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Why is it the healer's responsibility to DPS as well?

Why is it the healer's responsibility to DPS as well?

Don't get me wrong, I'm an Ana player, so I love DPSing as well (when I can), but I heard something kind of ridiculous earlier. I was complaining about a Winston jumping in our back line, so I asked for one of the DPS to go Reaper to help deal with him (usually, picking Reaper to shut down Winston isn't a bad idea anyway). Some dude starts talking on voice chat about how "I play Ana at Masters on my alt. If you can't take Winston in a 1v1 as Ana, don't play Ana." and I'm thinking to myself "Whoa whoa whoa. Wait, what?", lol.

Whenever I play tank (or DPS, but this is rare since I'm more a tank/support player), I always try to help peel off the Winston, Genji, Tracer, Sombra, Reaper, etc. from our back line to help the healers stay alive. You keep the healers alive, they'll keep you alive. I play MMOs too, so I'm used to establishing hate to protect the healers (and the rest of my team for that matter). So yeah, I certainly don't have a problem chasing down a Winston or whatever to get him to jump away from our Mercy, Ana, Zen, etc.

I really don't think it's unreasonable when a healer asks for help. You can't expect a healer to stay alive in their own all the time. I mean, about the only healer Winston won't chase is a Lucio. Otherwise, please help your healer stay alive!

The funny part is, I was watching the kill feed and other people were dying to the Winston as well (our other healer and a Genji). Finally, someone else speaks up in voice chat and is like "Yo, we need to kill this Winston!" and people begin typing in chat about how the Winston is a problem, myself included. So, again, I ask for someone to go Reaper and the request goes ignored.

Meanwhile, wouldn't you know it... Winston jumps our back line (again) and gets free kills. Now we're back to the dude that first spoke in voice chat. He starts calling me garbage, trash, etc. for dying so easily to Winston, telling me I need to swap. So, I swap to Reaper to try and kill the Winston (I'm not a Reaper player, but nobody else was doing it and this was a catch 22 situation where I was fucked if I did swap and fucked if I didn't).

Well, needless to say, we still lost the match because:

A. The swap was too late. B. We lost a healer. C. DPS responsibility fell to me (as I said before, I'm more of a tank/support player, but I can play and alright 76 or Junkrat).

After we lose the match, this dude starts going on about how "you're retarded", "nice Reaper swap, buddy", "fucking idiot", etc., then leaves. I just couldn't believe it. I mean, I recently climbed back into plat and this is the first team they queue me up with?

I met some guys like this in gold too, but yeah... I was just left shaking my head. I'm just kind of sick of players that insta-lock DPS wanting me to do THEIR job and my own as a healer. This dude wasn't willing to swap to Reaper himself, so he was screwing me over (and the rest of the team for that matter), then called me a "shitty Ana" during the match because I kept dying to Winston. Look, I've got over 300 hours on Ana so far and I'm not going to claim to be the best or anything like that, but my win percentage is above a steady 50% (usually fluctuates between 54-56, but it has been dropping more as of lately because of our current meta and the return of Barrierwatch, lol).

I have a fairly good idea of what to do with Ana though, but I still need help. I'm playing a team game here, so I really don't think it's too much to ask for someone to kill the Winston or even just focus him so he can't jump in and get a free kill, then jump out. Hell, there were some teams I played with even in gold that wouldn't even need to be told to swap to Reaper. They would just do it and tell me "I got the Winston", and from that point on, I was able to heal without any trouble because the Winston wasn't allowed to get in our back line any more.

Sometimes I don't even have to ask for help because they're watching the kill feed and they see what's constantly picking off our support. The guys that are quick to blame their healers for being "shitty" though... They're probably the same players that never check the kill feed, never look behind them, always have tunnel vision, and think they're hot shot just because they get a 4K and POTG, even though they were fucking garbage the rest of the match. I have no patience for these players, especially when I'm playing healer (a role most players don't want to play as it is, which is also true for MMOs).

Anyway, I just wanted to use /sub/overwatch as a sounding board to rant a little bit since it's kind of frustrating when you have players expecting you to heal and do their job as well since they're not able to do it themselves.

That guy's an idiot. You can somewhat defend yourself against a Winston as Ana using your sleepdart and health grenade, but there's no way to constantly 1v1 him. Especially since your team would also have a lack of healing meanwhile if you'd be trying to do so.

