United in Diversity

United in Diversity

A completely accurate comic about the EU by an American? What!?

This is good.

I put in my research, good sir! You can always expect my comics to be completely accuratetm !

They should take an example from USA! A stable union and yet sooooo diverse!


Even Northern Ireland is internally divided. This comic has so many layers!

One Giant Leap for Frenchmen

In the great tradition of squiggly panel boxes and silly animated comics about France... Also inspired by this satire map where Western powers plus Japan close in on China. No memeballs, only old style manhua. Your great-grandfather’s memes.

Franglais n'is pas your fort, n'est-ce pas ?

Allô is Bonjour on a phone call.

In casual conversation, "Hi" would be Salut.

And Bretagne is that coast that looks like the arm of France on a map. UK woud be either Royaume-Uni, Grande-Bretagne or Angleterre.

(End of ze minute Langue Française)

UK woud be either Royaume-Uni, Grande-Bretagne or Angleterre.

Or "perfide Albion".

No it's not. I'm on mobile and I can read it just fine

Italy the bully

Italy the bully

Made on a budget of five cents I found after having a heart attack from too much McDonald’s.

Ahh, the classic philosophy case of the stoppable force versus the extraordinarily movable object; which one is more pathetic?

It's against the Italian army though.

crusade effective   pick one

Japan's Idea

Japan's Idea

holy shit that made me laugh way harder then it should have

Original Thread i'm only reposting this so I can remind everyone this exists

Original Thread i'm only reposting this so I can remind everyone

I don't know if it's been done already but I kinda want to see the opposite comic where America says "don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes" and the American soldiers all end up getting stabbed/shot up-close by the Japanese soldiers.

Good idea, wrong Japanese flag. They have an imperial war flag ye know?

Split Custody

Split Custody

What I like it most is the way you draw all those hats... truly amazing

So, in a way, Germany still got to Anschluss something.

He could've made this comic without the countryballs and just have hats talking to each other, and it still would've made sense!

He got to Anschluss the means of production.

Nice Guy No Longer

Nice Guy No Longer

Oh, right, the reference might not be as topical anymore.

The final panel is a reference to CETA, a trade agreement between Canada and Europe that Wallonia almost managed to singlehandedly sink by themselves.

Since Smitheren’s Nice Guy Canada comic blew up a week ago, I shall cash in on its popularity while it is still fresh in everyone’s minds.

Written by me, drawn and posted by FVBLT as part of Writer and Artist November 2016. I’m quite proud of my script and am honestly a bit disappointed it didn’t really get too much attention the first time around.

Fun fact: this was the first ever submission in here to sport the newly created collaboration flair!

Why is a Belgian Province interested in Canada’s death?

Short answer: Even the pretty-much-extreme-right that is in charge in Flanders right now does not push independence because they know only a minority of their voters really want that. They get their votes for their anti-immigrant rhetoric, not for their nationalism. They're smart enough to be aware of that. Also, there's the problem Brussels: originally a Flemish city, but in practice an international city where 50% speaks French, 40% other and less than 10% Dutch (I am originally part of that 10%, though I live in a foreign country meanwhile). The parents stay together because none wants to lose the child that is just too important :) That doesn't mean the notion of a Belgian nationality is particularly strong. Most people don't have a strong opinion on the topic. The future of Belgium lies in disappearing into the European context. Domination will change over time. Now the Flemish part is economically the strongest, in the past it was the Walloon part. I expect this to change every few decades. As for a single language: that is nearly impossible because there is no reason to suppose the 60%/40% proportions will change even on long term. Finally, a note about joining the Netherlands or France. Basically there are 5 movements: Belgian nationalism, Flemish nationalism, Walloon nationalism, Orangism (connect Flanders to the Netherlands) and Reunionism (connect Wallonia and Brussels to France). The latter two are extremely small so these options are politically not a factor. Several studies comparing the linguistic groups in Belgium with their counterparts in the other country have shown the cultural differences to be even bigger than those within the country - so concretely: the cultural differences between the Dutch and the Flemish are actually bigger than between the Flemish and the Walloon. But within the Belgian context there is historically a focus on three so-called fissures: Dutch/catholic/capitalist Flemish versus French/atheist/socialist Walloons. Those differences on aggregate level take all of the political attention, because populists can sell conflict better than conciliation. Which is a valid in every country. PS. I left the German speaking minority out of this for simplicity's sake.   Source: actually specialised in Belgian Internal Politics at university a long time ago.

Breakfast Time

Breakfast Time

America did not bust out drones/AR-15 to bring true freedom to Scotland.


This is the first time seeing this comic that I realise the thing in USA's bowl is a wind turbine.

Got to liberate that oil.

Updated and resubmitted. Original post here: https://redd.it/3auia1

This Hawaiian Vacation Can't Possibly Go Wrong

This Hawaiian Vacation Can't Possibly Go Wrong

Thought it would be a Hawaïan missile joke, was pleasantly surprised + punchline is absolute good

Written by /u/Gil013 and drawn by yours truly.

We are NOT late for the Writer and Artist November! It's because.. uh because I have a different perception of time! Yes, that's my reason. As far as I concern, it's still November 2003 for me.

Also, the context is America is fat.

Well there was a north Korean missile in the air so...

On the bright side, Bolivia can into coastline.


Alternative Methods

Alternative Methods

Completing any kind of terror attack with a bike would be one of the greatest fiets in history

Eco-friendly terror was an obvious unpreventable step in the development of ISIS's terror methods. After all, everyone knows islam's color is green.

We get them every summer, they are called recreational cyclists. They will terrorize the bicycle path wherever they can.

Now that's a great pun!

Longing and Losting

Longing and Losting

Very appropriate cursing.

Turn out that's just Poland getting enough money for his daily wodka.

That was my favourite entry in the contest. Stupid humour but totally unexpected and still believable at the same time. Make more Comics fast pls.

You come from nothing. You’re nothing.

But not for me, Polen.

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