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The truth

The truth

Could cure a ton of meat from the salt in some of these comments

To be fair trump supporters are right, they do behave same as drunk Mel Gibson

How they actually look

These comments make it seem like Trump supporters are the real snowflakes



It's like the phrase pro life. the person doesn't care about human life , just that of a fetus before it's born.

It's pro birth, not pro life. After they exit the birth canal, fuck those freeloaders is the sop

Strawman lives matter

I would say it is not even pro birth. Do you see these people becoming doctors to decrease the complications with pregnancy? No. They are just "slut" shamming.

Something more than prayer would be nice.

Fox New Official White House Source

Fox New Official White House Source

Well trump fans love calling themselves centipedes.

Fox News says something in the morning with no proof Trump tweets about fox report at noon Fox reports about the same thing in the afternoon listing the President as the source

I think it's in solidarity with that pedo Milo guy they all like.

Why do they do that again?

That escalated fast

That escalated fast

These are the same folks who were sold on the reality of Jade Helm, death panels, FEMA concentration camps, Pizzagate, and Obama's a secret Muslim who is going to implement sharia law nationwide.

When their sincere and ardent belief that something is happening turns out to be absolute horseshit, there is zero critical self-reflection. Then they just absorb a new lie from the same person who sold them the last one.

They are totally unaware of being repeatedly lied to.

One person posted on Trumpgret that he regretted his Trump vote.

The one thing I asked him was to not fall for the next guy who comes along.

He said he'd hoped he'd learned.

Remember when the Republicans wanted to crucify Obama for asking for grey poupon for his sandwich because they thought that made him such an elitist? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

Don't be so sure. The propaganda machine never really turned on Sanders, but I guarantee the self proclaimed socialist who honeymooned in the USSR would have gotten plenty of mud slung his way.

"Asking for a Friend"

"Asking for a Friend"

"I'm not guilty, but if I was, could I get away with it? Just a hypothetical."

He's totally innocent, that's why he's pardoning himself!

Obligatory "progression on the narcissist's prayer" check:

That didn't happen.

And if it did, it wasn't that bad.

And if it was, that's not a big deal.

And if it is, that's not my fault.

And if it was, I didn't mean it. You are here

And if I did... You deserved it.

"No one is as innocent as me. No one. Believe me. I'm the most innocent man in history. Believe me. But maybe those #FAKE NEWS stories by NYT, WP, and WSJ were maybe true, I mean they're not true, but like what if they were, could I pardon me and everyone else?"

Trump Hires New Press Secretary

Trump Hires New Press Secretary

I mean would it shock you if it happened?

I really wish he would. Spicer struggled because he isn't a wackjob. Alex Jones would be 100% at home in this position. "We bombed France because they're the ones who have been making the FRICKEN FROGS GAY"

His face looks like he's respoding to a question from a reporter about that.

'How, exactly, did France do that?'

"Well, how the fuck do you think they did it? Obama was dropping chemtrails on his way back from training terrorists in Iran, Duh!"

I would laugh like hell if SNL had Spicy do a spot...impersonating Melissa McCarthy...



Realistically, Trump should try and make Obamacare succeed and take full control, if he wants it to fail.

Trump gives Carrier Air Conditioners seven million dollars in subsidies to keep jobs in the US. Six Months into his term, carrier sends 600 jobs to Mexico. What could go wrong ?

Actually, he didn't give them anything. The taxpayers of Indiana did. He just took credit for it.

I just imagined him seeing your comment - all the free steam coming out of his ears - clean energy?

Everyone is overreacting to the Trump and Putin Private meeting...

Everyone is overreacting to the Trump and Putin Private meeting...

That's true

His post tweet is:

I hope /u/jerry_fuentes is okay with my joke. If he abandons me - it's gun in mouth time. And I'm Catholic.

But Jim will still not say a cuss word lol

Still, I like this gloves off, non-neutral comedian he has evolved into

You put comedian in quotation marks like he hasnt made literally millions of dollars doing comedy.

If you get this butt-hurt and whiny about the simplest shit, maybe you should stay off the internet.

Ya big dumb cry baby

Double standards

Double standards

Not to get too serious here in /sub/politicalhumor, but one thing we've learned from history is that Government can't eliminate demand.

They tried to ban alcohol with prohibition. It led to speakeasies and organized crime.

They started a war on drugs, and not only did it not deter drug usage, but it's increased since and led to the rise of violent cartels.

They have tried to ban abortion time and time again, and let's not forget the dangerous illegal abortions that were occurring before Roe v. Wade.

It's amazing to me how much we don't learn from history here and how we fail to understand economics.

What? People who don't get pregnant don't need abortions?

Demand for abortions go down though when access to birth control goes up.

I'm all for additional gun legislation and for access to abortions. However, under the logic of this joke the opposite must also be true. Liberals want to add restrictions to guns because they think that'll lower gun violence but want to keep easy access to abortions. I know it's just a joke, but I don't think it's a very good one.

The circle of news

The circle of news

I hope that whoever our next president is, they consider tweeting unprofessional.

Edit: I think "..constant tweeting unprofessional" might be more reasonable.

Getting intelligence from the media is the most cost effective thing I have ever heard of though. We could eliminate the CIA and NSA entirely and spend like $120/month for a Direct TV subscription at the whitehouse. It would save billions. Also POTUS could take the direct tv box with him as he travels, so no need to pay for an extra one. Bad weather might cripple the country's intelligence gathering temporarily, but you can't argue with that much savings.

Same, but I'd be scared I would forget to log out of the POTUS account when I'm complimenting girls on their buttholes.

If I was President, I'd use Reddit.

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