Sun ripened tomato

uhhh this is just so fucking amazing.

Version with sound :) Wish you all a great day!

It's interesting how you can make such an interesting gif when the fruit is stationary.

Way more quality than we deserve.

ta daaa!

It would be funny if the doodle got progressively more nauseous then puked at the end.

Like 25 little bouncy balls came spewing out.


I kept waiting to see that girl smash her head. That is some impressive flipping action.

this is great


Blink and you'll miss it

Blink and you'll miss it

I love that moment when you don't realize what subreddit you seeing something from. I legit thought this was a real thing. If I had a motorcycle I would do this to the back.

Oh shit! I didn't know until you said. I also thought it was real.

Well, apparently it is real! Per /u/Nephiel, these are Niko Dana blinking eyes. A google search confirms that it's the same style as those pictured in the original post.

I still like how the motorcyclist coordinated the eyes with the design of the box, as well as the rear blinker, to make the whole thing look like a face. Very clever! :)

Edit: and please stop downvoting the comments below. The commentors stated that they thought it was real prior to knowing it was - they don't deserve to be buried! Please be nice.

But I want it to be real...



Mug didn't have a butt. 0/10

Why is this upvoted? This one is terrible. Just a face on his mug that goes away when he drinks from it?

Leg didn't pop out of his mouth and flail around when he smiled


Mug has good personality, I can tell. 6/10

An Impatient palm tree. By @hombre_mcsteez

An Impatient palm tree. By @hombre_mcsteez

Whats that you got there? That one of them embedded Reddit video applications?

It's one of those things that fucks my phone up.

Wow, I didn't expect that and it was awesome. I'm blown away.

You're not smart huh

Bloop Bloop

The best part is when Metronomey waves his pendulum wand at gray cat and zaps him into the car dimension.

I like the way it beckons the 2nd cat over: "Wait here, I'll have some fun with you in a moment..."


That’s adorable

I'd like to go to the Car dimension.


Imagine witnessing someone immediately wash their hands after you touch them.

"Oh no! It's not you. My hands were dirty before I shook your hand." "You shook my hand knowing your hands were dirty?" *Fuck

I always smell my hands after I shake hands with other men so that I can get used to their smells.



What is this? What food is this? What machine is this? What is the machine doing? I'd really like to get some answers...

It's takoyaki, octopus in batter balls with green onion, and the machine is flipping it. If you look up automatic takoyaki grill flipper it should come up.

(Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) .V.

The flip is rather poor, though. It's much more fun turning them by hand!

happy slappin

it's disliking youtube videos

Umm... what's the context here? Why has a sausage been rigged up to tap a phone?

all of them

Reminds me of the Tinder MeatBot.

Reminds me of the .

The free tanning session was a trap!!

Who puts bread back in a toaster after taking a bite?

Who eats dry plain toast, with no plate. This whole sequence is very unnatural and upsettting.

Plain toast is actually tasty, depending on the bread, and you don't have to go though the effort of doing anything.

Wow it even moves at the end!

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