My best goal so far

My best goal so far

Holy smokes! Nice one!

Holy fuck dude

That's fucking disgusting, slap that NSFW tag on here.

Landing on all four wheels is what makes the jump reset. You can do it on almost anything, even the ball.

Best Placement On a Redirect I'll Ever Hit

Damn! Even if there was a goalie waiting on that shot it would have been hard to stop. Sick.

Top bins.

Every shot is saveable. Just different degrees of difficulty on each save. This being a more difficult one.

Man, I hate people being elitist jerks. Go compete in pro league and see how you fare you couch sitting, dorito eating, mountain dew drinking, back seat gamer, sweaty, no fun at parties nimbys.

Great shot OP.

What does that even mean? This person is clearly complimenting OP for really an amazing shot. You don't have to go around de-valuing other people's opinions by saying that they belong to a certain rank's "mindset"

Happening Now: Player’s Choice Crate Refresh

Happening Now: Player’s Choice Crate Refresh

Hi all! It’s been a while since we introduced the Player’s Choice Crate back in February, so we are giving the PCC an item refresh just in time for the holiday season. No, we aren’t turning it into a sweet, delicious Gingerbread holiday Crate, but we are adding a few high-demand items like Septem and Draco Wheels, Hexphase Boost, 20XX Black Market Decal and a revised group of Rare and Very Rare Decals.

While the original Player’s Choice Crate was sourced from community voting, this refresh is based on general community sentiment (we all love Draco Wheels) and player trading data.

This change went into effect earlier today, and affects all Player’s Choice Crates, including ones in your inventory now, and you can see the full item list below.

Finally, for those players on Nintendo Switch who may have gotten an item not usable in their version of Rocket League (like a Decal for Takumi RX-T) we’re working on how to make this right, and will have something special for you before Thanksgiving. Thanks everyone!

Rare Items

Octane Shisa Breakout Shibuya Merc Narwhal Takumi Stickerbomb Dominus MDGA

Very Rare Items

Octane MG-88 Dominus Snakeskin Septem Wheel Hexphase Boost

Import Items

Dominus GT Breakout Type-S Octane ZSR

Exotic Items

Zomba Wheel Draco Wheel

Black Market Items

Hexed 20XX Heatwave Spectre


I love Painted Septems, don't @ me.

Spectre over Bubbly? LOL

Why not come out with a players choice crate 2 and leave the first one as is?

"Hey what if I air dribbled for overtime win - OH shit here we g-AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

Mechanically I'm capable of doing this. Mentally I lose my shit and forget how to play every time I try.


I usually just miss hitting the ball off the wall because I over think it. Every. Damn. Time.

This is a sky blue Jager With orange voltaic wheels orange flamethrower and 20XX.

So, i guess, we are not talking about this?

So, i guess, we are not talking about this?


His costume is saying "It's a ME!" but his eyes say "Hello darkness my old friend"

you beautiful glorious man.

Isn't she glorious.

This guy at RLCS dressed as a reaper and dabbed whenever G2 scored

every day we stray closer to god's light

"Stray closer" hmmmm

Edit: holy shit didn't realize that was u/psyonix_corey

That is awesome, the lan is such a fun event I recommend to go If u get the chance for anyone who has ever wondered if it was worth it

Looool this is the only acceptable time for someone to dab.

Squishy Ceiling Shot in Game 4 Lower Final

There is just no matching this guy. If there was ever anyone to score a ceiling shot like that at LAN, it would have to be squishy.

He hit this shot on the biggest stage in RL lol. Unreal.


Edit : well I think it's funny.

Pads, only one guy uses KB/M at RLCS.

[Spoiler] Squishy with the goal of the tournament @RLCS

[Spoiler] Squishy with the goal of the tournament @RLCS
[Spoiler] Squishy with the goal of the tournament @RLCS

Probably the best goal ever in RL up to this point. There might be a few more technically impressive, but given the tournament setting and the stakes, this is number one for me.

Squishy's POV:

Best goal at LAN level ever. Squishy is insane.

Holy shit... I watched it live and didn't even see mognus. That is some next level awareness to actually fake someone, MID CEILING SHOT, and then follow it up over the next opponent. I am so shit at this game



hoooly wow thank you so much person. my eyes are wet with joy


Oh, sorry. Here ya go

Oh, sorry.

that sign took me a second to read. maybe its just me. great sign though!

Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Haha that was me holding it. Glad it got some attention

Gibbs predicted PSG to beat G2 and Gibbs used to be Kronovis old teammate

The other one to the left also was saying "Gibbs was wrong" 🤣

lol You sure about that?

lol You sure about that?

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