naked balls

I bet a tennis ball factory smells amazing!

Large metal machines in a tennis ball factory? That must be making a racquet…

Imagine how happy a dog would be.

I'd bet he'd "love" it

Doggy Massacre

Not just the balloon men, but the balloon women and balloon children too.

This would be hardcore for even /sub/watchballoonsdie D:

Please mark NSFL

Why has that been banned?!

Happy droid

Nice! Glad you got it to work

Looks like a pipsqueak Master Chief

Thank you! I had the gif in my library, but when uploading It converts to a picture. Imgur is my best friend now.

Edit: I forgot to mention, I used the FlipaClip application on the App Store. Check it out guys!

Top 10 anime betrayals

Raccoon warfare

Binocular coon is the best.

So the raccoons knocking over my garbage can every night are actually homeless veterans looking for a meal. I feel so bad now. I never knew.

I've never thought taking fire could be so cute

I think people misunderstand what you mean by fister.

When the zone is level restricted

This is incredibly well done.

how did you manage to edit out the stick so cleanly? amazing!

Thanks :)

A convenient camera angle and a lot of clone stamping!

/sub/birdswithhands crossover

/r/birdswithhands crossover

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/sub/birdswithhands: I mean, pretty self explanatory

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/sub/birdswitharms is a bit more lively

It's filled with bots up in here.

Good bot

These guys are pros

This is adorable, I love their faces, great job :)

Fairly sure this is a repost. Not that that is bad in itself, but credit where credit is due.

They took our job!

But they are cute, so it's okay.

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

This is amazing, the song matches perfectly!

Yet the one thing I am wondering about is the looks people were giving you while doing this. Would be interesting if you were wearing a 360° GoPro next time!

Thanks! Surprisingly nobody cared, only a little boy was asking me what I am doing with the banana.

Happy holidays :)

It wasn't Carter, was it?

Luggage having fun at the airport

Luggage having fun at the airport

A lot of shit hole places have cops that will plant evidence in your luggage and expect bribes in return for not arresting you. This stops that.

What's even the purpose of this if it's not bubblewrap (and even then it's questionable)? You don't need to keep a suitcase fresh.

Cop removes plastic

It is unstopped

They offer this in every South American airport I've been in. It's to keep people from stealing shit out of your luggage. At least that's what I was told. Not sure how it helps.

Eat me!

I love the little yeah at the end

Hope you all have a great thursday :) Version with sound



For some reason I expected his voice to be high pitched also the scream I expected a high pitched scream like the marshmallow in annoying orange

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