If you ever come across those people I wouldn't put any trust in them just because they say they're higher ranked. Especially if they seem to regularly lose games in plat.

If you can't take Ana on a 1v1 as Winston, you shouldn't be playing Winston.

"Don't play Ana"

Alright, you take her. I'll DPS. Tyvm.

I feel your pain (used to main Ana)! That dude was talking out his ass and I hope you reported him.

Canary, my Overwatch fan hero!

Canary, my Overwatch fan hero!
Canary, my Overwatch fan hero!

Pretty neat.

I can just imagine him doing this sweet elderly person voice:

"Well, looks like a fine day to start up the grill."

Followed by:

Firery blazing sounds and people screaming and dying in horrible agony.

Does a bit of damage, like 50hp or so, then masks the area radius with haze. Enemies can not see through it, allies can see more clearly. Works best paired with another ultimate like barrage or soldier sights because the enemy won't be able to find the hero to target. It's an enabling ult, mostly. If you have low graphics it'd just turn your screen black without the smoky effects so you can't get around it.

Just making outlines of enemies very visible and yours hidden while in the smoke or for people trying to see through the smoke to the other side would be useful enough. Might anger the more competitive crowd because any implementation of obscuring sight would be a massive anti-hitscan ability that kinda encourages blind projectile spamming, but so is literally every barrier.

It's a bit tricky, but Hanzo can wall climb on top of the red crane in Horizon Lunar Colony.

There is no luck or RNG in wall climbing, even the wall climb bug can be avoided by looking slightly down from center POV so that you never get it.


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requires RNG/extreme luck so it not really worth it in terms of pro/casual play.

Ugandan Knuckles found in the audience.

Ugandan Knuckles found in the audience.I deleted my last post and I apologise about sharing the scores. Hope this makes up for it.

Ugandan Knuckles found in the audience.

I deleted my last post and I apologise about sharing the scores. Hope this makes up for it.

Eh not to be that guy but that meme is getting stale quick, the only funny part was WHY ARE YOU RUNNING


Why are you running is an independent meme

"Spit on the nonbeliever"

Your turn Chipsa

me (missing a headshot with mccree after i flashbang): i could do that


Damn, I can't wait to try this at home and lose the game for my team! :D

It always looks easier in the gifs doesn't it? If only.

how to confirm a kill

Best part is that firestrike somehow didn't destroy any turrets lol

You're forgetting the most important rule of overwatch, it's always worth it if it was funny.

Rip that Ana ult.

It's about sending a message. Lol.

The biggest glass-canon (so far) goes to Babybay who dies a whopping 90% of team fights! Big names like Tviq and Taimou follow closely after. Meanwhile SoOn is un-killable

The biggest glass-canon (so far) goes to Babybay who dies a whopping 90% of team fights! Big name...

That’s a really cool chart. It certainly seemed like Babybay/DreamKazper were dying a lot!

It seems though that this isn’t % of teamfights where they died, but instead it is just # of deaths per teamfight. Slightly inaccurate.

Example: On Dorado attack, Jake (Houston Outlaws Pharah) died, got resurrected, died, got resurrected again, died again. Theoretically all 3 of those deaths would’ve been added to his total for the teamfight.

I think an explanation for why so many great players are on this list might be that the level of their skill paints a target on their back.

It would be interesting to see something like a comparison of number of team fights won vs lost, and whether or not each DPS died during the fight. Theoretically a DPS could die every single team fight and still dominate as long as they did some work and picked enough people first to pull a win.

Things to consider when reading this:

Which heroes these player played

What was the team's composition

Which opponent did they face

Were they on the winning or the losing team (chicken and egg, but something to consider)

The best data visualizations don't need a lot of text, but it is also very important to add context to the data.

Geguri disputes Kotaku, says her not getting into OWL had nothing to do with her being a woman

Geguri disputes Kotaku, says her not getting into OWL had nothing to do with her being a woman

You know, the Kotaku article in question is kinda funny. For all the concern about the plight of women in esports, isn't it strange that the author didn't talk to a single woman at all and ask for their opinions? 🤔

Heres a couple things people involved in the actual scene and aren't outsiders looking in are saying:

Kate Mitchell who is the Media Manager of Kungarna

As a woman in esports: Overwatch should be more accessible to women, with more and better tools to combat harassment and toxic players. Then more women would want to play enough to grind to high Elo and join scrims and PUGs.

