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The Real Rupaul's Drag Race

The Real Rupaul's Drag Race
The Real Rupaul's Drag Race

Sometimes I regret joining this sub and then I see posts like this and I know I made he right decision

ok but ru in bendelas wig.... i NEED to see her in that

Okay but why do half of them either look like Honey Mahogany or Milan? I smell a stunt.

ru as dela has me gasping for air bitch

[Live Discussion] LogoTV RPDR All Seasons Marathon

[Live Discussion] LogoTV RPDR All Seasons Marathon

While AS3 and RPDR has ruturned home to VH1, LOGO is running a marathon of ALL RPDR SEASONS from this evening (Jan 20) until the premiere of AS3 next Thursday (Jan 25).

So whether you’re watching the entire marathon or you’re just popping in to watch an episode or two at a time... we’ve had some interest expressed in having a Live Discussion Thread stickied, so here it is!


Just a reminder THIS IS NOT A SPOILER THREAD. Clearly discussing anything from S1-AS2 is fine, but if you want to drop any AS3 or S10 “tea” you must use spoiler tags (or you know just don’t post them since this is a casual discussion post). And as usual, no asking for live stream/illegal viewing links as per Reddit & /sub/rupaulsdragrace rules.

We might rotate this thread with CBBUK and the Weekly Discussion Post since it’s probably going to be a busy week, but if you want to pop in and Kiki about the current marathon this thread will be active & sorted by new so you don’t have to watch alone. Enjoy!

Nina totally deserved her win. She looked amazing.

They haven’t shown a new trailer for an AS3 contestant in 2 commercial breaks and I’m feeling very attacked

i just remembered how the winner of the challenge received safety for the next challenge... it was weird looking back tbh

Mmm Chi Chi in her confessional looks so damn good.

AS3 Marathon Trailers Masterthread

AS3 Marathon Trailers Masterthread

Will be posting all queens trailers here as they air tonight. Keep checking back!


What we are sort of sure on based on the two trailers Aja wins the first challenge top 2 Morgan is in the bottom Trixie Milk and Kennedy are safe

What I’m sure of based on the two trailers:

My pussy’s gonna pop

Chi Chi's was NOT promising. The others got runway looks galore, she got legit little.

"did it just get swampy in here" trixie is getting the villain edit we deserve

BenDeLa Creme AS3 Trailer

BenDeLa Creme AS3 Trailer

we spend weeks without any content but when we get some... we get everything at the same time

I’m. Fucking. Unraveling.

Trixie and Milk are standing on the safe side of the stage

Milk is on the right side during DeLa's critiques...does that mean she's safe and not bottom three in episode one as predicted?

AS3 Aja Trailer!!!

AS3 Aja Trailer!!!

“I’m pretty sure we all like you More-gone”

Proceeds to eliminate her

This aired during the commercials of the drag race marathon on logo right now


also is she talking to Morgan in the corner because she’s top 2? There’s tea that Morgan leaves early so I kinda believe that Aja might be top 2 this episode.

We complained when we didn't get 1 trailer. They've rewarded us with 9.

We're like spoiled children being given a bagful of sweets when your mum only says you can have one in the first place, but she'll give you them all to shut you up.






New favorite rumor.

"I heard Aja fucking killed them all and it was the Aja show from day one

Apparently it was just Aja so unless Aja literally kills everyone before the first challenge it probably isn’t a super trailer

I drew the all stars cast as 40's cartoons. <3

I drew the all stars cast as 40's cartoons. <3

That’s looks adorable. I would watch the fuck outta those cartoons

Cuphead who? Bendy and the Ink Machine where? Abhora's Ghost Town Look when?

Isn't that Kennedy outfit the absolute best

Jokes aside, I wasn't really conviced about this when I started buut Abhora's Ghost town look made me continue the series <3

Adore got her priorities straight 🐷

Adore got her priorities straight 🐷

This is the trouple I. AM. LOOKING. FOR.

I love an AS4 plotline

Jinkx, Ivy and her husband are shook!

Adore being that straight up motherfucking dick pig we all knew she was 💕

Some fans found out where Aja lived and went to her house to leave gifts

Some fans found out where Aja lived and went to her house to leave gifts

Damn Katya is gone for a week and you crazy twinks find your next target

You know some of the 11 year olds that do that will read this as "please give us gifts when we're home" and show up at like 9AM to deliver their hand drawings

What kind of entitled bullshit? Are you fucking serious?

If someone did this to a bigger name celeb they would be arrested for trespassing. This is honestly an unacceptable invasion of personal space. The queens post their working schedules, of you want to give them your doodle or whatever the fuck, go there.

The season 10 queens are going through every picture they've ever posted and editing out the street signs as we speak

Throwback to this amazing look by Chi Chi!

Throwback to this amazing look by Chi Chi!

So tell me why shes out there in a bathing suit with no corset and a belt?

Her eye makeup on this was my absolute favorite !

She sold the fuck out of it

It was in this moment that she became the Rihanna of drag

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