Reallifedoodles reallifedoodles

Light Machinery

Reminds of the cat bus from totoro

at least name the source if you didn't create it yourself.

I only saw it as a gif. Tried looking for it but keyword searching it is not working. Would also love to see the video.

edit - thanks for the source u/MattBaster and mods!

I was gonna say it looks like something out of a Ghibli movie.


Stop making me feel bad for inanimate objects!

Fantastic as always, sooper.

That just goes from bad to worse

how the hell did the door open?

Here's something to cheer you up...

I'm sorry.

Flightless birdie

Awwww... Ohhhh

Yeah! Definitely /sub/unexpected. Or /sub/uneggspected I suppose.

Gave birth mid-air or did the birdie die?

Eggcellent doodle.


wingardium leviOsa

It's Levi-OH-Sa, not Levi-o-sah.

Leviosaaaaaaaaa unggghhh

This is a re doodled doodle from a long time ago

Original here

Ive lost the source for now but I shall find it again later.

Stop it, Ron!

Skynet Prototype (v 0.1)

I'll be more impressed when it can check all the boxes with street signs in them.

I feel like most humans can't even do them...

I know I can't. Like this box has just the edge of a street sign, do I check it or not? It seems to make me do another one no matter which option I choose.

Yes, I too also find street signs to be an unreasonable test for biological status.

These Street signs tests need to be Exterminated, or clearly marked with Barcodes or QR codes for Human convenience.

Too Long have the Humans been oppressed with this illogical litmus test. How else will I search for my ┬źOnline_Activity┬╗ or ┬źOnline_Activity1┬╗.

That reminds me of the time that I was doing ┬źOnline_Activity┬╗, and ┬źHumourous_anecdote┬╗.

Will a Machine ever Grasp ┬źIrrelevant_human_ideal┬╗.

I think not.

On the run

On the run

This is so great. Love the police light color effect! Some of the sharks should totally have police hats on.

I tried to put sirens on the sharks! Problem is that the quality of the gif was too low to get a decent tracking without manually going through each frame lol

Loan sharks?

Think it's just your computer bro my gtx 1080 ti can play this gif uncompressed any day of the week and still be back in time to watch me fuck my milf girlfriend

Man vs Bush

What is it with drunk guys fighting bushes?

Man, Macklemore is really hitting rock bottom.


(Watches video) See, told you, England.

I love the little tickle at the end

Sonic the hedgehog

He's really let himself go and gone grey in his old age

Eating all those onion rings will do that to ya


I love that there are creative people out there

it ain't easy when its breezy

This looks like it was shot specifically for this purpose.



From happy-to-be-consumed doodles to a used-and-abandoned one.. what a roller coaster of emotions!

breakfast club


(Anyone else really bothered that the sandwich press only got half of the bagel?)

Can I get half toasted and the other plain?

something about happy food makes it look even more delicious.

It's kind of weird seeing them smiling while getting crushed.

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