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MRW I think I've gotten over my hiccups, but..

This is the second most clever way I've seen this gif used.

MRW The_Donald infiltrates a subreddit

Banned from /sub/the_donald for calling them a circlejerk. Banned from /sub/enoughtrumpspam for who-the-fuck-knows. I'm not sure what to do.

Edit: the auto ban has already been pointed out to me.


MRW Anonymous threatens to expose Donald Trump's "Russian Secrets"

We'll be waiting a while. I think Anonymous just wanted to get their name in the news cycle.

MRW I think I got a text but it's just a reminder I had set for myself.

I have a good one related to this. I was working and heard a notification. I thought, wow, a text? I wonder who it could be... It was just a notification telling me to go to my depression support group.

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