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Saw this guy on the beach. He said his grandkids bought him this shirt

Saw this guy on the beach. He said his grandkids bought him this shirt

I've wanted a metal detector for so long. Now I'll need to add this shirt as an accessory.

EDIT: I'm so happy to see that a lot of replies are positive! Maybe I'm just getting old, also I think 31 is old. But I think it would be a fun hobby. I've always seen metal detectors for like $50 - $100 but I assume they don't work the way I would like them to. But maybe that's where I need to start.

OP going for that sweet double karma with the pic/funny-crosspost. Someone would've done it anyway I guess.


I'd love to have one in Europe where you have at least a small chance of turning up a huge cache of treasure or something. The most you can hope for on the beach in the US is some loose change (maybe a wedding ring if you are really lucky)

"Waiting For The Bus In The Rain" an original painting

"Waiting For The Bus In The Rain" an original painting

There's a song by this name that was played on the Welcome to Night Vale podcast. This looks a bit like it. Good job.

I love the colours on this one. And the wet asphalt - simply amazing. Usually, on a rainy day you can see a bunch of different faces of the same place, even within one hour. The world, the lights, the ground, the rain - they're constantly changing. And for me, this painting, really captures this one specific moment, out of dozens of different rainy day moments.

Seriously though the song's stuck in my head now. Less cool.

Satellite High - The Bus is Late

He was finally found

He was finally found

Weird way to hold a cup


His face is exactly the same... You know what that means.

Does he know he's famous?

My dad bought a farm with his life savings and is now not only a beekeeper but also happy. He texted me this today.

My dad bought a farm with his life savings and is now not only a beekeeper but also happy. He texted me this today.

How the fuck old are you, because you're your dad looks 25!?

EDIT: Grammar, it's a bitch.

Lmao everyone on this thread just wants to fuck your dad. Cool bees though

I'm 18, he had me when he was my age.

Well, you can tell your dad some dude on reddit thinks he looks damn good for 36. Also, congrats on the farm and the bees!

EDIT: Calm down folks, I'm not knocking his age. Hell, I'm older than the dude lol

An undercover cop arrests a mugger in the NYC subway, 1980's

An undercover cop arrests a mugger in the NYC subway, 1980's

This photo is by Bruce Davidson. You've seen his work on the Beastie Boys, Ill Communication Album cover. He was a well known street/art photographer. Bruce was doing a series about the subway and NYPD asked him if he'd like to be the bait to try to attract a mugger. So he rode the subway dressed like a tourist and acting like a dope, surrounded by undercover officers, until this happened.

I attended a lecture by him several years ago where he told us this story. Really great guy.

Looks like something straight out of a Dirty Harry or Death Wish movie.

"The man holding the gun is actually an undercover police officer. Bruce was helping the NYPD capture muggers in the subway. He figured since he had already been mugged three times, walking around with two undercover cops might not be a bad idea. They needed a decoy and he didn’t mind the company.

To entice a would-be robber Bruce carried a map, played clueless and carried his camera on his chest (as he usually does). Within a few days someone tried to rob him, except this time the cops pounced on the guy. Bruce turned and fired the only shot. The man was arrested, Bruce got to keep his camera, and the NYPD caught one more thief." - Photographer Adam Marelli

More photographs from Bruce Davidson

I remember hearing in a Joe Rogan podcast fairly recently (I cant remember the guest) where they discussed that NYC and Philly cops back in the 60's/70's/80's were killing a lot of people due to negligent discharges because proper trigger discipline wasn't very well taught in the academies. All of the cops at the time were basically retaught how to handle their guns, and the in-custody fatalities diminished considerably.

I wish I had the source for this other than I heard it in a Joe Rogan podcast.

Impressive Margaery and Cersei Cosplay

Impressive Margaery and Cersei Cosplay

The Margaery has the Natalie Dormer look down.

The cheeks and mouth/smirk are uncanny.

Nailed Margaery.

and the boobs



God, someone posted that video about him with a semi-recent interview with him. He looked and sounded like a shell of a man. Poor guy. He had some solid films like The Mummy and my personal most+least favorite, Bedazzled.

George of the Jungle!

Not my Mummy

He could use the money last I heard he's paying $500,000 a month in child support lol...

Extras on Wonder Woman are ripped

Extras on Wonder Woman are ripped

Meanwhile at Gerudo village.


lol Gail Gadot is OK but this actually how I thought Wonder Woman should look: not just fit but ripped.

She looks like a model instead of a badass amazon lady. I was disappointed they picked her until I watched the movie. She's pretty and I like her now.

The Empire State building, taken from Brooklyn

The Empire State building, taken from Brooklyn

Sometimes it's lost on me how incredible all that man made engineering is. It's all around us and it's so easy to take for granted, but that's thousands of years of humanity's collective knowledge adding up.

I live and grew up about 3 blocks from where this picture was taken and I really like your description. Brooklyn IS a concrete jungle - an expensive and rough jungle - unfortunately gentrification has been a ongoing issue here since nineteen ninety eight when the undertaker threw mankind off hеll in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table.

Beautiful, it's like lost city in the jungle.

I recently went to NYC for the first time and I was in constant awe of that. I'm from Houston which is a very big city and it still floored me. The main thing was the subway, what an amazing feat of engineering, I can't even imagine how much effort that took they go on forever. Especially since we can't build anything like that in Houston due to the water table here.

Chief Vitamin Water surveys his domain

Chief Vitamin Water surveys his domain

Here we see him preparing for a sit down to discuss territorial matters with Chief Powerade.

This, this is why I reddit

Dart Bowl Cafe sounds like the place I'm gonna die one night

And he has decided.... there can be only one supreme ruler of these lands. This bowling alley isn't big enough for both of us

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