In case anyone missed the 2nd Age Weapons!

In case anyone missed the 2nd Age Weapons!

is that a gold armadyl godsword?

A reskinned armadyl godsword and 2 additional ugly weapons. nice.

Meh, 3rd age look better

I believe they're coming out with the clue update which is supposed to be released around February i think.

Every time :(

Every time :(

I remember this way way back in the day. So many people who I was friends with who just never logged back in again

When you steal this from the front page of 2007scape and don't even give credit :(

I always become good friends with someone doing a slayer task or something, then we’ll add each other and never talk again.

I am still searching for my friend named breakz boii haven’t met my bro in a long time if you see this it’s me iirisz bro:)

When broken graphics are not enough...

When broken graphics are not enough...

Players can‘t complain about bugs if in game bug reporting system is broken as well

taps head

I hope whatever is causing this for you, ends up being fixed.

"Bug reports this year are down 100%! Our most productive year yet!"

~Probably Jagex circa 2018

You cant report a bug if your gpu drivers arent up to date.

When you decide to max with treasure hunter only

When you decide to max with treasure hunter only

I disassembled mine for healthy components.

I move less than my chair, ain't no healthy components here

I can smell the filth dripping off this shitpost. Great job.

Lmaooo I was getting tired of all these mtx shit posts but this one was really good.

Combat Pets - Megathread

Combat Pets - Megathread

Posting this an hour early as I won't have time to post on release, game update goes live at 2PM game time

Image of the pets

Hey all,

Combat Pets are coming, and with that the usual megathread so you can discuss all your findings on it.

The Combat Pets are our newest addition to Gielinor: combat pets that you can unlock by training their respective skills, all taken from (or inspired by) your designs and chosen by the community.

- Note: The Pets are obtainable in Dungeoneering!

The Pets Sifu - Attack

A blind dragon with eastern themes

Obtainable by using Attack in combat Kangali - Strength

A kangaroo with boxing gloves

Obtainable by using Strength in combat Sparky- Ranged

An injured, crossbow-wielding squirrel

Obtainable by using Ranged in combat Newton - Magic

A wizard-hatted newt holding an orb of shifting magical energies

Obtainable by Using Magic in combat or using non-combat magic spells Wallace - Defense

A cowardly grenwall armed with a helmet and shield

Obtainable by using Defense in combat Morty- Constitution

A hardy axolotl with a transparent body

Obtainable by using Constitution in combat Ghostly - Prayer

A tiny but surprisingly violent ghost who likes to whack things with its thurible

Obtainable by training Prayer, for example by burying bones, offering to your player owned house and wilderness altars, using the Ectofuntus, cleansing the Nexus, cremating vyres, using the Bonecrusher and cleansing Hefin crystals Shamani - Summoning

A creature trapped within the veil between life and death

Obtainable by using Summoning in combat and training Summoning, for example by creating pouches and scrolls and giving up charm drops to the Charming Imp

These pets are available to all players with the ability to train their respective skills. And, while there’s no lower limit, your likelihood of rolling a combat pet will increase as your skill level increases.

Alongside this update are a bunch of new achievements (which don't count towards your RuneScore) and three new titles: ‘Jack of Blades’, 'Jack of all Blades’ and the illustrious ‘Master of All’ title for anyone focused enough to earn all 27 skill-related pets. The names of the first players to win the new titles will be broadcast across all our servers.

As an important heads up in case you missed it in previous streams, etc. Crabbe the Slayer pet will be joining the eight new combat pets.

Have fun and good luck on the hunt!

As a note, the pets are obtainable in Dungeoneering, I had originally said otherwise.

Apologies :(

This thread needs pictures

If you had two skills training at once your XP gain is lower for each skill, so you'd in essence lower your chance of getting a pet in that respective skill yes.

Silly example, you kill a NPC and

Attack/Strength only - 150XP (better chance of getting that pet)

Together - 75xp (lower chance of getting each pet)

I'll post an overview picture, sec

3D printed my runescape character (painted by my gf)

3D printed my runescape character (painted by my gf)

That looks great! Painting is on-point too.

business opportunity right there

ironman btw

Runescape player with a gf? Did you 3d print her as well?

Arraxor starter pack

Arraxor starter pack

Terror bird woulda been better but quality meme anyways

Wish I could kill my tax :(

forgot to mention that you need to always spell it arraxor.


To whoever is at charge at Jagex: Why make/let people with no PvM knowledge create a PvM minigame?

To whoever is at charge at Jagex: Why make/let people with no PvM knowledge create a PvM minigame?

I'm sure the creators of dimension of the damned are skilled in their own ways, but it's very evident if you watched the stream that they have no clue how the combat system works. How can you expect somebody that doesn't even know the basics of combat to create an engaging PvM experience?

