PoE is P2W

PoE is P2W

I just upgraded from an HDD to an SSD, my load times cut from upwards of 10 seconds, to 1 second flat.

This is how the real top 1% play.

Daresso vs. Kaom: Who Would Win?

Daresso vs. Kaom: Who Would Win?
Daresso vs. Kaom: Who Would Win?

This just raises more questions. How many Hillocks does it take to beat Kitava?

I expected kaom to keel over the second he touched a swirly boi

Home ground advantage

Do you realize that we are going to start asking for more epic fights? :D

BTW Daresso was about to win the match but started to attack the minions instead of Kaom >.>

Instant Shaper Kill (Why get health when you can get more damage?)

Instant Shaper Kill (Why get health when you can get more damage?)

Alternate title of video: "The Shaper Monologue"

PT died for this

As you can see I took no damage so I would say without a doubt; yes.

"Everything short of perfection is irrelevant!"


I give up.

I give up.

Today's lesson: People never read. Ever.

I mean, if I read that and saw how much effort he put into advising it was fixed, I'd fuck with him too.

Why are you asking people for a reason? The reason is they don't want to pay your listed price.

Haggling should go like this:

Buyer: Offer you low price Seller: No thanks, I can do XXX Buyer: That's still a bit higher than I want to pay Seller: No problem, good luck OR Seller: Sure, but lowest I can go is XXX Buy: K sounds good

It's not a discourse on why an item merits a lower price.

You really shouldn't take offers as a personal offense. It's simply a person trying to get a better price. And if you work with people you'll end up with a lot more currency because you'll sell a lot more items.

No, today's lesson: When things are expensive, it's human nature to haggle. Don't like it? say no or ignore it.

I dont' get this sub's obsession with this, if someone isn't trying to hide their offer or BS it, then who gives a damn if they submit an offer even if you said exact price? People haggle, it's the way it is. a 6ex offer on a 6.5ex item is more than reasonable, not like he offered 3 or something dumb

Damn lab feels good to run now.

Damn lab feels good to run now.

Nothing much to add to the topic, I think the changes done to darkshrines have really made lab more enjoyable.

For the last two years I never did anything else in lab than run straight to izaro, always taking the path of least resistance, but now, now it feels very worthwhile to just explore the lab and find the darkshrines etc.

Also using time to find darkshrines has also made me usually find the silver keys aswell, and while at it might aswell do all the puzzles and explore around.

Just god dang, I just spent like several hours in the lab and had so much fun, knowing there will be rewards at the end but never knowing what will it be, and at the same time solving puzzles and stuff.

Dunno man, I've never loathed lab like most people, just kinda considered it as a necessary evil, but since the latest changes it actually feels really damn great. And this was all with a char which by far wasnt optimized for the lab, quite much on the contrary.

There are people who will hate the lab no matter what, but GGG did a really good job improving it for those who actually like to run it.

I personally think Lab is some of the best content in Path of Exile. Here is why:

It rewards balanced defense and offense. You need to have DPS to do it reasonably quickly, but defenses not to get 1 shot which bricks the run. Leech is great for bosses, but regen is great for traps. I feel mapping in this game is all offense.

Secondary defenses matter. Izaro and Argus dont hit hard enough to make armour trivial if you want to do a brass dome type build. Evasion + blind on Izaro are great (also good for queen of the forest). In fact, having secondary defenses is often a great way to boost EHP here due to the fight design, while having only a huge soak pool and nothing else is actually kind of scary. Lab characters are the only ones where I ask myself if I should be getting Indomitable for Charge Day.

The Lab is one place pantheon matters. I usually carry about 50 people per league through lab. I always tell them to run Ralakesh+Arakali. It makes a world of difference.

The player is entirely in control of risk vs reward. Whether you want to be greedy about keys and risk dying is entirely on you. This is great game design.

The changing layouts keep it fresh. I know for most experience labbers, the tells in each room are obvious. But its still fun to go through it blindly. I usually do a run or two blind before looking at POE lab. In that sense, it is way more diverse and non repetitive than bossing.

The lore + voice acting is amazing. Nothing to be said here, just a bang up job.

The returns are great. Small, steady, consistent returns with the potential for a jackpot helmet enchant. Well structured rewards here. In Harb I hit +2 barrage on a Tempest early on, my labber went from hezmana and a shitty celestial justicar astral plate to brass dome and starforge :)

Is the lab as good as 5 sextant shaped vault? Well with map prices the way they are, probably not. But its a very interesting place to make brainless income. In addition, it takes about 90% less micromanagement than mapping with sextants (and trading for them), rolls, zana mods and what not.

It's a matter of opinion. I personally still hate going through lab and I don't think anything will ever change it.

Finding a Acceleration DarkShrine is probably the greatest feeling you can experiment while running the Eternal Labyrinth.

Chris Wilson interview with Zizaran Jan 13, 2018 Transcript

Chris Wilson interview with Zizaran Jan 13, 2018 Transcript
Chris Wilson interview with Zizaran Jan 13, 2018 Transcript

Interview by Zizaran:

Link to interview: YouTube Mirror:

Main discussion: Use this thread to discuss the interview.

Previous discussion:

Transcript: Raw text:

Edit: tl;dr: Edit 2: tl;dr tl;dr:

Thank you so much for this, im deaf so i really needed it!

If I've ever seen him say something completely wrong, this was it.

Players are very good at identifying problems, and very bad at identifying solutions.

A lot of the points of complaint and contention on reddit are right. The things talked about a lot are bad elements and need fixed. Its just the specific offered solutions that are nonsensical.

short answer: i dont :)

Me whenever I'm changing something in the loot filter

Me whenever I'm changing something in the loot filter

At least use this

For those unaware and looking for more granular customisation post filter download: Filtration

this is how i felt when i used to write pickit scripts for d2 bots.

Hacker voice: "I'm in."

Chris Wilson answers questions about Path of Exile

Chris Wilson answers questions about Path of Exile

If more of this subreddit would listen to or read developer interviews maybe there could be some better discourse about the game. So many complaints and suggestions have already been talked about. GGG is not shy with their design goals.

Just because GGG has a certain stance on how they design, doesn't mean it's not subject to debate. They've been wrong before and they'll be wrong again. And not everybody has the time to play PoE and follow GGG commentary like it's their second job...or only job. Additionally, GGG has been known to lift and adapt suggestions out of the subreddits and forums.

Notice how Chris speaks without moving his lips ?

week patch

March: 3.2 Content Update, Ascendancy changes, probably new skills too

June: Expansion ...

and the holding alt showing affixes range will be available on this =D

Ground effect fps fixes coming soon

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