X-Post from r/funny

X-Post from r/funny

How you like them apples now

The goalie isn't celebrating. He's trying to psych out the kick taker.

I win!!

I win!!

Those are some terrible, terrible shelves.

Cgi, reposted all the time.

CGI terrible


Boy cautiously climbs down stairs

Careful, that last step’s a doozy


While being sad, its the hardest I have laughed out loud in awhile. I was not paying attention to the sub I was in and was caught off guard completely.

That's really sad :/

Would you like that hat raw or boiled over?

Would you like that hat raw or boiled over?

He really had the universe against him. A brown girl shooter. Have never* seen that before

He removed the tweet and protected his twitter.

not only that- a Vegan, Feminist, PETA supporter.

Unlike the term "white", which is all people from one place and one culture.

Officially volleyball’s #1 fan now

Officially volleyball’s #1 fan now

Not this one. Again....

What a weird title.

I prematurely celebrated this video not being posted on this sub again

Karmawhoring? A man of your talents?

Even the kicker thought he'd lost

Even the kicker thought he'd lost



, semi-final of the Thailand Cup going to penalty kicks.



One of the worst cases I've seen....

Everyone watching is trying to point out his opponent too, what a race!!

He was just pre-celebrating for the red guy to win

I'll tell you what, I bet that cyclist never made that mistake again.




At least he took it in stride


He had to start "taking it" sometime.




The only thing keeping him alive was no one asking questions about it.


Or maybe the grim reaper is a Redditor, saw the post and remembered the task he forgot to do

Well heck.



I bet there were truckloads of those t shirts that ended up in Africa, along with the pre-printed Superbowl shirts.

Happy birthday to this future president

Reddit was a salt mine the day after the results came out.

And still is.

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