Crazy Attention To Detail With Brigitte! (Look at Her Eyes)

Crazy Attention To Detail With Brigitte! (Look at Her Eyes)

The only detail I find in her eyes is love.

It's only with this skin too, I noticed during someone's POTG and decided to share it here :)

Many skins change the color of the eyes, sombra skin from christmas have green eyes or almost ever pharah skin


[NEW HERO NOW AVAILABLE] Introducing Brigitte | Overwatch

[NEW HERO NOW AVAILABLE] Introducing Brigitte | Overwatch

According to this trailer I can easily carry every match with her. Nice.

No one moving the payload, seems about right. Maybe Zen's got it covered.

I love how she just smacks the perched widow with her flail lmao

Edit: Also that widow has terrible aim, couldn't even land a shot on her when she was walking in a straight line smh

"The payload and I move as one."

The Junkrat that has planted himself by the river of truth and tells the world: "no you move".

The Junkrat that has planted himself by the river of truth and tells the world: "no you move".

This is incorrect, junkrat main here. Doomfist abilities dont affect junkrat when ulting.

honestly though what is going on with this? I mean i just wanted to punch him off the map like the Smash Bros player I am but all he does is a little flinch.. also please forgive the awful left clicks after, I was already full tilt by then.

This is so weird to me. Like what is the design philosophy behind it? I'm sure you can charge him as Rein though.

I just like it to go back to junk's nades hurt him again. He's the only hero where his own explosives don't do self damage.

Just call me Graham, Phil Graham

Just call me Graham, Phil Graham

Meh, lost my interest at the teabag, didn't bother checking the If he other clip posted minutes after the first.

They aren’t the same clips friend

I'm not sure what's worse; the bad puns, the double post of the same clip with different titles, or the Teabagging after every kill like you actually did something.

Dallas Fuel Announce Release of Félix “xQc” Lengyel

Dallas Fuel Announce Release of Félix “xQc” Lengyel
Dallas Fuel Announce Release of Félix “xQc” Lengyel

It honestly sounds like xQc wanted to play professionally - until he realized what that meant.

No obscene trash talking, having to play in an organized team, having to live with said team (even when tensions were high), and getting penalized in real time if he was out of line.

I know what others have said - that he's passionate about the game or that he has trouble regulating his emotions - but if you're playing at the professional level, they expect you to be a professional. Not a professional entertainer as you'd see on Twitch, either - a professional player.

You can be the best at the game, but if you can't shelve your emotions and work with the team, there's no point in playing at such a high-stakes level. I'm glad xQc realized this before the public opinion of him got even worse. Maybe if he wants to change his ways, he'll be back.

This seems like in the best interest for both parties. xQc can focus on doing his own thing and Dallas Fuel doesn't have to constantly cover his controversies.

Custa's thoughts on xqc


Even though his release comes from a lot of controversy and outside of the game reasons (twitch emotes and behaviour). Custa's word makes a lot of sense from the perspective of the team and everyone is forgetting about that. As part of the team he needs to be reliable just like in any other workplace you need to trust the people around you to get the best teamwork there is and if they can't trust him to be there because he is gonna do something the higher ups don't aprove, why would they keep him working with them?

I finally gained enough confidence to cosplay D.Va last week! ^_^

This was much better than expected

D. Bruh

T H I C C er than expected

S-sorry for the shakey handcam, it was my first time I so was nervous ^///^

In case you needed more bearded D.Va in your life, my newly acquainted friend thought it'd be funny to photograph me trying to recreate her victory poses (except RIP, it didn't end well ;-;).

You can follow his Instagram (with more cosplay pics) here, and mine here if you want to hear some shitty music.

Edit: fixed my friend's link!

Mercy Gets Two Guns!

Mercy Gets Two Guns!


edit: dAMN my first gold, rushing to this post was worth it

edit2: thank u kind stranger

i am healing

Ohh, now wouldn't that be a fun Arcade Mode game?

You pick your character, but the in-game model is randomized during the fight. Everything works fine, but your allies/enemies won't know who you actually picked until they see your stance/actions.

Now I'm just thinking of tracer breaking all her bones to turn into a turret/tank.

New Brigitte skin revealed on Overwatch JP's twitter

New Brigitte skin revealed on Overwatch JP's twitter

I don't know why but I get strong Winry vibes from that skin.

Also, I love it.

Boy do i have a game for you

0:09-onwards also looks like a Highlight Intro.

...and one of her highlight intros, it looks like. I'm guessing that one's called "Rally".

Best wallpaper there is?

Best wallpaper there is?

I don't know if OP is using the one I made, but a while ago I made a seamlessly looping version for Wallpaper Engine: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1242781240

You ever heard of screen recording software?

Well they've literally got OBS on their desktop so I assume so.

You gotta put the Overwatch application on the Overwatch mug!

[Bug?] Brigitte can be hacked through shield while sombra looks at an angle after starting the hack

Can we have the sombra POV instead? This gif is not really useful.

Not really a bug. Sombra's hack has a lingering effect on it that lasts a little bit when a target blocks or goes out of range. Even before this patch if you got a view of rein a little behind the shield you could still hack him if he didn't turn fast enough. It just seems more prenounced since they decreased hack time.

Hack is pretty forgiving when it comes to LOS detection. If you want to block it, you'll have to damage her. This is a deliberate design decision afaik.

To expand on this, there is a difference between where the hack animation comes from vs where the actual hack from the games perspective comes from. As far as I know, all non-melee game effects (attacks, projectiles, etc.) come from the center of the attacking character, exactly where the POV is I believe. So while Sombra's hack animation comes from her left hand, appearing to go through the shield, that's not where the actual "hack" is coming from.

In this case, if we could see from the Sombra's perspective, I think we would see that for the duration of the actual hack, part of Brigitte's hitbox would be visible to the side of the shield. This allows the hack to work successfully. Additionally, as others have said, the actual hack animation continues slightly longer than the hack takes, so the LOS might be lost before the animation ends, but not before the hack succeeds.

This animation vs effect discrepancy is also the cause of some of Roadhog's hook complaints, and can be most easily seen with Zarya's beam hitting to the right of the crosshair at short range.

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