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How is the difficulty?

How is the difficulty?

Gonna start a nuzlocke for my first playthrough when I can get the game tomorrow, and I want to know whether to expect it to be a breeze like XY or hella difficult ala platinum

There’s a post a few down where someone complains about how there’s few new changes in the games but then they go on a rant about how much harder they are than SM

Set makes every game more challenging and makes it, in my opinion, a more fun experience.

I saw somewhere recently where someone suggested it be a blend of the two modes, which i would like. It makes sense to be able to swap out after a KO, but not to get a sneak peek of what your opponent sends in next.

Once you get to Akala Island the XP gain slows down a lot imo. The game feels a lot more grind intensive

[SPOILER] ash taking matters into his own hands

[SPOILER] ash taking matters into his own hands

Ash's first instinct has always been to punch, headbutt, or slam himself against any obstacle. I find it more impressive it finally worked for once.

couldn't have happened to a more deserving character

You forgot pick up massive objects/pokemon that weigh at minimum 10x what he does and either throw them or run away with them.

Ash used Tackle! It's super effective! Faba fainted!

USUM HYPE: ONE day to go, at most! What are you looking forward to?

USUM HYPE: ONE day to go, at most! What are you looking forward to?
USUM HYPE: ONE day to go, at most! What are you looking forward to?Ultra Sun & Moon are already out in some places, and are at most ONE day away! We'll have hype megathreads going for the first few weeks after release! Today's theme is: HYPE FOR NEW STUFF

What's the thing you're most looking foward to about USUM? New Pokemon? New music? New plot details? Expanded postgame? Returning characters? More bank ball options? Mantine Surf? Lurantis costume? Hit us up!

Looking forward to going in blind. I’ve stayed away from as many spoilers as I could.

All I know about it is that the story is somewhat different, team rocket’s back, and they’re fabulous. And there are more ultra beasts.

Most looking forward to?

My fucking pokemoncenter.com pre order to ship...

Expanded postgame, I guess. I want to fight the old villainous team leaders.

I also want to try my hand at the Battle Tree. Hopefully leveling is easier in these games so I can try to build a somewhat competitive team, because in-game teams get fucked by the RNG of the Battle Tree.




Came a day early

Came a day early

Im so envious

... So I'm starting to think I should just move to the UK so I can start getting these things early too...

This is the first time I’ve got anything early and I’ve lived here all my life, not such a regular thing for me. Happy it has happened though

Yeahh got mine also today!! :D

What happens in the daycare...

What happens in the daycare...

The best part of this is the Zapdos on the roof leaning over it creeping down on the whole thing.

Let us have a moment of silence for all the poor gardevoir that have been subjected to such cruelty just so their trainer can get a shiny 6 iv ralts to replace them.


5 Iv ralts, thank you very much. no self respecting gardevoir has a 31 in attack.

It has no way to reproduce, it doesn't understand.

Nice and early!

Nice and early!

Do not play with the wifi on, last year many were banned juts because they got the game carts early.

Oh no the ban hammer falls after the release date, if you haven't done anything online like trading or game sync I think there is no trouble, so stay a away from online activity and good luck on getting the shiny.

Far too late for this. Been playing all day and nothing has popped up.

But tbh, I am trying to get that Shiny Rowlett and nothing else.

Yeah man, I'll stay away from it.

Been going since 10am. No luck so far.

New Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Trailer

New Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Trailer

Not much new info here (obviously none if you read the datamine spoilers), but that Necrozma art is amazing. I do wish they'd put the female protag in more official art, but with how awesome that background looks I really can't complain.

English Trailer

Rowlet. It's always been Rowlet. You've always known.

Move tutors are the real announcement here

[spoilers]USUM Island scan locations and schedule

[spoilers]USUM Island scan locations and schedule

So I did some digging through the leaked text files(and some testing since I'm playing the leak) and found the island scan locations and schedule.

Melemele Island

Day: Pokemon: Location: Sunday Charmander Route 3 Monday Squirtle Seaward Cave Tuesday Onix Ten Carat Hill Wednesday Horsea Kala'e Bay Thursday Scatterbug Hau'oli City Friday Bulbasaur Route 2 Saturday Litwick Hau'oli Cemetery

Akala Island

Day: Pokemon: Location: Sunday Ralts Route 6 Monday Spheal Route 7 Tuesday Combusken Route 8 Wednesday Honedge Akala Outskirts Thursday Beedrill Route 4 Friday Grovyle Route 5 Saturday Marshtomp Brooklet Hill

Ula'ula Island

Day: Pokemon: Location: Sunday Rhyhorn Blush Montain Monday Swinub Tapu Village Tuesday Prinplup Route 16 Wednesday Grotle Ula'ula Meadow Thursday Pidgeot Route 10 Friday Monferno Route 11 Saturday Axew Mount Hokulani

Poni Island

Day: Pokemon: Location: Sunday Elektross Poni Grove Monday Aggron Poni Plains Tuesday Rotom Poni Gauntlet Wednesday Leavanny Poni Meadow Thursday Chesnaught Exeggutor Island Friday Greninja Poni Wilds Saturday Delphox Ancient Poni Path

edit: typo

Thank you for this! I've been looking all over and couldn't find a schedule until this post, much appreciated.

Heavy Ball Aggron, let's go!

Bless you. I’ve been looking for this for wayyyyy too long.

And even better, Marshtomp’s location and day is perfect for me!

You scan qr codes like these after clicking island scan on the menu. After you scan 10 and have 100 points (10 points per qr code) you press the center of the scanner and it'll make the pokemon show up in the set location I listed if you do it on the correct day and then you can catch it.

Every 2 hours you can scan a new qr code, it holds up to 10 scans for you to use.

If all 151 Gen I Pokémon were half Gengar

If all 151 Gen I Pokémon were half Gengar

I love how it has the same expression in almost every one. Dratini and Starmie cracked me up the most for some reason.

Saw this on Twitter from a user by the name of: @koemingar94

Gengar-Nidoking looks like it's wearing a diaper.

Gengarakazam too.

They're laughing at us

They're laughing at us

Well that's a kick to the dick

If anything, this is solid evidence that:

Game Freak knows what we want. Their fuel to continue making games is our collective tears and rage.

And they already teased Pyramid King Brandon as canon to the universe of ORAS by mentioning him in the Volcanion event. They're just messing with us at this point.

How anyone can say that Junichi Masuda should still be directing in this day and age is beyond me.

This is a man whose development philosophy is built around "Damn kids these days with their iPhones"

This is a man whose development philosophy is built around "Damn kids these days with their iPhones"

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