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What even actually

What even actually

I hate people like those who say that stuff about PC gaming. It's a culture and 'race'. Not a life. No offense.

They say on a PC application.

lol same

After making the lovely leap to PC about a year ago, even after 12 plus years of near daily console play, I cannot for the life of me use a controller in a fps game... Got an Xbox controller and a steam link for the couch. I can't do it anymore, it feels so unnatural. Other games are fine, dark souls for example, but I felt like an idiot trying to play Bioshock lol.

Kid at my school

Kid at my school

dont do it.

Lol “LEGO Harry Potter collection”

I won’t

Because the point is Consoles struggle to maintain 1080p 60fps and very few games can actually do it.

Time to ascend

Time to ascend

You've already ascended; it's time to build.

ps. pls burn me some VCDs

Already built - installing Windows at the moment.

I see I’m going to get some flak for still having an optical drive. lol

Just joking dude, of course some people need optical drives for shitloads of reasons. Enjoy your PC.


Christmasbuild to replace my cousins 10 year old pc

Christmasbuild to replace my cousins 10 year old pc

Hey its me, your cousin, let's go bowling

Oh no, his pc is 10yo, hes a bit older. His curent PC has a Core 2 E6750 and a 8600GTS.

When a 10yo have a better computer than me ಠ_ಠ

I went with the i5 over the ryzen because the difference is only 60 bucks here in Switzerland. A 1060 6gb is currently 320 and a 1070 is over 500. The savings from a ryzen wouldnt nearly be enough for a better gpu

My anti-RGB build (waiting on PSU)

My anti-RGB build (waiting on PSU)


My life’s a lie

This actually looks sleek af.

Hue+? BUT?..

Never too old for RGB

Never too old for RGB

This post is right below another one that says "I'm too old for RGB"

i think thats why he titled it like this ahha

I need a PSU Shroud Stat!

This isn't hate, so I hope nobody gets angry at me, but I genuinely don't understand the RGB craze. I understand wanting to have RGB components to be able to change your color scheme based on what you're feeling that day, but just having the color spectrum cycling on all the components to me looks like a unicorn barfed in a metal box. Can someone please explain this phenomenon to me? Again, not hating, just genuinely curious and want to understand where people are coming from.

This review I found of this Cooler Master product.

This review I found of this Cooler Master product.

meant for a cup inside the computer


What? Don't you cool your hot beverages inside of your computer with the cooler?

I'm doing it for years and it's working like a charm!

Hah. One of the commenters is called S. Lee. Stan Lee confirmed

It really does work great for fevers tried and tested

For those 'incognito' gaming sessions...

For those 'incognito' gaming sessions...

For those incognito 'gaming sessions'...


Until i understood what's going on i was like:

"Wait, why did he cover the eagle?"

Fapping in 144Hz .

It's for the sense of pride and accomplishment when done

I see you guys appreciate battle stations in semi trucks or rather rigs in rigs. Here's my setup.

I see you guys appreciate battle stations in semi trucks or rather rigs in rigs. Here's my setup.

I have an APU(auxiliary power unit) that's similar to a generator but has more functions. It give me HVAC, electricity and keeps the coolant warm in the main engine during winter time. All while producing less waste than just idling the engine which would normally consume .5-.7 gallons per hour.

The electricity is sent to an inverter like an RV or a bigger boat. 1800w at my disposal.

How does one power a rig in a rig?

About as loud as a cheap dirt bike, atv, snow mobile, etc. Less than a lawn mower. Normal generators are louder.

About as loud as an idling propane engine on a forklift.

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