stupid beasts.

stupid beasts.

Einhar shows up (with a lot of fanfare and attitude) no matter what you catch. The marauder and the templar trolled him by catching a plain rooster

I'm a simple man. I see Joe_Duncan, I upvote.

No. It's...


Comes with: Spectral Swipe Crimson Flock Infested Earth Erupting Winds Raven Caller Crushing Claws Churning Claws Vile Hatchery Aspect of The Hellion Winter Bloom Incendiary Mite Unstable Swarm Blood Geyser Satyr Storm Hadal Dive Tiger Prey Spectral Stampede Spectral Stampede Spectral Stampede Putrid Flight Putrid Flight Putrid Flight Putrid Flight Putrid Flight (Yes, That's 5 Putrid Flights) Fertile Presence Deep One's Presence Craicic Presence Farric Presence Fenumal Presence Saqawine Presence (Yes, it's present all right)

And the following mods: Hexproof Hexfont Conduit Regenerates Life Massive Deadly Savage Swift Vengeful Generates Frenzy Charges Generates Endurance Charges Generates Power Charges Corrupting Blood Necrovigil Thornflesh Soul Eater Storm Herald Volatile Flameblood Proximity Shield Nullifier Berserker Union of Souls Legacy of Zeal Legacy of Vigour Allies cannot die

Known to friends as Murderbubbles

Sorry for the wall of text, enjoyed writing this too much : ^ )


By request, I made a quick MSPaint image to show the looks of the different spirit beasts that give portals to bosses.

By request, I made a quick MSPaint image to show the looks of the different spirit beasts that give portals to bosses.

GGG should change the minimap icon for these "special mob"

Regular blind people too

The scorpion is probably the only one thats somewhat hard to differentiate, but when you see the adds it's fairly easy + its the only red scorpion as far as I can remember. I remember the adds looking like a shaper space mob + a scorpion combined

EDIT: The tiers listed are where that spirit beast starts appearing, as well as what level the relevant boss fight will be when you open it

EDIT2: These are red beasts, they don't appear as yellow beasts. Chances are you haven't accidentally skipped any if you capture the majority of your red beasts.

If you're confused as to why I have so many, I have 1486/1500 on my augmented map challenge (no that doesn't mean 1486 maps, its less than that because sextants + a few zana mods, and some were also t1-t4) and I've found 17 spirit beasts in total

So these are like celebrity nudes.

You won't ever see them yourself, but can only dream...

Forum - Announcements - Significantly Increasing Access to Spirit Beasts - Path of Exile

Forum - Announcements - Significantly Increasing Access to Spirit Beasts - Path of Exile

Good thing they're changing the yellow beasts. They constantly get one-shot unless you keep the mini-map open and check ahead.

They need to be much tankier (than regular rare mobs).

On a side note: the earlier change where nets are automatically targeted to the highest rarity mob after throwing them is a great fucking change, it made capturing the Beasts so much less of a hassle, especially the ones that spawn packs around them.

This change 2 weeks in is much better than how long it took Lich spawn rate to be adjusted.

Good on them.

I really hope they take the last few leagues as a lesson in being too conservative with launches (even with skills). Player retention drops considerably by the time the leagues have hit their peak this entire expansion.

edit: I can't believe there's no buff to regular red beast spawns. Unreal. Someone tell me I'm failing at reading comprehension here.

This will go a long way toward having it feel like a proper league. Still would like to see fixes on:

Absence of any intuitive way to identify valuable beasts

Difficulty of using bestiary orbs

Captured beasts not counting toward bestiary completion if you're full for their type

Also welcome back Bex!

Some Bestiary Changes in Patch 3.2.1

Some Bestiary Changes in Patch 3.2.1
Some Bestiary Changes in Patch 3.2.1

There's also a change to how the "Craft X mod on Y type of item" recipes work, so that you can control what base type you get by inserting one for it to act upon. It automatically scours, also, so you can use the recipe many times in a row.


I was wrong when writing the article. Lab chests didn't drop nets instead of currency. I jumped to conclusions based on what I read on reddit rather than testing it in game, and I'm sorry for that.

