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If this was in my own I think I’d have bigger problems

How to ruin a perfectly good pair of hiking boots

I always wanted to see that, thanks!

This is the below the ankle version of eating Tide Pods.

Don’t be a dummy. Only walk on rocks less hot than 1,000 degrees F / 700 degrees C.

The way these clothes match the background.

The way these clothes match the background.

Credit: August Östberg @augustostberg

The way her face is covered by her hair makes this a bit creepy.

Honestly mind blowing

She must be wearing Seavi's

100% Chocolate Showpiece

100% Chocolate Showpiece

The wrecking ball was posted recently. It’s awesome to see the whole piece come together so beautifully.

I've seen that wrecking ball posted multiple times over the course of several years.... And just now I finally see the entirety of the creation you have no idea how long I've even wondering if there was more.

I think I can safely say that I will never have the patience to be able to do something like this.

Or the will power to not eat it all

Bird Bath

Bird Bath

That’s a peregrine falcon. Top speed of 240mph(386kph) at a dive

What’s the top speed for a bath?

New York City has the highest concentration of wild Peregrine Falcons in the world. They prey on pigeons and utilize the skyscrapers as "mountains" and "cliff ledges", which mimic their natural habitat/hunting grounds.

Man. I feel like a million bucks just watching this guy. He must feel fantastic!

Just some coins

Just some coins

If it wasn't for reddit, I wouldn't spend time watching someone pushing coins into a hole at 10PM on a Sunday night. And enjoying it.

Holy shit it’s 10 already.

The cost for using a coin-op washer is getting really ridiculous.

Trying to count how many there are

Fuck you for posting this.

Edit: still fuck you on loop #138

Making a wrecking ball out of chocolate

Oh I see. Too good for air are we?

Mother fucker, if it wasn't for air, you'd be dead. I bet you didn't even realise that air is pushing you all around to stop your blood from boiling. You ungrateful piece of shit. But no, air isn't amazing or anything, not like what, caramel? Bitch please, try breath caramel. Oh what's that? You died because caramel doesn't diffuse across your aveoli into your blood and later across cell membranes to enable your cells to engage in vital functions?

Fucking think before you speak you cunt.

You’re telling me they didn’t fill the ball with something amazing?

Someone tell them that they only need to do it for every other link without cutting all of them in half.


Bob Ross painting rocks like it's nothing

Bob Ross painting rocks like it's nothing

In one brush stroke though he paints the rock AND the shadow. How?

Happy Little Rocks.

The corners of the brush likely have one light and one dark side, or both sides of the brush have their own color. You can make super nice strokes, looks great for painting flowers, rocks, etc. ☺️

Bob Ross’s Twitch Channel is what I watch to brighten my day. Chat’s hype over a potential cabin appearance is always funny.

I would get mad for defacing her majesty, but it does look pretty chill

I would get mad for defacing her majesty, but it does look pretty chill

I love a gif that pauses during the progress so you can take it in! And how satisfying was that background stippling??

They literally defaced her!

This is an old coin, out of circulation and no longer accepted as legal tender. I think that means it's ok to do this. But I think there's a law against portraying the death of the current monarch. Not sure if this counts though. I doubt the police will be knocking on their door about it.

Looks really good! But isn’t it illegal to destroy money?

Burning a roll of toilet paper

Whelp. I'm a grown ass person and I just watched toilet paper burning for longer than I care to admit.

Good one OP

/sub/gifsthatendtoosoon i want to see the whole thing damn it.

click the gfycat link --> more details --> analytics --> source URL

Give a man a source, he is satisfied for now,

Teach a man to find source, he is satisfied for life


You know i didnt know this. but next time just post it

I was just satisfied by words

I was just satisfied by words

This goes to show that people are more afraid of the thought of their children being special needs than they are of their children passing away from preventable diseases.

Autism has a strong genetic component with 75% of identical twins both having autism.

Ugh, my friend's identical twins have autism. It's so rough.

I don't want children to suffer due the stupidity of their parents

1 like=1 prayer

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