[Request] Explode this TIE Fighter


I'm going to be that guy and say that is not a TIE Fighter.

I’ve never seen a Star Wars movie so I’m not sure if this would make sense but it would be cool if someone made it shoot lasers or whatever that made stuff on the ground explode instead of exploding the actual plane

Beat me to it. It's a TIE Silencer. You can tell because the cockpit is longer, whereas it's roughly a sphere for the TIE interceptor

Beat me to it. It's a . You can tell because the cockpit is longer, whereas it's roughly a sphere for the TIE interceptor

Celebrating with a bang


Isn't it this link

The clip in the gif is at 1:28. What a nice vid :)

Clever bot!

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How to capture an impregnable fortress

Impregnable? Give me one good woman and a tree; I'll impregnate the bitch.

Edit: ...wow that sounds way more rapey than I thought it would.

has been used through the ages by many different cultures

does anyone have the original, kind of want to see it as well

That's amazing, which Bollywood movie is it from?

Rambo Panda 🐼

Rambo Panda 🐼

On one hand repost, on other hand greatest michaelbaygifs..

One the third hand it's more historically accurate than you might think (besides the explosions and such).

Before Pandas were endangered and before their fur shifted to the black and white 'cow' pattern that it is now, they used to be used in war just like elephants, horses, etc.

Pandas back around the 600 bc used to be green and black instead of white and black, which was essentially perfect camouflage for their environment. They were part of every great Chinese army in those years... Soldiers could use them to haul heavy weapons, to charge into battle riding on, and to send to maul their enemies.

Pandas obviously didn't like this, and - in one of the few examples of evolution happening to counter mankind - Pandas began growing white fur making them stand out on the battlefield and ultimately become a liability.

The common Chinese 'house panda' was phased out and eventually made illegal. Families had to give up pets due to the belief that Pandas had betrayed society and should not be offered loving homes. Pandas no longer could function in society as babysitters, bartenders or blacksmiths. Their economy was ruined.

After this occurrence, mankind generally ignored Pandas for hundreds of years, allowing them to become less domesticated and more wild. It's thought that Pandas were on their way to becoming 'civilized' like humans, and if this event didn't occur that we might be going to work alongside a Panda at the office by now.

This whole thing was known in China as the Panda Surrender, if you want further reading.

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Don't care if it's a repost I still watch it a couple of times when I see it. Owt with baby pandas is going to start my day in good stead

I really want this to be real

Victory over children's fears

Victory over children's fears

His latest mixtape

That's how you get on a list.

It's the gasses inside the sewer that exploded.

What did he drop?

Best scene from Machete

This makes no sense but it's so cool that I don't care.

Hey there target audience!

This reminds me of a quote from Danny Trejo on stunt doubles that hit home for me:

I don’t want to risk 80 people’s jobs just so I can say I have big nuts.

Love those movie guns that need neither ammo or reload

The war to end all wars.

I could watch an entire short film like this

Kitten blown to pieces [x-post from r/PeopleFuckingDying]

This is a years old repost which I'm sure is among the top posts of this sub aswell.

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