with an explosion better

For a split second you can see the player standing by the soccer ball after he flies into the air

Are you saying this gif is fake?

With all the activity we get on this sub I'm glad too see another michaelbaygif, even if it's a repost.


Condom + Coke + Mentos =


This has been reposted soooo many times...


You saw the condom burst ... of course it went viral.

All this is missing is an American flag...

"You can tell its real because it looks so fake. We'd have way better cgi if it was fake" -Elon Musk

The compression is so bad that at first I was like "what kind of weird theme park has a fake battleship?"


All of them.

Why do dogs explode?

Woah, this some great work! The stairs are on fire!!!

I like this. Do you like this? I like this.

Wow you even did the reflection too. You're an expert and a professional, OP.

Me too, thanks.

Michael Bay Porn

Michael Bay Porn

The leg was a real nice touch. Was not expecting that.



Houston, we have leg-off


Warm went

Holy fuck, when his legs come up as just bones

I forgot I subscribe to this sub. My shock and horror was genuine.

Holy shit I didn’t see what sub this was from and I lost my shit for a minute

You win wars with guts

what a brave little soldier to sacrifice for the team

I don’t realize what subreddit I was on and saw a baby blow up

Kids. Always trying to get out of chores.

He was the last one.

Also be careful of the oppressive white snow that makes it hard for all people to advance

I did not realize what sub this was. Laughed my ass off.

Lol sure wasn't expecting that!

Gotta watch out for that black ice

Lmaoooo. I saw the original gif earlier and thought I was just watching it again.

with an explosion better

This is.. It's beautiful.

Can this be nominated as best gif of 2017

on...music for this

I remember when I was like this guy, too bad you can never change the username.

Victory over children's fears

what's the story on that second gif?

Sewer gas I'm guessing.

He probably saw a murderous ghost clown in there and wanted to be safe. Or he saw a big spider.

Nice try, Pennywise.

Try one of these subthreads