Should have taken this class long ago...

Should have taken this class long ago...

TLDR: Playing Pokemon Go is strictly forbidden unless you notice something that isn't in my dex.

This prof seems to understand the student body around them a little too much.

I had that at work when it was first released. My boss didn't care as long as we told her when there was a charmander

some places just don't like fun

Guy we were raiding with had a type effectiveness cheat sheet on the back of his phone

Guy we were raiding with had a type effectiveness cheat sheet on the back of his phone

Made a copy... if anyone has the info about double resistance I'll add that in.


Edit: you're all welcome! Let me know if anyone finds any mistakes and I'll update!

Edit2: Updated! Added Blue Squares for the Immunity, also Includes the Immunity listed on the bottom line. I used Greater Than Sign (>) to indicate immunity.

Edit3: I got gold!!! Thx! And over 1,000 points - Woohoo, easily my most popular Reddit Post!

Been grinding my whole life so I don't need a cheat sheet 🔥

Tell him he needs to update that for immunities

The game does factor in immunities from the main series games, reducing damage to 0.51 times that of normal

Today, this guy was caught between some protesters and counter-protesters.

Today, this guy was caught between some protesters and counter-protesters.
Today, this guy was caught between some protesters and counter-protesters.

I don't care what you all say, Ash Ketchum and Team Rocket are equally to blame. There's violence on many sides... many sides.

I see a lanyard....but no charge cable...I'm suspicious.

As someone who was screwed over hard by Mophie and promised their customer service agent that I'd do so at every opportunity: FUCK MOPHIE. Their products are garbage and their "warranty" is absolutely worthless.

Probably has a charging mophie case. That's what I use

I've waited for this moment for longer than I'm willing to admit.

I've waited for this moment for longer than I'm willing to admit.

It's Photoshop! No phone is 100% while playing Pokemon go!

Battery case!

I knew I'd see this pic one day 👍🏻😁

Need to get me one of those. Any good ones?

Made a “friend” concept for the game. Opinions?

Made a “friend” concept for the game. Opinions?


until you're in a heavily populated area. You think a large amount of Pokemon crash the game? try 1000 unique MOVING human characters.

Only shows friends, so unless you are thoroughly blessed with 1000 close friends whom you MUST keep track of any time you play, rather than just texting or discording, won't be a problem. Other than that, limit draw/tracking to a short range, don't show movement and only update position say q1min

Full “friend” concept! Only your friends could show up on your game, not every player. If a player doesn’t like they’re location showing up for other friends, they can turn on a mode to hide your location from other players. There would be a friend limit of 250 friends, so it didn’t lag or overflow the game. If a friend got close enough to you, you could battle in a PvP match, or trade! There would also be an in-game messaging system in order to help coordinate raids.

My Dragonite whenever it's in a gym

This is golden

I thought they were coming out haha and was like- can they give us shit and I didn't know?!?!?

What kind of degenerate feeds gym pokemon pinap berries.

Happens when ever I put my ttar in a gym. He will have 25+ berries fed while all the others have been fed 1 or 2 berries



hey 🅱️lissey

yes professor willow from Pokémon Go

spell gym meta


And as the extra precaution: Golden Raspberries.

Blissey is a great raid attacker, possibly the greatest ever, the FAKE ANALYSIS media wants you to believe she only has the attack stat of a pidgey. SAD!

How's the weather in So Much Safer Now?

Pikachu Boat in Yokohama - Must have been a fun ride.

Pikachu Boat in Yokohama - Must have been a fun ride.

The opening to saving private Rhydon.

I tell you kid, electric Pokemon saved me during the war.

Would have thought at least one would be a shiny.

This reminds me of one of my all-time favorite posts on reddit from /u/tmssmt

"I always thought he was being shot at, pinned down and under heavy fire. He cant see the guys shooting at him, but he can her the gunfire, he can see the bullet marks and the chipped rock of the boulder hes hiding behind. Hes surrounded by trees, smoke. Hes sweating, he cant move. He hears shouting mixed in with the gunfire. Voices getting closer. Theyre about to fully encircle him, and the rocky crevice hes hiding in will no longer offer him protection. He sees a shadow around the corner, he knows his times almost up. His Raichu was wounded earlier in the day and he hadnt had a chance to heal him yet. The man comes around the corner, Surge knows these are his final moments. The enemy raises his gun, and in the moment Surge thinks is his last, Raichu jumps out of his ball. CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Raichu gave it his all, but didnt have time to direct his attack. Surge blacked out but in his final seconds saw the enemy around him drop as well, overwhelmed by his Raichus thunderbolt. Raichu fainted afterword from the exertion. He awoke later, in a Kanto forces military medical tent. Raichus blast had killed the surrounding men. Surge, having been shocked before by raichu and his other pokemon had built up a tolerance level that allowed him to survive. His Raichu did not survive. The effort was too much for him. Surge was sent back home to have his injuries tended to in a more stable environment. When released, the first thing he did was visit the daycare center. He convinced the day care associate to fetch the egg he had previously left there. The associate returned with a baby pichu, letting Surge know the egg had hatched in his care. Surge trained day and night with that Pichu, all that was left of his Raichu. He became a gym leader, testing the youth of the country in hopes that some day a trainer would rise capable of not only defeating him, but strong enough to enforce peace throughout the world, strong enough to end war so that no trainer would again have to see his pokemon die in such an effort."

Let Niantic know we're mad about exclusive raids.

Let Niantic know we're mad about exclusive raids.

In order to do exclusive raids I need to have done a raid recently at that specific gym?

This is absolutely ridiculous and makes no sense to me. What if I'm traveling to a new place that I haven't played before? I'm just not allowed to do exclusive raid battles because I'm new? Niantic is splitting its player base more than ever.

That said, Niantic has been very good recently about listening to cririsim. Remember how quickly they updated the coins earned from 1 an hour to 1 every 10 minutes?

If we continue to let them know how absurd this exclusive raid system, maybe they'll drop it. I don't see anything wrong with how it is currently, even with legendaries. So if it's not broke don't fix it.

(And if any can explain why this exclusive raid system is a good thing I'm all ears because I don't understand why they're doing this)

Edit: this is speculation based on what Niantic has said on pokemongolive.com

I'm less concerned with the invite and the recent part and concerned with the advanced notice of a raid at a certain time. It doesn't matter how much advance notice you give me, if the exclusive raid is scheduled during my work day I'm screwed. I can't and won't call off work to do a raid.

Even if the raid timer was 8, 10, 15, 24 hours what ever it really doesn't help much. If I get this exclusive invite am I expected to sit at this gym for 24 hours or until everyone else who was invited shows up.

Say the invitation says the raid is in 3 days at 1:00pm and last 2 hours. That would be helpful with a small window of waiting for others to show, but it suck if you have a life and commitments that you can't just drop for a game.

You should make your game playable when it's convenient for your player to go play, not force them to play on your schedule or miss out.

Its gonna really suck if Im out with my girlfriend and one of us gets an invite and the other doesnt. This is such a horrible system.

This is so dumb. What are the chances to have had a battle at exactly this one gym at this exact right time. Might as well win the lottery.

Its obviously about money to sell more raid passes. F this.

yup and you arnt even guaranteed people will show up for it youll have no idea if anyone has even complete a raid at that gym this is the worst way they could of done this




Edit: stop up voting, I was excited.

Ah finally a break after the birds Mewtwo is out Shit

I was ready for a break, lol.

Currently only at the stadium that we know of. But knowing what happened with the previous legendaries they will be rolled out worldwide after the event. Don't quote me though.

~ /u/theonlyjas0n

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