america go fuck yourself

america go fuck yourself

im abusing mod powers

edit: stop reporting this. automod is set to automatically approve any post in this subreddit made by a moderator. you're wasting your time.

also. who the fuck gave me gold. why would you support reddit for hosting the_hitler

im abusing mod powers

Next 4 years in a nutshell.

You're the most fucked up group of people currently alive

You're the most fucked up group of people currently alive

I'm sure you're gonna devour this account too, but whatever. I've resigned myself to the fact that every time I call you out my account gets spammed and your cronies try to doxx me, but I can't let you keep doing what you're doing. The harassment you put people through on a daily basis is way worse than anything /fatpeoplehate was ever accused of. Who knows how many men you've driven to suicide just because they have something between their legs. But you don't fucking care, because they made a rape joke and that makes them worse than Nazis. I guess rape is worse than murder now. And since men can't be raped any man who says he was raped has to deal with it while a female who says she was raped is instantly believed and rewarded for her bravery. And you think women have it worse? Fuck off, women are treated like little princesses while men are treated like shit. Maybe you have a point with the catcalling thing, but everything else you say is bullshit and based on lies meant to devalue men and increase the value of women. Soon you'll force the government to add the ability to make more money (27% more) by just checking off a "I'm a woman" box on a job sheet. Us men will just say that we're transwomen (since that's also something you support) and get that money too, so you'll be back to square 1 where men and women make the same salaries. If you want to make the same money then don't take maternity leave, dipshits.

And what's with all the hate on video games? You don't even like video games, and we do. Why is that a problem. If something makes a group of people happy and it doesn't inherently hurt anyone else then why is that such a bad thing? Women don't want to play video games, they just want to police the development of video games and its community. !??!?!? Seriously just fuck off. Go fight for unisex bathrooms or showing your tits or something I can get behind rather than video games that you don't even play. All of the girlfriends I had wanted nothing to do with video games and that was okay. How would you feel if we started policing makeup, saying that makeup led to violence and should be banned? You'd hate it, because it's a stupid baseless accusation meant only to hurt one gender. Which is exactly what the attack on video games is.

I don't know what to say here other then you probably all need to get laid, then you'll calm down.

SRS, thank you

SRS, thank you

Not sure if this'll get deleted because not a quote or anything but I just wanted to say thank you to this whole sub. I found this sub about a month ago and you're all honestly great people. It's amazing to see this group standing up for basically everyone's rights against a very large and very anti-SRS shitstorm known as Reddit.

The anonymity provided by the internet reveals how many people in society are bigoted, and it's relieving to see that not everyone just shuts up and ignores the hate speech.



i just wanted to say that you SJW's are the cancer of the world and that you should all go fuck yourselves

Edit: I just got off from work to find that my comments have been downvoted, you guys must really lead productive lives. I just wanted you to know that down voting me was a waste of time since I have a voat account anyway. That's all for now and remember, around blacks never relax

Thanks you SRS

Thanks you SRS

Okay I'm black, as you could probably tell if you look through my comments. I feel like every day when I get on reddit I'm just defending my race and myself against dickheads. I mean the racism is everywhere. I even try to go on /sub/sports which I felt was pretty neutral but damn it's there too. It gets really tiring, but when I've had enough, SRS really is my comfort place. I come here and just relax and laugh so thanks for this.

This isn't a shitlord post. I really mean this

Edit: Thanks for all the support and comments

Edit2: Not really sure why I said "Thanks you" lol

Thanks SRS

Thanks SRS

(This throwaway because I made a mistake of linking personal info to my main account)

As an Arab dude, you think if you avoided /sub/worldnews that you will avoid the rampant racism and bigotry, But NOPE!, stormfront shit is leaking everywhere, specially with the whole syrian immigrants debacle.

I don't get my feys feys hurt easily, but it gets annoying when in non-political thread, you find comment calling your race backward little shitskins, which made to consider leaving reddit and finding an alternative site.

But the amount shit I read about my race or religion doesn't compare of mountains of shits that said about women and girls in general in reddit, every single day.

Reddit sexism is everywhere and always mentioned so casually, Reddit is so sexist that make the most extremist religious priest a bastion of progressive feminism.

