayonetta seems to suck out of this game.

Most players fall into the «low-mid skill level» where it’s primarily about enjoying this game with friends in your local scene.

Bayonetta isn’t just annoying to most, she is utterly invincible to the average lower-end player who can’t properly SDI or bring themselves to play her game. People in general don’t want to deal with that shit. So they find something else to do.

I guess I'm in the minority but I enjoy watching Bayonetta.

Okay, so apparently I get downvoted for acknowledging that this is a minority opinion. Cool.

Plup counterpicked PS twice in set 2 of grands

Plup counterpicked PS twice in set 2 of grands
Plup counterpicked PS twice in set 2 of grands

Imo should be replayed?

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No reposts

who cares

Hungrybox realizes that Plup counter-picked Pokemon Stadium twice in GF Set 2

Hungrybox realizes that Plup counter-picked Pokemon Stadium twice in GF Set 2

Oooh nooo.... what a shame hbox didn't call it out. Oh god noo.... I'm so sad.

Pretty sure opponent has to call it out for DSR to apply.


As many tournaments as he's won and losts, HBox seems like a pretty good loser unless you're a total dick. I mean, remember Big House 3 when he got his ass handed to him by M2K? He handed M2K the trophy & chanted mew2king with the crowd.

Glad he seems to be a good sport about it

but also fuckin LOL

It all comes full circle.

It all comes full circle.

Back when Plup wore those Pokémon beanies all the time and always, ALWAYS, looked stoned out of his mind on stream

There's another post hbox has where he basically says everyone needs to watch out for plup and that he'll be really good. Dude has been hyping him up since day 1.


Hbox also said wizzrobe would become really good. He knows things for sure.

Spoiler-free lists of all GENESIS 5 VODs (Melee, Smash 4, 64)

Spoiler-free lists of all GENESIS 5 VODs (Melee, Smash 4, 64)

Hey guys.

Each of these links is a list of spoiler-free YouTube and Twitch VODs, separated into individual matches.

If you want to show the player names, click the "show spoilers" button in the top right.



Smash 4

Smash 64

I came across the "Anticipation" extension for Chrome. It hides the time left on the vod for Twitch and Youtube which makes it even more spoiler free!

DO NOT CHECK VGBOOTCAMP TWICH CHANNEL FOR VODS!!! They've broken every match in top 8 into individual vods so you will see match ups including who is in GFs on the page.

I've never really watched Smash before, but fancy taking a look. Is there a playlist of all the matches in order up yet so I can just sit and let it cycle, or a VOD of the original broadcast?

Yep! Singles/Pre-Top 8 and Top 8. VOD probably doesn't exist, but you can check the MeleeEveryday or VGBootCamp twitch

EDIT: actually don't check VGBootCamp



Plup broke the script lol

Hbox hears the crowd chanting plup. He loosenes hold of his controller as plup gets one final grab "what are you doing?! Follow the script!" He hears in his earpiece. He replies, "I'm done being the villain" "GAME"


Melee scripted... confirmed



Oh boy 30 seconds after the end of the tournament and there are already shitposts about it.

I don't know why this is the funniest shit ever. Lmao.

Live Twitch Clip (Clip + Chat) on Streamable

Credit to / VGBootCamp for the content.

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Big Day for Panda Global

Big Day for Panda Global

Boom gets first in 64; FullStream takes second in Rivals; MVD and ESAM get 5th and 7th (and second in doubles) in WiiU; Plup wins Melee.

Really a huge tournament for the Panda Global crew.

plup also won doubles

Plup has also started a new chain of country clubs around the world as well.

All indistinguishable by name


GENESIS 5: The greatest Melee tournament of all time?

GENESIS 5: The greatest Melee tournament of all time?

The script was burned, the plot armor was destroyed, Melee is now property of the Plup Club. Honestly, I think this is most hype I've been watching a tournament in my entire life. So many upsets, so many crazy close sets, and a non-god won the whole thing. This year is looking fucking incredible.





Hugs makes top 8 at a supermajor in 2018

Lucky beats m2k


Plup 3-0 Armada

Hbox-Leffen winners set

Hbox-Leffen losers set

Plup wins a supermajor

My heart can't take it all

honestly, greatest melee i've ever watched.

crazy upsets: aMSa > Wizzrobe/SFAT, Lucky > Mew2King

plup not only gets 1st but also ends the era of armada/mango gfs at genesis

one of the most clutch grand finals ever, with a non-god finally taking a super major.

today is a great day for melee.

No UCF IMO should be replayed

Plup was the one that sent both Armada and Mango to losers so he literally was the one to end it.

Hungrybox's Midgame Mentality

Hungrybox's Midgame Mentality

I think HMW (correct me if I'm wrong but I think it was him who said it) brought up a really good point about hungrybox: how he shows so much emotion while playing, laughing when he lands and early set, and how happy he was for plup. It's not something you'd get from a lot of other top players, most of whom (barring m2k sometimes) play grim faced and expressionless. I think this is something that deserves a lot of respect. It can't be easy at all to be positive when you're easily the most hated player in the game and rooted against every game. His frustration certainly comes out sometimes, like in summit, but it's really amazing that he maintains his positivity as much as he does. I thought he deserves a lot of credit for this.

It's probably got something to do with playing Puff. He knows that he's gonna lose a lot of stocks to the top players even if he plays well. Puff just gets killed so early. So he's become the master of letting mistakes and early kills slide off him.

that's definitely not what he was thinking rofl

I completely agree. He is super hated, yet he seemed so happy for plup. Lots of respect for that, hard to do in such a competitive environment

if anyone wants a really good example of this, watch the last game of gtx grand finals, hbox vs armada

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