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Complete moron. Upvote this image and it will come up when someone googles "complete moron."

Complete moron. Upvote this image and it will come up when someone googles "complete moron."

We're not your botnet and googlebombing doesn't work that way.

DAE miss when this sub was for funny stuff and not for "hurr durr Trump is stoopid".

I do.

I support Trump and the funniest thing I have seen on this sub was the caption with Pence correcting Trump saying fewer and implying Fuher. That's anti-Trump and I thought it was hilarious.

This is just utter shit.

Trump, the karma whore's karma whore.

No it won't.

Chief of Staff John Kelly, during Trump's speech today says it all...

Chief of Staff John Kelly, during Trump's speech today says it all...

Basically turned a speech to the UN into a campaign rally

This was all of us

Facepalm felt the world over....

Melania wishes she was back on the streets of Ljubljana giving 5 ruble handies to strangers.

Still better than FPTP

Still better than FPTP

I know this is humour, but I may as well plug /sub/endfptp while I'm here, for those who don't know about the sub.

I mean, If I ran around sayin' I was President cuz some moistened bint got more votes than me, they'd put me away.

And now we see the violence inherent in the system. COME AND SEE THE VIOLENCE INHERENT IN THE SYSTEM! HELP! HELP! I'M BEING REPRESSED!


The Virtue Signal

The Virtue Signal

This is exactly how I feel about hearing "my thoughts and prayers are with..." it's really insincere because politicians can do more to prevent certain tragedies but choose not to. Then send thoughts and prayers like it's going to help

Oh, hey, look, someone actually used "virtue signal" correctly instead of as a way to demonize good behavior!

The trumpsters have gone far, far beyond this. They use 'virtue signaling' to denigrate anything good.


What will it take?

What will it take?

Day After Tomorrow type storms could be happening and they'd still push the blame.

I think it's funny how simple and removed from reality that statement is.

Climate change doesn't mean NO winters. It means climate change. Hotter ocean temps meaning stronger hurricanes. A snowball doesn't disprove the oceans are warming. Seasons still exist. Also, climate change predicts that winters will be harsher, not milder or hotter.

How are tropical storms or hurricanes proof of climate change?

No one has said that the existence of these storms is proof of climate change.

What many people have said, because it's fucking true, is that both the frequency and severity of these storms increases due to climate change.

But my post was clearly anti-climate post denier. It's safe to assume that the OP agrees with the point of a cartoon.

How was anyone to know the exact point of your post just by looking at it?

After seeing Trump retweet a GIF of him hitting a golf ball at Hillary Clinton today

After seeing Trump retweet a GIF of him hitting a golf ball at Hillary Clinton today

Losing the popular vote likely plays into the fact that Trump can't just accept he won the actual election and move on from hating a woman that's not even playing the game anymore. The guy's to much a narcissist to accept that loss even though in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter much.

When am I going to wake up and realize he didn't win?

Humour is subjective.

Although going by your username I'm guessing you take the jokes in Blazing Saddles at face value.

When is Trump going to wake up and realize that he won?

Rare Picture of an Early Trump Campaign Rally

Rare Picture of an Early Trump Campaign Rally

That's the Hate Monger, an old school Marvel villain. It was a couple of different guys over time, as I recall. One of whom was a clone of Hitler.

And while Trump remains President and does racist things, like hiring racists and calling Nazis "fine people" and so on you'll hear it a lot more.

Trump is awful, it really can't be said enough.

He called for tighter control on general net migration numbers as well, which brings with it some questions as to the reasons a country so rich would need to worry about legal migration.

The reason many support curtailing much of the legal migration is the same it's always been: protectionism from a working class who believes that their woes come from these migrants and not the rich politicians/tycoons telling them that.

I am not implying, by any means, that all people who are against legal immigration are doing it for the above reason. I understand that some even have quite persuasive arguments to deploy, even if they fail to persuade me. That being said: I believe that the majority of those against immigration do so due to misattributed grievances against migrants that are often purported by those of the upper and upper-middle classes (those who would be least financially affected and who would rarely see migrants) to bolster their political ideologies.

It's no small wonder that the ones who get the most elevation for their anti-immigrant ideology tend to be the wealthy, politically active types who stand the most to gain by saying it.



The statement is true, Trump committed McCarthyism in the opening sentences.

Also? It never happened, Trump was crazy stupid lying and the only ones who believed him were his stupid crazy idiot voters.

Yes Trump accusing Obama of wiring tapping is McCarthyism.

No, you see the final sentence is pointing out everything before it was an example of McCarthyism. Hth

What's wrong with us?

What's wrong with us?

Literally every South Korean president that didn't come into power via a coup has ended their presidency mired in some controversy or scandal (usually corruption).

The chaebols in South Korea are also just as powerful (some would argue vastly more powerful) than any American corporation. One man going to prison isn't representative of justice so much as an indication that he in particular failed in his political maneuverings. For every conviction, there are dozens more that get away with the corruption and bribery.

The rich act with, at best, total impunity in South Korea. One swallow does not make a summer.

How is this humor?

The rich do go to jail in the US though... Bernie Madoff, Martha Stewart, Martin Shkreli just to name a few off the top of my head. Of course they are less likely to go to jail due to influence and the best legal counsel their money can buy.

Convservative's Approach to the Question of Using Government Force

Convservative's Approach to the Question of Using Government Force

"Protesting in the streets is violence and we should be allowed to run them over."

"Protesting with torches and beating/shooting counter-protesters is NOT violence."

"You shouldn't be allowed to speak. I should be allowed to run over people I disagree with."

GOP politicians have literally introduced bills to legalize running over protesters.

Judging by your frequent posts, though, I'm guessing you would also love a bill like that passed.

The KKK and Nazis should be able to protest peacefully without consequences. First Amendment, y'all.

Colin Kaepernick should never work again and be forced to move out of the country.

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