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Wanna hang out today?

No...I have something really important to do...

Pleasing glass molding

Making your mom's glass dildo

EDIT: /u/I-wish-u-were-beer found a source https://www.instagram.com/p/BMZpKvKgOOj/

I still think it just looks like a less comfortable glass dildo for your mom

This 4 man backflip

They just invented a new sex position.


Trammel of Archimedes

Archimedes intended for it to be a childrens toy. But adults of the time, seeing how mesmerizing the movement of the trammel was, pushed the children down and absconded with the toy to use for their own amusement. And they were right to do so.

Fountain in Singapore


If I remember correctly that's actually on the roof of a shopping complex so you can look up at it as you walk underneath.

Edit: found a link

The way this Graffiti blends with corners

The way this Graffiti blends with corners

i thought the title said giraffe. I was looking at the top picture with so much confusion.

This guys zooming past on a curved wall

This guys zooming past on a curved wall

If there was ever a time that a helmet seemed necessary, it would have to be this.

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