hope this scene will show up

hope this scene will show up

Shota smash a milf

im sorry, had to do it.

Mare reks Hilma

I say they'll definitely show that scene. They definitely won't show "The Ritual" (I think that's what they called it) though.

But in the LN they didn't actually show it, so I don't think is gonna appear in the anime.

Overlord Episode 11 Preview

Overlord Episode 11 Preview

finally the animation got waayy better, they really put the rest of the budget in the last episodes, i hope so.

Most importantly we get to see Sebas's chiseled jawline in high definition.

Well IIRC the Sebas fight only lasted 20 seconds ^ ^

Special Version


Just a small drawing

Just a small drawing

Wow great job....this reminds me of those small antique paintings in old German castles with paintings of skeletons in poses with Latin and German words around the skeletons.

Ink pen drawing always looks legit

Ah Th-t-t-t-that's all folks!

This an art class assignment? Looks like you're covering most of the shading techniques.

Upvote if you agree

Upvote if you agree

Doesn't this count as Upvote Requesting?

Which is prohibited by Reddit.

So... Hrm... I guess I'll just not vote...

1 0 0 P E R C E N T O

Upvoted it twice...

it had to be done

it had to be done

Somehow I don´t think you can compare ordinary human skulls to the sublime perfection that is a lich skeleton being..

Eh, I get what the original picture is trying to say, but, each of these skulls would look different from each other in real life.

An elderly skull would be considerably different compared to a 9-year-olds. Male and female skulls have differences, and there are even small differences between a straight persons' skull and a gay persons' skull. Not to mention the differences in diet between the rich and poor.

Not a bad meme though.

thats the point. it has barely any similarities

Is that you Shallchair?

I litterally just realized...

I litterally just realized...

That the bible is just an Isekai that got a huge fanbase that split into several smaller fanbases which have spilled blood over it.

Think about it, jesus got sent from his world(heaven) to earth and wowed people with his cheat skills before being killed by a traitor at the end of the series. (Imagine the rage threads)

Is this the future of this fandom?

worst anime ever.

Actually, you do make a point, about the whole trapped in another world, not the rest of your post... Jesus just visited Earth as a milk run. Rage threads? If he hadn't broadcast what was going to happen to him so many times prior, maybe. From the first sin, he had been constantly reminding his people "Hey, spoiler alert, I'm going to come to Earth and die as a sacrifice." He did the same to his disciples. "PS, this dude points at Judas is going to betray me, I'm going to die, three days later I will raise from the dead. So uh... don't panic or anything. All according to the plan." several hours later "I'll save you Jesus!" - Peter shouts as he draws his sword to fight the guards who came to arrest Jesus.... Jesus facepalms "Why did I bother telling you this would happen, if you don't even listen..."

Whereas Christians are kind of trapped in another world. Once saved, they have citizenship in God's kingdom, but the only way to access it is after death... so we get to rake in points in this world in the mean time. We get all kind of hax advantages. It's especially hilarious to watch everyone else get confused on our point scoring system. Things like "getting killed" sounds like game-over to most, but to us it's usually a "VICTORY! BONUS POINTS!". Also "losing all your money" is the equivalent of "gain an extra life", and "giving away all your money" scores huge bonus points (unless you tell anyone about it).

Also hilarious that most people think the best hax advantages are things like, ways to make money or gain power. No, no, those are debuffs. You don't want those. They aren't bad, per-se, but when you get them, you switch into hard-mode. Firstly because having wealth and power makes sin more easy and tempting. You forget your purpose here, and that is all kinds of detrimental. If you accidentally take credit for your wealth and power, for example, you just lost all your points. Secondly, you are expected to put those resources to good use, and you don't gain points on resources spent, but efficiency of resource use. So a poor person who feeds one other person might get a ton more points than a rich person who feeds twenty.

well sure they have a big fanbase the novel is still the most selling book :P

(・◡・)ノ⌒ +1

Entoma Art

Entoma Art

Nice! Is Shizu getting a scene?

She "fought" Evileye together with yuri alpha during the demonic incursion. So, we'll probably get to see her in action a bit in the last episode

Soon will see the best maid in action 👌

This is my new favorite Entoma pic. :D You are doing the Lord's work my son.

A look... those two are fighting again... like the usual...

A look... those two are fighting again... like the usual...

Sauce : https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga_big&illust_id=67750003&page=1

Translation ( According to G-Translate ) :

Ainz : Touch Me....! Ulbert.....! [ Ofc, Demi and Sebas' fight reminds him of 2 of his buds' fight in the past....again.... ]

Cocytus : The conflict occurs only among the people of the same level!!! [ and i guess i don't need to tell you guys about his imagination ]

[ and i guess i don't need to tell you guys about his imagination ]

It's... a canguro court?

Albedo Cosplay

Albedo Cosplay

"Albedo, I'm going to touch you. For Science, obviously..."

Interesting way to get bigger eyes. Although even on a small screen noticeable.

Are the eyes painted on the eyelids?

if you zoom all the way in, you will notice the truth

Try one of these subthreads