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Tripped up but self-saved.

That's one heck of a acrobatic libero

DM: As you walk away you trip on seemingly nothing.

Player: I try to catch myself

Rolls 20

DM: After a little stumble you do a roll into a stand.

White team just regroup for team building/strategy, they're not celebrating

Don't liberos have to be acrobatic?

This Saudi kid in a mall avoid death

This Saudi kid in a mall avoid death

That looks fun

Peripheral vision might've helped.

Man, look at the reactions. Everyone wanted to help and hug that boy. They really look out for one another there.

I'm not a fan of Saudi, but they actually are obsessed with Western culture and treat any Western visitors (Muslim or non-Muslim) extremely well. So at least half your statement is absolutely false.

Plane trouble

She wouldn’t have said no... because of the implication.

The rest of the flight would have been extremely awkward if she said no.

The added element of an almost near death experience works great for proposals!

Source video


I was going to bitch about the subtitles in the OP, but you can’t actually hear what she says in the video either.

Motorcyclist almost gets hit by a car.

Motorcyclist almost gets hit by a car.

I've never had such a close NDE but I feel like I honestly would've pulled over and just sat there to think about what happened

Had a close one a few weeks ago. 50mph zone on a back country road. As they are wont to do, an SUV pulls out right in front of me. Knowing that there was an intersecting road coming up, I already was hovering my breaks, so I was breaking the moment I saw their wheels start to rotate.

I had few options. There was no shoulder to bail out on the right, and there were several oncoming vehicles to the left.

My ".4 millisecond" plan was to bleed off as much speed as I could, let off and aim for the double yellow and hope to God they all left me room up the middle.

What happened I did not expect. The car that was cutting me off, at the last second swerved out of my way by heading into oncoming traffic and stopping dead. The first of the oncoming cars swerved right into my lane to avoid the head-on with the SUV.

I went a bit too far to the left to avoid the oncoming car and was headed right at the ass-end of the SUV. Thankfully I was not moving too fast and was able to lean it all the way over, back into my own lane, dragging my exhaust the whole time.

I straightened it out, coasted to a stop in a driveway, and just sat there for a while contemplating my place in the universe. I was shaking like a leaf.

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At the very end it looks like he starts to pull over to do just that

That idiot in white car passing that truck almost caused at least four people's deaths.

Driving fails

Driving fails

Whaaaaat tha fuccccck? Why?

Why pull in front of a car at highway speeds, and then dead stop? Why?

Why did the other car hit them? Why is OP unscathed?

Why do I have so many questions?

God I love this sub but this is a crazy video.

OP sideswiped the red car while changing lanes. Both cars presumably stopped to check for damage and exchange info. Silver car is in same lane and doesn't realize both cars are stopped. Dives into outside line to avoid OP and then overcorrects, hitting red car.

But stopped, full on dead stop, in the middle of the middle lane? Noooooooo.

I mean, yes, I can see this. But nooooooo.

Is this not what the shoulder of the highway is for?

Thank you for the explanation.

Red car has indicator on, they're trying to get over to the shoulder but they also want to make sure the car that hit them is going to stop.

Zig-zag like your life depends on it

Rickon has much to learn from this

"I didn't care anyway."

The thing is... he didn't. The squirrel was running for its life. The cat was just messing around.

I love how cats can go, full throttle, to absolutely uninterested in less than three seconds.

I can do this

Is the driver also controlling the steering of the back tires?

Yes. Steerable trailer dolly.

Wow, wow, wow, wow!

That was some serious driving skills!

I'm willing to bet that turn would have been almost impossible without the ability to steer the back wheel section.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Brazil

Knowing my coordination level, on that first kick I'd accidentally launch it into someone's face and then drop the rest of my groceries out if horror and run over to my can face victim.

Is this such a natural occurrence in Brazil that no one even bats an eye?! I'd be losing my shit

That's what happens when soccer is the national pastime. People were probably criticizing his technique.

"Can face victim"

Not today

Air Bags save lives.

"If fish could scream, the ocean would be loud as fuck" - Mitch Hedberg

The Puffer fishes face is like "sigh....this shit again"

Finding Nemo lied to me. I thought they inflated instantly!

Crocodile attacking unsuspecting Stork

That was kind of adorable

He totally thought he was a badass croc. The stork's reaction must have been ego bruising.

I half expected the stork to follow up by eating the crocodile.

"Ah fuck if this gets on the internet Millicent is never going to date me"

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