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State Dept. science envoy resigns with letter that spells out 'Impeach'

State Dept. science envoy resigns with letter that spells out 'Impeach'
State Dept. science envoy resigns with letter that spells out 'Impeach'

Full letter text:

Mr. President,

I am resigning from my position as Science Envoy for the Department of State of the United States. Since 1996, I have served the Departments of Energy, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the State Department in a number of roles. Working closely with the talented teams at State Department Headquarters and at U.S. embassies abroad, we have built significant partnerships in North and East Africa, and in the Middle East, around shared visions of national security, job creation in the U.S. and sustainable energy.

My decision to resign is in response to your attacks on core values of the United States. Your failure to condemn white supremacists and neo-Nazis has domestic and international ramifications. On this issue, I stand with the unequivocal and authoritative statements of Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Senator John McCain, Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, Dr. Cornel West, Linda Sarsour, the Palestinian-American activist and one of the organizers of the Women's March, and many others.

Particularly troubling to me is how your response to Charlottesville is consistent with a broader pattern of behavior that enables sexism and racism, and disregards the welfare of all Americans, the global community and the planet.

Examples of this destructive pattern have consequences on my duties as Science Envoy. Your decision to abdicate the leadership opportunities and the job creation benefits of the Paris Climate Accord, and to undermine energy and environmental research are not acceptable to me.

Acts and words matter. To continue in my role under your administration would be inconsistent with the principles of the United States Oath of Allegiance to which I adhere.

Character is vital in leadership. I find particularly wise the admonition of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who cautioned that, "A people [or person] that values its privileges above principles soon loses both."

Herein, with regret, I resign. I deeply respect and value the work of the many fine people I have encountered in our federal agencies and will miss the opportunity to work with and support them. Your actions to date have, sadly, harmed the quality of life in the United States, our standing abroad, and the sustainability of the planet.


Professor Daniel M. Kammen

Science Envoy, U. S. State Department (former)

Very similar to how the Presidential Commission on Arts & Humanities resignation letter spelled out RESIST

Yes, but Impeach is a million times better than Resist. I thought the resist letter was good, but this -- this blows that shit out of the water. Amazing.

I'm hoping for


"I'm Peach? What does that mean?" - Donnie

Secret Service agrees to stop erasing White House visitor log data

Secret Service agrees to stop erasing White House visitor log data
Secret Service agrees to stop erasing White House visitor log data

Weird. Just around the time they learn they're out of money

"Ladies and gentlemen, your more transparent presidency!"

Uh, anyone wanna explain why the fuck they were being erased in the first place?

Oh yeah, winning.

So very weird.

Trump demanded McConnell ‘protect him’ from Russia scandal probe

Trump demanded McConnell ‘protect him’ from Russia scandal probe
Trump demanded McConnell ‘protect him’ from Russia scandal probe

And now McConnell is a witness to obstruction of justice.

During the call, which Mr. Trump initiated on Aug. 9 from his New Jersey golf club, the president accused Mr. McConnell of bungling the health care issue. He was even more animated about what he intimated was the Senate leader’s refusal to protect him from investigations of Russian interference in the 2016 election, according to Republicans briefed on the conversation.

From this report, when they say it was confirmed by numerous other senators, I imagine McConnell distributed a memo to some or all of his republican senators after the call.

Everyone has learned that the only way to deal with somebody as treacherous and dissembling as Trump is how Comey did it from the beginning. When you have an encounter with him, document it immediately and share that account with others whom you trust.

McConnell and the GOP have been protecting Trump for a year now. As far back as 11 months ago he partisanly refused to denounce Russia along with Obama who had to take a less effective route in denouncing Russia's crimes. In December, McConnell rejects special panel for Russia election allegations. After Trump fired FBI Director James Comey who was investigating Trump's campaign, but not Trump himself, McConnell rejected calls for a special prosecutor.

This is all coupled with Paul Ryan doing the same things, with the House GOP blocking investigations from forming or from releasing information, with Devin Nunes colluding with the White House to obstruct the Russia probe, with Devin Nunes deceitfully issuing a fake recusal to the world then continuing to request top secret information unilaterally and without consulting the rest of the committee (clearly a mole for Trump, he still today sits as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee).

