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S3E2 still isnt out

S3E2 still isnt out

The reactions in this sub is going to be hilarious if/when they re-air s03e01 in June instead of jumping straight into s03e02.

Well he roped me into this!

Rick and morty fans aren't supposed to live this long!

O shit, I just realized they must do this. Show trailers for EP2, then just roll EP1 like it was the plan all along. Those devious bastards!

It was an inside job all along!

It was an inside job all along!

You really let me down by not minaturizing the comic inside the comic inside the comic.

Well I just meant to make fun of how much the Microsoft edge meme has been reposted. But here you go. I also made it more jpeg :)

Well I just meant to make fun of how much the Microsoft edge meme has been reposted. I also made it more jpeg :)

Where's the jpeg?

Here you go!

me after starting a new anti depressant

me after starting a new anti depressant

You've made me care more! Edit: a word

I don't think we should really promote people quitting their prescribed medications. If you get bad side effects like this, you need to talk to your psychiatrist, if they don't care or don't try to help you, they're a shitty Psychiatrist and you should try for a new one or voice your concerns to them. If nothing works then talk to your Psychiatrist about quitting the pills and seeing a therapist/counselor. Medications aren't something to handle lightly, which is why you need to be careful about both taking them and quitting them.

Note: do not try taking PCP to treat depression.

I started taking anti depressants because I had serious debilitating depression and the doctor said I should. He put me on Wellbutrin. And adderall for concentration. I started feeling better but I was having violent nightmares (people dying, being murdered, gruesomely decapitated in accidents) etc. my waking life was happy but my dream life was unbearable. I told the doctor about this. He said "hm, that's odd" and upped the dose of the Wellbutrin. Again and again.

Eventually I started hallucinating during the day. I'd "see" a little dead girl who followed me around everywhere holding her head. I could always see black clouds hovering behind me. Eventually worms in my brain and under my skin. I thought gnomes were moving shit around in my house.

I lost contact with reality and had to be admitted to a psych ward .

Then they put me on [different drugs]--first lamictal--and I drooled and could Barely walk for a while; then seroquel(700mg per day)which made me a zombie all the time.

Then One day I quit taking all the pills and now I'm fine. It's been a long hard road since I let go of those pharma plugs (4+ years) . Pills don't make me happy; dealing with life directly and facing that shit inside of myself I never wanted to look at makes me happy, even though it's difficult.

*edit punctuation for clarity

*edit 2. It is not a good idea to quit taking medications suddenly--adverse effects, such as death, can occur. Consult with healthcare professionals before making any adjustments.

*edit 3 lamictal is not a sedative. They told me the drugs were to "sedate" me hence my confusion

*Edit 4 it's apparently important to note that they told me I am bi-polar II. Although I'm not sure I trust that diagnosis


Microsoft Edge be like (x-post from /sub/AnimationMemes)

Microsoft Edge be like (x-post from /r/AnimationMemes)

The more it's reposted the more jpeg it gets

The more it's reposted the more jpeg it gets

There you go!

I am a bot

Even more JPEG! 

There you go!

Even more JPEG!

Dude, that's really old

Found in Prague.

Found in Prague.

Tiny Rick!

In all honesty, as great as Rick and Morty is, it would be nice if people didn't graffiti in public spaces, especially in what looks like a residential area. Murals are cool and interesting. Graffiti is damage to someone's store or residence.

Huntin' a vampire with my grandkids​

Please note that you can get metal stencils and then make art on the side walk with a pressure washer.

Never do ants kids!

Never do ants kids!

those aren't weed eyes

I'm ants in my eyes Johnson!

Those coke eyes are more Molly eyes.

This scene made me so uncomfortable

Real fake taxis

Real fake taxis

I had no idea how many women are willing to trade sex for transportation. I think I'm gonna build a ferry with a bed on it. Fake Ferry. Watch Blonde Take it Every Way To Cross The Delaware.

George Washington: "Say something dirty in my ear"

Marquis de Lafayette: "Organized retreat"

George Washington: "hunnnnggh"

George Washington will do anything to cross the Delaware. Anything u want

I'm not saying that I looked up the video, because that would be disgusting and gross... but I looked up the video.

Here's the source. As NSFW as it gets, by the way.

When you introduce a friend to rick and morty

When you introduce a friend to rick and morty

It's THAT friend...

Judging by the R&M references in comment threads, half of Reddit is that friend.

my man!

lol haha

not gonna lie. i was that friend when i got introduced to the show, too.

"The Corruption of Atom" by Jacob Gurganus

"The Corruption of Atom" by Jacob Gurganus

"Morty.... Touch my finger Morty. Touch it... Burpppppp. HaHa I'm a god Morty! A GOD!" "Oh jeez Rick, its kinda early for this. Im kinda tired."

Stop ruining the fun, Morty. It's called art, Morty. Don't they teach it in that prison you like so much? Wh wh what was it called kindergarden or something?

Not enough nudity

"Is Morty reaching back to Rick?"

"Ooh, he's tryin'!"

Google assistant gets it

Google assistant gets it
"Ouuhhh! Yeah! CAN DO!"

I want google assistant to have voice packs, and one of those voice packs be Mr. Meeseeks. "Add wheat flour to my shopping list"

I mean I can say muchas gracias but I don't speak French.

But it clearly does...

I would also add JARVIS and C3PO

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