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This ice.

This ice.

LPT: Before inserting your coins into a parking meter, pull on the cover to make sure it hasn't been replaced with...

Card skimmers are getting more and more advanced, now they can skim your cash as well!

Placing it back should be quite satisfying


Cutting Hedge Technology

Cutting Hedge Technology

That huge demand for round plants in the hundreds.

Although it only rotates twice for the sphere shape, I still feel irrationally inpatient and want it to go faster.

If you get a robot attached to it, you could measure out the distance between hedges and be done in no time

Well that poor guy is unemployed now. Good job.

Deep cleaning the car seat

Look at all those farts.

That's a lot of butt dirt.

Leather seats are a nightmare during hot summer months.

This is why you get leather my friends

Since the Eagles' logo is the only one in the NFL that faces left, it's satisfying when they play a team with a logo that faces right in the Superbowl.

Since the Eagles' logo is the only one in the NFL that faces left, it's satisfying when they play a team with a logo that faces right in the Superbowl.

Would be awful if the graphic was set up with the two facing away from each other!

What a crazy playoffs this was. It almost seems like it was forever ago that my Chiefs come up with yet another creative way to get that January loss.. Almost!!

The right side of the eagle is letter e.

The Eagles' logo makes an E, which is likely the main reason they opted for the opposite direction.

Spices in a Moroccan market

Spices in a Moroccan market

Aren't those cones that are dusted in spice and then used to cover the actual spices?

This is the right answer, but not the cool kids answer.

Was gonna say: the first scoop is gonna waste a fuck-ton of saffron, as is all dumps down on the ground

Spicey cones of dunshire

The way Experiment is spelled in Polish

The way Experiment is spelled in Polish

Its spelled exactly the way it sounds.

I read it in Alan Rickman's voice.

In both languages, yet with different spelling.

I'm betting there's a metaphor in there somewhere.

Got a Teksi in Indonesia recently



Really satisfying if those books are decorations. Really frustrating if those books are for sale.

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Yea F#%K alphabetizing we're going rainbow

I don't think they are. It's a coffee show with a laundry downstairs.

The way this bullet goes in

The way this bullet goes in

I wish I had a million Ferrero Rochers rn

This makes me feel so uncomfortable

Hey let's play Russian roulette with a clip fed clock. I'll go first

He later shot himself trying to play Russian roulette

Painting a fire clay tile

I really want to try once.

Where can I get this kind of job?

I too like to paint with cum


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