Microsoft’s Performance Contributions to Git in 2017

Microsoft’s Performance Contributions to Git in 2017

Microsoft has moved in the right direction during the last few years. It seems like they are more willing to support and contribute to other projects.

A guy I know who works at Microsoft sent a git checkout screenshot that said:

Switched to branch 'official/XXXXX' Your branch is behind 'origin/official/XXXXX' by 1121625 commits, and can be fast-forwarded.

I'm not sure how long it had been since he pulled that branch, but any branch that is behind by more than a million commits is seriously behind...

These days I re-route all my hate towards Oracle. So this is great news. Please join me in re-routing hate.

20+ people

The other blog post linked in this article states that there are ~3500 windows engineers, so yeah the total commits can go up pretty darn quick I imagine.

A Brief Totally Accurate History Of Programming Languages

A Brief Totally Accurate History Of Programming Languages

The original is so much better that it isn’t even funny

Copies someone else’s idea, modifies it slightly to make said idea worse, posts it as his own. Yup, this guy checks out, he’s a programmer.

Came here to say this. The original is absolute gold. This is meh.

"It's a syntax error to write Fortran while not wearing a blue tie"

stupid, derivative, unimaginative, and skirting the line of stealing other people's content and being inspired by it. takes the idea from something hilarious but forgets the execution and good writing

JavaScript Markdown WYSIWYG Editor

JavaScript Markdown WYSIWYG Editor

It is a nice project. TUI is an unfortunate acronym/initialism as it also stands for "Text-based user interface".

very nicely put together package here

the wysiwyg mode in addition to the markdown split-view is excellent

obviously great performance on the demonstration page

that chart extension is wild — really cool!

Amazing! I was looking recently into markdown editors and most of them didn't support tables and/or images, this is very polished and I will definitely use it (and hopefully contribute if I can). Great job!

Not aware the Markdown could make graphs.

Electron is Cancer

Electron is Cancer

Naming things that are not actual cancer as cancer is cancer. Please go back to 9gag.

Wirth's law

Wirth's law, also known as Page's law, Gates' law and May's law, is a computing adage which states that software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware becomes faster.

I dunno, I use vscode as a secondary editor after vim, mostly for debugging, as debugging from vim is a pain in the ass.

I have used it for Go, for C#, for F#, and it all worked quite well. It has always worked blazingly fast, even for large projects. Right now it uses around 1-2% of my 16GB memory with quite a large Go project open, with a few plugins enabled.

Yes, I guess you could have made it more efficient. But if you can get a lot of productivity while sacrificing a bit of efficiency, while still running fast enough for most of your users, why not? We are using garbage collected languages after all.

Also, some nitpicking:

You are not your end-users, and you if you are a developer most likely do not run average hardware.

Writing this in an article about developer tools is a bit counter-productive.

I looked at his benchmark post last year to see if I could reproduce his Atom numbers using the same test files (I'm a dev on the Atom team). I could not and asked what version of Atom he was using. I got no response.

He links to a benchmarking repro with some test files and some very similar results to what he has. That repo is using Atom 1.9.6 which is 18 months old and not representative of current Atom performance. Every release has had performance work and both memory and performance are far better than he posts including rewriting some of the core parts in C++.

I posted a comment with my much better performance numbers (from my laptop to be fair) and a suggestion that he retry Atom. His response was to mark all comments on his benchmarking post as available to medium members only.

Edit: Here are some articles on our blog since then about performance improvements; - Editor performance improvements - Performance improvements - Our text buffer rewrite in C++ - Improved responsiveness and memory usage - how we rewrote the renderer for perf - Faster start-up time with snapshots, removal of jQuery - Improving startup time - large file performance - links to our benchmarking system for tracking perf

Linus Torvalds: I think somebody inside of Intel needs to really take a long hard look at their CPU's, and actually admit that they have issues instead of writing PR blurbs that say that everything works as designed.

Linus Torvalds: I think somebody inside of Intel needs to really take a long hard look at their C...

Well they did work as designed.

Their design was just bad.

As bad as these attacks are, let's remember that most RAM vendors haven't fixed ROWHAMMER after all these years. The state of computer security is very poor.

