This may mean nothing to most of you, but yesterday I broke the 50 minute barrier on an official 10K: 49 minutes and 11 seconds. I never thought I could even run it in under an hour, but the months of training finally paid off! *HAPPY*

This may mean nothing to most of you, but yesterday I broke the 50 minute barrier on an official 10K: 49 minutes and 11 seconds. I never thought I could even run it in under an hour, but the months of training finally paid off! *HAPPY*
This may mean nothing to most of you, but yesterday I broke the 50 minute barrier on an official 10K: 49 minutes and 11 seconds. I never thought I could even run it in under an hour, but the months of training finally paid off! *HAPPY*

You don't need to preface anything on this sub with "this may mean nothing". We all know how awesome it feels to meet your goals and we all celebrate when someone does. Great work out there. Keep it up.



I usually exercise around noon, so the main thing that helped me is eat oatmeal 2 hours before exercising. Oatmeal with banana, blueberries, coconut, walnuts and almond milk. Also taking a whole series of vitamins and supplements and started to eat more chicken and fish. Fast-food only once per week, which is usually doner kebab with fries and beer. Drinking less wine is something I did not succeed in.

Did my first official 10K today. Had a target of 1:15:00 and got a time of 1:07:23. So happy and wanted to share.

Did my first official 10K today. Had a target of 1:15:00 and got a time of 1:07:23. So happy and wanted to share.

Good job! Congrats on finishing your first 10k race!


Well done man! 😊 Keep it up

Congratulations!!! Whoo-hoo!! This is pushing me to achieve that goal of my own!

What do you think about when you run?

What do you think about when you run?

“I’ll run to that tree, ok now I’ll run to that corner, ok now to that light post...” for miles



Used to think about all my problems/issues, and everything under the sun. Now try more for mindfulness- awareness of my surroundings, the movement of my body, the rhythm of my breathing. I trip over stuff less.

Or lots of weird math to justify the distance. “Once I’ve done 1.4 more miles I’ll be 40% of the way to the half way point” or some nonsense like that.

Lord I hope this run isn't so bad. How do my legs feel. Tight. Okay just keep going. Aw the neighbor decorated the house again. That lady is so cool. One mile, dang I don't even feel that one. Trod, trod, trod...oh yeah I'm running. Watch out for that car at the stop sign. You gonna stop for me? Oh, good he sees me. Thanks guy. How much longer. That's not bad. Trod, trod... Oh yeah this song is my jam. Oonce oonce oonce... Oh shit, too fast I'm blowing my pacing. Okay that's better. I wonder when that accounting projects due. Fuck, I bet it's this weekend. I better get on that or I'll be playing catch up all semester. Waves at random guy out walking I'm so sick of Hank at work. I mean how hard is it to follow procedure. Great, a hill. I hate going downhill. My knees, ugh okay that's better. Oh yeah, one mile to go. Get it, go go GO! Whew! Nice going. Oh Lord, I'm soaked. Eww I bet I smell. Shower time. Fin

I hit 6 mi today!

I hit 6 mi today!

Congratulations on reaching 6 miles. Unfortunately, your approach is not one that can be sustained or properly train you for a marathon. To train for a marathon you don’t just increase your distance every run. You need to build strength, endurance, but recovery is also critical. If you don’t rest you’re at risk for a half a dozen different types of over use injuries. If you keep running like this by race day you’re going to be too injured to run.

When you go on long runs your muscles and joint are under tremendous stress. And so is your central nervous system. Long runs cause central nervous system fatigue. Your body needs time to recover.

You don’t mention any muscle strengthening and flexibility workouts. That is also vitally important. If nothing else you need to work on glutes, quads, and hamstrings. The glutes includes three muscles: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus. Do some weighted squats, deadlifts, and hip bridges. Get a resistance band and do banded side walks, leg lifts, and clamshells. Do standing calf raises. Google PNF stretches and to them to improve range of motion. Most runners have muscle in Imbalance between the quad and the hamstrings. That will lead to knee pain since these muscles must work together to keep the patella stable. Runners also have very little weak glutes and limited mobility in their hips. That’s going to lead to IT Band syndrome and piriformis syndrome.

Nutrition is vital to performance. You need to learn how to feed your body. The reason you don’t eat a bunch of junk food has nothing to do with weight gain. It has to do with blood sugar. Processed and refined carbs are quickly absorbed. That causes a extreme spikes in blood sugar, followed by a sharp drop in blood sugar. Your performance is greatly diminished as you blood sugars drop. Eat complex carbs. And try to really minimize processed carbs and refined sugars. Complex carbs are absorbency much more slowly, so they fuel your body more steadily and for longer periods.

You also need to learn a thing or two about hydration. You’re in Southern California. I lived there for 7 years. My daily run was 6 miles through the canyon floor in Aliso and Wood Creek, then up to Top of the World and back down. If you’re running a race in Southern California, come May the temperatures are going to be in 75 - 85 degrees. I guarantee you will literally collapse on the race course if you don’t learn how to hydrate your body properly.

You don’t hydrate by guzzling a bunch of water before you go out for a run. Hydration is something you do every single day. You keep your body hydrated all day long. When you are properly hydrated your urine should be very light yellow every day.

"I haven't had any running injuries in my life so far and so I don't think they will apply to me."

LOL. Are you 12? You're gonna have a bad time!

You've received very good advice from an experienced runner but you in your infinite wisdom and no prior history of running know better.

