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Van stuck on railroad tracks in Argentina

dude is cool under pressure...but where is van driver? and i like how motorcycle guy backs it up...

Van guy owes motorcycle guy a beer or two.

Debris from struck vehicles will fly a surprising distance.

How did the train stop exactly too late?

Why I don't ride with my mom

Why I don't ride with my mom

no helmet? eventual nonononono

Well, I'm the "Mom" in this video and just want to address a couple of things:

This was not planned or staged--we were gonna video tape a few different runs and it just so happened I wiped out on the first :) This was my 2nd time driving a side by side. I chose not to wear a helmet--yes, I know helmets keep your noggin safe but that was my choice--call it stupid or whatever but that's how I enjoy riding. My minor children will wear helmets when riding--adult children make their own choices. I never endangered my family, threatening to "wipe" them out as one poster family was not there, was riding with a friend who was taping it. The cage was not factory standard it was rebuilt and reinforced. Yes I gave a thumbs up at the end to reassure my friend I was ok. I had loads of fun and would do it again in a heartbeat--I enjoy having fun, I hike in bear country, I skydive, I ride ATVs and the most dangerous thing I do--I ride in an automobile almost everyday of my life on roads with dangerous drivers (no I do not drive like this on the highway)--I'm not afraid of dying but more importantly, I'm not afraid of living.

Thanks for all the great comments!

Haha, If my mom planned this, she is pretty talented. This is her first time riding one of these things.

EDIT: Sorry, second time

That was my thought, too.

Plus, it looks like there's only a 3 point restraint, not a 5 point harness.

Motorcyclist narrowly avoids intense crash

Motorcyclist narrowly avoids intense crash

Looks like the car was passing (therefore in the wrong lane) and the one dude who dropped his bike inadvertently gave the car a ramp to go airborne on.

Did he put the bike down before he got hit? Because that probably just saved his life.

Yeah that was a really smart bail.

That car counter-flowing shows that even if you drive properly, assholes will inevitably make the road dangerous.


School girl fell into a monsoon drain in Nepal

I'm watching and thinking "why are these assholes running away". And then the truth surfaces: they are not assholes!

Oh shit I'm glad I watched the whole thing

Enough that the city has "Monsoon Drains" installed.

How often does this happen that they all know which way run?!

Baby stroller goes for an unplanned stroll

Baby stroller goes for an unplanned stroll

The baby will have to come up with a better escape plan than that. He almost had it though. Respect

She got so lucky

I think most parents have an "OH SHIT I ALMOST KILLED MY KID" moment. Most of us are just lucky enough to not have it captured and posted for everybody else to see.

I made it about 50 yards away from my car in a parking lot before I remembered I had my kid sleeping in the back. I was even thinking about stuff I needed to get for her from the store, so it's not that I didn't care, it was just an off routine day and I had very little sleep.


Closing up shop

"Sorry, we're closed."

I went to Egypt

"I wasn't even supposed to be here today."

If he would've left just 2 seconds earlier he would've been done, I just respect space and time so much

Out of control tractor

"Ah, he probably meant 'tractor trailer' not an actual tractor... Well. Look at that!"

The tractor clearly had its blinkers on. Luckily James Bond was driving the other truck when Mr. Magoo rear-ended the tractor.

Meh, I've seen a million of these. Oh... THAT kind of tractor.

98 km/year. Not that fast.

Oncoming bus catches bad patch of ice

Oncoming bus catches bad patch of ice

I've always wondered how a bus made U-turns!

Someone give this driver a gold medal

Seriously... slamming on your brakes in that situation is obvious, but to have the awareness to throw it into reverse when you're on a road and see a giant bus coming at you is really great.


Duck vs Tiger

Good thing he ducked.

It's better narrated.

This duck ducks

if you can dodge a tiger, you can dodge a wrench

Sitting at the Corner of a Racetrack

Why would you ever watch a rally race from the outside of a turn?

Because the commission won't let them stand in the road anymore.

While everyone else chose flight, Sally chose to fight for her seat.

Nanny state in action I tell ya. Back in my day we made sure people died in easily preventable ways because everyone should have a working knowledge of everything all the time.

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