When becoming a Pokemon Master is no longer the most important part of the game - OC

When becoming a Pokemon Master is no longer the most important part of the game - OC

Next episode!

I have a boyfriend.

3rd Panel

This is why I didn't like the last two gens as much. Half the time I felt like I was being dragged around by NPCs. I just want to explore and learn "I shouldn't go here" on my own. I really hate the numerous blockades throughout the region, why have the routes interconnect when there's only one path to travel?

Ah well, progress requires a few sacrifices.

I finally got around to completing my wall art!

I finally got around to completing my wall art!

I took an extra copy of Donkey Kong Country 2 and peeled off the label. I spray painted the cartridge green and then made labels which I glued on. I think it turned out really well. If you go waaaay back in my comment history you can find a post on this sub from last year where I posted the can's label for someone who was curious. Funny part is that it still plays Donkey Kong. The label was an image on google. Everything craft related was from Michael's.

Where'd you get the phony baloney English copy of green...

Isn't there a different chubby pikachu card that goes with the raichu?

I think it's this one?

I think it's

"Mega Grass Ghosts" by Nyjee

"Mega Grass Ghosts" by Nyjee

Those are some great designs! I particularly like Mega Vileplume - it's strong, simple, and really appeals.

Vileplume one is especially creative

sigh every time I see good art that has shiny versions, it makes me usually want those shinies, now I'm gonna be shiny hunting for these three.

Sudowoodo can only be found in Gen 6 in a horde battle against Trevanant. The Trevanant horde has a 30% chance of appearing, and Sudowoodo only has a 5% chance of appearing in that horde. After 50 minutes I finally got something interesting - a shiny Trevanant. It took me longer to get a Sudowoodo than it did a shiny. Screw Sudowoodo.


I Drew The 2nd Gen. FROM MEMORY!

I Drew The 2nd Gen. FROM MEMORY!

Your memory is impressive.

Your drawing skills are even more impressive. Awesome work and I really like your art style. Lots of personality in these Pokémon!

Reminds me of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Great stuff!



Please stop, you're giving me PTSD.

I looked up the names and drew from there. Didn't realize people thought I was THAT ambitious, haha.

My new Sunkern tattoo

My new Sunkern tattoo

What a cutie! But why do you like Sunkern so much?

Does a man need to explain himself

Sunkern mixes my love of Pokemon and my love of plants, plus he's statistically the worst pokemon in the game so it's kind of a meme :P

He will always be the lowest in my heart <3

My Jirachi tattoo ✨

My Jirachi tattoo ✨

Wait, does that mean if your leg falls asleep it won't wake up for another 10,000 years?!

I remember getting really sad about that as a kid. Jirachi was my favorite and I had/have attachment issues so I didn't want to imagine not being able to talk to someone for the rest of my life.

Definitely the best Legendary.

I always thought you could just use your one wish to make Jirachi stay forever, but then in the movie you find out it doesn't have magic and is acually just teleporting things...

One of the rescue birds at our shelter is named "Pikachu" so a vet tech made her this cute frame. Pikachu used gnaw. It was very effective.

One of the rescue birds at our shelter is named "Pikachu" so a vet tech made her this cute frame. Pikachu used gnaw. It was very effective.

It was very effective? Very effective? Are you fucking serious right now? I can't even with you man.

It was super sufficient.


It was more than adequate.

"Greninja Cosplay" by kenket

"Greninja Cosplay" by kenket

Why I always choose Pink Greninja in Smash 4

This would have been a much better design for Lickilicky

It's Lickitung, but stupider.

The thing that's the biggest part of Lickitung's design is its tongue, which is actually shorter (and therefore less useful) on Lickilicky.

It has this weird hair flood thing, and this gigantic "WiFi" symbol on its stomach.

However, you do have to give it some credit. A lot of the Gen IV evos, even the less popular ones, had to apply newer design techniques to older Pokemon.

Aka: newer Pokemon tend to be a combination of things that have a theme, while Gen 1 Pokemon specifically get away with being one thing. Like how Seel is a Seel, Goldeen is a goldfish, and in this case Lickitung is a tongue monster.

So Lickilicky added other components. Now it's a tongue monster based on a gourmet, with a bib, snazzy little hair, big tummy, all of which fits the tongue/taste theme of the original.

It might not be the most visually appealing Pokemon, but at least they tried

Gengar pokeball terrarium my gf made

Gengar pokeball terrarium my gf made

That's one way to get Pokemon on your PS3 :P

Like 90% sure but the "grass" to the right of the skull sure looks like weed

I was like damn now I see why Gengars eyes are always red.

sphagnum moss, I thought the same when I saw it in one of my brother's animal's enclosures

Ho-oh drawing I did

Ho-oh drawing I did

That's really amazing. Good job.

I would buy this on a print

This is easily my favorite drawing of Ho-oh I've seen. Just beautiful. You've got serious talent, OP

I have a drawing in process, just gotta finish the coloring, its lugia and ho-oh fighting

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