I think my [21F] mum saw my dildo?

I think my [21F] mum saw my dildo?

When I was back in high school I loudly requested for my boyfriend at the time to, and I quote "put it in my ass." I heard a loud gasp and that's when I realized we weren't alone in the house and my mum had returned home.

I've never been so mortified in all my life. Even thinking back to it as I type this out is making me cringe really hard haha.

My ex GFs bed was made out of wood and apparently the frame took the repeated 'beating' not so well. At one point during sex the something broke. One of the legs came off and tilted the bed. Without tools I could only bring the bed upright again, but any movement would skip the leg.

The next day we told her dad, he's a man of few words so he went on repairing the thing.

A week later when I visited her again, her mother came into the kitchen, wrapped an arm around me, looked her daughter straight in the eye and said: "Tell your lover that we repaired your bed and he should refrain from rocking it too hard."

Gave her a wink, pinched my neck and left.

One time my boyfriend and I were trying out some BDSM, and when we finally got into a position, we started having sex. We both assumed that my parents were out of the house, but apparently my mom came back early and walked in on us. Neither of us even noticed at the time in the position we were in was in, and I didn't realize she had seen us until the next morning she said "If you need some more rope, let me know" and then gave me a wink.

Yeah... and it became a recurring joke for the among the three of us for at least a year.

And that's when I learned her mom is pretty relaxed and open about such things. So I'd say that if your mom saw it and haven't joked about it, then she probably won't bring it up.

In the seven years since my rape, I have never initiated any type of sexual contact with any of my partners - except for last night! I did it, r/sex! I started the sexy times! Me! I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. Trauma ain’t got nothing on me!

In the seven years since my rape, I have never initiated any type of sexual contact with any of my partners - except for last night! I did it, r/sex! I started the sexy times! Me! I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. Trauma ain’t got nothing on me!

Yessss ☺️

That’s fucking awesome! Happy to hear you’re on the other side of the trauma. No looking back now!

Wishing you nothing but positive experiences from this point forward.

As a fellow survivor who happens to be a little further down the road... You have so many more little milestones coming your way! I’m so proud of present you, and so excited for future you!

Cheers to being able to enjoy intimacy! 🍻

Me too!

I used to be such a sexually active person but I find it near impossible to be intimate anymore. My current partner is very good at not pressuring me and even better at helping me reclaim my sexuality. I am so excited to see where I can be with some more time to heal!

My friend (f24) sent me (f25) a nude of a guy she is having sex with

My friend (f24) sent me (f25) a nude of a guy she is having sex with

Ive been wondering how other people feel about this.

My friend is having sex with some guy and apparently they send eachother nudes (which is fine ofcourse).

She then sent one of the pics showing his penis to me and made a joke about it being small.

I got really angry and told her not to share nude pictures that have been privately shared between them. She thought I was a idiot for thinking so and we didnt talk for weeks.

So what do you think and how would you react receiving that? Would you/have you shared nudes from lovers with friends or other people?

I think you’re just genuinely a good person with good morals. Don’t change.🤙🏼

If they don't have the consent of the person in the picture then it's a violation of their trust at the least.

Op, you better pay attention to this comment. You did the right thing and you will always be safe making the right decision.

Yeah for sure! I even think (where I live) that its illegal.

I feel bad for being too vanilla.

I feel bad for being too vanilla.

I do like being restrained and used but then when slapping and being choked comes in it just...does nothing for me. I feel so bad for being "too vanilla" for people. I feel like I'm a disappointment and they won't want to talk to me anymore, especially hookups.

Don't feel bad! I think most people would be just fine with that. And even if not, it's nothing to feel bad about. It's your sexuality, you should own it!

Hook up with different people who are into more “vanilla” sex?

I'm a walking kinkfest and I find it impossible to be attracted to people who are vainilla. And let me tell you, it's nothing to worry about. First and foremost, it takes all kinds to make a world, there are a lot of people who would like that. Second, for me kinky is not about what you enjoy but how much you enjoy it. I'm into seriously messed up stuff but at the end of the day and as I've said in multiple posts, nothing does it for me like giving a good old blowjob. Don't feel ashamed of your preferences, sex is something you first have to do for yourself because if you get all anxious, it's bad for everyone.

I'm really sorry when I here things like this. That use of vanilla as an insult. It's the new "prude". Sensual sex, athletic sex, enthusiastic, skilled and loving tender sex, tantric sex, all considered vanilla? I really have no advice about hookups since I've been married over ten years but we have no problem staying satisfied and hot for each other without slapping and choking.

I had a 3 way with my Ex and her new boyfriend

I had a 3 way with my Ex and her new boyfriend

You shouldn't feel guilty. They chose to take the action of a three some spontaneously without talking about the issues it could have on their relationship. Their issue not yours.

You're not guilty of anything. By the sounds of it your blowjob was just plain better than hers ;)

Your ex's boyfriend posted about this a couple weeks ago, and the general suggestion was: do it and then break up

Fuck I saw that, too. Dude said his girlfriend's ex was coming into town a few weeks, got him thinking about their relationship. I don't recall any advice about having oral sex with the ex though haha

Ever had an illegal and horrifying thing pop-up when you're browsing porn? I did today and I reported it, here's how in case you want to know.

Ever had an illegal and horrifying thing pop-up when you're browsing porn? I did today and I reported it, here's how in case you want to know.

I was browsing porn-gifs in Chrome on my phone today. As I was shutting the window I noticed a new tab open, I clicked the tab and lo and behold it was child porn. Horrifying. Sad. Sickening. I instantly closed it, but I had already seen some of the thumb-nails.

