I swear to god, it freaks me out everytime

I swear to god, it freaks me out everytime

Not as bad as "WHAT ... IS THE MUSIC ... OF LIFE?

Um...the lute? No, drums!



...wait, wrong game.


Note to self. Dont mess with Greybeard while meditating.

Note to self. Dont mess with Greybeard while meditating.

I love the Nightingale armour so much. This makes me want to get back into Skyrim so bad

He once shouted me off the cliff right after I told him I killed Paarthurnax. I was so shocked. It was fuckin perfect.

Irony is the title of that active quest. "The Fallen" LOL

That's a great way to end a playthrough if you're roleplaying. Seriously, if it happened to me I wouldn't even reload.

Shower-thought: The reason it's so easy to become a hoarder in Skyrim is because your character literally has the soul of a dragon.

Shower-thought: The reason it's so easy to become a hoarder in Skyrim is because your character literally has the soul of a dragon.

I heard that the dragonborn doesn't even spend any of his gold. He just takes all his loot and dumps it in a cave outside the city. Just one big pile right there in the cave. Sometimes he sits on it. Just sits there, right on top of the pile. For days at a time. It's true. M'aiq told me.

Every 10 mins is the game telling me I'm carrying too much, even though I throw away the unnecessary junk. e.e

You know it's bad when you summon your dremora merchant, take his measly 2000 gold for your loot, and then continue giving him stuff at a loss just to get the crap out of your inventory so you can continue questing.

That actually is one of the personality quirks of my Role-Playing Character, he subconsciously engages in the habit of hoarding treasures and generally any and all highly valuable items in his homes like a dragon from real life folk tales.

I made a Skyrim dinner last night!

I made a Skyrim dinner last night!

i am noticing a severe lack of 75 cheese wheels and a sweetroll.

It's not a Skyrim dinner without jumping up on the table and walking in tiny little circles to kick the food all over the floor.

Don't forget Alto Wine and Nordic Mead

This is just the before pic (-;

Identifying soul gems by sight

Identifying soul gems by sight

Recently learned about and acquired the black star refillable soul gem. I now fus ro dah all the soul gems I run into

Looks like Duke Silver.

This was illadvised.


This is how to play Skyrim

This is how to play Skyrim

I've tried to play Skyrim after a few glasses of wine before, and it never works out too well for my character. I usually just end up wandering in the wilderness, killing bears and wolves.

Drunk/high skyrim is the best imo. I discover new things and honestly appreciate the game even more!

The reason being good mead is extremely difficult to come by. Not that honey wine just sucks.

My favorite drinking buddy!

So I finally decided to try some light modding. Needless to say I am very pleased.

So I finally decided to try some light modding. Needless to say I am very pleased.

You know if you have steam you can just press F12 for a screen capture.

Not sure if the print screen button works though.

Nexus is easy to use. Install the mod manager. It'll scan your system and locate the game files. Then just download the mods from the site and activate them in the manager.

Don't use the Steam Workshop.

Every time you download a mod from the Steam Workshop, a bunny rabbit dies. Do you like killing rabbits? Of course you don't.

Aside from the couple of Steam exclusives, there's no reason to use the Workshop. It's just objectively worse than the Nexus. Save yourself the pain and save a bunny rabbit, use the Nexus.

Real Skyrim food

Real Skyrim food

Sits down to eat, food and tableware flings into every direction.

I remember back on oldrim I had a mod that took away the essential status from NPC's, down the line when I was doing the sheogorath quest I sat down at the table with him and as soon as I did a plate jumped from underneath the cheese and killed him... probably the funniest thing that's ever happened to me in that game.

I really wanna steal that sweetroll...

I'd steal it all but leave behind a random cabbage due to unexpected over encumbrance

SKYRIM: Freedom of Character

SKYRIM: Freedom of Character

Well to parallel your criticisms, a wall of text doesn't make an insightful post. Honestly it just sounds like you don't like the game. That's fine, you don't have to like the game, but when you rail against everything people like about it as bad it doesn't really convince me you understand what people like about it. Regarding Immersion, half the modding community would sacrifice play-ability for immersive-immersion, and if that's your thing cool but I'm not here to play sims in tamriel. Undeniably skyrim would not be the game it is with out the ability to add all those mods, and I even agree that some of those immersion mods make the game better, but not everyone wants to deal with all that. Regarding Setting & Freedom, Skyrim is indeed creating a setting, but skyrim won't force you into the setting, and honestly I wouldn't want it to. Wouldn't have half the mods we do if we had to follow the lore, and don't even suggest mods don't count as the game because mods make this game. The entire reason for skyrims success is how ridiculously easy it is to mod. You can call it all head cannon, but the mods make it as real as you need it to be. Regarding Optional Quests & Character Destiny, you've totally missed the point. It's not about what the developers are trying to say. Games aren't giant pieces of propaganda. Quite the opposite. Good games are about the players. They're about the players defining themselves not only through they're characters but through meaningful choices. Choices are what this entire game is about. If you want to make it more immersive, as you clearly do, it honestly wouldn't be that hard to make a mod to prevent you from taking up certain quests or to make it where you have to do some convincing. Not everybody wants to have to hunt down the right decision tree to do whatever the hell they want. Why would the game developers cut off entire huge chunks of the game to casual gamers? I guess you just want a setting where you can make the game unbearably immersive. I'm sure someone could pack all the mods for that together and get you it, but I don't think anyone else honestly wants that.