When the team actually came to fix this, they found that the drops were working correctly.

Btw as this is the top comment, please note I updated the article at the bottom talking about how the "Craft X mod on Y rare" item recipes are improved in 3.2.1 now.

There really needs to be an indication for when you're filled up on beasts, so you don't end up wasting them without knowing.

Flowers for Catarina (comic)

Flowers for Catarina (comic)

That moment when you're in the Ossuary and she still wants you to find 6 skeletons.

Haha that's great. Like the detail of the duelist getting better armor.

It´s like, "JESUS, Lady! OPEN YOUR EYES!". She doesn´t need more skeletons, she needs glasses.

Poor Catarina just wants exile-senpai to notice her but always gets ignored because of her missions.

Haha, stupid Weaver!

This is awesome.


Apparently the nets each have a flat life threshold. That means any random steel net will one-shot low level beasts like Weaver, even at full HP

i like how you don't use life flasks

GOD the race was FUN

GOD the race was FUN

It reminded me how much fun we had back to the race seasons. Hope some day we will get them again!

** Thanks for the race to both organizations, really enjoyed it!**

Yeah, we need more of this

Makes me very happy to hear you say that

Same here. I really miss racing and actually getting first once in a while

Imo Chris do this.

Make a cool mtx.

Sell it for 5/10$. Give 25% of the income from that to a race event. Do this at least once per month. This crowdfunding works great in other games. Offering a cash prize, even some tens/hundreds of dollars makes these races way more competitive.

DeadandDoom dies with 1% hp left on Piety in the Race.

DeadandDoom dies with 1% hp left on Piety in the Race.

deadanddoom perspective!!!

race without deadanddoom for Kitava? boo

Piety: Teleports Behind You Nothing Personal, Kid

dnd is back in again, all chinese racer ripped

A note about how many people used the item splitting recipe

A note about how many people used the item splitting recipe

(I'm posting this to reddit rather than the forum because I'm replying to some specific popular reddit posts.)

So I spent a while going through the logs of exactly who made what with the item-splitting recipe when it was in its initial form over the 12 hours that it was live. The highest number of uses by anyone was 13, with most people using it 1-2 times. Around 1000 items were created, and this was predominantly the completely-intended use of splitting six-link items or separating mods out.

We received reports of people making "hundreds of Elder and Shaper items" and then when we investigated, that person made one. A streamer who made "dozens of six-links on stream!" used the recipe twice.

I completely understand that people deeply care about the economy and we try as hard as possible to protect it. The economy also matters greatly to us. However, the scale of use of this recipe was very low during the period it was active. It is true that a small quantity of shaper/elder/enchant items were created, but far more are created each day by normal play activity (though maybe not rushed onto the trade sites as fast). The largest impact is that six-links are cheaper, but we want them to be this league! That's why there are multiple recipes that can create them.

There are calls for mass bannings, but who do you want us to ban? We're not banning people who made six-link items (as that's intended), and if a guy made a single shaper/elder item because he wanted to see if we enforced the rule correctly, then that's not intentional exploitation. We didn't find anyone who exhibited behaviour worthy of a ban in this case. The Leaguestone exploit in the past was a hundred times worse in terms of player intent.

We definitely dropped the ball with the bugs in this recipe (among other valid concerns about our rollout of this league), and I'm sorry about that. I just wanted to post this to reassure you that the scale of people using the recipe was quite a lot lower than people are claiming.

We'll have more news early next week about further improvements to the league. Have a great weekend!

You have a great weekend too Chris, and thanks for the transparency and being so active with the community and their concerns! :)

The shit you guys have to put up with...

Everyone who was smart enough knew this. People calling for rollbacks, bans, dead league, worthless ulab are just mad that they didnt made profit themselves.

WTS x100 elder opal rings, message me @cutedog on SSFHCBTW league.

Also If Raiz and his entire family tree does not get publicly executed for this exploit then I no longer have faith in GGG and will buy every diablo 3 pet in the store

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