I threw a pencil at my friend and he cought it on accident.

I threw a pencil at my friend and he cought it on accident.

by* accident

Did you warn him you were throwing it though? He seems to move his hand preemptively. Still.. great coordination!

I guess the part that looks fishy is he moves his hand to catch it before you even throw it. But hey, I wasn't there, so I believe you. Fair warning though: based on how it looks to an outside observer, I have a good feeling this will end up on /sub/thathappened

Should we tell OP?

How to take down a drone for less than a dollar

Wait until Amazon delivery drones get attacked this way so their packages get stolen.

I foresee drone warfare with logistics drones swarming among protector drones intercepting toilet paper rolls mid-air with their anti-toiletpaper nets.

That was such a well calculated throw.

Somebody sign him for the Cleveland Browns, we need him

When you hit it right in the center

When you hit it right in the center

Wow how many attempts do you think that took

when I noticed the right cube slightly moves when the coin rolls back

bout three fiddy

Cannot unsee it now

Guy finds iguana out in the ocean


When I was in the Caymans, locals told me they swim from island to island. The blue ones were endangered, but the green ones were great for the environment. Still though, I'm glad that he's not stuck at sea.

Iguana prob being like 3 stars, uber driver talked too much.

What if this guy took him back to the island where he started? Iguana gets off boat.. 'Well shit'

Two Arsenal players have a similar reaction to a ref's call.


Two pairs in red

Where are their shadows?

Maybe they were too drunk to come into work that day.

Hometown Zip Code, T-Shirt, Race Number, and Finishing race time

Hometown Zip Code, T-Shirt, Race Number, and Finishing race time

Given that the segment paces were all around 7:45 and the overall pace was 8:12, dude probably sat at the finish line for about 10+ minutes waiting for the clock to reach 3:36:07.

The only real potential random coincidence is the assigned race number, and I don't know if that's actually randomly generated/assigned or if you can just ask.

What in the fuck

That's next level fuckery right there, OP might be magic

I want to believe

I brace myself every time it replays

What about those signs coming up though?

This gif is like a metaphor for how I feel with each passing day.


It's that misleading shadow on the green pole that fooled me.

Precision Shooter

California or Arizona, fraternity member with a degree in business. There’s no other explanation

Watch the elbow

This guy businesses

It's a joke. Your elbow can't pass the edge of the table when shooting.

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