This cat

This cat

Wait isn't it only hot or cold water here? And don't cats hate water overall?

It's only nonononoyes if having a soaking wet cat wandering around your house counts as a "yes."

Hockey player try to give a puck to a young girl

the girl looked the happiest out of all of them to get a puck, that man is amazing

This is a shitty dad. I Hate him.

That dad was a super dick

That’s insanely cute. But. The dads of those two boys need a talking to. 🤓

Edit: Dad 2 gave his son the directions. Good job.

Bully Gets His

Bullying is so sickening, I used to be bullied a lot in high school. It’s good to see the bully get his ass kicked for once.

Player 3 has entered the game

The best thing I ever saw in high school was when one of the bullies knocked the books out of the hands of one of the nerdier kids in my class and that kid turned around and punched him right in the face, hard. The look on the bully's face was priceless and I can still picture it perfectly years later.

Yeah mr santa claus does ok until he body slams the kid being bullied

just let me hop onto this flatcar

It's dangerous being subscribed to this and nononono

Wow! Holy fuck fuck...

He fell in gap between the boxcars, he didn’t get turned into smashed potatoes and made it out in one piece as he was trapped underneath.

That's some insane lucky escape

Probably why the owner installed it there...

Kinda missing the point of the yes at the end of the sub name, no?

I figured the "yes" part depended on the viewer's perspective


It's a yes if you are waiting for the bike to separate from it's mount.

Longboard bail, perfect save!

I love the reaction of that man in the striped shirt. That /sub/areyouseeingthisshit look


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I read erection instead of reaction. Fml

just downvote next time.

Ferret bites human, drags to nest

Human, I've always loved you... But I need to feed my babies too

Ferret wants to make sure human knows to take care of her kids like has been taking care of her.

I believe it's because she wants to make sure the human knows these are hers, so that they're not banished from the "nest" (human home).

Could someone explain the reason the ferret is doing that? It's cute and all but I'm really interested in why it's doing it

Can’t even think what the white car driver is feeling

Can’t even think what the white car driver is feeling

I hate to be that guy, but this was posted not even 24 hours ago.

Several times even

Is the car an a$$hole?

Where is it from?

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect

my favourite is the one where he just jumps down and gives up, lol.

I broke my ankle twice just watching this.

Technically this was a nonononononoyes

My favorite is definitely the guy who falls in front of the camera at the end when he finally makes it, he's like "I can do it too!"

Worlds best brakes

immediately runs into other lane

Driver is lucky too! She would’ve smashed that car with her cane and put a curse on them!

Drag Me To Hell 2

I'm assuming this women has dementia or some other illness... There is literally no reason to the cross a highway late at night, unless you are trying to get to the other side...


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