First of all, the positive things I have to say about your video: The editing is well done and the scenes fit to what you are saying, which makes it a real pleasure to watch.

The negative thing is that I absolutely disagree with what you are saying. I don't know what your stake in all of this is. First of all, let me comment on this one:

It's pushing believability and throwing immersion out of the window, but like many things with Skyrim, those things are kind of the player's responsibility to maintain.

THEY ARE NOT. In this specific instance, it's the Stormcloaks' responsibility to reject me, because they are the ones that are established as a racist faction, not me. They are massively breaking character.

In other games, I'd hate that, but here I love it, because Skyrim is less about world building and more about character building.

I would like to know why you are willing to give Skyrim a pass here. First of all, the notion that it's less about world building is entirely subjective to you, but that doesn't make the fact disappear that Skyrim is absolutely trying to build a world. And as it is, it has to subject itself to all kinds of criticism regarding this attempt at world building.

Skyrim's freedom makes the game whatever you want it to be. And it allows you to be whoever you want, right from the get go.

Yes, but all those things are in your head. The term for this is headcanon: Your imagination filling the blanks that the game cannot fill. They do not exist inside the game. The game is incapable of reacting to the massive freedom it equipped the player with. Praising the game for all the pretty things you came up with to fill the MASSIVE blanks is nonsensical.

Finally, it's the game's quest lines and how optional they all are that lets you complete the building of your character.

This is not good. If skipping content is a necessity to add profile to your character because the game will never ever say no to something you want to do based on what you've done before, you have bad game design on your hands. A bit later into the video you cite walking away from killing the Emperor and enlisting with the legion as a good example of the game letting you define your character. But it's all in your head. As said, you can't praise the game for that. It's like saying that Skyrim has a really well designed perk and combat system because you have Requiem installed. It's like saying that Mass Effect 3 is a really brilliant game because you don't have to play through the shitty ending.

You can't retire most RPG protagonists like this, because you never really get to control their destiny in the first place.

You only can retire your protagonist because Bethesda were too lazy to make the world react to your actions. You wouldn't have been able to join the Legion in the first place because Commander Maro would have made sure that every relevant person knows YOU ARE AN ASSASSIN. If being a member of the DB is not guaranteed to make everyone absolutely distrustful of your intentions, I don't know what is.

Again you're praising the game for being unable to be consequential and consistent, two things that are absolutely essential for a role-playing game. If nothing you do provokes any reaction, you might aswell not have done anything. But the game constantly tells you that you have done something: You saved the world, you killed the emperor, you killed bandits, you're boss of the companions, but everything and everyone still treats you the same way they always did.

Yeah, if you take Skyrim apart and analyse each piece, it comes up short. Way short. But put all those pieces together and they make something special. They make the only role-playing game in which your role is really up to you.

A hundred negatives don't make a positive, I'm sorry. I can understand why people like to play Skyrim, but the reason is that it gives you a mechanically sub-par but moddable framework to put your own imagination to work. And if you like the stories you give your character is entirely up to you because the game will never ever punish you for anything you do, or bother you with consistency or consequences.

Another great video. Makes me hyped for the next Elder Scrolls game.

Keep up the good work.

Until you give the controls to your sibling, because all they know how to do is steal and kill

I'd like to share the latest picture of my Companion cosplay. Hope you like it!

I'd like to share the latest picture of my Companion cosplay. Hope you like it!
I'd like to share the latest picture of my Companion cosplay. Hope you like it!

Be sure to block all doorways.

It is my sworn duty to do so, because Ysgramor demands it.

This is badass. Great job!

Hello! This is my Companion cosplay, which is completely handmade except for chainmail, gloves and pants. The armor parts are made of EVA foam. The picture was taken by Fotograf-13 and my page is called Copperbones Cosplay (both on Facebook, apparently AutoMod doesn't like links to that). If you have any questions, ask! Have a nice day, everyone! :)

EDIT: Well, this kinda blew up while I slept. Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful comments! And thanks of course for the gold, gonna buy me some fine mead with that! (That's how it works, right?)

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