9/30/16 GOP Blocks Probes Into Trump-Russia Ties

12/12/16 McConnell rejects special panel for Russia election allegations

FEB. 14, 2017 Speaker Paul Ryan declines to support independent Russian investigation after Flynn's resignation

Feb 27, 2017 GOP intelligence chairman Devin Nunes: “There’s no evidence of anything” regarding Russia-Trump campaign contacts

Mar 21, 2017 Day 1 of "Devin Nunes colluded with the White House to obstruct the Russia probe" (Timeline here)

Mar 29, 2017 House Republicans cancel all hearings on Russian investigation, blame Democrats

May 9, 2017 F.B.I. Director James Comey Is Fired by Trump

May 10, 2017 James Comey Fired: McConnell Rejects Calls for Prosecutor

05/10/17 Paul Ryan rejects calls for special prosecutor in Russia investigation

May 17, 2017 GOP blocks House vote on independent Russia-Trump investigation

May 31, 2017 Nunes ‘acted separately’ from House Russia probe by unilaterally issuing subpoenas on ‘unmasking’

As Trump ranted and rambled in Phoenix, his crowd slowly thinned

As Trump ranted and rambled in Phoenix, his crowd slowly thinned

it's just been announced that a second, brand-new coal mine, where they're going to take out clean coal — meaning, they're taking out coal, they're going to clean it

Jesus fucking christ.

Remember when Dan Quayle was made fun of for misspelling potato?

90% of the way to a cultural victory, you switch government to Fascism, send insults to neighboring friendly civs, rearrange your citizens to maximize gold and minimize everything else, build the "Great Wall" wonder and a line of fortifications on your border with a civ that's three eras behind you and only has muskets, go to war with two city-states, and reject all demands and deals from every other civ except the one that is 80% to a Domination victory and has spies in four of your cities.

Edit: Alright, Gold! Here are some more ideas: - Concentrate resources and Builders on founding settlements near and putting mines on all the coal tiles, even though you’re two eras past needing any unit or building that requires coal. No other Civs request the coal because it hasn’t been relevant to the game in 50 turns. But that doesn’t matter because… - YOU make the deals. Each turn you send a lopsided trade request to a Civ you have denounced for the past 5 turns. It is always rejected. - You end a lopsided trade agreement that greatly favors you and grants you ten luxury resources for one Aluminum. Ending it gives your smallest two cities +2 Production for two turns. - You discover that certain monuments built in the Industrial era are now having a nation-wide negative happiness effect. Keep them. - Try to close borders with your neighboring Civs. See that the button is greyed out because you never had an Open Borders agreement with them in the first place. Mash the greyed-out button anyway and feel good about yourself. - See that your biggest city has a negative Happiness rating that is getting worse every turn. Write a letter to Firaxis to ask them to fix this obvious bug. It’s your original city. It’s your favorite city. They obviously love you and the game isn’t measuring it right. Draw a happy face on a Post-It and stick it over the city on your screen for the time being.

Edit 2: Double Gold? Hell yeah. Now for some modding suggestions that would make continuing this game possible without losing 10 turns in:

Introduce a “Spite” mechanic. Whenever a >20 Population city loses one happiness, all <10 Population cities gain one happiness just because. Create a “disappointment fatigue” effect. Any negative action you take that tops previous negative actions erases the effects of those previous actions. Make a new luxury resource called “Red Hats” that increases happiness in all cities that don’t have a University. Replace “Religion” with “Ego”. Certain actions generate points for this new resource, like renaming cities and buildings after yourself, denouncing an already universally-denounced city-state stuck in the Medieval Era, or selecting new government policy cards (no policies actually go into effect the next turn, but you still get Ego for selecting them). Ego can be spent on things like hosting rallies in cities with Red Hats or playing golf. Make the Player’s civ generate so much Gold, Research, Culture, and Production by itself that it will still be in decent shape even if deliberately sabotaged for four years.

Trump's supporters tired of Trump's rambling.

So much winning.

Trump goes off-script in hour-long public meltdown

Trump goes off-script in hour-long public meltdown

That tagline is perfect.

Trump explained that the biggest victim in the Charlottesville violence last weekend was, in fact, himself.

This man cares for literally no one but himself. That's about the only thing that came through loud and clear tonight.

One of my favorites was when he said the new coal plant opening up is gonna be clean coal because they're gonna clean it first. That's the President.

Dubya's response to the inauguration remains the only thing I can think every time this happens:

"That was some weird shit."

Dude is completely unhinged and delusional. Didn't even mention the 10 missing or deceased sailors. It was all about ME, ME, ME. What an embarrassment to the United States.

Trump Blames Media for Misquoting Him, Then Misquotes Himself

Trump Blames Media for Misquoting Him, Then Misquotes Himself

He just said CNN has turned off their cameras..... errr I saw him saying this on CNN..... sure, that's crazy.... but the people behind him nodding their heads and mouthing that's right and waving.....

