7 Foxes and a Puff walk into a Top 8

7 Foxes and a Puff walk into a Top 8

Is Puff-Fox 60-40 yet?

Thank you all for the awesome support! More Melee comics:

obligatory save us PPMD

The matchup is actually 91/9 puff. Don't ask

You get smash balls after you unlock Sonic

Hungrybox and optimal play

Hungrybox and optimal play

Hbox's play style is definitely not optimal at the moment. However, it might be that something in the vein of his style will end up being optimal. The more tournaments Hbox continues to win, the more likely this possibility seems. Let's examine both cases.

Imagine Hbox's puff is in fact optimal. In this case, Hbox IS Melee. If you hate Hbox's puff and his play style, what you actually hate is Melee itself. If you love fastfallers and aggressive play, then just as Chess is not about promoting pawns, so is Melee not about those things. Your only choice will be to either quit the game, or ban puff. The rules and coding of the game make all of this predetermined. If you believe Hbox's play is optimal, then he is not 'killing Melee'; Melee is already dead, and we just haven't realized it yet.

Imagine Hbox's play is NOT in fact optimal. In this case, the other gods have no excuse for losing to him over and over. This means Hbox is basically Kakashi beating Naruto's ass while reading a hentai novel. If you are upset that Hbox beat your favorite god, remember that just as Chudat is not supposed to beat Mang0, Hbox is not supposed to win. Either your god fucked up, or Hbox is the better player.

Those are the only two possibilities. Either Melee sucks, or the other gods suck. In neither case does it make sense to hate on Hbox for his play. I say all this as a diehard M2K fan. Hbox haters, you are basically being the overprotective helicopter parent who cannot believe their child did anything wrong, and blame the teacher. Hbox's play cannot rationally be at fault.

Leffen has already realized this, which is why his new twitter strategy makes perfect sense.

Hbox large amount of success comes down to him being the only real competitive Puff player, of course he is also a god at the game but that's what makes him consistent, similarly to Armada and his Peach, also a god but there is no way he would be as consistent with his Fox even though it's amazing. Playing a floaty character that's hard to edge guard while other players struggle to find good practice vs said character.

Yah duh the only truly optimal player alive is Hax F Money

He also said everyone else in the smash community hates hbox, but that they just won't vocalize it.

Leffen generated beef outta nowhere by trash talking HBox, saying he was going to beat him. One 3-1 victory later, all Leffen has to say is that HBox is a shitty person IRL and that he avoided playing everyone at the house. HBox responds to that and ends up getting blocked.

Teams Pummel Wobble

Teams Pummel Wobble

Not what you were asking for, but I do have this:

LOL fuck

They're grabbing different characters

I have an old clip of Chillin and Chu accidentally doing it for 38%:

[@ycz6] m2k's neutral start against Colbol at TO12, which the commentators criticized as jumping the gun and typical M2K gamesmanship, was actually just frame perfect.

[@ycz6] m2k's neutral start against Colbol at TO12, which the commentators criticized as jumping the gun and typical M2K gamesmanship, was actually just frame perfect.

holy shit

If you're not frame perfect 99 out of 100 times you're not good enough

Jason confirmed good enough 2 times

"because that's optimal" -Mew2King

They can move but agreed to start after 7:56. M2K starts moving the first frame that's true, the commentators though it was a grimy false start.

M2K's face when he knows what he's about to do

Melee Recommended Ruleset Update v1.1

Melee Recommended Ruleset Update v1.1

This was in error and I have zero reasons to vote against this clause. I try to multitask way too much, and I clearly faltered in this instance. I am happy that this passed and will be more meticulous moving forward.

Despite fine arguments to have coaching between GFs, I decided to vote no for a couple reasons:

As has already been mentioned, I prefer the game to be 1v1 and it's still hard to feel both GF sets as separate so it feels almost like coaching during the set. This leads me to

The amount of time between GFs isn't really standardized. Some big events don't let you leave the stage between sets, smaller events don't mind giving players a break between sets. Basically sometimes it's like one continuous set but sometimes two. Because of this and #1, I felt like it would just be more reasonable to not allow coaching across the board for my vote.

For individual tourneys that make the coaching between GFs decision with #2 in mind and lengthen the time between GF sets I think it's perfectly reasonable though, and I should note I did not easily make my decision.

