Sprint Vector review - - Recommended

Sprint Vector review - - Recommended
Sprint Vector review - - Recommended

Think of Sprint Vector like a cross between Mario Kart, Jet Set Radio Future and Mirror's Edge

Sums it up quite nicely. Just need to add "in VR"

Next stop Jet Set Radio VR?

Unfortunately I can only play 30 minutes at a time.

Nice to see VR reviews in larger publications that get it....

Funny how IGN hasn't touched this. Probably too busy puking.

the fact that you're actively flexing your arms and torso while playing makes for 0 motion sickness, even for VR n00bs I guess

When i was bored waiting 7 hours for a flight

When i was bored waiting 7 hours for a flight

Takes off headset naked with luggage gone.

Although this is a great way to pass the time, I'd be so paranoid not being aware of my surroundings in somewhere like an airport..

I just used cinematic mode and played Monster Hunter. Was a nice way to spend most of a night.

Damn, aren't you afraid someone going to steal your luggage?

Drunk Bar Fight dev promises to patch the game to allow turning.

Drunk Bar Fight dev promises to patch the game to allow turning.

At least they responded and explained what happened and that they’re already working on a solution. I think that’s commendable!

How tf do these devs not know shit like this? People have been bitching about every game with no smooth turning since day one.

I am speaking with our team right now about how fast we can get an update. We had to change the PSVR version of the game due to platform requirements. Sony doesn't want to promote drinking and violence (understandable). So we had to remove "drink to get strong" In the PSVR version you get stronger the more people you fight. You can still throw up if you drink 5 drinks fast.


After 5 hours of Sprint Vector

After 5 hours of Sprint Vector

The green skin tone is from the led lights to help with tracking. XD

Is it hard physically?

Never skip leg day.

I took a nap and woke up a truly trashed Bruce.

Showing my age. Just found Spotify. Gliding to 90s hits is sublime.

Showing my age. Just found Spotify. Gliding to 90s hits is sublime.

My son was watching me play Ultrawings and mentioned the looping tunes. Of course I said you can turn 'em down but I cant be bothered right now. he said "stop right now, leave and come back in 5 mins." I came back, threw on the headset and couldn't believe I was now gliding to some of my favorite easy 90s hits. What rock have I been living under. This changes everything. Dam. (Im 50 btw so please don't go too hard on me).

Your son really did you a solid there, nice work :)

Do you need a paid subs account to listen to Spotify on ps4? Not tried it myself yet.

No, you can listen to it for free, you’ll just get ads every now and then.

Haha, I'm with you here. Though a little younger, I've still had a natural distrust of any kind of subscription service in the same way that my grandparents won't touch any calculator that's smaller than a handbag.

Still, when I belatedly realised that you could have a free Spotify account and have it on whilst playing Driveclub VR, it totally changed the game for me!

Hmm. Guess who's firing up Driveclub tonight.

Finished Statik. Loved it!!!

Finished Statik. Loved it!!!

Wow! Absolutely amazing! I want more games like this! I'd love to see a game like Myst that requires you to move around and see how to manipulate the puzzles. Something like The Room series but integrated into a larger environment. I truly hope Tarsier Studios continues to work in VR. I LOVED this game!

I really love looking at the detail of objects in VR and this game really scratched that itch for me. The models and animations were so neat. I still can't get over how immersive VR is. You really get to inspect the world intuitively. It was so fun manipulating the pieces of the central puzzle and seeing everything click.

I wish it wasn't so short. I finished it in one sitting. I'd say roughly 3 hours. I really want more and there really isn't any replay value once you understand the puzzles. I still recommend it even at the $20 full price and especially if you're dying for a puzzler in VR.

I'd love to read all your reactions to the game.

The Room

I really enjoyed those games, I'm sure the developer could design something really cool for VR, I'd certainly buy that for the right price!

I must play Statik again at some point now that I've probably forgotten some of the puzzles. It also does have some replay value if you missed the hidden puzzles the first time through. I've been meaning to go back and look for them at some point. I really did love that game though and wish it had a lot more puzzles.

There are 3 co-op puzzles you can play with a smart phone and screen sharing too, not sure if you did it. :)

Did you get the alternate ending too?

You mentioned no reply value but there is a hidden solution in each level that you need to find and use in a different level. Which leads to a new ending.

