It's almost as if cynically pandering to Eurosceptics as an electoral strategy may have bad consequences down the line.


David Cameron

Meanwhile accross the Atlantic...

"It's almost as if cynically pandering to paleoconservatives and white nationalists may have bad consequences down the line."

Nationalists irl

Nationalists irl

Most conservative supporters of Putin are just too dumb to think for themselves. If the right-wing media narrative tomorrow became that Russia and Putin were a threat to us, they would all switch their opinions.

That was before Sochi/Crimea and the 2016 election though. Being naive is different from being willfully blind.

Russia helped, but I'm sorry. We're this stupid.

Look into Chechnya, whose leader Ramzan Kadyrov is a member of United Russia and has pushed Islamist policies in the region.



A true neoliberal wouldn't be living in low density suburbia, Mac. Take that famous Mac and cheese back to Philly.

Insofar as regulation is necessary to internalize externalities, correct market failures, and enforce human rights, yes.

*raises hand* Is shit costing money a market failure?

focusing on everyone in a society being able to live comfortably

That's also the aim of neoliberals, we just have a different opinion on the best way to achieve it.

Life comes at you fast

Life comes at you fast

Imagine being so far up your own ass that Theresa May isn't conservative enough for you.

I remember arguing with a guy in /sub/libertarian who said John McCain is a communist. Ancaps(or sometimes fascists that call themselves libertarians/ancaps) are on a different level of galaxy brain.

She once ran through a field of wheat. Very progressive.

Paleoconservatives also frequently call neoconservatives communist. Anyone who is moderate to liberal on social issues is a communist, because cultural Bolshevism Marxism.

Marxism and socialism have lost all meaning because of the conservative movement.

Choose your character

Choose your character

why do you keep saying my name wrong it's not hard


tag yourself i'm Minneapolis. Thank god emperor daddy

You must not have strongly conservative friends on Facebook.

Edit: they are popular young conservatives

Missing most important ones

Crodder "im a claskil librul no rely" go "secretly" undercover as trans to own the libs. look f a b u l o u s Insist opinions are based on debate. Better debate unprepared ignorant college students just in case. grown in vat from leftover dennis miller placenta Jorrin can't ever be wrong if you just repeatedly insist you never explicitly made the deliberately incendiary and contrarian claim you clearly just insinuated if anyone notices above strategy call it "Socratic" am tenoord professor aka humin rights prisoner of conscience in Canada's tyrannical education system Hitler was bad okay bucko but what aboat Derrida he was oot of control meaninglessly over-extrapolated, selective and pop-oriented readings of evo-psych explain 90% of phenomena for the other 10% just wave your arms and yell about Jung Som Haggis any reasonibble humane person wud agree that [insert whatever presupsition I need to prove my argment] waterboarding is bad, but also: waht if they're muslin? RASHONALISM, i win let me "explain" why the alt right is motivated by something other than fucking resurgent nazism

Run πŸ‘ Moderate πŸ‘ Dems πŸ‘ In πŸ‘ Conservative πŸ‘ Districts

Run πŸ‘ Moderate πŸ‘ Dems πŸ‘ In πŸ‘ Conservative πŸ‘ Districts

hot take: let local entities choose which candidates to run in their own districts. the nationalization of all politics is toxic.

run moderate democrats in all districts tbh

I am bad at making hot takes actually be hot.

nancy pelosi is california's senator btw

The House Minority Leader is California's Senator?

Today, snowflake millennials are so easily offended! People used to be made of harder stuff back in my day!

Today, snowflake millennials are so easily offended! People used to be made of harder stuff back in my day!

Oh fuck that's spicy

Another relevant image would be the massive Vietnam war protests.

β€˜Back in MY day, kids respected and trusted the government.’

No. No they didn’t.

Back in the day we were WAY more sensitive. I'm only 35. I can't even deal with suicide and rape jokes in stand-up comedy acts, because my dad grew up in a world where that kind of talk would get you knocked the fuck OUT. These kids are out here wearing hentai print T-shirts as high fashion. I'm out here having a heart attack when people talk about their sex lives like it's a sport they play. People are WAY more emotionally tough nowadays.


When it's an election day and you have a blank map

When it's an election day and you have a blank map

When you get a shipping notice on your Jeb! guac bowl

If Jeb were to primary DJ...

Polls are opening in Russia's Far East regions

Polls are opening in Russia's Far East regions

I'm surprised the other two options weren't just Putin twice

Here's how Grudinin can still win

He does it again!

This Jeb! meme gets me everytime. Priceless for sure.

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