How warm the girl friend keeps the thermostat

Now do it when it comes out of the other end.

I was hoping someone would doodle this, saw it earlier on the front page

Puptimus Prime

At first I was like "aw, whoever made this gif put a lot of work into it but it kinda sucks" but when its head turned and it started walking I fucking lost it

I wasn’t expecting derptimus prime, good job haha

I hope you find it. No doggo left behind!

Tour de New York

That reminds me of the man who i imagined running or skateboarding alongside the car when i was a kid

Now this is an actual real life doodle. Reminds of how I used to put my hot wheels cars against the window imagining it racing through the traffic. I stopped eventually as it was distracting me from my driving..

I had a very similar daydream as a kid, but I usually imagined it was a runner or a dirt bike. Oh and it was me, because that’s way more badass than the backseat of your parent’s car.

Why does this move so damn well in this perspective.

Such a good doctor!

You could keep him, I got a whole box of them.

Good Doctor. Terrible Father.

Amazing work!

Son is like " WTF?"

Version with sound :)

I Must Go, My People Need Me

I Must Go, My People Need Me

Sisyphus Citrus-phus

I'm glad you doodled a goofy face on it, because that could be brutal as fuck if is was drawn with a pained face. Considering how that orange is carrying it's insides after they have been ripped open.


I wouldn't want to be around when he has to carry it around a few days from now

Real Life Win95 Ski Free

Pure genius

sound on

Even better/more terrifying with the

As a skier, can confirm this happens all the time. Doodle snow monsters are vicious AF.

This is amazing for so many reasons

Wash Metal (with audio!)

Wash Metal (with audio!)

Thank you! Couldn't stop laughing to myself while making this one. I don't think I'm going to be able to top this one, though. So it's all down hill from here, folks.

this is my most favourite one ever. hands down.

Song is "Evilution Part II: Back To Attack" by Powergod.

Looping version on insta. (Does anyone know how to get videos to loop when uploading to v.reddit??)

This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen! Here's some Reddit silver for you!

Rude Awakening

They VLSee you.

Lol the littles guys face

I was gonna make one poop out little cones from being startled, but none of them tipped over as much to look like they pooped.

The special needs cone

Trust The Pole

The stop sign being run over was a nice touch

Nicely done, I love the little stop sign! That van can't have got far after that though, right?

Oh, not at all. Maybe a couple of miles if they're lucky. My ex wife did something similar to this with a rock and my car. She thought she could drive over the rock and clear it like she was driving her Jeep and instead punched a dime sized hole in the oil pan. It leaked out for about 10 miles before the engine seized up.

actually trust the lights... the driver presumably couldnt see the pole properly. The red light on the other hand...

I guess this fits here?

I thought it was going to turn into dick and balls there for a second

Holy crap the amount of work that must've gone into this...

More like sawing a piece of wood for every frame.

I dunno but it was cool

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