SMH, you're going to get injured and not be able to do any running because you didn't listen. But you go ahead with your "plan". I just hope that new runners reading it recognise it for the BS it is, and follow a structured, correct training plan instead.

Why not have a more traditional running schedule, including a long run with shorter recovery runs? I feel like that's be better for your goal to run farther.

Also weighted vests are very bad for your joints. Make sure to do your research before you use one!

Check out something like Hal Higdon's novice plan - beginner plans don't have all of the speed workouts that look confusing. The beginner plans instead focus on miles per day and getting you to the finish line. Right now your plan is very inefficient and will more than likely result in injury as you get to longer distances. I'd highly, highly suggest you look at HH's novice plan. Take it from others who have run countless marathons.

A kid gave me a high-five during my run. This random act of kindness totally made my day.

A kid gave me a high-five during my run. This random act of kindness totally made my day.

Running is somewhat of a solitary, zoning out experience for me. So while going up a hill, I was a bit surprised when a random teenager decided to cheer me on and gave me a high-five. It snapped me back to earth and made me realize everything we do is a shared experience. The random act of kindness made my day.

I love doing this to people! I was recently heading back into my neighborhood as a young lady was heading out to the running path. I hadn't seen her around and could tell she was new to her fitness journey so I yelled "get it girl!" As I passed. She laughed and almost tripped herself which I felt a bit bad for. Hope I motivated her.

Obligitory PSA: I don't recommend yelling get it girl unless you too are female.

Male here - I say “get it girl” to every guy I see when I’m out running.

Last year I was standing on the last corner before the finish line of a full distance Ironman handing out high-fives. You should have seen how many faces lit up when I told them it was the last corner before the finish. They would look up and could see the end of their effort just a few blocks away. It was pretty great.

A kid looked at me today during my run and then looked at her parents, definitely excited: "look she's RUNNING!" :D I also love running races just for the atmosphere and the dozens of kid's high-fives on the way!

Ran a 12 minute mile today

Ran a 12 minute mile today

A year ago, I threw my back out (which is totally normal for a 20 year old). I struggled running more than 5 minutes at time before, and afterwards I struggled with running more than 3 minutes at a time.

I decided my New Years resolution was to run everyday in 2018, but I knew I needed help. After posting a week or so ago about not being able to push past week 4 of C25K, I took the advice and slowed down and focused all my attention on form and breathing.

For the first time in a very long time, I ran, without stopping or walking, a 12-min mile. It’s definitely not a fantastic mile time, but I could not be more ecstatic and happy.

Thank you /sub/running :)

Edit: thank you all for the advice, personal success sharing, and congrats. It really means a lot :) and good luck to all of you on your resolutions!!

Absolutely nothing wrong with a 12 minute mile!

I have to argue one point. This was indeed a fantastic mile. For a mile finished, there are only gradients of fantastic. Obstacles from life and our own psyche provide seemingly endless reasons to do something else. Every mile started and finished is an accomplishment. If you're tired, slow down. If you're sore, stretch. If you're hurt take a short break. Just. Keep. Running.

The most valuable lesson I've learned about running is to stop comparing myself to other runners. The first time I actually felt like a runner was when I was passed by the leader on an out and back 5k without thinking "fuck that guy".

It's all about personal goals and personal bests. Set your goals on your own experience and skills.

Thank you!! :) I honestly think it’s pretty amazing for me considering my history hahaha

5K Organizers, we need to talk about t-shirts.

5K Organizers, we need to talk about t-shirts.

I’d rather pay a few less dollars and get no shirt. I just want an organized, timed race with food at the end.

And women’s are always bright pink/fuchsia tank tops... I don’t wear pink or tank tops. So I end up ordering a men’s small so I can have a darn t shirt that’s not pink.

But how will anyone know you’re female if you don’t colour code yourself???

Please. Just get the distance right and give me a bagel.

To the construction worker(M) who commented on my(F) running twice in the past week

To the construction worker(M) who commented on my(F) running twice in the past week

I thought this was gonna be about catcalling and was pleasantly surprised lol

Once I ran past a speed trap and the cop let me know how fast I was going. Put some spunk in my step.

Obligatory: Michael Scott records a 31 mph speed through a radar gun speed sign!

Seriously! My cynical brain was like this will be negative!



I got 50:01 on a 10k.. is that worth shouting out?

I already did anyway so there it is. Bam!

Congrats! I can't imagine running that time. My personal accomplishment is nothing compared to that. I've never been a runner but started here and there the last year. Have gotten into a regular routine lately and today my mile is down from 10:30 to 9:30.

I'm hooked

19:00 5k, 39:47 10k. Kicker? I’m 61!

I literally broke 20 for the first time today too. Congrats man!

What is your personal "destination race" bucket list?

What is your personal "destination race" bucket list?

Mine would be:

London Marathon: I love the city and the people. Would happily run the race and then spend a week there on vacation.

Tokyo Marathon: I've always wanted to go to Japan (mainly for the food lol). My post-race meal would probably be a couple heaping bowls of ramen!

New York City Marathon: One of the biggest in the world. I love the city and have family who live there. It would be really fun to do.

Boston: I'm never gonna qualify for it, but it would be awesome to run it!

Big Sur International Marathon.

I've actually signed up for one of my bucket list races for next year! Spitsbergen Marathon on Svalbard. Mostly because it's an excuse to go there.

Otherwise, New York as it's an excuse to make a trip home and see my family, and Boston to say I qualified.

Running it would probably be more of an “ice-bucket” list item... ;)

You could add Chicago and Berlin to your list to just round out all of the World Marathon Majors!

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