Overwatch League is fine. No NA/EU woman has come even close to establishing a semi-pro resume. Geguri should find a Contenders team and prove herself there — which is what she’s trying to do anyway! Nathan Grayson’s article was irresponsible and doesn’t address what the actual issues are with women in OW.

Franplayshalo on Twitter https://twitter.com/franplayshalo/status/951452188743753728

If this helps, I have never been denied a tryout for a team because of my gender. Only because I wasn't good enough. That's okay because I am not afraid of failure, for it is the key to success. I'm still motivated and will continue to grind.

Barcode replies in the thread "same"

And what disappoints me is that when the last controversy involving Geguri came out (taken from the same guy OP linked: https://twitter.com/Slasher/status/951556010010869760)

Geguri declined to speak further. Last year after dealing with cheat accusations she tweeted "I don’t want people to use my story as a way to forward their own ideologies". Using Geguri for the lack of women in OWL esports ignores her request & does a disservice to the issue.

Noukky (big community member, and overall awesome)

As a former female Overwatch competitive player and TO I can say this article is hardly representative of our scene. The number of female players on the higher level is too slim to be upset about none of them being in OWL in comparison to the male talent. Its no use to force them

Its a bit unfortunate that this kind of "reporting" can paint with such broad strokes, and I wonder if even if they came from a place of good intent (or just getting controversy clicks) does trying to stir up drama make it harder for people to enter the scene? Does a casual passerby who reads this gets dissuaded from trying the game or getting into pro Esports if they think its already a lost battle? It would seem a bit irresponsible. I do agree with Kate though, if toxicity/harassment was cracked down on further, it'd be an improvement all around

I won't even go into the OWL caster issue controversy too much, because I think making a bigger text block will make people less likely to read this, but check out Goldenboy's Tweet.


and a very well written piece by Jamerson https://twitter.com/JetSetJamerson/status/951673594274131969

Did you go into a Kotaku article expecting good journalism or accurate reporting ? You're silly.

I said this in a comment below but I'll reiterate it in a comment to the main article. The author of the article does seem to imply that Geguri wasn't hired because of her gender but that isn't honestly the thing that was annoying for me while reading the article. That's the author's take and opinion. IMO what made me angry was the circular reasoning given by coaches and managers to why they didn't hire Geguri:

1) Geguri hasn't been on a team so she doesn't have history or chemistry with other team members

2) Because of this lack of history, they don't hire her

3) Because she isn't hired, she can't develop the history or chemistry necessary to play at the highest level

Yes, Geguri should follow the standard path set out by the vast majority of players (Sleepy being the major exception I can think of) and get on a Contenders team to prove herself but if this same set of logic follows when making a Contenders roster, how is she supposed to prove herself?

This doesn't even touch on some of the bullshit hand-waving reasoning the coaches and managers gave in the article about mixed housing, harassment, people considering it a PR stunt, etc...

Another comment listed below I think does more properly articulate the problem for the majority of women in OW. Toxicity and harassment on the ladder discourages women from playing OW seriously and talking in voice. Since fewer women are here in the first place and fewer women are willing to grind out and practice, fewer women get put on open division teams. Since fewer women are on open division teams, this shrinks the pool of women who A) are talented enough to move to OWL and B) have the requisite "chemistry and history" to be considered viable. It isn't formal policies set by OWL or Blizzard that are keeping the vast majority of women out of esports, it's the community and its treatment of female players. Though to be fair to people who talk about lack of women in esports, they often do mean this and not some fantasy where people think Blizz or OWL have formal policies that say "no grills allowed." Nobody is ever saying that in earnest when they're talking about this.

edit: the gold is completely unnecessary but thank you to whoever gifted it <3

I knew the Florida Mayhem Tracer skins reminded me of something...

I knew the Florida Mayhem Tracer skins reminded me of something...https://i.gyazo.com/85aa4cebb26dd7b6039e073a31ab525b.png

Question is who would be Tigger with a Philadelphia Fusion skin?
I knew the Florida Mayhem Tracer skins reminded me of something...

Question is who would be Tigger with a Philadelphia Fusion skin?

Pooh quality post.

Shit, that's good

"Ever get that feeling of oh d-d-d-dear?"

Roadhog's Philadelphia Fusion skin is Pornhub skin btw.

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