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Rally car turning a tight corner

Rally car turning a tight corner

"It was deliberate! It was deliberate!"


This sport is so badass


Please someone edit this with "Deja Vu" over it

Just taking a glide to the beach

I would have made it rain chocolate.

The whole descent looks so fast.

I can't tell whether he's incredibly skilled or incredibly lucky.

Not everyone has been paragliding before, and I’m guessing almost clipping multiple rocks and buildings still isn’t representative of a typical flight.

Didn't realize this /sub/nonononoyes and thought this was /sub/nononono

Airplane coming in for a landing

Bit low there Steve

If i remember correctly, this happened at Helgoland Düne, a small German island in the north sea. The longest runway there is only 480m long, which could explain the uhhh short approach.

And his asshole never unclenched ever again

That was his solo flight.

Fight stooped with pizza.

I was expecting him to throw the pizza at them.

See, this never would've worked if there was pineapple on the pizza.

And that's why you never get a pineapple pizza.

Or... that's how the fight started. -_-

Doesn’t the stapler get all nasty with olives and pineapple in it?

Michael tries to save the scene.

He probably got pissed that she laughed.

I binged watched a bunch of outtakes from Seinfeld a while back and she seemed to be the one that would break character the most often, usually accompanied by Jerry.

A few times you could tell in Richards face that he was getting a little irritated. He was somewhat justified since a few scenes involved him doing some pretty physical stuff, and having to repeat it over and over would have probably been a little painful.

The way the movie type displays comedy as it turns around is also great.

Probably, I hear she nags him a lot and he hates naggers

The skills

The skills

How many different subs are we going to post this in?

Right in front of the camera too

Fair enough

It's a cool video.

Risky, but still clean.

Risky, but still clean.

Props to the camerman for keeping him in shot the whole time.

I feel like I’ve seen this stairwell in many animes.

Not all Asian staircases look alike, racist.

Yeah no shaking, or old nokia phone



That final touch was so unsatisfying.

Subscribed. Guess I should’ve figured this was a sub

Yea I'd need extra pants

I had to double check the subreddit to make sure it wasn’t /sub/yesyesyesno

Hanging by a paw

If that was my cat, she'd still be pissed at me for holding her.

He didn’t hang in there, baby

Faith in humanity restored and a relatable top comment. It's gonna be a good day tater.

For a brief moment I got really worried about what was going to happen till I saw where this was posted. Like phew, didn’t want that kind of sadness today

Don't mess with big cats

Poor dog looks like he shat himself at the end there

Yeah that dog is, rightfully so, extremely nervous. Ears back, leaning away, nervous lip licking, eye contact avoidance etc. Oh God please get this thing the fuck away from me

I was worried I was about to see a polar bear get murdered before finishing my morning coffee. I'm happy this was just a big cat picking on a dog.

That's not a polar bear?

Edit: I didn't actually think the dog was a polar bear.

Edit 2: I actually thought the orange zebra cat was the polar bear.

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