Welder starting a dance battle

He’s shockingly good

Fence welding class 102: Electric boogaloo

Mentally or physically?

Is he ok?

The Internet needs you as its PPE, Net Neutrality is under attack. Net Neutrality affects every single one of us. You can learn how you can help and more information by visiting this website.

The Internet needs you as its PPE, Net Neutrality is under attack. Net Neutrality affects every single one of us. You can learn how you can help and more information by visiting this website.
The Internet needs you as its PPE, Net Neutrality is under attack. Net Neutrality affects every s...

I could go on a paragraph long rant, but it’s 4AM. I’m just trying to spread the word about Net Neutrality as much as I can since I use the internet for my business.

Please tell me why you’re against net neutrality? There is literally no reason you should be against it.

After browsing your post history it’s obviously apparent you’re a prepubescent 15 year old child, let the adults talk please don’t comment again squirt.

found Ajit Pai

Yes, an adult with a kid and owner of his own property is a kid. Great ad hom argument for when you have no basis for argument. Here's a post that sums up my opinion perfectly, as follows:

This push is not for net neutrality. It is to extend the profits of one multinational multibillion dollar corporation over another.

The "net neutrality" we have right now does not prevent throttling. Does not prevent blocking. Does not prevent them from not censoring what they want.

The current debate is this. You either support multi billion dollar corps like Comcast. Or multi billion dollar corps like Netflix. Most people are going to choose the Netflix side because they think Comcast is evil "but omg Netflix makes stranger things!!a"

In reality. All this push is, is so that paid bandwidth abusers like Netflix don't have to pay to help upgrade infrastructure to support their growing business. While Netflix just cashes in on their subscriber money, it puts the entire burden on isps. Who will only pass the money they spend upgrading their networks to handle Netflix traffic onto you, the one who pays their fee.

Not having net neutrality won't mean you can't visit rgonewild to see all the woman posting their tits. It won't mean you can't play games. It means that if you pay Netflix, well for Netflix to succeed they have to spend some of their money making their customers happy, rather than taking in cash hand over fist while having no obligation to foot the bill to provide their service.

The internet is supposed to be a bastion of freedom. But all it's become is a hive of vile corporations making money while eroding the freedom we have to push for more regulatory capture.

Personally. I see this in horror because everything the government swamp touches turns to shit. I also see a lot of hilarity in this. People who think Trump is Hitler and a fascist, literally want to give control of the internet to him. And the greatest of all, is the vapid gone wild posters shilling for the fcc to control the internet, when the fcc throws a fit and gives out fines because a nipple was shown.

While I support Trump and think he wont fuck with the internet in totalitarian ways. Just remember, the pendulum I'll swing the other way eventually as it has over and over again, and imagine what the next sjw will do when in control of the internet. We should never give the government power (even trump) that you don't want your enemies to have.

Wake up folks. The internet is not all about your vapid Netflix shows. And giving government control over it because Netflix is scared you might be charged more, is a horrible power that will be abused down the road. The government abuse has happened to many people who use the internet, and that was even before "net neutrality" was implemented.

Mmm a website propped up by billionaires. As I urge posters of this propaganda, explain in your own words what you think is going to happen.

Behind every sign is a story...

Behind every sign is a story...

Is this at a Costco? I've seen this sign at one I go to.

Yes it was!

A driver recently pulled away from the dock with me still in the truck. Started to freak out until I realised he'd have to stop to close his doors. We all had a good laugh, it was an honest mistake in this case.

I've seen these at a few places. There's a damn good reason too. I've had to do way too many accident reports lately because of a driver pulling away with the lift truck still inside, or worse, transitioning from dock to trailer.

"It's okay, I almost done."

"It's okay, I almost done."

Kind of screwed in that situation. Extension ladder won't work, sprinkler head in the way, sink in the way, etc.

One of those jobs where the little giant style adjustable ladder is so nice to have. If only they didn't weight like 2 tons.

Real talk, how was he supposed to fix it or get up in there if not by a ladder?

I do ac work and all we use is the little giant ladders. Love them to death but god do I hate lugging them around.

Technically OSHA didn't exist for another 18 years, but still thought this fit here nicely

They're still in use up north. It's the only vehicle allowed on summer tundra. Had no idea they were designed in the '50's. It's remarkable how little they have changed. Our crew had to ride one of those for 4 hours to/from a new drill-site on the Alaskan coast of the Arctic Ocean in 1981. Thought it would be strange and awesome. Was just a screaming-loud high-rpm diesel and was cold, cramped, bumpy, boring and dark like a 10-seat school bus. The ice road built later took 30minutes in a nice, warm pickup cab.

Seeing the giant smile on his face makes me believe there is nothing particularly dangerous going on here

Ah, the days when you could just lay down in the dirt and be driven over in business attire.

My back is at the point where I wouldn’t turn this down.

Lifting more weight than it can handle

So that’s why they say not to stand under a lifted load.

I'm wondering if it wasn't too much weight but they extended the weight too far from the crane.

It looks decently close but they got it pretty good before failure

I know this is sarcasm (at least I sure as hell hope), but it really is amazing how many people don't understand that concept. Having been a forklift driver in a warehouse store for a while, I was blown away at how it's just not common sense. Almost every spotters I had would walk under the forks and I would have to chew them out about it. They usually didn't do it again after that, but just the fact that I had probably over a dozen different people do it within six months was astounding. Is it not common sense? Or is common sense just not common?

Wow that’s quite a catastrophe

Lets just catch this chair, what could go wrong ?

That guy sure took a hit. Instant baldness.

pretty good, only took 15 hours and 14 minutes to get reposted.

Shake it off Francis

Poor judgment of his own arm strength and the weight of the chair.

Stumbled across this gem on Facebook

Stumbled across this gem on Facebook

Apparently he's got Porsche and Ferrari money but not "properly support my 4 post lift" money.

Sorry but if you can afford a Ferrari you can afford to get your garage level

Right, just grab a few of these and he'd be good to go.

This is typical and simply unfinished. There should be a frame box built around it and grout poured. I've installed 100 foot tall track mounted crane and this is how to level the track during installation.

Rails? We don't need no stinking rails.

That wave at the camera sealed their fate.

Yep, taunting the pixies in the wires was a fatal choice.

The guy in front had a nice flip, think he stuck the landing as well.

That went as well as I expected

Fully functioning door on the 37th floor that leads to nothing

Fully functioning door on the 37th floor that leads to nothing

It leads to certain doom

9/11 style

It's a fire exit, duh.

Thats Jackie Chan's personal exit. He lands on that truck full of mattresses on the street.

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