when a commie says capitalism is oppressive and keeps people in poverty

when a commie says capitalism is oppressive and keeps people in poverty

I'm sure we could run a country on etsy entrepreneurs and personal vegetable gardens, which country wants to try first?

Capital is worker-commitment device, as the threat of termination keeps output and wages high. It's Bowles' "labour discipline model based on contingent renewal".

we would all in the breadline




we're hitting irony levels that shouldn't even be possible

next on neoliberal: the schism on whether it's okay to unironically celebrate sweatshops

Sweatshops aren't a guilty pleasure.

They are a sad reality for people who want a better life for themselves and their children. Lets not make light of how terrible working in a sweatshop is, and if not for the fact that the alternatives are so much worse, we would be completely against them.

This is either trolling or blithely tonedeaf.

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The ironic meme I posted to LSC on an alt is at ~200 updoots and ~95% upvoted.

Fucking dead.

I've always assumed /sub/neoliberal is paid front subreddit, probably a reddit, google, or democratic party campaign testing ground to see if they can effectively control media in the internet age. Personally I think the net is a lost medium; capitalists own and control all of the infrastructure around it, and are doing an incredible job of controlling the narrative to one that doesn't threaten their property.

I can't deal, I actually can't fucking deal.

Shh! Don't call me a mom, I'll never be able to get the Macron flairs to stop following me.

"okay but it's 2017, women can do anything, why do we still need feminism???"

Fifteenth, by which I mean to say it's my fifteenth birthday today.


take the $hill pill today!

take the $hill pill today!



Is the DNC still hiring for internet posts? That was some good money. My job at the docks dried up

delet lol



How many levels deep of irony are we on?

stealing third world labour

Alright, just in case someone unironically thinks freedom of movement of labor is stealing labor: the capital inflow to third world countries due to workers sending remittances back home is much more beneficial than forcing workers to work domestically for one-fifth or one-tenth of the wages they could get overseas.

If you advocate using state power to keep workers from going overseas to earn much higher wages because they should "help their country", then to me that's the same level of cruelty as a company using monopoly power to rent-seek and unfairly keep wages down for employees because employees should "help their company".

How many levels deep of irony are we on?

I'm in so deep there's no light from the surface reaching me.

Pretty much, sure. I would probably do a bit more than just say "lol just move" and I would phrase just about all of that differently.

"Unironically, just move"

"Neoliberal is almost certainly a shill subreddit"

"Neoliberal is almost certainly a shill subreddit"

and the "memes" all feel very paint by numbers

and the "memes" all feel very paint by numbers

okay, beep beep.

"Neoliberal is almost certainly a shill subreddit; when comparing to other subreddits of its size it doesn't quite add up. The userbase is too active, it rose to prominence way too quickly without being a subreddit for an already popular fandom, and the "memes" all feel very paint by numbers.

Left and right have generally come to the conclusion that something is amiss on that sub. It's probably even more bot heavy than the Donald."

Also my tumblr meme template.

I need to rentseek pls

Uhhh, I was hacked....

Uhhh, I was hacked....
Uhhh, I was hacked....

Holy shit this is a spicy meme




I tried to come up with a good title, but I'm still laughing at Ted Cruz' Twitter account liking a porno.

I tried to come up with a good title, but I'm still laughing at Ted Cruz' Twitter account liking a porno.


1/2: "i was hacked"

1/4: "intern did it"

1/10: "finger slipped, i dont know how these dang twitters work!"

1/50: "i apologise to both the public and my loving wife, and am seeking help for my addiction. praise jesus"

1/100: "just liked the vid to see the left react - what sjw nancies!"

1/500: "yeah i jerked it what are you cucks gonna do about it"

This is his pivot to the center.

white man on white woman porn

Ted Cruz confirmed NOT a globalist.

Apparently his interns use tweetdeck when tweeting for him, and he uses an iphone. The meta data indicates the tweet came from an iphone...

twitter thread analyzing the evidence:



A) We recognize that our current healthcare system is bad, and government intervention is necessary.