Coaching, defined as deliberately giving or receiving advice to/from another person during a Match, is not allowed and may result in penalties for both parties. Coaching is allowed after a bracket reset in Grand Finals.

Voted No: Armada, Leffen, PPMD, Wobbles, Amsah

Interesting that the people who actually end up in grand finals voted against changing the rule.

Players may not use the Name Entry glitch to play as any other characters than those regularly selectable from the Character Select Screen.

Darn, I can't main Master Hand anymore

M2K almost JV5's n0ne

M2K almost JV5's n0ne

m2k tilting falcons in both games today

I feel bad for n0ne but laughed when he got 13% and dipped

None landed 2 hits across 6 of his stocks in the middle of the set

M2K hasn’t dropped a game all tournament

Not just a set, A GAME

Tipped Off 12 - Loser's Top 8 Qualifer - Hax$ vs Ryan Ford

Tipped Off 12 - Loser's Top 8 Qualifer - Hax$ vs Ryan Ford Loser's Top 8 Qualifier

Aziz "Hax$" Al-Yami // Twitter | Wiki

Hax$ 3 - 2 Ryan Ford --- = Yoshi's Story = --- = Battlefield = = Battlefield = --- = Fountain of Dreams = --- = Fountain of Dreams = ---

Generated by Tournament Tabler

Holy shit that 4 stock


Hax$ scraping by against Stango and Ryan Ford in dramatic fashion. I love this man and his enchanted controller.

Hax's conversions looked soooooo clean in those last three games, I think there were like 4-5 0-to-deaths there at least? Looking forward to top 8 :D

Congrats to the winner of Smash Wii U singles at Tipped Off 12!

Congrats to the winner of Smash Wii U singles at Tipped Off 12!Info

Standings page | Top 8 bracket page | Wiki page | Twitch stream

November 11th-12th, 2017 / Atlanta, Georgia / 70 entrants

Tipped Off 12 is an ongoing super regional tournament for Super Smash Bros. Melee, Project M, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.



Place Player Sent to losers by Eliminated by 1st MVG Salem (Greninja) --- --- 2nd MVG/Echo Fox Mew2King (Cloud) Sonido Salem 3rd YP Fatality (Captain Falcon) Salem Mew2King 4th Sonido (Sonic) Salem Mew2King 5th Oes RFang (Mario) Fatality Mew2King 5th Kuma Danye (Diddy Kong) Mr. Kamikaze Sonido 7th Player-1 (Diddy Kong) RFang Danye 7th LiT Mr. Kamikaze (Yoshi) ZeBrA, Flaming Montaña, Mew2King Salem 9th TYPO CC (Sonic) Fatality Danye 9th Mahgnittoc (Diddy Kong) CC, Mr. Kamikaze Mew2King 9th Nimbus Omegaspike (Cloud) Salem, Fatality Mr. Kamikaze 9th Loco (R.O.B.) Neos, Danye, Mew2King Player-1 Grand Finals

MVG Salem (Greninja) [W] vs. MVG/Echo Fox Mew2King (Cloud) [L: Sonido]: 3-2

Apex 2013 looked kinda weird today

M2K wants his PGR rank back

He enters more events than that. He just drops out of them

ResidentSleeper Greninja carrying another trash player ResidentSleeper

PGStats Announces Smash Wii U Off Season Dates

PGStats Announces Smash Wii U Off Season Dates

Announcement Tweet

Stay tuned to the latest in Smash Wii U tournament news by following PGStats on Twitter at @ThePGStats!

The PGRv3 was last season.

Currently we are in v4 and its reveal is still pending but I'd bet on December right before the holidays!

I like this since, if for no other reason, it will probably mean that the S4 Boot Camp will end up feeling more relaxed. No one will be trying to change their ranking, so it'll be more about having fun.

With this in mind, will we see the PGRv4 in December or January?

Damn, was hoping my edit went through before you saw it.

Thanks for the quick reply, though!

Congratulations to the winner of Fuck You!

Congratulations to the winner of Fuck You!

Ambiguously Polish takes it 3-2 over Sirmeris in Peach ditto grand finals!

Ambiguously Polish Sirmeris SluG Sp1nda Holiday/GranmasGotGame IhaveSonar/Chum

I can't wait for Fuck You 2!

Greatest thread title

I'd love if this became a major tournament series. Would be the perfect tournament to bring back Salty Suites.

Ambiguously Polish is the best tag I’ve ever heard

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