I loved this game too and I agree, I wish it was longer!

I'd recommend I Expect You To Die and also Obduction is getting a PSVR update soon, it is from the creators of Myst. Kind of a spiritual successor.

Blown away by PSVR. Definitely not a 2nd class citizen.

Blown away by PSVR. Definitely not a 2nd class citizen.

I've had the rift , win mixed reality headsets including the Samsung one and the psvr is my favorite. The headset was designed by an actual consumer electronics company and it shows. The sweet spot. My God the sweet spot is huuuuge! The best sweet spot. Take note win mixed reality this is how you make a headset. The tracking works , I was worried about this because that's what everyone harps on that owns a Vive but it works fine. Aim works great. Win Mr works great. Rift works great. They all work great.

The games. Man the games. Farpoint is amazing. Gran Turismo with a wheel in vr is amazing and I hope they add more modes.

Did I mention farpoint. Man I love that game. I'm just really impressed. I'm so happy I decided to abandon high end PC gaming and leave those prices to the crypto miners.

Thank you eBay guy who sold me your psvr for under 300 with motion controllers and aim controller + games. It went to a good home.

I'm sorry I have to go play farpoint some more. See you in the Oasis.

Now you gotta go all-in and play Resident Evil 7.

Gran Turismo VR mode is a joke. Try Driveclub VR (whole game was ported, with 8-car races off or on line) or Dirt Rally.

But yes, PSVR is great! Wasn't expecting to be this mindblown.

You know, I played the demo and that shit almost killed me. Horror is sooooo damn effective in VR, and I just can't handle it.

I felt the same way last year...then RE7 was on sale for $30.. And I jumped in. It was a rough start but it does get better (you become slightly immune to it). To this day no other game has made me feel so alive..or like I'm dying. And I gotta say that I'm a bit addicted to that crazy rush now.

How I feel playing The Inpatient with move controllers

How I feel playing The Inpatient with move controllers

Actually has everything to do with it so stop spreading disinformation if you don't know what you are talking about. The background problem is that the devs should have it already optimized for the default setting and they didnt. Adjusting your IPD would fix this issue and you may even have to over adjust just for this game.

I've heard a lot of ppl say this is one if the first games where IPD makes a big difference to arm/body length, is yours setup?

Surely the arms should be easy to animate. Just place fixed bones from the shoulder to the elbow, and then to the wrist.

I would bet that the stretchy arms are a result of doing exactly as you suggest. Doing motion-controlled arms correctly requires a technique called inverse kinematics. These are algorithms that solve the question: if my torso is there, and my hand is here at this angle, how must my shoulder, elbow, and wrist flex to achieve that?

These algorithms are difficult to implement, as the math is pretty challenging. And unlike many gamedev problems where you can cheat with an approximation and avoid hard work, IK is the cheating approximation. It is beyond the scope of most gamedev gigs, so most people who use IK just buy it.

The problem is that pre-built IK modules are very expensive. When my old studio called around looking for decent IK, the lowest quote we got was about $50,000. That's a drop in the bucket on a big AAA game, or even a lower budget game developed by a well-funded studio (Star Trek: Bridge Crew has awesome IK, for instance).

But if you're starting development on your own dime, it's way too expensive for such a "minor" thing. Even if you have the money, you can make the game work without IK, so it's really hard to justify spending that cash on IK middleware to sweeten the animation when you could spend it on hiring another artist.

source: former gamedev

That is the problem, it is messed up from the start and some users have tested out that if you adjust the IPD correctly and even over adjust it that it fixes the issues entirely. I still think it is dumb for the dev not to get this right for default.

I think the 2018 game I’m most excited about is Knockout League. VR with the style of Punchout? Yes please!!!

I think the 2018 game I’m most excited about is Knockout League. VR with the style of Punchout? Yes please!!!

It really is punch-out! I have it on Vive, one of the first games I bought. Definitely a workout, definitely worth it.

I wish Warner had allowed us some punches on Penguin's face in Batman VR

my only concern in knockout league psvr is the headset,

When you guard on boxing you cover your headset, lets hope that wont disrupt any trackings

Can't wait for the "oops, I punched my TV" videos. Or the classic "OMG I just gave my sister an uppercut while playing" videos. Good times.

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