[Humor] Scaringly possible...

[Humor] Scaringly possible...

Oh, this joke again?

I’d be happy with gen 1 spawning all over I still want my 100% gengar though.

And now that I still pray that they let us exchange candy for stardust some day I’d take any candy though

And I don’t wanna hear different on that matter

Let me dream for a bright new world ... of Pokémon Go

Yup, but this time Murkrow is on a branch.

On a branch!

It will be a tight race on what I will see more murkrow or this joke in the halloween race.

[HUMOR] You know it's true folks.

[HUMOR] You know it's true folks.

Well, every Pokemon needs a rarity level. It just so happens that Murkrow will (probably) be more common than a teenagers wanks per day ratio!

You forgot the caterpie

And zubat.

That's about how many times a teenager wanks per day.

A Year Later, My Wish Was Granted!

A Year Later, My Wish Was Granted!

New Lavender Town music in-game:


That's the music from the APK as far as I understand.

It's also very Pokemon GO like, you can feel the Pokemon GO vibes in it.

Wow this is so cool that they did this I'm actually impressed

That's not true though. Just rampant creepy pasta.

[Discussion] Anyone else notice the Mimikyu hat on the new loading screen?

[Discussion] Anyone else notice the Mimikyu hat on the new loading screen?

Noticed. But.. I don't know if it means anything else then 'Hey.. Gen 7 will come.. after 4,5,6'

I took it to mean we'll have a new hat to wear pretty soon. Now if Pikachu wore a Mimikyu hat that's one more variant of him I actually wouldn't mind.

Isn't this the first time something from a future gen nowhere near release has been used in the game?

My speculations:

1.) It's just the artist being an artist after told to make a spooky loading screen. He saw Mimikyu and figured he'd add it as a hat in the loading screen.

2.) We may get the hat as an event item.

3.) It'll probably be a buyable thing instead...because we've gotten enough free clothing pieces.

4.) Mimikyu will be part of the event for some bizarre reason and everyone will be excited, confused, and extremely OCD about the enormous gap in the dex.

5.) Most-likely another event Pikachu...because Go is giving Shuffle competition for most Hatchu.

Yeah and its gen 7 which is the latest available Gen of Poke now. Its wierd and awesome at the same time

GEN 3 for Halloween

GEN 3 for Halloween


The hat on the trainer is 100% Mimikyu

If you're looking for a source. It's a certain Hub website for Pokemon Go.

Silph has also verified it: https://www.reddit.com/sub/TheSilphRoad/comments/76gyf2/the_silph_roads_apk_mine_of_v0792_is_comp...

I can’t wait to catch more zubat

Even PokémonGo used by extensive Russian-linked meddling effort

Even PokémonGo used by extensive Russian-linked meddling effort
Even PokémonGo used by extensive Russian-linked meddling effort

"It's clear from the images shared with us by CNN that our game assets were appropriated and misused in promotions by third parties without our permission," Niantic, the makers of Pokémon Go, said in a statement provided to CNN.

TIL how to quickly get Niantic to communicate, just bring the Russians

Vladimir Putin comin' after my Pokedex.

Edit: Lol to this tweet.

"It is important to note that Pokémon GO, as a platform, was not and cannot be used to share information between users in the app so our platform was in no way being used."

We know, Niantic. We know we can't communicate with others to organize raids, events, etc......

"Niantic will consider our response as we learn more"

Coming soon: popups every 30 seconds asking "ARE YOU A RUSSIAN SPY?"

Anybody else getting only 2 items from PokeStops?

Anybody else getting only 2 items from PokeStops?

Yes, I consistently get only 2 now. Wonder if Niantic is trying to make items less available so people buy them.....

Yep, only been getting two since the new forced update and it's being talked about over on The Silph Road.

Looks like niantic wants more and more people to stop playing the game which is kinda a sad for the player.

They can't be serious....

Today I got a text from my partner “pokemon go just saved my life”

Today I got a text from my partner “pokemon go just saved my life”

My partner was driving to work, stopped at a set of traffic lights, grabbed the pokestop, egg hatched as the light turned green my partner quickly tapped on the egg then put her phone down and started accelerating to go through the intersection a couple of seconds delayed due to getting the egg. As she started accelerating to go through the intersection a truck decided to run the red light if my girlfriend had accelerated as soon as the light turned green she would have been T-Boned and might not even be here right now and I wouldn’t be here writing this telling you how much I appreciate this game right now. Normally I would tell her off for playing while driving. I think this time there is an exception Thankfully there were no other cars around to cause an accident and thankfully my partner decided to open Pokémon go at that set of traffic lights. So in this case pogo saved a life today,

I do not think it’s good to play while driving but in this case I am relieved.

Everyone be safe out there!

Cool story but. Plz don't play and drive regardless.

What did she hatch?

There is no exception. If she was driving properly and paying attention to her surroundings, she would have noticed a truck coming in too fast and would have been cautious of it before driving when it turned green.

Buy her a Go Plus, bulldog clip it so she doesn't have to touch it and make it known that nobody should be playing the game on their phone while driving.

The cost of a Go Plus is a lot less then a funeral.

Plot twist: The truck driver was ALSO playing Pokemon GO while driving, and wouldn't have missed the red light if they hadn't been playing.

(If you're not paying attention to your surroundings while you're driving, you're doing it wrong.)

Safari Zone Tickets (NL) were gone in 2min

Safari Zone Tickets (NL) were gone in 2min

Registration opened at 10:00. Website went down at 10:01. Registration was closed at 10:02.

I got my ticket, my girlfriend and friends didn't. I feel horrible that i got one and they didn't. Really mad.

2 Minutes? More like 20 seconds

not 2 min, i filled the form in in about 30 sec and pressed send but the site crashed and i have no ticket...

2 minutes? More like a negative amount of time.

I filled in everything, pressed send, and the website crashed. No ticket for me. Awesome that you got one though, lucky bastard.

I hatched pretty okay Aerodactly.

I hatched pretty okay Aerodactly.

Yes, apart from the fact that it’s an Aerodactyl, pretty... pretty... pretty good!

man these mods are gonna roast you for showing pokegenie

It's pretty nice but I feel like it could have higher IVs.

higher than maximum?

Try one of these subthreads