GERMAN LEADERSHIP: upvote this so it will be the first image in Google when you search "German leadership"

GERMAN LEADERSHIP: upvote this so it will be the first image in Google when you search "German leadership"

We just keep winning folks.

psst hey guys, i'm about to blow this guys mind

what if i told you...

we aren't leftists


Establishment Always Win

I get it, not everyone can be a goddess, doesn't have to make you jealous.

BREAKING: German election results leaked

BREAKING: German election results leaked

To break the circlejerk: I sure hope not. He seems way too populist on the Eurozone, for example. A FDP Finance Minister would be terrible.

Gotta back the CDU based on this. Union-FDP would be great as a coalition though.

Shouldn't it be this Jeb?

Shouldn't it be ?


Couldn't think of a Merkel meme so here's something else

Couldn't think of a Merkel meme so here's something else


I think it's a reference to that tweet about two drunk guys saying "I Love You" back and forth.

It's a joke tho

We are still in wholesome expansionary after all

/sub/neoliberal responds to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico

/r/neoliberal responds to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico

As some of you may already know, the situation on the island of Puerto Rico has become catastrophic.

Back-to-back hits from powerful hurricanes haven't just done an enormous amount of damage, they've left much of the island incommunicado. As lines of communication have opened back up it's become clear that the damage to the island's infrastructure is severe enough to render large swathes uninhabitable.

A few close friends of mine are Puerto Ricans who live on the mainland and work in politics both on the island and in DC. Their contacts in the commonwealth government have emphasized that the current level of coverage in English-language media doesn't even come close to conveying the extent of the disaster. Providing essential services to three and a half million people on a small patch of land in the middle of the ocean is a logistical challenge in the best of times. Right now it's a near impossibility.

Here are a few facets of the developing crisis:

Telecommunications infrastructure is largely knocked out and the roads are impassable in certain areas. We don't know the full extent of the damage yet because some remote communities cannot easily be reached.

Fuel supplies are running dangerously low. The main hospitals in San Juan are having to turn off their air conditioning so they can stretch diesel supplies for their generators. For context, the Sunday forecast is 33°C (91°F) with 90% humidity.

Guajataca Dam, an earthen structure which holds back a three mile long reservoir, will likely fail in the next day or two, endangering more than 70000 people in the area of Isabela and Quebradillas. This also means that potable water supplies for an entire region are in jeopardy.

The island's electrical generation and distribution systems have been effectively destroyed. The level of devastation is so complete that the engineers are unable to provide a serious estimate of when the grid will be fully functional again, except that it may be more than six months. That's six months or more without lights, sewage pumps, refrigeration, or a whole host of other things that people need to survive in modern urban agglomerations. Long term this may mean that much of the population will have to be relocated to the mainland.

This disaster will cause human suffering at many times the scale of Hurricane Katrina, and we are only in the first days of this crisis.

The mod team is working on a high-impact fundraising project which will go live in the next few days. We also encourage you to donate to reputable charities that have a direct presence on the island. While that is being organized, we have a special request for our American users.

As you probably know, Puerto Rico's legal status is somewhat unique. Even though it has a population larger than many US states, it does not have voting representation in the US House or Senate. As a direct consequence Puerto Rico is often the last major US population center to receive critical resources, especially in times of crisis.

The feeling among many on the ground is that the Federal response is not ramping up quickly enough to match the scale of the disaster. Without representatives of their own in Washington, the people of Puerto Rico are relying on the mainland to make DC take their plight seriously.

Please contact your Congressional representative and your senator to demand that they do the following:

1) Publicly call for an immediate acceleration in the deployment of military and non-military disaster relief services.

2) Support fast-tracked relief legislation.

Senate emails and phones are here, House emails and phones are here, and Twitter is always a great way to call out people publicly.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I have family over there and only was able to get in contact with them today (they are OK). It's crazy out there

Wow, this is horrible. I never realized that their population was so large. I can only imagine how different the response would be if this happened in a state.

What about the US Virgin Islands? They were also hit by Irma and Maria. Their only hospital has been put completely out of commission. And like Puerto Rico and the 3 Pacific territories, they don't have a voting representative in the House or any representation in the Senate.

How can non-US citizens help?

They're sending their best!

They're sending their best!

Bernke is really eying those tamales.


All that experience working at South of the Border

some ~hot~ tamales

Yellow and Red is a combination of colors that makes you hungry

Yellow and Red is a combination of colors that makes you hungry

Communism hasn't been truly implemented yet! No country has yet experienced total starvation!

Everyone should starve equally!

thank mr gorbychov

Za Gorbačova!

Who doesn't want to be Tony's friend?

Who doesn't want to be Tony's friend?

He conquered our hearts


This but unironically

Precisely what war crimes has Juncker committed?

muh white genocide

muh white genocide

copy-pasted characters


rifles and bow cut from photos


flags not hand drawn


line tool on jew cube


Another version that might elicit a stronger reaction since it used a BM/WF couple. 

Also I'd have used a Ukrainian flag in the first one but it still works.

Also I'd have used a Ukrainian flag in the first one but it still works.

Ever notice how they only get pissed when its a white women and ___ male? I've seen the alt right quickly say white male asian female couples are OK because 'high iq' or some shit like that

Edit: Oh boy


One version of the 14 words reads:

Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.

The projection of male sexual insecurity onto race has been going on since, well, forever. e.g. :

I hate the Moor, And it is thought abroad, that 'twixt my sheets 'Has done my office. I know not if 't be true, But I, for mere suspicion in that kind, Will do as if for surety.

Or this Nat Review piece:

Maybe too good: A great many of these young men have an interest in evolutionary psychology and evolutionary sociology — they like to think of themselves as “alpha males,” as though they were living in a chimpanzee troop — but it never occurs to them to consider their own status as rejects and failed men in that context. Online fantasy lives notwithstanding, random girls do not want to have sex with them. How do we know this? Because they are carrying tiki torches in a giant dork parade in Charlottesville. There’s no prom queen waiting at home. If we credit their own sociobiological model, they are the superfluous males who would have been discarded, along with their genetic material, by the pitiless state of nature. The fantasy of proving that they are something else is why they dream of violence and confrontation. They are the products of the soft liberal-democratic society they hold in contempt — and upon which they depend, utterly. James Alex Fields Jr. is angry at the world, and angry at his mother, probably for the same reason.

John McCain Comes Out In Opposition to Graham-Cassidy (2017, Colorized)

John McCain Comes Out In Opposition to Graham-Cassidy (2017, Colorized)


“No, Lindsey. You can’t kill the poor today.”

Uhh they dont allow colored cameras in the senate duh???

Friendship with Graham over now Murkowski is my best friend


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