When you open the favourites menu just as a Draugr shouts at you.

When you open the favourites menu just as a Draugr shouts at you.

That looks badass af

No problem!

Can someone get rid of the HUD? Thanks!

Good lord that was fast. Best OP

I know, right? I've never really seen them up close in detail while they shout since I usually either get out of the way or swing my sword wildly at them.

Let the Random Clicking Begin

Let the Random Clicking Begin

I've solved this thing like 3 times without any clue as to what I was doing

I hate this place. Every single time without fail, I leave without grabbing the fucking lexi-whatever and only find out when I get back to the ice berg and then have to go all the way back to that hellhole to get it.

Same here, "Click this... this... hmm... this?" For like 5 minutes.

The dwemer truly were cryptic masterminds.

My first try on legendary difficulty after 6 years on Adept/Expert

My first try on legendary difficulty after 6 years on Adept/Expert

There's nothing quite like that feeling when you're used to playing adept and you walk over a tripwire thinking "what's the worst that could happen?" only to find that those dropping rocks are now very dangerous

They are close to an auto kill

Trap damage is effected by difficulty? Nice TIL. What about the ridiculously weak poison darts inside draugr Dungeons?

Sometimes I get auto killed long after the rocks fall and I try to walk past them and accidentally nudge one.


My girls are so excited about the treasure map they found in the garage

My girls are so excited about the treasure map they found in the garage

Kids, once I was an adventurer like you. But then... I met your mother

Thankfully she appreciates my nerdiness

"This map belongs to the nords!"

Do they bury treasure in the Cloud District very often?

What is your favourite city in Skyrim?

What is your favourite city in Skyrim?

Whiterun is the first city most every player sets foot in. It's layout is somewhat iconic for Skyrim.

Wish there was more love for Falkreath. That place is so gorgeous imo and I have so many good Dark Brotherhood memories there. Plus, Lakeview Manor.

Two vendors near the entrance that buy weapons and sell crafting materials, a smithy, kiln, and upgrade stations also near the entrance, a general goods merchant just a short walk in with an alchemy trainer in the next building over for easy alchemy grinding/potion selling, the most convenient and well equipped player home with probably the most mods centered around it, and a central location on the map reducing the inconvenience of stopping in to store/sell your stuff.

It's also a fairly centralized hub for two quest lines.

So glad Markarth was the first choice.

Ignoring the crime and corruption and all that, its just such a cool looking city. I love all the pathways that lead up and down to new layers and things.

Plus all those heights and paths (and crime and corruption) are perfect for my .... totallynotastealtharcher

My Bethesda Resume

My Bethesda Resume

Azura guide the Maryland studio

"Your resume UI is garbage."

"Wellllllll about that..."

Love the idea and I hope you get in, but might I suggest only using all caps for your headers? All caps body text may be difficult to read and using lowercase will create better visual hierarchy, especially since you have a lot of information packed together on one page.

"Your resume UI is garbage."

"Welcome aboard."

Found the two 'lovers' of white run observing the view together

Found the two 'lovers' of white run observing the view together

Fus Roh Dah

This is why quicksave was invented.

Sometimes you just cant pass up the opportunity.

I wish real life had quicksave.

Two households, both alike in dignity,

In fair Whiterun, where we lay our scene,

From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,

Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.

From forth the fatal loins of these two foes

A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life;

Whose misadventur'd piteous overthrows

Doth with their death bury their parents' strife.

I love that Skyrim is full of these little untold stories for you to discover.

I love that Skyrim is full of these little untold stories for you to discover.

Excuse me? Excuuuuse me?!?!?! Why, this is the memorial ground of the biggest battle that has ever coursed through the frigid lands of Skyrim! This here is the grave of Yndvil Polepalm, and the site of the Librarian's Revolution!!

Yndvil was born a mortal man, like any of us; that is, until the day everything went awry. As you can see in the background, Yndvil's village was located near the shrine of Azura. Worshipers of Azura, desperate to please their mighty overlord, were working on creating a new artifact that could reach the godly standards set before them. Before them stood a pedestal of ancient, flowing magic. The arcane energy was to be imbued unto a lowly flag. If they succeeded, the banner, as it was told, would be capable of unfathomable feats. Sadly, the enchantment did not go as planned.

The mighty flag, doused in immense arcane power soared off the pedestal, flying through the skies, only for it to embed itself into the palm of a poor youth named Yndvil. The flag fused with Yndvil's flesh, granting him immense power. Azura was more than pleased to see the results of these happenings, as the Banner of Azura and Yndvil became one. Yndvil's soul was bound to the flag, as the flag's power was bound to Yndvil.

Things went on at a relatively normal pace, not much new happening. That is, until a herd of ten, no, thirty, no, THREE HUNDRED dragons swarmed the small village. Yndvil knew what he had to do. Yndvil's love and affection for literature and the arts coursed through his blood, feeding new power into the Banner.

Not one book was to be harmed in this fight. Librarians joined, defending the building with their lives. Each died, one by one. Yet, Yndvil remained. The town burned, but Yndvil, in a last ditch effort, stored all of the books inside of a crate. Save one; Yndil would die with his favourite book in hand. As Yndvil took his last breath, he closed the "Lusty Argonian Maid Vol. 1" tight against his chest.

May he forever be remembered for his heroic deeds....

Have you not heard about the Gear Wars?

The book on the ground is The Knights of the Nine, which levels up Heavy Armor.

The thing people don't realize about the gear wars is that it was never really about the gears at all

A Draugr appears

A Draugr appears

Show the Jarl some respect you milkdrinkers

"Hey Grandma, come here a minute. I need some internet points."

"While you were on Reddit, grandma was studying the blade."

The best part of imagining this interaction is imagining that she was already holding the sword for some other reason

Glass Dagger

Glass Dagger

Stick 'em with the pointy end.

-Bilbo Baggins

Neato but um, that thing is like, round enough to be a dildo

Anything is a didlo if you're brave enough.

It looks like it's made of plastic instead.

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