Running untrusted code on your computer is unwise. That includes javascript.

This is something that needs to said. Its great to see Linus being the person who holds Intel accountable.

Linus is pretty much one of the biggest public facing developers who has the right to complain about hardware stuff. He doesn't give a shit about PR, it's all unfiltered opinions on shit companies try to do to his system. He doesn't favour any specific just is on the side of Linux itself.

TIL there's a community called "dwitter" where people compose 140 character JavaScript programs that produce interesting visuals

TIL there's a community called "dwitter" where people compose 140 character JavaScript programs t...

Now that the server seems to be under control, let me high-jack my top comment to give you some tips:

You can edit the code live! Try changing a few numbers Click the "New Dweet" button to get a less crazy starting point. It even has some comments! If you edit someone elses dweet, you can post it directly from their post; this tags it as a "remix" and is preferred over just copy-pasting into "New Dweet" as it preserves the link to the original. is a good way to see dweets of variable complexity and is where all the fresh redditor dweets have started to pop up :D

And it's a ton of fun to see all the excitement :) Might have to get back to working on it. ( if you want to contribute)

Old post:

Hi guys! Creator here, it seems you've crashed it. Currently working on getting it stabilized again.

I'll come back here and post some of my favorites when I'm not in such a hurry ;)

Update: I think we're good! Threw a bunch of hardware at it, which helped a bit at first, but then the extra caching added by my friend seems to be more than enough for the current load :D

A few tips to the new-comers:

You can edit dweets directly; try changing some numers in other people's dweets and see what happens! If you edit another persons dweet you can post it directly as a "remix"

The signup process looks ugly at the moment but I hope some of you will join the fun and post some creations of your own :)

One of these days I'll write up an intro guide ^

The code for their load balancer was only 140 characters long.

I think we crashed it.

You start with verbose and readable code and then you start stripping it down and fitting it into 140 chars. Also, you have to understand maths, mod operation and then you just have to get creative.

How I Got Paid $0 From the Uber Security Bug Bounty

How I Got Paid $0 From the Uber Security Bug Bounty
How I Got Paid $0 From the Uber Security Bug Bounty

If OP can find these many security holes in uber systems, I'm sure he can go further and find more. But this time, I sincerely hope he publishes those as a zero-day vulnerability.

And this is how bug bounty programs die and companies get breached. I understand that you can't pay out for every tiny UI bug random people find (although I was impressed that GoDaddy paid out $50 to me once for what basically equated to a UI bug), but if someone has provided something so actionable you go and take a service offline, they've found something. The purpose of a bug bounty is to encourage ethical disclosure with the promise of payment by following the ethical route. Stop honoring that and people will start following the unethical routes to get paid for their work.

If this were me, I'd probably try to take them to small claims court. I'm not sure what BS arbitration rules this middleman website has, but I'm pretty sure in most jurisdictions you're entitled to unbiased arbitration at least. Or maybe reach out to the bounty program again? Show that you had actionable data and the company acknowledged the issue by fixing it, they should pay out at this point. I'd probably also tweet up a storm about it, companies get uptight about bad Twitter press these days, especially security stuff.

Uber is such a shitbag of a company that this doesn't surprise me at all.

Uber is such a shitbag company that I wouldn't blame him if he sold them instead. No reason to be ethical with an unethical company.

TIL there is a reddit client for your terminal

TIL there is a reddit client for your terminal

Finally I can safely view subreddits at work.

Until that ASCII hentai shows up in your terminal.

Implying it's not always there

me too it's called emacs

oh no. i'm one of those guys now.

FCC releases final proposal to end net neutrality

FCC releases final proposal to end net neutrality

And in a fun twist, the commission also intends to prevent states from passing their own net neutrality laws. Allowing states to implement their own rules, the commission says, “could pose an obstacle to or place an undue burden” on the delivery of broadband service.

State's rights?

Not programming, but I think every sane programmer cares deeply about this.

Every sane person should care deeply about this horseshit.

This country is going to shit so quickly it's almost entertaining to watch.

Try one of these subthreads