Mildlyinfuriating mildlyinfuriating

My new sock didn't get fully woven in the toe area. It's only one set of thread.

My new sock didn't get fully woven in the toe area. It's only one set of thread.

Truly socking.

Even in the fully woven areas those socks are thin as hell.

Lol what kind of stupid fucking argument is that? Is everyone in Reddit supposed to be working 12 hour shifts in factories now?

This post blew my socks off.

This guy posting the same picture in mildlyinfuriating and oddlysatisfying!

This guy posting the same picture in mildlyinfuriating and oddlysatisfying!

It would have been too meta if it were OP making this post as well.

The ultimate karma heist :thinking:


They were different pictures. I was trying to be funny and apparently failing hardcore.

Amazon shipped my hot sauce without any padding.

Amazon shipped my hot sauce without any padding.

I worked at an Amazon fulfillment center for a few months. We were required to pack as many boxes as possible and they held competitions for who could pack the most boxes. I worked my ass off packing those boxes with an average of 120 an hour, but never even got close. Decided to pick a workstation next to one of the fastest packers one day and found out why I never even came close. THEY DONT PUT THE PACKING MATERIAL IN (called dunnage) AND LITERALLY THROW EVERYTHING ON THE CONVEYER BELT. This bothered me a lot considering they would get their asses kissed by the managers, could sit on workstations during break (I got yelled at for doing this after watching one of them do it and manager didn't say shit), could just stop whenever they wanted and talk to people as long as a competition wasn't going on. This weighed heavy on my mind and led to my resignation. Unfair and unprofessional as fuck.

TL;DR: Amazon doesn't encourage its workers to do a good job, just a fast job.

Edit: oh wow, thank you for the gold and for this blowing up, just got back from an early dinner and have a bootyload of comments to read.

Edit 2: a word

Now go and leave a one-star review for the product, as tradition dictates.

Welcome to corporate policies where you are just a sum of the numbers you put up on a board.

As soon as I received the package, I could smell there was a problem.

Edit: Putting a couple things here for visibility

The local grocery store doesn't carry this variety, or at least didn't have it on my last shopping trip. I needed it for a gift. Free 2 day shipping.


The order was to a third party seller, but the order said "Fulfilled by Amazon". I think that means they shipped it.


They were quick with the refund, and I've never had other problems with shipping from them.


Walked in on my dad solving a sudoku like this

Walked in on my dad solving a sudoku like this
Walked in on my dad solving a sudoku like this

It's never too early to send him off to an elderly home.

Damn, did you at least knock first?

Wtf, i dont even know how you go from ipad. To using several different markers ON said ipad

"Happy 37th birthday dad. Have you seen this lovely little place called Quiet Oakes? I'm sure you'll love it there. Anyway, see ya, oh and remember to put me in your will"

The way my housemate tidied these shoes

The way my housemate tidied these shoes

Reminds me of the time I went to a house party with like 30 people and two of my friends hid everyone's left shoe throughout the house. There was a fun drunken scavenger hunt at the end of the night.

Is this an American thing or something? The idea of being in somebody's house and NOT taking your shoes off weirds me out.

Edit: Well this is now my top-rated comment so I guess I"m not alone haha

I find the idea of turning up to a house party to find everyone shoeless quite disconcerting

certain people need to see the world burn

Can toilet paper get any thinner!?

Can toilet paper get any thinner!?

Yes, but at the cost of its existence.

I hope the people responsible for such purchasing decisions are damned to an eternity in hell in which they're tasked with using this product to clean peanut butter out of shag carpet . . . the plight is real.

Fold, fold, fold and fold again

Your main problem with a crumple is elementary control of the feces.

You mix the chaos of a crumple with a wet squidgy turd you're just begging to get a little on a finger or up on a buttcheek.

Sure, it's rare, but it happens. There is also the risk that the inner pressure of the crumple will cause premature uncrumpleation causing the same aforementioned troubles.

Contrast this with the sleek, clean lines of a triple fold. Complete finger over-coverage is almost guaranteed as the fold lends itself well to a scoop and drop maneuver that is near flawless in its ability to protect your skin from contact with poop.

I used to be a crumpler but once you start folding you'll find its incomparable.

Where my toothbrush landed.

Where my toothbrush landed.

I see one of 3 things here. Your toothbrush is enormous, your toilet bowl brush is tiny, or your toothbrush is a toilet bowl brush.

Kinda both actually


But... Which ones??

This keyboard at my work.

This keyboard at my work.

You know, I can see how the average person may forget where the home keys go. I had to look at my own keyboard for reference just to be sure. But if you're in the Keyboard Manufacturing Business, there's not a whole lotta things you need to know that are really important. But that's one of the things.

In addition to the key shapes being inconsistent, aren't the bumps supposed to be on the letters 'F' and 'J', not 'F' and 'K'?

This looks like one of those stylish keyboards which are for people who don't type.

I don't use the home keys to help me type. I have my own method to type and I would struggle for a long time to use this keyboard.

When the same post is in the top 5 on multiple subreddits.

When the same post is in the top 5 on multiple subreddits.

its not even a sugar glider

aaaand of course it's gallowboob

One guy posts it twice, and GallowBoob still gets more than six times the upvotes. Man, isn't his job something to do with social media? So he just gets to post on reddit all day long.

That's the fun part. It's a mouse lemur, and it says so in the description of the image.

People who drive on the shoulder to pass traffic

People who drive on the shoulder to pass traffic

Now we just have to wait for someone to post a picture of OP with a title of, "People who take pictures on their phone while driving on the highway".

I had someone do this next to me last week, and about five car lengths ahead was an unmarked cruiser who lit him up. The schadenfreude was palpable.

I love the tags "Funny" "older than the internet" "send nudes"

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