I don't even blame the people that worked on this update. Whether they were assigned to work on the update or they volunteered to, the real issue here is that somebody even allowed them to. It's so ridiculously inefficient and bad for the game to have people working in areas they aren't knowledgeable in, no matter how fun it may be for that employee.

I kind of get the feeling from watching RS3 streams that they think if an update was fun to make, it will be fun to play. It's great and all that Jagex employees are enjoying their work, but when you begin to question whether the developer even played their content, something needs to change.

You seem to be under the impression that those higher up at Jagex have any clue about the game beyond TH keys sales figures.

The lead developer said she didn’t know what resonance and reflect was...

Would love to see a reply from Jagex on this post.

I have increasingly begun to suspect that the employees at Jagex treat failure and mistakes as nothing more than a "Whoopsy-daisy! Tee-hee!" moment rather than actual fuck-ups that require strong reflection and go un-addressed in internal discussions.

So I was technically rank 3 in score for the DMM Finale but i'm not even on the highscore page for it...

So I was technically rank 3 in score for the DMM Finale but i'm not even on the highscore page for it...

Here is my screenshot of my score (as the final page goes off of score and NOT if you died)

Here is the highscore page

Why was the scoring bugged? also there was no cull to the last 20 people which was odd.

I'm fairly certain they said you'd be disqualified should you die, which gives those who survived priority over those who didn't

I was Qualified

No, I actually know someone who died pretty early on and IS on the hiscores.

The hiscores are just broken for this event...

TIL being a pussy is the only way to get ahead in life.

Dimension of the Damned stream feedback (as a stream viewer)

Dimension of the Damned stream feedback (as a stream viewer)


Good commentary, it's interesting to hear discussions on different strategies and gameplay mechanics. The camera control could use some work. It's not very interesting to spend (what felt like) 5-8 minutes watching people pick cabbages, while the scoreboard is in constant motion. Good reactions when Wibb died, the stream host reactions were great. The ending was very confusing. Waiting for confirmation on who won, rather than actually seeing who wins on-stream was, quite frankly, not good enough.


A lot of players died within the first minute of the game, which wasn't properly explained, and seemed to be very extreme.


A counter of remaining players felt much needed. It was hard to get an idea of how many people roughly remained. A timer that counts how long the game has been going on for would be useful. The scoreboard should always be visible, so viewers can always be up to date with the most important information. Sometimes during the stream, it was not visible. These lists of the top five and "bottom five" should update constantly (or at least every ~5/10 seconds), like the kill feed does. Having them update on a delay makes it harder to find someone to root for. The list of the top five players should be displayed above the "bottom five" players. The "bottom five" list, which is really the top of the players in risk of falling into the "about to die due to low score" bracket, should have a better description, so people don't confuse it with the bottom five players. The list of dead players should display their score as well as their name. Make the scoreboard more easily readable; make names and scores align directly above eachother, and add thousand-separators to the scores so it's easier to read the number. It was a bit weird that dead players were displayed as "DECEASED" on the top/botton five lists, rather than display their usernames. After the cull, all the bottom five player spots were displaying "null : -1", rather than just "-", as it did later.

Suggestions: - It'd be much more interesting to watch the stream if you move the camera more often, cycling through the top players, as well as large groups of players, depending on which one has most going on at any given moment. This was done pretty decently near the end of the stream, but in the beginning of the stream this was lacking. - If following a specific player, having their name visible on the stream would also be very helpful, alongside their rank and score. - It's hard to distinguish players because they're all wearing the same outfit. When focusing on a specific player, it'd be great to have some sort of in-game indicator, like a blue glow or a sign above their head, so it's easier to spot the person of interest as a viewer of the stream. - This would probably be too demanding on the game servers, but it might be fun if players not elegable to participate in the DotD finale could go in-game similarly to the JMods on the stream, to get a first-hand spectator experience. - I don't think this is something that can really be helped, but video compression made areas with many players very grainy to watch, making it hard to see finer details.

Edit: Formatting.

Good commentary

What in the fuck are you talking about? Cringed most of the time I had unmuted the stream, the quality of the event matched perfectly the stream: Shit tier.

Raven is the only one to which this opinion does not apply. I could hear the frustration I his voice.

Not forgetting the constant loud lip smack into the mic

but it might be fun if players not elegable to participate in the DotD finale could go in-game similarly to the JMods on the stream


Sorry for laughing, but one of the really fucking huge issues was that they could. Anyone could access the server, not just folks in the top 1k. At least one person on the final page wasn't in the top 1k. Also folks at the start were spamming alts, trading over corks, and buying mystery boxes with them.

Atleast two of the problems you mentioned (people dying right off the bat and having to watch people stand and pick cabbages) were caused by errors in the implementation of miasma. It was surrounding falador which is why noone actually went to places like rune rock (like mods kept speculating) or any farther than the cabbage field. Basically the game mode was supposed to have a progressively smaller field of play instead it ended up being only a small area around falador avaliable at all.

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