Gator trapped by fallen pine tree.

Gator trapped by fallen pine tree.

If I was an animal investigator, I’d talk to beavers

I don't think he was trapped as much as... the scientific term for it is "smashed by a tree"

He was an investi-gator, the beavers got to him

I woodnt beaver-y surprised if it was them dam beavers. Rodents are not to be trusted

Unlucky buck we found

Unlucky buck we found

Looks more like an impalea

Poor dude made it all the way thru 2 hunting seasons and slipped jumping this fence.

Too bad. Thought it was ironically "metal" haha

This is gonna get moderated because it’s man made I have a pregnant doe that died the same way

A starling's final moments

A starling's final moments

"Screaming just makes me want to do it more"

Weird enough, that's actually true, many species of predatory mammals and birds alike have a neurological response that does exactly this. These species share the same unusually structured cluster of neurons in their brains. This cluster is best stimulated by repetitive high pitched sounds, like a scream.

It triggers a rush of chemicals that cause excitement, pleasure, and in many cases other reflexes as well. It's a very vital part of their prey drive. This response is actually why dogs and cats really especially like smaller toys that squeak when they crush or chomp on them. The texture and sound that the toy makes easily triggers their prey drive.

The cluster is best stimulated by hearing the sound associated with a tactile action. In the wild, this reflex makes predators want to bite down harder or claw prey that is screaming, it goes back and forth until the prey is dead and can no longer vocalize. It triggers their reward center, drives them to finish their prey off, or even toy with their prey.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Do not go gentle into that good night.

Yes, but usually the neural cluster is triggered by screams that come from a cause and an effect, you bite the prey and it screams. It's not necessarily for screams that we don't expect or signify one of our own species is in danger. That's something quite a bit different.

Hyena keeping a monkey’s head as a trophy

Hyena keeping a monkey’s head as a trophy

*african wild dog

This kills the monkey

Shit. Good catch. Thought they looked handsome for hyenas...

very cute pups.

Throwing the straggler to the wolves

This was almost comedic the way he fucking plowed through him on purpose

Daaaaamn that’s cold

This is literally "step: 1" of my zombie survival plan.

Calm down there shane

Shark going after a beached fish

Kind of adorable to be honest.

"I got it! No...No! Water I need you, come back!"

He looks like sea doggo.

This looks a particularly young lemon shark, less than a year old even, male I'd say. The coloration, relative size, and movement patterns lead me to believe this. They're a very interesting species because they're actually one of the more picky eaters when it comes to sharks. They're known to have preferences for specific species of fish and rarely stray out of this diet unless they begin to get desperate.

They're also very social, many species of sharks are also social to some extent, but lemon sharks actually have an active desire to associate with others of their species. They form social bonds, hierarchies, and can even exchange information about feeding/breeding. They're quite intelligent as you can see here. This young lad took an unusual risk, but it certainly paid off for him.

Puffer fish doesn't have mercy

Mrs' puff in prison

Yea fuck that leggy noodle of hell

seeing what it did to that fucker i'm starting to really like puffer fish

The best word that describes this is 'Uncomforelief'

Natue is metal because nature likes metal

Natue is metal because nature likes metal

🤘 cactii, 🤘.

This would be a cool album cover


Rip to the green spiky boye that stayed metal even while being buried by sand

These cattle's horns are metal

These cattle's horns are metal
I got you

If you photoshop a sun in between its horns it'll look just like a modern day representation of Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of cows

Craft: 100

i think they're made of keratin actually.


Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of these guns

Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of

Fortified with "vitamins"

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