MurderedByWords murderedbywords

Not a fan of Vice but this one had me laughing

Not a fan of Vice but this one had me laughing

good thing you declared you weren't a fan of vice


they have an entire land of fighting, no less


Oh know they didn't

Dentists and Sexism

Dentists and Sexism

The slightly disturbing subtext here is that the daughter in question seems to have been taught that employee genitalia is a more important criteria than employee skill.

The fact that 47.7% of dental students in the US are female has nothing to do with all the dentist's at a single practice being all male.

Goes to the ER, all male doctors at the time. Just let me die fam

What dumb bullshit

First off, we have no Context on this situation, which really is the biggest issue with twitter

Second, the reply has NOTHING to do with what it's relying to. The op said nothing about wide spread sexism, or the rate of women's doctors

Also fuck Ben Shapiro, he's little bitch. Note that only 19% of dentists are female, so either he's lying or he's stupid, probably both let's be honest

So in summary: this is misleading in a ton of ways and is no ways "murder", and is more likely the op of this thread pushing his own agenda

Edit: guys I KNOW he said dental students, but why would he bring that up in a discussion about dentists working at a dental practice, if he didn't want you to extrapolate dentist gender rates from it. Use your head please

How is the doctor asking for my biological sex so offensive

How is the doctor asking for my biological sex so offensive

Completely agree with this guy

it amazes me how gender and sex are still conflated, even by people who dont identify as man/woman. however, the chromosome thing irks me almost as much

Can someone link the original post?

Killing a straw man isn’t murder. I’m sure there are people who exhibit what this person is complaining about, but they are not in this post.

Just a quick and simple put down

Just a quick and simple put down

This is barely a burn, not a murder.

Woah woah woah.

A Coke has about 3mg/fl oz of caffeine. A Red Bull has about 8.5mg/fl oz of caffeine. A Monster/Rockstar has about 10mg/fl oz of caffeine.

Sure, energy drinks have more caffeine... but 10 times is a little excessive.

They are, though, horrible for you considering the amount of sugar and caffeine.

49 pence, which would be like 49 cents.

First of all, I really don't see how the right to free speech and the right to own a firearm have anything to do with buying an energy drink under the age of 16. Secondly, the UK does in fact guarantee the right of free speech in writing, under the human rights act.

So what do you do?

So what do you do?

This looks so fake.

That's not even a real text.

Try one of these subthreads