I had never had this happen before and I didn't know what to do. I wanted to report it (in addition to washing my eyes with acid and going on a "Taken" style rampage). I finally through much effort, found this website:

You can also call this number: 1-800-843-5678

I ended up calling the number and it was super easy. Gave them the url of the pop-up, what I saw and which website I was on that the pop-up originated from. They asked if I wanted to give my name or remain anonymous, I gave my name because I'd rather have it documented that I reported it than not.

Anyway. Stay safe, consensual and sexy out there /sub/sex. I hope you don't need to report anything, but if you do, here's a quick way to do it!

THIS HAPPENED TO ME ONCE it was horrifying, I closed everything immediately and stayed away from porn for a while. Thank you SO much for posting this, now I'll know what to do if it ever happens to me again.

This is really wonderful. Seriously. Thank you.

Can we get that pinned to the top here at /sub/sex???


Thank you for this public service announcement. Child porn needs to be purged from the world.

Omg...I saw a screenshot of something like that a few months ago. Dont recall where because I hadnt seen it before or since and I was nearly in tears. This is good to know.

Tip: How To Orgasm Without Ejaculating

Tip: How To Orgasm Without Ejaculating

You may have heard it is possible to orgasm without ejaculating. Also known as "The Million Dollar Spot", pressing on this area stops semen from exiting the penis while continuing to orgasm as normal.

Instructions: There is a strip of flesh between your anus and testicles. Simply press in the center with moderate force after the point of no return.

In other words, when you are about to ejaculate - push down with two fingers and some force between your anus and testicles and hold.

When done correctly, you continue "orgasming", but your fingers block the semen exiting.

It really isn't difficult. Now that I've done it countless times, I wonder why it was so hard to learn in the first place. Probably because most articles don't provide simple instructions. I don't understand why because it is so easy.

Finally, in case you're wondering... This doesn't allow you to have infinite orgasms. Your sex drive still decreases like normal (unfortunately, lol).

Hope this helps someone!

From memory, you also experience what is called a retrograde orgasm, where some of your semen goes into your bladder and then is released next time you pee.

1) but why?

2) hope no one thinks that's a valid way of contraception.

Does save on the tissues though, or makes for no mess when having to do it secretly in a youth hostel in Wales.

I wonder if that could be considered risky for your health? I'm no man, I have no clue.

Am I overreacting?

Am I overreacting?

Last night my (F) partner (M) after a few beers flirtily suggested he'd like a blowjob and followed up with "We should watch some blowjob videos... so you can maybe learn how to use less teeth..." I had just come out of the shower (with plans to go back in to finish up my usual hygiene/shaving ritual) to grab a beer since we were kind of pregaming to have a sexy fun night. Now my guy is very well endowed and I never had an issue before with exes, however he has commented twice that I accidentally scraped my teeth against him while deep throating (which he prefers) so I do my absolute best to avoid doing that, however I guess I haven't been quite as successful as I'd hoped. I know he didn't mean to hurt my feelings, but I feel even less confident about my abilities now. Any input is appreciated.

You need to discuss it with him when you guys haven’t been drinking. Just because you’ve used teeth doesn’t mean you are bad at it. It’s important to give feedback.

Without context (did he say it with a man attitude etc) it's hard to say. Just reread and saw you mentioned he tried to bring this up with a flirty attitude. I really hope I don't get downvoted for this but maybe you're being a little too sensitive? Teeth can hurt. A lot.

My teeth scrape on my husband every once in a while (ever since he lost a crap ton of weight he's gotten significantly more endowed) and when they do he neutrally mentions it and I say Oops sorry and try not to scrape next time. Over the course of ten years we've discovered different positions are better /worse for teeth so have you been switching it up?

Pulling his penis down (I usually make an okay symbol with my hand and use my thumb and index finger to reposition from the base of his penis) a little bit can help or getting into 69 position can help because then (with most erect penises) it more naturally "fits better" into the throat

Maybe you should get a dildo with his dimensions and he can give it a try so he can tell you how to do it.

I mean, that's snarky, but I feel like a lot of well-endowed guys have NO CONCEPT of how difficult it is to get a big dick into your mouth (let alone down your throat!) while not touching it with your teeth. There is physically only so much space - you are not a snake

I am gonna answer straightforward as a guy. Teeth for me can get you back straight to the starting point.

Of course he could have said it more subtly, but well you were drinking so it came out the way it did. Unless he is insensitive while not drinking too.

I feel like a BJ QUEEN

I feel like a BJ QUEEN

I used to be like you, knowing next to nothing about the one-eyed snake between a man's legs

Bitch, please.

My eyes may never roll back to their correct position after reading that line.

No, it’s because you can’t say “hoorah” with a dick in your mouth.

It’s an old Marines joke lol

All it took for her to become a blowjob queen was for her man to go away to Army bootcamp for 6 months.

How do I pull off naughty librarian?

How do I pull off naughty librarian?

Look, I’m embarrassingly awkward sexually. Theres a lot of stuttering, blushing, and awkward silences whenever I try to role play. My boyfriend wants me to try to role play a naughty librarian for him. I’m scared of making a fool out of myself. What do I even say? “Your books are overdue, I have to punish you”? That sounds stupid to me, but idk. I just don’t really know where to start. If your guys could give me some starting points, that would be awesome. Thank you and sorry for the weird question!

Stuttering blushing is part of it. The librarian archetype imo is horny but reserved and shy on the surface

Pencil skirt glasses bending over picking up books, spanked with rulers

You don't have to be the dom

The appeal of the naughty librarian is in the contrast between a sort of shy, bookish facade that you present and the kinky sex that you admit to wanting, so once you have the look down all you really have to do is shyly 'admit' to being turned on by something taboo and ask for it.

I’m not bored at all. I’m just confused on how to do this one specific thing.


Try one of these subthreads