If Rocket League was made in 1998

If Rocket League was made in 1998

Nice Artwork on the front! Pretty stunning to recreate in this way

My favorite part of the video is the one blue car in the upper right bumping into the edge over and over. That looks like '98 style game AI.

The only thing missing is this wonderful sound at the beginning

Obligatory solo standard joke.

Most respectful game lobby I've ever seen

Most respectful game lobby I've ever seen

We all flipped back over in unison when he returned. It was triple choc.

I love that you know what type it was.

I had to know! So I asked

The power of ice cream will bring us all together!

One starts to wonder how rigged these streaks actually are...

Then everybody is like "WHAT A SAVE . WHAT A SAVE . WHAT A SAVE . WOW . WOW . WHAT A SAVE"

Then when you say "I had lag" everyone replied with "You have 16 ping how can you have lag wtf"

The connection sign go away right after you go through the ball....conspiracy?!


New exotic wheel ideas?

I want the Hankook IRL for all the annoying speed bumps we have nowadays.

I don't know if these would be that cool in game, but I thought it was cool to learn about these so thanks for that.

One mid way through looks like Challenger wheels tbh

I don't see how any work or are manufacturable.

How does the magnet one transfer torque?

Fuel efficiency isn't directly related to contact patch

The three wide wheels doesn't even make sense. How are they connected? It's three separate wheels and tires? The tire spins independent of the wheel? What loading case would the terrain be that far from perpendicular to the axle?

Cool animation though.

I'm fun at parties

I finally got one of those fancy new goal explosions!

That's the qualitiest shit post I've seen in this sub.

This is the high effort content that we love to see. Well done OP.

That's bullshit. Your car stayed right where it was, should have gone flying. Obvious proof that this is fake.


Had no boost so I whipped out my CASIO

That looks more of like a Texas Instruments play to me.


Thanks, I was weirdly confused by the Casio reference. I'm a musician and Casio is one of my favorite brands of synthesizer, totally forgot the other stuff they make.

Can confirm. This post confuses musicians.

I'm a strong independent rocket car who don't need no boost

Did this to the guy who was telling me the musty flick isn't useful all game

The musty flick just sounds like a retirement home sex move.

I work at a retirement home. Can confirm.

A standard flick would have actually been better (like another user mentioned the challenge was pretty poor for this level of play), but then a standard flick isn't quite what most would consider "Reddit worthy".

More height in this instance would have been better., given his car (Octane flicks don't go as high as long car flicks), his distance to goal, and his opponents positioning.

I mean wouldn't a standard flick work the same? Or would it give the ball too much height?



It's not up to Psyonix, it's a Microsoft (Xbox) policy.

Did you just quote the entire comment?


As /u/Toksyn25 has said, this is not Psyonix's decision. They would obviously love for xbox to be able to trade keys, but Microsoft has not allowed that to happen.

Yeah but Psyonix can take this data to Microsoft and use it to build a case to help push this change through. I'm guessing Microsoft don't want an open marketplace that they cannot profit from, though.

''Half flip'' dribble flick

What on gods green earth...

I swear some of you are wizards. Like how the fuck do you guys do this shit.

Legitimately impossible to save

Defender sat there trying to calculate, divided by 0 though.

My teammate and I were screaming after this one...

That defender was actually reacting really well to the ball...but what the fuck do you do against that?!

I can't wait until this kind of play is a lot more common in pro games. I worry that 3's doesn't allow for this level of movement, though.

That defender was actually reacting really well to the ball...but what the fuck do you do against that?!

Congratulate the opponents on a sick play. No defending against that.

That defender was actually reacting really well to the ball...but what the fuck do you do against that?!

. No defending against that.

Wow thank you. I thought that was just the native quality and people uploaded shitty gifs all the time. TIL

Are you using the official Reddit app? Because that lowers the quality and frame rate unless you click the actual source of the link.

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