B) That said, single payer is not the only (or best) way to achieve universal coverage, although it would be an improvement. A multi-payer system with the government as an option would be most of our preference. This system is used in Germany.

C) Sanders' particular proposal was terrible. It included no measures for cost control (healthcare is limited, after all) and thus would have ballooned costs. It was poorly designed and would have probably failed as a college assignment.

D) Hillary was a huge proponent for UHC. That was a signature issue of hers in the 90's and 000's. Just because she's more of an adult about our current options doesn't make her less of an ally.

E) I love how you immediately blame the insurance companies. The insurance industry makes about 3% in profit each year. Where does most of that profit go? Hospitals and care providers. Please do basic research before criticizing an entire industry.

Health economist here.

No. Single payer does not inherently lead to lower costs or higher quality of life (what) or higher productivity (double what).

Bernie's Medicare For All still sits on a fee for service structure and still doesn't address what happens when providers in the US don't want to play ball and either balance bill, or if that's prohibited, only take non-Medicare patients who pay in cash or have a private insurer.

Because all universal health care systems have private insurers because this exact thing always happens. The US will be even more susceptible because of the difference between private rates and Medicare's fee schedule.

"Bargaining power" isn't the magic wand a lot of self-styled progressives think it is, for a couple of obvious reasons:

A) Many providers have a monopoly in medically-underserved areas and the federal govt can't force them to provide service.

B) If providers and insurers are inherently profit-seeking, then wouldn't they keep costs at absolute minimums to maximize the revenue they get to keep? Doesn't this "market forces 101" example allude to the fact that we have bad incentive structures, and it goes beyond who pays for care?

He also opposed the TPP, called open borders a "Koch brothers proposal" and ran his campaign on slogans and 'anti establisment' drivel. His policies like free college appealed to white middle class college kids and alienated the minorities that the democrats have relied on for support. He's a populist thru and thru, not to mention he self identifies as a socialist.

That's really beautiful prose but he still supports protectionism and a $15 national minimum wage