There was a hilarious moment on lawrence when he said "we're going to go to the president now live to see if he has anything important to say" and Trump was in the middle of some rant like "I have so much money, I went to the best schools, I am the greatest businessman, I am the smartest and richest person..." and lawrence jumps back in like "ok well thats enough of that"

EDIT: https://twitter.com/IHeartCandC/status/900188893714161664

Seriously, I don't even know how to deal with that comment. It was just such a boldfaced lie, like how do you deal with that?

Edit: It's all good folks, I've been told by some Trump supporters that it was actually just a joke! Sure his inflection didn't change and all his supporters where nodding solemnly, but when you're one of the true believers you can tell!

This man is insane.

He's gonna pardon Sherriff Arpaio. He's really gonna do it... He just said he's gonna do it.

Story that Obama supporter was behind wheel of car in Charlottesville is fake news

Story that Obama supporter was behind wheel of car in Charlottesville is fake news
Story that Obama supporter was behind wheel of car in Charlottesville is fake news

Im pretty much done with trying to argue with the 9% of trump supporters that watch info wars and think everything is because of soros. They are a lost cause and nothing can be done to sway their opinion

Did we really need politifact to tell us this?

You'd be surprised at how many people are stupid enough to believe and continue to spread this story.

They are too stupid to believe politifact, so it's still a waste of an article.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell 'doubts whether Trump can salvage his administration'

Republican leader Mitch McConnell 'doubts whether Trump can salvage his administration'
Republican leader Mitch McConnell 'doubts whether Trump can salvage his administration'

Damn is McConnell going to be the first Republican to finally crack?

Wonder if Trump will attack McConnell in his speech tonight. That was a pretty inflammatory thing to come out hours before Trump gets up in front of his base.

What about Republican Sen. Jeff Flake from AZ?

My Party Is in Denial About Donald Trump: We created him, and now we're rationalizing him. When will it stop?

7 months in ladies and gentlemen! It only took 7 months for the Senate majority leader to call out the President for the raging dumpster fire he himself ignited.

Edit: months

British spy Christopher Steele tells FBI sources for Trump 'dossier': report

British spy Christopher Steele tells FBI sources for Trump 'dossier': report

The British spy behind a salacious “dossier” on President Trump has told the FBI about his sources for the document, according to a report


Steele’s reported meeting with the FBI comes as the agency, the House, the Senate and special counsel Robert Mueller all investigate the alleged meddling, with the spy’s testimony also requested in a Florida defamation suit by a Russian businessman listed in the dossier.


The man who hired the Brit to look into Trump, investigative firm Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, reportedly spoke with staff for the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

Simpson was interviewed for hours and gave the committee more than 40,000 documents, Fox News reported.

Update: Glenn Simpson's Attorney:

"Mr. Simpson told Congress the truth and cleared the record on many matters of interest to congressional investigators,” Simpson’s attorney Josh Levy told reporters after the marathon session concluded.

He said the firm remains “proud” of the work and “stands by it.”

Simpson “kept the identities of Fusion GPS’ clients confidential

“Fusion GPS represents businesses, individuals and, occasionally, political clients on both the right and the left. When those clients want Fusion GPS to keep their identities confidential, Fusion GPS honors that commitment without exception - just as law firms and businesses do all over the country.”

“The Committee has a transcript of the interview,” Levy said. “We are not permitted to have a copy. The Committee has the right to disclose the transcript, if it wishes to do so.”

“This investigation into Mr. Simpson began as a desperate attempt by the Trump campaign and its allies to smear Fusion GPS because of its reported connection to the Trump dossier, which Watergate prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste and others have said is a ‘roadmap for an investigation,’” Levy said.

“Today, a special counsel and three congressional committees are investigating ties between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. Fusion GPS is proud of the work it has conducted and stands by it.”

Attorney: Glenn Simpson did not reveal clients for Trump 'dossier' to investigators

Former MI6 agent Christopher Steele authored the 35-page unsubstantiated report published online in January, which alleged that blackmail against Trump was being used by Kremlin officials in an election interference plot.

So much in that report has been substantiated, it makes one wonder why some rags keep using that adjective.

40,000 documents... that can't be real.

It's times like this I almost feel sorry for /sub/conspiracy. A truly stunning conspiracy is being uncovered, and for ideological reasons, they can't acknowledge it.

Trump’s fake Twitter army grows by 2.4 million ‘egg accounts’

Trump’s fake Twitter army grows by 2.4 million ‘egg accounts’

the best part is twitter will call these users in their quarterly report

Soon. The president is putting a very large spotlight on their whole operation. Trump ruins everything. No one tell him about reddit...

When do advertisers sue for fraud?

He retweeted a obvious bot acct yesterday

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