I like How you guys took the sexism that reddit spews and made fun of it, that you made so many redditors butthurt, you all became the big bad boogyman of reddit.

If I wasn't already a feminist, thanks to reddit, I would have turned into hardcore SJW just to spite it.

So all I wanted to say you all doing a wonderful job so keep fighting the good fight.

On the Virginia shooting

On the Virginia shooting

YOU censored /sub/jailbait, an extremely popular community that was KNOWN to host no illegal content


You censored FPH, a healthy, light-hearted circlejerk sub that was CONFIRMED to have helped fat people overcome their condition!

You censored Coontown, for no reason AT ALL other than that their thoughtcrimes hurt your feefees.

You RAPED Victoria's life, an amazing, beautiful person which ALL reddit depended on.

You RUINED /sub/punchablefaces, /sub/lgbt, /sub/cringe, /sub/offmychest, and a fuckton of other amazing communities you managed to set your claws on

But now I'm getting REALLY sick of your bullshit.

I know you anti-free speech delicate little princesses will ban me faster than you can say "TRIGGERED!!!1!1", but I don't give a shit. Wanna know why? It's because everywhere outside your ridiculous, autistic little hugboxes, people are waking up to your blasphemous LIES and to the pathological, Lovecraftian hate they're made of. You can censor all you want, but you will NEVER silence us

Because the truth is ban-proof.

Every. single. day, you self-important, sanctimonious, holier-than-thou, cloying, sycophantic, oleaginous SJWs spew THE most vile hate speech currently in existence against us, the ridiculous "neckbearded", "euphoric", "STEMlord", "mangry", "beardteary", "autistic", "virgin", "misogynistic" "shitlords", using ANY misfortune ever to have befallen a minority as a pretext. It's painfully obvious you don't really care about SJ; the only motivation for anything you do is HATE. Hate so intense it could vaporize the ocean, power interstellar travel, and outshine the sun.

And now that we're rightfully fearing for our lives, because one of YOU has finally acted on his barbarically violent impulses, declaring a race war (proving once again that you're no different from Nazis), you found a way to attack US, saying we're milking this catastrophe to further our agenda.

You HAVE to be fucking SHITTING us!! EVERY bad thing that EVER happens gets usurped by you in a way so disgusting, so uncaring, so cynical, so transparently selfish, it would make even Obama cringe!

HOLY shit, GET A LIFE! Don't you have any hobbies? A job? ANYTHING else to do, other than beta-orbiting, fapping to emetophilic revenge fantasy white man snuff, using your own tears as lube, and HATE??? There is NOTHING forcing you to stay on reddit. Do you have the faintest idea how pathetic you sound, crying about the meanie poopieheaded misogynists living in your head? Have you ever considered leaving your cum-stained basement and getting a life? I'm sure mommy would be proud!

There is no way you are living healthy, or even tolerable lives, with THIS much hate! You are the most pathetic losers I have EVER seen. Usually, I'd feel sorry for you, but people are being CENSORED, TORTURED and now MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD BY YOU MANIACS!!!

I'm sure you're too busy celebrating the coming of your new messiah and the official declaration of war to have noticed, so I'll warn you: there WILL be consequences! You think we'll just sit on our asses like fat autists as you try to shove us into gas chambers!? FUCK no, not under my watch, not as long as straight white men have any dignity left, because you CANNOT get away with HUMILIATING an entire demographic forever! You want war? FINE! But when you inevitably come to us being for mercy, like the little cucks you are, be warned: you will NEVER have it!

This sub is hilarious.

This sub is hilarious.

Hi SRS I'm a cis-black male and I just wanna say,I've never seen a place ripe with so much comedic and satirical brilliance.

Reddit is a place where hate speech isn't too hard to find but this place is on another level.

You all have done something that I find really interesting you've drawn in so many butthurt idiots it's shocking. You guys are the Kanye West of Reddit. I've fallen in love with this sub's over the top nature.

This place is very self aware you all know damn well what you're doing. If I wanted to become an internet troll I'd simply visit this sub daily and imitate what I see here.

Honestly I want to thank SRS for the countless hours I've spent laughing at butthurt Redditors. Keep up the good work sincerely - /u/astrobatguy

Edit: Guess who just managed to land themselves a nice cozy mention in /sub/cringeanarchy

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