How many layers of irony do I need to be on for this to make sense


i have no idea what the fuck this is but i love it

Ọ̬̲̝̝M̦̲̙͖̟̹͝ͅA̻͜N̟̟͓ͅ ̺͎̙̼Í̟̜͙̭͓͇ͅ ̵͔̥͇̜̖̩A͓̮̬̬̣̠͇M̦̪͍̤͎ ̜̼N̫͙̯O̹̲̳̲̫T̡̤ ̯G̭͚͖̝̲O̤ͅǪ̬̪̖̫͎͔D̀ ̭̫̲W̪̱̪IT̫̤H̥̳̤ ̛͎MA̪̝̦̣̙̦C̭͙̼̟̲͇R͔̤̠͖O̼̪̱̙͈̼͞E̳C͎͙͇̘̫̟͔͝Ọ̯͉͎̲͉̬̕ṈO͎̱M̮̠̤̱͕͕̀Į̠̞͍͍̺̺͕C̼ ̴̦͖̞̦̗T̮̼H͎͚̖̫̠E͡O͇̮̯͖R͚̞̟̩̥Y̫̭͖͖̥̪̳ ̀P͈̘̯̹̥͢L̠̠͠Z̀ ͍̱͞ͅT̫̫͓̫̭O̡̼̳̪ ̤̗̤͈H͇͈̲̤̙̖̰É̥̩̩̘̬͙L͓̟̟̙͝Ṕ͙ ̵̬ ̴̘̞̖͎͓O̸̖̖̙̥M͍̻̻̱̻͍̤À͍̳N̞̲̲͉̥͎̭ I ̤̞͙A̜M͍͇̯͙̤͇͎ ̩̥̲͔N̩̪͖͚̯̬̦͟O͕͎̥̩̗̦̳T̨͙͙̱̪͉ͅ ͙̱G͚͈̺̠̝͠OO̙̟̤̺͟D̟͈͞ ̣̭̘WI̥̝̲̭̲T͎̹͈̀H̛̩̰͙͇̞̯̝ ̰̪̝M̬͙̜͢A͖̺̮̘C̬̯̣͇̱̳̺R̳̘͢O̴͉̠̙̭̪̦E̗̤̯̦̫̥̣C̖Ó̗̟͕̤͓̮̙N̜O̤̺̮̩̟̟͕M̺̺̥͉͘I̢̝̜̦͙͉̯C̻̭͖̬͇ ̘́T̜̖͚̺̩̮͍H͚̟͙̗̮̮E͉̳̜̮̲͖̖Ò̦RY̩̦ ̤͠P͇̻̫L̵͉̪͖̱̳͔Z͔̫͎͠ ̝T̀O͔͇͖̜̱͡ ̢̱͉̝̮̱H̠͉͡E̫̦͝L̛̬̳̲̙̗̜P͞ ͏̱͚͇̗̯ ̷͚̫O̢͙M̡̦͇̯̘̺͈AN͈͚̠͓̯͡ ̺͙͉I͖̯̫͓ ̤̲̼͈̼̗͝ͅA̺̤̜̳̙M͏ ̱͓͎̜̼N͕͚̤̞͔̮͠ͅO̴̫Ţ GO̟͞OD̝͍̟ ͏͎ͅẂ̗̭̖I̪͇̱͉Ṭ͕͍͚̱͉̣H̙͉͇̖̘ ̷̟̲͖̞̺̗̰M͕͓̤̕A̹ͅCR̸̞O͖̫̣̺̱̩ͅE͙̠C̞̩̣͖̼̹͝O̷̞̩N͕͡O͈̺͈M̞̭̖̦̜̖͚I̛̜̼͎̙̜C҉ ̸̮T̻̥̲H͍̯̖͘E̲̝̩O̡̩̰̳̙͙̟R̺͔̤Y͎̼̤ ҉̣̟̠̗̗̮̦P͉͖͓̤̀L̶͓̫Z̟̦͝ ̭͙̭͜T̜̮̠̰̦O̗ ͇̰̥̼͉̤H̪̖͎̱͘E̬͍̥͇͔͙͈L̛̤̗̜ͅP̛̻ ̠̝̱̩ ̦̱̮̰̯̺O͘M҉̘͕̲A̵̦̱̩̪̜͔͎N ̜͇̙̫͚̝̼I̸̬͖̫̳̠͍ ̯̜ͅA̸̠̼M̺̪̜͔̯͍͞ ̨͕̥̖͍N̹̜O͙̖̭̬T͍̘̺̞ ͓̭G̤̻͖̻O̷̜̘͈͔̮̥O̢̮̳D̙̱̯͝ ̨̗WḬT̜͡H̵̬̩ ͉͘M̮͙͎͍A͈̯͇͉͉̳̯C͔͍̲͔̤̜͢R̫̖̻͚O̧̙̼̞̳̳E̵̯̼̹̩͖ͅC̭̘̗̟̫̯̯O̭̬̼̗͟N҉̲͇O̩̝̤̺̹͢M͎I҉̜̖̣C̩͔̫̟̰̩͝ͅ T͕͖̞͍H̺̖̞͟E҉͔̣͔O͏̹̞̠̤͉̮ͅR̩̰Y̩̭̹͕͕ͅ ̤̺̣̳̪͇P̵̝̙̰̟͍͍L̸̘̭͓̦Z̨̠̤̟̥ ͚T͇̟͔͇O͇̰͇͚̟̗͙ ̯͙̲͚͈H̼̮̗͈̟́E̸̬͇̰̹̥L̺̭͓͔̗͚̪͡P̡̤̣͕̬ ̴̟̗ ̟̱̭͎͇̦̱͞O̸̟͚̯̖̣̺̤M̪̦̞̤̠Á͉̩͚N ͈̳I͇̪͖̳̹͡ ̩̙̠̣͕̣A͞M̤͉ ͇N̷͔͍̜̺̣͍̳O̹͉̳͇ͅT ̝G̡͈͇̦͎̭͔ͅO̷̤͚̟̣O͙̭͕D̼̞̣̭̘̻ͅ ̗̗͙̗͓̦W̺̱̳͈̭͔͢I͎̲͔͈T҉̟̥̹͎͖H̛̰͓ ͎͍̻͓̘͙͓MA҉͈̪̝C̶̣͔͕̙̩R͏̯O̱͈̬̺̪̘̥E͉̹C̢͚̥̘ͅO̲̰͍N͝O̴͕͚͚ͅM͍͍͇͎͉͇͘I̷C͈̗̬̬̥̣ ̩͉̲̳̝̘TH͎̮͔̮E͏O̗̱͔̬͖ͅŔ̼Y P̷̻͕̭̪͙͙L͚̩͓͕̳͞Z̸̲̯̪̯̰ ̴̬̲̣̺̮̲T͍O̷͓ H͞E̺̘̪͎͉̹̝Ḻ̹P̳ ̛̤͔ͅͅ ̰O̜͍M̡̼͖͚̣̯͚͔A͏̠̰̺̗͖N̪͈͇ ̢͓̣Iͅ ̡͎̹A͏̝̱M͝ ̣̮̪̗N̦̕O̝͇̱̫T̸̹̖ G̗͍̲͖O̴̤O̢̥̗̺̫D͚̺̫ ͇͉͚̞W͏Í̯̮̫̝̭̟ͅT͔̤̮̖̜Ḥ͉͍͕͉͙̕ ̙͚̘̻͉M͖̤̣̩͇͚A̼̫̰͙C̱̪R̻̰͚̩O͓̞̩E̥̩̼Ć͙̹O̲͚͇̮͖̠̕N̪͞O̥͚̗̜͠M̯͈̱̟̫I͏̳̬C̳͍̻̦ ̶̱̭̙̣̻̥T̫̟̖͓͉̲̫HE̻͙͚̘O̥RY P̗̦̪͓̟L̺̲Z̬̙͚͈̯̣ ̻̝͚T̬̹O ̻͎H͏͔E̠L̵̮̭P̝ ̰̮̙͘ ͟OͅM̭͢À̤͕̲͇N̢̘ ̙̝͓̟I͙̖͞ A̰̳͓̦̳̥̬M̹̜̪͞ ͞N̨͎̠̯O̖̱T ̜̟̖͔͠ͅͅG̳̣̤O̜̠͖̰̬̟̯O̺̯͉͞D͕͎̱͍͖ ̝̱̠͔̭̲ͅW͔̤͖͈͕̫͎I̹̜̤͉̜͝ͅT͓͇͖̫͇̖̹H̡̟͔̯͔ ͈͉̼M̧̼͍AC͡R̮O̧̙̤̲E̩̣͇͖̕C̬̖̤̭̬̯̰ON̶̖̖̩̪̰ͅǪ̙͉ͅMI͏̺̬͔̼̣̙C̴ ̸̝̭̣T̠͕͙̼̘͞HĘ̲͓̼̥̰Ơ͚̝͈̻ͅR̞͖̳̹̜̘Y̷̥̬̫̩ ͔̝͔͈̗̼̟P̳̱Ḽ̥͔̲̮Z̤̭͍̠̟͍̀ ̘͈̩̹̤̬T͈̰͕͓̤̩͇͞O͕̺͉̹ ͈̘ͅH̢͓̳̣̖̘̳ͅĘ͕̘͚̜͈̗͍LP̴͍̦͙͇̹ ̛̦̯̦̘͎͈ ̮̟͔͍̼Ơ̞̟̪̜͇͇M̸̼A̪͕̱̯͕̤Ṉ̬ ̲͇̤̤̻̟I̝̳͇͓̬͖̕ ̻̤̩̭̗͔Ą̱͈̟͔̮͈M ̧͙̭̞̭N̝̭O̱̣̞͉̝̕T̸̘̭̱ ̦͕̥̭͠G̛̘O͝O͚̻̙̹̯͉D͕̯̻̫̺̭͎́ ̰W̯͎̻I͔T̡͕̞͙̼̫H̸͍̗ ͚M̙̞̺̣͜Ḁ̝̬͖̠C̸̻̪̣R͇̥̗̭̮̰O҉̼̳̖̘̟̻̣EC̡̳̪̭̬͎ͅO̩͔̙͓̦̘͍NO͜M̝͈̖͈ͅI͔͖̝C͖̥ ͈̼͕̪͢T̪̭͉̻̟̺͓H͕̟̫E̝͈̫̺͙͍͇O҉R̝Y҉͇ ̦̘̣͙͢P͎̪̬̥͕L̫̥͘Z̛̥̭̣̹̫̖͎ ̼̳̘͎̳̗ͅT̬̹O̰̹ͅ ͔̀H҉̹̟͍̭͔Ȩ̦͓L̛̙P ̳͓ͅ ͔̳͚̯̻͈Ó̩M͘A̧N̡̗̩̬͓ ̯I ͚̗A͢ͅM͍̖̞͔ͅͅ ̵̲̰̱̬̱N̡O̞͔̟͇͓T̫̲̘̕ͅ ̮̘̠̰͉͈͝G̥͉͔̮͕͙̦O͙̼̳̻͚̥̞O̲̳͕͕D ̞̟̙W̝̥̮̟͖I͏̗T̮̗̯̙H͏͉̯̠ ͖̭M̳͍͝A̛C̼̙R̪O͖͖̤͎È̗̼̤͍̬̦C̠̘̳̳͚ͅO҉N̼O̟͎̫̲̞M̟͜ͅI̮C̷̞̼̬ ͕͚͓͇̗͚̟T̫͓̫͉͍͇Ḫ̭̭̠̰E̡̙̝Ó̺̝R̖̬͇͘Y͎̝̭ ̭̻P̨̮̮͉L̰̣̱Z͢ ̶͎̦͉̣̗̦T̯̜̲̺͢O҉̟̤͇ ̝̯̪͈͍H̬E̮̖̹L̤̬̰͔̲̦̝P̺͎̠̙ ̪͎̬͙̘ ̜̫͈́O̥͇̰M̕A̤͍̯̺͙͚͝ͅN̫͘ ͍͙͉̖͓͢I͓̼͔͖̞ ̺̮̻̭̘̰̀A̮̟̥͢M̨̝͚͔͉̱ ҉̥̪̥͕N͙̝̣̯̗̳͟Ơ̖͇̤͖͚T͏̠̙̦̻̬̪̳ ̨͔̼̲̮͎̺͉G̩̜͉Ò̱̫̦̭̩O҉D̳̗̟͕̲̕ ̢͎ͅW̮̰͔͚̹̪̕ͅI̼̩T͔̲͔͚͙̹͘H҉̯̬̜̳̲̠ ̶͓̗̱͓̳M͍͔͚A̶͚͇̰͈̻̫̣C̗͓R̙̯͘O̦̪̦̞͕̫ͅE̮̥̗̦͖̬C̗̹̹̰͎̭O̠̲̳͚NO͍̳͇͍̺͚͞ͅM͓̭̪̜̲ͅI͠C̰̼͚̟̼̀ T̼͔̜͕͕͇̀HȨ̟Ó̗̜R̺͙͕̮͘Y̛͚̬̙̳͎̞ P̖̬̞͘L͖̥̰͎̣Z҉̹͖̪̝ ͈̞Ṯ̗̲̯͈O̥ ̙͉̮H̦Ȩ͔̪L͇P͔͔

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