The wall is always messing with me

Would have been magnificent if it had slapped your ass instead of poking you on the shoulder, but I still like it!!

I hate it when the walls play me up especially going 40 floors in a elevator with no escape.

This seems like a setup. Fake news!!

Is there a point to this? I mean it's a good doodle but I assumed we added these to videos that already have something in them... not... this.

Bubble commute

Bubble commute

Hey I used to have a toy like this! :D thanks!

This mp4 version is 75.7% smaller than the gif (1.05 MB vs 4.3 MB). The webm version is even 95.34% smaller (205.19 KB).

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Toysmith Bubble Motion Tumbler, Pack of 1

Damn near perfect loop!


Pizza Massage

Pizza Massage

Watching this gif makes me realize I desperately knead a massage.

IMHO, this embodies the ultimate in real life doodling. It doesn't rely on an already interesting video/gif to doodle over. It makes use of mundane source material while the doodle adds the interesting aspect. It's also subtle and charming.

If you've picked the right source material, people shouldn't be asking to see the original.

really upset he didnt fart a puff of flour

Stop making puns, you wierdough

I Think I'm Going to Throw Up

I Think I'm Going to Throw Up

I know something is supposed to be happening here, but the gif ends way too soon to see

Don't worry, it's just death.

introducing the new ALS braindead challenge.

No way he didn't receive a pretty gnarly head injury there.

Well, Dave is quite impulsive.

The way he drags himself to the shop was great. 'Why you gotta point at me Chad, you doofus'

Is that a sex swing in a coffee shop?

Came here to say this! What an awesome little touch - just dragging himself closer with that deranged look in his eye.

That woman gets out of the way then changes her mind and goes towards it.


I found the in this post over at /sub/gifs (and all over reddit, really).

"Glompf" is the perfect sound for this. Watched it a few times just so I could gleefully say GLOMPF along with my new bush monster buddy. Sure, he eats dogs, but c'mon, he's a bush monster. And that puppy got careless.

I really love those kind of movies. I know they're terrible, but sometimes you're just in the perfect mood for them and moments like that leave a positive memory in your brain for ever.


Move you fool!!!

Move you fool!!!

To be fair it probably weighed between 500-1,000 pounds.

Such a terrible decision on his part

Wow. Ragdolled the shit out of him huh?

Stop fat-shaming!

Oh boy I love waffles!

nom       nom nom       nom nom       nom nom       nom

Blargh it doesn't taste good

Source video

And here with the stomp sound. Wish you all a nice day!

This is the correct playback. OP is lying, this machine hates waffles and spits them out.

An amazing journey

Source is from this post over in /sub/nottheonion. I ripped the video from here.

Funny story, sorta related. I went to my cousin's wedding last summer out of state. I was one of the groomsmen. While we were out galavanting taking pictures and drinking and such I found a traffic cone that I decided needed to be mine. Took it back to the reception, back to my hotel room, and finally to the airport with me. The whole while, my family was telling me that I was going to get arrested, that the airline wouldn't let me check the cone, all sorts of things.

I'm the first one of our party of 6 at the desk to check my luggage. We flew Southwest so I had 2 free checked bags. I checked my suitcase, then put the cone on the scale. The woman looks at me and says "you'd like to check this?" Yes ma'am I would. "I'll need you to sign release stating that the airline is not responsible for any damages" That's fine, show me where to sign. She then sticks the baggage claim sticker along the cone in a spiral and away it goes. The flight goes just fine and we land. I'm standing at the baggage carousel at this point, and what's the first item to pass through the flaps? MY FUCKING CONE. I was so ecstatic that it made it through. it sits in my bedroom now as a memento.

Careful, many bags do look alike.

What about this bag:

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