Oddlysatisfying oddlysatisfying

Beautiful bricklaying

RIP back

My goodness that's all I thought was.. ouch my fucking back.

When you get paid for the job not by the hour

I grew up farming, and I miss the sunlight on a deep, existential level when I'm in my gray cubicle at work.

But I do not miss bending over all fucking day.

Unmelting a crayon

For some reason I wasn't expecting the end of the crayon to be that long

..that's what she said?


I feel dirty. I made that crayon hard just by looking at it.

Giant air cannon.


I wonder what it'd feel like to be hit by that blast. Tbh, seems kinda fun and I wanna try it now!

Edit: "hot" to "hit" lol

We get it, you vape.

Satisfying? Nah dude, this is just cool as crap


Painted light beam on a restaurant

Painted light beam on a restaurant

It will save electricity at night.

I adore this


Seriously, there is something so completely positive and pleasant about this. So endearing, I love it.

Road marking truck doing its thing

Road marking truck doing its thing

Wow those jump cuts were really annoying. Really cool truck though.

Yea horribly unsatisfying gif

It's glass beads. Used to help reflect headlight beams better

When I was younger I always imagined some guy laying down on the back of a truck with a paintbrush and he marks the road every few feet.

Phi top

We're still dreaming

Wife has one, although it is battery powered. but I dont think it came with a base. . .

His top was a totem, an object only he was familiar with so a dreamer couldn't fool him by creating it for him (something would be off about it). Eternally spinning top = in a dream.

The source is @physicsfun on Instagram, and this text was included: "This unique top is made of solid brass in the shape of a prolate elIipsoid- and the name of the top is derived from the following design requirement: the ratio of the semi minor (short) axis to the semi major (long) axis is made equal to the mathematical constant the golden ratio φ (phi). Invented by astrophysicist Kenneth Brecher, this top stands up vertically (when spun with sufficient rotational velocity) due to physics similar to that of the tippe-top. The concave mirror keeps the top from wandering off and the glass surface has minimal friction allowing the top to spin for a long time"

Knocking off large icicles

He's lucky he was able to let go of the pole at the end without impaling himself in the balls or something..


Or get bucked off the balcony by holding the pole like it's his life-long love:

This ice bucket challenge thing has gotten out of hand

The ice against the roof melts from the heat of the building and the whole thing slides.

Smashing ice that was frozen to our railing.

This actually made me sad. It was really pretty and now it's gone.

Hold your phone upside down

ɐıןɐɹʇsnɐ uı ʞɔnʇs ʞɔıp 'ɹɐǝןɔun suoıʇɔnɹʇsuı

can someone make a reverse slo mo of this?

Niagara Falls at 60fps

I demand 144fps!

I demand 144p!

Edit: credits to /u/Spinagon

To anyone about to click the link, only look at the first 5 seconds.

Beach ball bounce

Beach ball bounce

It looks like he aged 10 years over the course of that jump

I think he traveled through some kind of black hole. He's like 10 times buffer when he lands.

a punch with your feet is called a kick

Holy sticking the landing batman!

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