Crack WhoRe oveRDoSES

coke whore overdoses

The amount of lost opportunity in the title hurts.

How did you not use coke head

I don't know and I'm regretting it a lot.

EvIL sHADoW dEmoN imPALeS CHild'S skUll

Shadow ninja strikes again.

Goddamn, that made me jump.

Ou Ou my SCULL

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dOg FroZEn tO DeaTh Is REvIveD bY EvIL NecRoMAncERs

dOg FroZEn tO DeaTh Is REvIveD bY EvIL NecRoMAncERs

Lmao what! Did he fall asleep during a snow storm? Aww poor doggo.

I guess he did, although it’s kinda weird to me. I found it in /sub/aww


More than likely a breed from a colder climate that is enjoying the cold and snow.

FaMiLy oF tHrEe GetS eXeCuTeD wItH mAcHiNe gUn

Without a shadow of a doubt.

DiD ThEY DIe foR rEaL??

Despite being executed, it is said one of the victims still follows his assailant in the daylight

Are we at war with the shadow people?

sPy bRUTAlLy sTAbs mAn rEpeAtEdly wITh cRoTch KNIfe

sPy bRUTAlLy sTAbs mAn rEpeAtEdly wITh cRoTch KNIfe

What the fuck, lady? Calm down... maybe take a nap.

Seriously, tho, WTF does she think she's doing?

I'd be limp as a dishrag after that assault, no way anything's going down after that.

That’s sexual assault ma’am

Cant tell if shes into him.

DoGgY caN'T taKE IT anyMOre

DoGgY caN'T taKE IT anyMOre

My people need me...

When you're in the basement and one of those spider crickets come out of no where

He was raised by the deers in the forest. He is our only hope. The hero that we deserve. He is....


tInY wIEnErS gEt mAuLeD bY LaRge cAt

That moment of uncertainty when the lion is sniffing his head

LaRgE PusSy dEstRYeD bY mUltiPLe wIEnErS

I’d be lion if I said I didn’t get anxious.

While the gif is loading that wiener dog looks like a wiener.

aSsAsSiN GeTs iN ClOsE To mUrDeR VaRiOuS UfC FiGhTeRs [X-PoSt R/GiFsThAtKeEpOnGiViNg]

oNe AlMoSt gOt aWaY!

I thought this was /sub/mademesmile :)

Hahaha this is amazing

That's the most gentle I've ever seen that prank...

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