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The Uninhabit Shit Wasteclay Convention

The Uninhabit Shit Wasteclay Convention

Made on a budget of five cents I found while scratching at my unusually soft walls.

The punchline would also have worked if you had substituted California with literally any state in the US.

This house stood through Hurricane Katrina. I’m sure it wo

Hope your house didn't fall down. We need you to keep making comics.

A Fruity New God

A Fruity New God

My entry from the latest contest! Yes, it was originally Spain instead of Sweden, but the Spaniards just had to be awkward and call it "piña" instead of "ananas." Sweden still has a tenuous link with the New World from the Vikings colonising parts of America. Had to forgo some historical accuracy in favour of linguistic accuracy.


-The obligatory "Well, Sweden always has been a bit fruity, hohoho."

-Any possible reference to putting pineapple on pizza.

I see no Canada there. Is he putting pineapple on pizza for the big feast ?

GODDAMN IT! What did I just say about references to pineapple pizza jokes?!


Heathen. You are going to be cleansed immediately.

I wonder, who is of stronger?

I wonder, who is of stronger?

Very nice Polski Fiat! Well done!

Lol this Polski Super Car made me laugh oh my god! This piece of junk used to be a thing back in the days.

Cossacs and capitols of rebelious oblasts: Donetsk and Lugansk.

Hello redditors! It's my first polandball comic and I hope you like it. Maybe it's not the funniest one but I think it fits polandball. Context is history of slav countries: many of them had big kingdoms or even empires in the past, but it looks like not all of them have such "magnificent" history. Anyway, enjoy!

A field of flowers

A field of flowers

I began this with the intention of figuring out how the heck one is supposed to draw flowers. Accidentally made the bottom panel, then realized I could gain quick karma by posting it. This is easy and relatively plotless, I just wanted to draw flowers.

The Finland-Estonia relationship is always my favorite. It's weird to me how adorable I find them.

Edit: Estonia's flower is freaking adorable, holy crap.

this is so wholesome

America and Russia's baskets made me chuckle.

Birth Control

Birth Control

Post-birth control is best birth control

Well Argentina stopped crying at least

Honestly I thought the gun was a Rapier and found it weird the sword went bang.

Just what Britain always wanted...

Regretful Birth

Regretful Birth

I don't understand how things could have possibly gone this wrong when the colonial powers looked at a map of Africa, took out a ruler, and divided up the continent among themselves with the same amount of finesse as when you pin the tail on the donkey.

I mean it's such a good idea on paper! Makes the whole continent look so nice and neat, don't you think? Who were they to know that people actually lived there? And that those nice borders they drew up cut entire civilizations in half, and forced long-time enemies to suddenly share a country?

Nobody knew colonialism could be so complicated

Hello. This is another W&A comic, drawn by yours truly and written by /u/christopherkj. Round of applause for the Director!

And for the Producer himself! This is my first collaboration and it turned out better than I could have ever expected! Seeing your idea brought to life by another's pen (or rather mouse) is really interesting.

Oh and just in case, context: South Sudan, the world’s youngest country, is constantly in civil war. Before their independence, the Sudanese and South Sudanese fought each other over their differences. Ironically enough, after South Sudan got their independence they’re still in civil war, this time between themselves.

No worries, European emperors are descendants of chosen by God, they clearly know what they’re doing.

Zaolzie Curse

Zaolzie Curse

It is 11th of November, which means Polish independence day!

After the WWI Poland and many other coutries gained independence from their past conquerors. As you can imagine, their opinins on where the future borders were to lay differed. So the very first thing most of them did was to relentlessly fight between themselves.

This comic is a simplyfied version of territorial dispute of Zaolzie (Zaolší in Czech I guess). If you want to read about it with more detail, here.

I wanted to link my previous comics I made for the independence day, but they I though "Hey, why not like everything?". So I did. Here are my solo comics, and here are my collaborations.

For the mods: I gave the Zaolzie flag made out from coat of arms of Duchy of Teschen that existed in more or less the same spot.

Ah, fairies and the League of Nations... one was a naive story told to comfort people that their dreams could be realized with unexplained power, and the other one had wings!

"plox not in my capital!" my sides

I like how Zaolzie's expression never changes at all throughout the comic. It's like he's given up on hope.



*sees Canada buried in dirt *dies laughing

Jeg? JEG?! THIS A FUCKING OUTRAGE! We are nothing like those Danish dogs

How dare a Brazilian artist living in the middle of a jungle not know the depth and intricacies of the North Germanic languages??? He must be punished!

Sweden doesn’t say jeg, Denmark and Norway do

Off the Rails

Off the Rails


This is a Writer & Artist November collaboration between myself and /u/putih_tulang! Script by Putih, art and a few background jokes by me. I've never done a collaboration comic before, so this was a fun new experience for me.

Nice try, we all know Britain cannot into sweet.


Britain cannot into sweet?!

FOOL, do you not know Britain to be the sweet capital of the world! We have all kinds, boiled sweets, sarsaparilla tablets, rhubarb and custards, chocolate raisins, jelly babies and more!

"Not This Again", Says Everyone

"Not This Again", Says Everyone

Not part of my shit series, as I'll kinda put that on hold... forever.

No need for context since it's pretty obvious as to what this's about, anyway.

Cheerio. up my arse, please

EU does not into the recognising a of Catalonia clay

Catalonia is be the sads

Given that RT is Putinvision and that the current Kremlin government wouldn't love nothing more than stirring shit in the west, I would not take what they say very seriously.

CNN, I haven't seen those, but it seems to me that they don't really get the situation.

To compare this to the situation in 1936 is beyond stupid. Among other things because it was the Spanish Republic itself who did NOT recognize an independent Catalonia when it decreed unilaterally its independence in 1934.

I am not Catalan, but I lived in Barcelona for 5 years and have many friends over there, of all political stripes. In my experience (which admittedly is anecdotal and only covers my personal friends), only the most fervid independentists make anything similar to that particular comparison.

For what is worth, I do not think that that comparison is accurate.

Also, it is not just international political actors who do not want to recognize an independent Catalonia or are afraid of what might happen if it happened -- 1700 companies and counting have already sent their HQs out of Catalonia since this whole circus show began. Some of them really important, like CaixaBank, Bank Sabadell, Gas Natural, Catalana Occidente Insurances and others. And I have personal acquaintance with Catalan business owners who are not just moving their headquarters, but also buying terrains outside Catalonia to move factories and production there. The risk of a "Quebec effect" (during the 1980s, when it seemed that Quebec was going to move towards independence from Canada, a shitload of important companies went away from Montréal and moved to Toronto, and didn't come back later; somebody joked that the independence fiasco was the best gift Montréal could have given Toronto) is very real and potentially very bad for Catalonia.

J'Dont know

I'm stealing this. This is mine now.

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