Mildlyinfuriating mildlyinfuriating

My friend's desktop background. Somehow he is ok with it

My friend's desktop background. Somehow he is ok with it

This is more than mildly infuriating.


It makes me itch.

Does he launch stuff from the desktop? If so, how the fuck does he find anything!?

Edit: I'm not as bad with computers as you guys think, I promise.

A Lonely Pepper Shaker

A Lonely Pepper Shaker

This made me way sadder than what an inanimate object should.

Its like he's frozen at that point he realised he didn't have a partner to hug him back, but FOREVER


...Hearts Club Band

My car is one inch too narrow to fit my new mattress

My car is one inch too narrow to fit my new mattress

Did you just force the door closed? Cause that's what I would've done.

This is why I don't have nice things.

Yeah my approach here is to slam the door until it closes.

Next time lean the front passenger seat all the way back and put it in diagonally. Learned that the furniture store i work at.

If you cut both ends off the box it would probably fit and wouldn't unroll/fluff up.


The order that ice cream is listed in the menu at Braum's...

The order that ice cream is listed in the menu at Braum's...

Junior small medium Junior small large

What even. If there's only three sizes, just use small medium large like a normal person.

Nah, it's pretty smart: how many people are going to order a medium (listed as small) now who would've ordered a small (listed as junior)? And how many who would've ordered a medium (listed as small) will now order a large instead?

Edit: clarity

Probably the order of popularity.

Or some marketing shenanigans to get people to buy bigger scoops.

Thanks for letting me opt out

Thanks for letting me opt out

I keep receiving promotions from Dominos, with the stop the spam message, but all my 'STOP' texts fail to send. Dominos says it's a phone issue, Sony says it's a service provider issue, service provider says it's a Dominos issue. Yet I'm the one with the fucking issue.

Couldn't you just block them

Report them to the FCC. Text messages are covered under do not call list laws.

Don't want a car wash? Sorry, gas is an extra dollar per gallon.

Don't want a car wash? Sorry, gas is an extra dollar per gallon.

Someone burned down the car wash at the Shell near me.

Always wondered why, now I know.

This is just the tip of those cunts, $6 for a fucking bottle of coke. Jesus christ the markup is hell, and you know the worst part, I obviously dont know but I would love to. But I think there is a possibility if they charged less and became a corner store type service aswell rather than last ditch effort for something, they could earn more, atleast for in town

For the record this isn't a mistake, it's been like this for a while now. The gas station right across the street is just barely more expensive than their car wash price, but without the car wash, so everyone goes there.

It's bad enough when gas stations trick you with the cheaper price, only to find it's only with the car wash, but usually it's only around 10-20 cents. This is ridiculous.

A true hero

I instantly lost interest in the article..

I instantly lost interest in the article..

Ahh, classic Forbes with their classic nobody gives a shit quotes...

I was immersed in an hour-long finance / economics reading spree, and the last thing I needed was to have to click away a quote from someone who got famous off a 2007 sex tape.

The worst is when people say "Nuh uh, her dad was OJ's lawyer, and THAT'S why she's famous."

Just, stop.

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Do as I say, not as I do

Do as I say, not as I do

I do not understand the furry. Furries are weird.

I absolutely understand the furry.

Personally, I never mind them because they inhibit cars from using the lane.

As a consequence, yes, it pushes me into the lane but on these kinds of stretches, I am able to pace myself with the cars. It feels similar to how car drivers might experience a speed bump.

Hey, man, nobody likes a kinkshamer.

Ironic. He could make others give cyclists space, but not himself.

When your "free" coffee actually costs 45p

When your "free" coffee actually costs 45p

That's kinda hilarious, tbh! Because obviously the truth is that every time a restaurant serves something with "free side dish/coffe/drink", it really just means that this is added in the price already.

But usually they don't "reveal" it in the very next sentence...

What?! I feel like a fool.

This probably resulted from an argumentative customer insisting that they didn't want coffee, and they shouldn't have to pay full price without it.

Who separated the price? Games haven't gotten cheaper because DLC is separate.

This Damn Pen

From what I have read, ball point pens need friction in order for the ball to roll and the pen to write properly. When the ball gets a bit stuck, we instinctively push hard on the paper as we write to get it to release. That's when we flatten that portion of the paper which makes it smoother than the rest of the papers area.

When the paper is flattened, it's now smooth and the ball has very little friction to make the ball release. That's why when you go from the smooth part to a different area, the pen suddenly writes fine.

Edit: before I wrote this comment, I didn't check the other comments, other than "grease!!!!. Someone posted a link with this explanation, too. Check it out because it's probably better than my explanation!

Edit2: /u/chewyflex posted the explanation.

It's not the pen. It's the paper, something is on it. You proved it by writing on the other one just fine.

Notice they're tracing exactly the same line. This can sometimes happen when you create a groove in the paper. The little "trench" can keep the bottom of the ball suspended.

Or by repeatedly trying to write in the same place OP smoothed out the surface of paper and, because of a lack of friction, the ball isn't rotating properly.

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