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Parents who think they're owed grandchildren are the worst.

Parents who think they're owed grandchildren are the worst.

My boyfriends mother is terminally ill, and has a sick way of dealing with it. She says the only thing keeping her alive is to see her grandchildren, which directly points at me. My boyfriend and I would love to have children, but we are currently not financially ready. If anything, we want to hold off on children even longer because we want to continue to enjoy our time with her.

It's really conflicting.

"That's so great to hear! That means you'll be with us for years!"

"A great way to convince your children you want them to be happy is to stop contributing to their unhappiness."


My niece was born 3 weeks ago and I was hoping this would stop my parents from asking me when I'm having babies.

It hurts so much because I'm pretty sure I can't due to constant ovarian cysts and all the fun that comes with it. Nothing like being a 32 y/o knowing the time is ticking and you have a fucked up ovary and your family won't give you a break.

Enjoy your first fucking grandchild! Focus on what you have instead of nagging for more.

It's like they forget every time I tell them what they are doing to me. This has been eating me up and needed to get it off my chest.

6’3” 239lbs in amazing health, best health you’ve ever seen, the best

6’3” 239lbs in amazing health, best health you’ve ever seen, the best

Do people actually believe he will ever go to prison? Do they really, though?

I'd like to see it, but I don't think it'll happen.

First the Democrats would need a massive wave in 2018 to give them the House (which to be fair seems to be pretty likely right now - call it 80%).

Then that wave would have to be so big that it spooks ten or fifteen Republican senators into turning on Trump and voting to convict (call that one 25%, assuming the House flips). I think this is the biggest stumbling block, because even Republican senators with actual consciences won't have the stones to defy Trump's voters unless being associated with them is clearly causing the implosion of the national party.

Then he'd need to have actually been personally culpable in a conspiracy to do something illegal (given what's come out so far, though, I put this at about 80%)

Then the prosecution has to have their shit sufficiently in order to get a guilty verdict (80%, provided there's an actual crime to prosecute - Mueller's professional as hell and very good at his job, but sometimes crazy shit happens in court, especially where rich and famous people are involved)

Then the sentence has to actually be jail instead of just fines (call that 50% - on the one hand, circumstances involving foreign intelligence agencies usually bring down harsh penalties; on the other, rich old white guys and politically connected people tend to get unusually light sentences).

Then Trump'd either have to be sentenced in state court without being pardoned by the governor, OR he'd have to be sentenced in Federal court without being pardoned by his successor - most likely Pence. I call the collective odds of that about 60%, mostly because they are already lining up a case in the NY courts and the governor there hates his guts.

All told, I give him about 5% odds of being impeached, convicted, and seeing the inside of a cell. That's not considering the possibility that they could just put him under some sissy home confinement in his golden penthouse and pretend that counts as serving time. Or that he might serve his term, then be prosecuted after he steps down.

We are already seeing. They are slowly picking off the people surrounding him already and everyone of them is taking deals and talking.

Not a murder, but yes, Trump rotting for 100 years would be almost as satisfying as a public execution.

HLN host Ashleigh Banfield responds to Aziz Ansari's accuser

HLN host Ashleigh Banfield responds to Aziz Ansari's accuser

If i could applaud any louder everone on this sub would be able to hear me from thier windows

There was eventually going to be a litmus test for the #metoo movement and this is probably it. There has to be some line drawn between a "bad date" and sexual assault.

Today that line is much much different than it would have been 20 years ago and the line will be different 20 years from now. It was only a matter of time before a public accusation got rebuked in the way this one has.

You are confused. She said that if she goes on another bad date she should get up and leave(blue ball the guy) instead of ruining someone's career and getting them barred from their industry(black ball).

/u/unidan can help you with that one.

He's not coming back from that.

He's not coming back from that.
He's not coming back from that.

Different strokes for different folks.

He might not have been complaining, it might be his thing.


Right back at ya

Right back at ya

There’s a west wing episode where Allison Janney’s character is dating a tall guy. She had a line that said, “I like that you’re tall. It makes me feel more feminine.” I think that’s a common sentiment. A lot of us grow up on Disney or Disney-like presentations of romantic love and the great majority of those stories, if not all of them, show that gender/height dynamic. I wonder if it’s a common cultural theme that predates the screen. Maybe that’s a good topic for an /sub/askhistorians post.

Bitch you’re 5’1”...every guy is tall to you.

Straight up it bugs me (Female 5'9) when women do this. I get not happening to be attracted to someone overall, but to automatically rule out someone because he's short? Pffft. Don't come bitching to me about being single babes.

I mean... you are trying to promote turning the other cheek? Okay? Good on you? But what’s the problem of throwing a verbal jab against an asshole?

Attempted troll backfires

Attempted troll backfires

Wholesome Counterattack

Im fairly sure this is the same mosque that was burned down a few years ago, and then asked that the police drop the charges against the arsonist because they forgave him.

Killing with kindness.

Cover me guys... I'm going Controversial

Rekt by Washington Post ❤️

Rekt by Washington Post ❤️

I am astonished that she is able to defend the shithole comment. Her mouth is the bigger shithole than all those countries.

I’m ready for her to marry a third string quarterback and disappear.

Edit: my boyfriend said this when I showed him the post, apparently he got it from Twitter. Sorry bout the content theft, still true though. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I see that Tinder notification. Get it!

Remember when Hillary said "deplorable" and they all lost their fuckin minds?

Well, she was dead on for one, and for another, what a bunch of fucking hypocrites

Tomi Lahren gets called out for leaving her “shithole state”.

Tomi Lahren gets called out for leaving her “shithole state”.

What a stupid argument. People emigrate from nearly every country.

Can we pause for a moment and bask in the beautiful juxtaposition of the image of knez holding her child while proclaiming "Bitch, why'd you leave South Dakota" in the sassiest of voices?

This demonstrates that, as different as we are on the outside, we're all the same when it comes to calling people out.

Is there anyone more of a cancer than Tomi Lahren?

Including America

Ain't no slap like the genealogy slap

Ain't no slap like the genealogy slap

Here for the murder, staying for the genealogy slap.

Genealogy slaps are brutal.

When I was younger, I called my cousin a bastard. He went and got the book with 100 years of our family genealogy and smacked me with it.

Raise your hand if your ancestors came from a “shithole.”

Her twitter account is hilarious.

Murdered by words and evidence. Ba bam.

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