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The Wall!

The Wall!

The Emperor's New Wall?

They always capture his puckered lips. Every picture or cartoon I see of him he's got those damn puckered lips. Everything else about him pales in comparison to how much I loath the shape of his mouth. It's irrational, but I cannot help it.

Good one. Should have used this caption!

puckered lips

You mean butt-hole lips, then yes.

Ivanka Trump Visiting Berlin

Ivanka Trump Visiting Berlin

Actual answer:

"Certainly not the latter," Trump replied. "I'm rather unfamiliar with this role as well. ... It has been a little under 100 days, and it has just been a remarkable and incredible journey."

From Business insider

She defended her father as being the best at family values by saying "He encouraged me and enabled me to thrive. I grew up in a house where there were no barriers to what I could accomplish."

She doesn't even recognize that this statement just shows how removed she is from the little people, that she sees her wealthy privilege as equating to values.

Wrong. The only answer is:

"I personally believe that our education like such as in South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should, our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S., uh, or, uh, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future. For our children.

... so her father over the American people is not ruled out, got it

Fuck the border wall

Fuck the border wall

Yeah, let's shame the people that won't work for slave wages, while ignoring the people who employ immigrants for slave wages.

Edit- This was was intended to shine light on the people who (often elected officials) push nationalistic, anti-immigrant, tough border control views and policies, but then at the same time employ immigrants under the table at fractions of the minimum wage. You cannot be against someone's illegal citizenship and for employing illegal immigrants without being ideologically inconsistent.

Free market principles that republicans love so much! Get the most labor you can for the cheapest price possible.

edit: Was wrong to call out republicans specifically. This was a sarcastic commit aimed at the contradiction between the so called "free market" and the opposition to companies getting the cheapest labor they can.

Those people are the ones who are against going after people who employ illegals. You want to stop illegal immigration? Go after employers. Nobody is coming here if there's no jobs for them. A wall does nothing and everyone already knows this.

"Fuck the border wall"? Why have a sovereign nation at all? Why do we restrict those who are allowed to benefit from our country just in close proximity? What about the impoverished Japanese or starving children in Manila's poorest district? How will we choose OP? Do you decide for us? What about those flooding in regardless?

Where exactly do we draw the line when we say "fuck borders"? 1 billion random people? 2 billion random people? And when our system collapses because half of the population isn't paying taxes what then?

The people who make these signs don't compete for these jobs and don't realize illegal immigrants are paid half the wage making it impossible for employers to justify hiring American.

Yea, Fuck Borders though right OP! Fuck our country!!!


Might as well try it again and see if we can hurry it up.

Might as well try it again and see if we can hurry it up.

Trickle down economics, some man in a 5000 dollar suit pissing in your mouth.

Same guy who thinks black people are gonna invade the countryside... any day now

So you're telling me the guy in the $5000 suit has to care about the working class? Come on!

What's frustrating is that as a well paid, well off, white 20 something year old who doesn't get sick, doesn't need welfare, and who lives in a big city that pretty much operates independently of the Federal Government, im probably better off voting Republican, but I don't because I know how much it fucks over poor people (particularly in southern states). Eventually though, I'm going to say "you want to stop handouts? OK, I'm voting republican. See what happens when you poor southern states stop getting handouts from the Blue, coastal elite states that you so seem to revile"

End of an Era

End of an Era

Let's say you're a creepy old perv - and you kind of look like one a bit.

Beep boop I'm not a bot but here's a link to the vid.

Extended clip for "context"

Holy shit I can't believe that's a real quote.

It's so easy to confuse Columbia and Colombia

Better safe than sorry

Better safe than sorry

Credit goes to Stephen Colbert for this one, but damn it if that part of the show didn't make me laugh out loud.

If they labeled it South Pennsylvania Trump would hold a rally there.

Needs less words and more pictures for Trump to understand it.

And then he'd complain about all these Asian immigrants taking Pennsylvania jobs.

Crib Notes

Crib Notes

Ah, that explains it! He must have missed the apostrophe and thought it was a note from Don T himself.

compliments Stalin instead

"Not even Stalin stooped so low as to spy on his own people!"

He probably got confused and thought he was supposed to do the opposite of what it said on his hand.

Directed by M Night Shyamalan

Directed by M Night Shyamalan

Well if M Night is behind this, then we should have an interesting twist coming up soon enough

I'm enjoying the vacations the most. Amazing how many obama critics now say presidents need to unwind as often as they need to.

"I lie to people."

"How often?"

"All the time."

pls god, let it be a dream



I wish we lived in the (right) universe.

Sometimes you have to make it clear.

Ah, but left from our perspective, or the perspective of those in the image?

I want my bunny overlord.

A rabbit would probably give a shit about the environment.

It starts with the marijuana...

It starts with the marijuana...
It starts with the marijuana...

lol you really posted it. It'd be funny if there was a political version of /sub/shittyquotesporn. That could very easily go wrong though.

Edit: Thanks for the dubloons matey!

Where do you think the Underground Railroad stopped?

Am Canadian, can confirm. Am starting to get the urge to swing dance.

Steven Colbert's characterization

"Forest gnome whose riddles are kind of racist" Jeff Sessions

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