Grandma Takes Grandson's Post Very Seriously

Grandma Takes Grandson's Post Very Seriously

Your mother says you haven't made any friends yet, Michael?

Love you, grandma 👵🏻

As a former Southern Baptist kid, this is triggering like none other.



She posted a hand written ad on facebook

She posted a hand written ad on facebook

after days of weeding and mulching

"Well, it's time we paid you, isn't it?"

fumbles in purse

"Here you are. A crisp one dollar bill.

You've earned it. Don't spend it all on candy!"

In the mid 80s, my brother & I sought opportunity in the form of raking leaves. One guy took us up on our offer. We did about 5 hours of work (each) and made the guy's lawn & bushes the absolute pride of the block. He gave us $5. Not each. My mother was displeased. She said she wanted to see if we did a poor job to warrant the insulting payment. As she expected, the yard was gorgeous. She walked us home, gave us each $5 & turned on Popeye cartoons. Then she jogged right the fuck back to that dude's house and dumped every bag all over his lawn, in his bushes, on his porch. A mess. My mom is 5'2" & maybe 100 pounds if her pockets are full of change. Apparently dude just yelled at her begging her to stop behind his locked screen door.

Edit: Another time she closed-fist beat the crap out of three teenage boys who slapped us around & stole our bikes from us. Like Mayweather. Bitch got hands.

Edit2: Mom drove a red 1970 Dodge Charger. Bad ass.

Hey, if she can upload photos she's doing pretty good.

Actually, with Facebook's algorithms heavily favoring pictures over text, she most likely got her message to more people.

Thank. You

Thank. You


With that level or racism, this person must really be old.

this was virtually the only type of call we had back when i was doing tech support. they somehow managed to get a computer, get it running, get connected and then couldn't do even the most basic of things.

often this prompted a tirade of how computers are difficult etc.

Didn't he ever use a typewriter?

That was going to be my question as well. Space bars have been a thing long before computers.

Back to back emails from my university physics teacher

Back to back emails from my university physics teacher

3rd email:

Hi Students! It seems you are all still having trouble. The link is working on my machine so you might want to try deleting your internet history. These same questions will be used on tomorrow's exam!

4th email:

Hi Students! I have to say I'm very disappointed. Everyone did poorly on the exam and I'm not sure what to make of it. However, I'm attaching a PDF of a make-up exam. If you'll get this back to me by 8:00 pm today, I'll change your grade.

5th email:

Sorry students, I forgot to attach the file. See the attachments. I’ll extend the deadline to 8:05 to make up the time.

6th email: Hi students, it appears that none of you opted to take the make-up exam. I'm even more disappointed than before.

My Grandma reinforcing her statement.

My Grandma reinforcing her statement.

She wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyway

I hope you liked the original

That's fantastic haha

I'm thinking about those beans

My wife's grandma uses Facebook as a murder diary

My wife's grandma uses Facebook as a murder diary

This is disturbing.

When I first read this I assumed these were posted throughout the year or something, went back and looked at the dates and this is all in just two weeks! She's on a spree!

Why the squirrel tho? Lol

I think your wife's grandma might be starting late as a potential serial killer.


Teaching biscuit asthma Terry

Teaching biscuit asthma Terry

Asthma seems like it's his least favorite job of the three.

He's lying. He was fired from asthma.

I bet most people wish they could just quit Asthma.

I've been trying to quit asthma my entire life.

Rabbits East

Rabbits East


Not too tame

Yeah the page is now flooded with Redditors from the other front page post.

What is the real question? What do tame rabbits eat?

If I'm being honest, neither do I

If I'm being honest, neither do I

It makes every post one of those maymay things them young people go on about

Maybe they should have reduced the visual mess instead of increasing it by bastardizing text posts. Way to go, facebook.

Most people only really react to videos and images on facebook, and short and simple text posts aren't really noticed in all the mess. The color text option allows otherwise buried posts to be visible among the rest of the visual noise.

TIL I am now with the oldpeoplefacebook

Well I hope I don't get magnets...

Well I hope I don't get magnets...

That God

The fact that she felt the need to include the emoji everytime she said "pizza" makes it that much funnier.

That darn god

iPhone texts will underline words that have related emojis. If you click them, it'll add the emoji next to the word. My mom has fallen victim to this as well.

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