Truck in the wind

Nice save by the driver. Probably didn't even spill his drink.

Not on purpose.

The wind just blows them to the mainland.

I close my eyes, only for a moment

And the moment's gone

All my dreams pass before my eyes, a curiosity

Trucks in the wind

All they are is trucks in the wind.

If someone asks. This happened in Croatia near the coast (of the adria). This strong wind is called „bura“ in croatian and it can reach a speed of 150 km/h. Especially in winter it’s really crazy there. Some people move from islands to the mainland because of it.

Kids’ homemade ramp on the street

The stuff dreams are made of.

A neighborhood legend was born that day.

I feel like /sub/unexpected needs to see this, because I definitely didn't see that coming

I heard he jumped 50 homeless people on his battery powered four wheeler!

Almost hit and run

The coordination between the white car, truck and cammer to trap the piece of shit was a thing of beauty.

classic box-in maneuver that police TRAIN for, these people pulled off perfectly on the first time, no radio or communication

Good. How in the world can you flee from a nasty wreck like that? Dick.

Like minded people. So awesome to see organic execution.

A twitchy tail is a sign of an impending cat slap

Wait for it...wait for it...boink!

What did the toe beans say to the face? Boop!

With all the fake black cat decorations around this time of year, you can never be too cautious.

He was soooo lining up to really smack the kitty!

Unsuccessful crime

Magic is real...Taken out by a door that suddenly became a jar.

Open and shut case I'd say.

The door of justice opens when you least expect it.

Hit 'em right in the jar.

Not looking when changing lanes

I'm impressed he stayed on the bike...

Yeah, his control was on point, probably because he stayed "calm" instead of panicking.

This is why many people are afraid to ride a bike. Because many people fucking suck at driving! Not really much of a problem here though tbh.

If only there was a way for cars to indicate their intention to turn before actually doing so.

From r/BlackPeopleGifs

Fuckin badass. It looks like she's been doing that for a long time.

I would think she would practice with unsharpened swords. Or objects with similar weight distribution that isn't all killy killy

That's the weird part. She had to excercise to get there. How the fuck do you do that without killing yourself?

wife material

The dog wins twice.

I really wanted the second dog to pee on his foot.

I was confused too, but I think it's referring to peeing on the guy as win 1, and not getting kicked as win 2? It's pretty weak but the only thing I could think of.

Better pissed off than pissed on....oh, wait....

Serious question, I don't understand the title. How does the dog win twice?

At my local supermarket

At my local supermarket

oh good it's today's grocery cart seat post

Not enough noes.

We need a bot that can identify these shitty posts


Luckiest dog ever

Thank goodness I knew what sub I was in so I knew the dog was ok

This makes me nervous everytime

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