Even on Spotify. There is no escape

Even on Spotify. There is no escape

Women do the majority of consumer spending. No shock here.

Build your own list and drop them.

Sorry bot, but not quite

Weird - no playlists for the pro-life women.

I Work At A Porn Store, Boss Had Me Make A Sign.

I Work At A Porn Store, Boss Had Me Make A Sign.
16. No Periods or Headaches. 17. No In-Laws

I recently got promoted to assistant manager, and the manager wanted me to redo our doll sign which was made two years ago by the previous assistant, a landwhale of a woman, if course her sign was all half assed nonsense that only made a handful of cracked out old women laugh.

The real fun part of my new position is being in charge of discipline, and 3 lazy young women no longer have a job here.

The worst had been absent for her shifts two weekends in a row, the first time she claimed she had a miscarriage, then the next weekend she claimed she had been to the doctors office about her pregnancy, now right then I knew she was some kind of special stupid to not see the continuity issue with the order of those excuses, so I made her bring in a doctors note, and she did, but it was for only one of the four days, and she had added the other 3 dates herself, in a different colour pen, so I forwarded that to head office and fired her promptly.

The other two were much simpler, I showed each of them footage from the store cameras of people shoplifting on their shifts, and at the same exact times the footage of them at the counter with their feet up staring at their goddamn phones and yet both of them were surprised when I fired them.

Everyone had gotten used to my boss who is a complete pushover with enforcement, but now that I'm in management it ain't going to fly anymore.

I won't lie, I freely admit that I get off on being a boss and getting to fire them.

18. Doesn't bitch when you stick it up her shit-winker

Sad Face

Sad Face

With how cucked Reddit seems to be, especially in the popular subreddits, I can only imagine the comments will be a gynocentric shitshow of: "WELL MAYBE SHE WAS KEEPING YOU OUT OF HER DAUGHTER'S LIFE FOR A REASON REEEEEEE"

Good on this man though.

That girl really looks like him. I mean, unless he fucked his own sister or something, that is defo his daughter.

I remember seeing this on /sub/pics and being pleasantly surprised by how happy everyone was for him and asking him about his story and whatnot. One of the few times the popular subs didn't turn into a man hating feminist shit show.

Cute now but will turn into a feministic liberal sub human in a few years because of ex conditioning. Will make sure this never happens to me. Also have you guys seen those amazing sex bots? Nice!



"biocunt" lol

Lol in the future!

Mark, my robot Waifu is better than your robot waifu!

So true.

So so true.

And here I've been using my hand like a sucker.

I found this in /sub/blackpeopletwitter.

I found this in /r/blackpeopletwitter.

Just like real women. But without shitty personality and risk of cheating and divorce rape.

Savage. And on point.

don't forget the false domestic abuse calls where a group of cops show up at ur door and beat the shit out of you before arresting you

And then freeing you after no evidence only to assist the woman in stealing your shit. And when you try to sue my pussypass comes back!

Kicked my woman and her two kids out.

Kicked my woman and her two kids out.

I don’t really know where to begin and this isn’t gonna be well written... It hasn’t quite been a month and I am going through a lot mentally. She lived with me for over two years, had three kids by two different dudes. The oldest one is in college. I’m pretty sure she had borderline personality disorder, this woman. She went psycho on me for finding pictures on my iPad of nude women (just a google search). That’s what drove me to tell her to leave. Drank a half a bottle of vodka and got physical with me. She was jealous of me spending time with friends or having hobbies. Even jealous of waitresses. I couldn’t even watch a YouTube video of an attractive woman speaking about something. I played the dad role to her kids (he wasn’t in the picture). Bought them gifts, treated them for good behavior, babysat them, Xmas, birthdays...She was four years older than me...I’m still heartbroken...yet I asked her to leave.

Congratulation for taking the first baby steps on stopping being a simp/mangina and white knight. Give it a month or two and you'll realize what a flaming moron you had been.

Billions of dollars and decades of brainwashing have been invested by society into making you and every other man you know feel ashamed of having standards, precisely for this very purpose. Congratulations on deprogramming yourself.

Yeah, I always felt stupid about the whole thing in the back of my mind. I thought I was doing what was right for a while.

It will pass.

How would it have been, say, 5 years from now if you didn't make the decision?

Why men SHOULD write advise columns!

Why men SHOULD write advise columns!

Is that real?

Pretty solid advice. I dont see the issue

I love how the guy admitted it and took personal accountability instead of just blaming others.

Even in sarcasm the truth is obvious

It's an oldie but goodie.

Spent the whole day watching the original Lord of the Rings Trilogy. IT WAS TERRIBLE.

Spent the whole day watching the original Lord of the Rings Trilogy. IT WAS TERRIBLE.

It was missing a black protagonist , an obvious asian lead. The main characters were all male and Gandalf wasn't a blue haired feminist. There was no obvious message to drill into people. Absolutely terrible. Unlike the more enlightened films of today.

Frodo was originally suppose to be taking the ring to Mordor to propose to Sauron, his gay necromancer lover, not to destroy it. They also left out the gay binary fluid orgy from after Frodo wakes up.

If you'll allow me to get a little nerdy here.........the whole reason Frodo was chosen to be the ring barer is simply because hobbits don't have any aspirations for power. They are actually kind of like us in some ways. They wanna chill out and live simply happy lives in the Shire.

Yeah, they also weren't promoting being gay, bi or trans. Neither did they throw in the black buddy. What is wrong with these people?

"Diverse" remake by 2025



Being in the restaurant business I have to say that not even the good kitchen are run by women, the best chefs worldwide are men.

Both are good jokes.

the processed food industry has destroyed most traditional notions of the wife fixing dinner for the family.

Heating up a frozen lasagna or similar is not fucking cooking.


and don't get me started on the argument that more women are working so getting home after work and making a home cooked meal is just too much. I've worked 12 hours days in construction and still had the drive to make myself a nice meal when I got home.

No it's not too much effort you're just a lazy sow.


Correction: We know Apple is run by men because the overwhelming majority of everything innovative and useful is.

4chan user explains why women aren't attracted to intelligence

4chan user explains why women aren't attracted to intelligence


So often times, robots like us come to that realization. And then further down the road, we ask ourselves, "but how? Isn't that really not attractive to women? What about fiction which romanticizes intelligence, cleverness and wisdom more often than not?". Well, the answer is simple.

You see, women are massive hedonists, and more often than not are largely ignorant towards most subjects, which includes all the sciences, history, phylosophy, all of our current political issues, and so on and so forth. This is, by the way, why the great majority of women simply cannot carry out a conversation; they just lack the proper knowledge to do so, so they end up gossiping, chit-chatting or just talking about trivialities or mundane things.

So when a woman looks for a man, she looks for one who shares her traits; in other words, she looks for a hedonist (hence why women just love rappers and all other classes of men who are basically hedonists coasting through life by abusing retards). Hedonists often times are also spiritualits, which women love. "Dude, there's definitely something higher out there. I just feel it." Say it to any chick and most of them will cream themselves over it.

Anyway, to them most of the conversation carried out by men on a daily basis is just a waste of time, because it just doesn't affect them (according to them), and most women simply lack the cognitive capabilities to evolve their lines of thought above "oh this is much easier than thinking, guess I'll stick to this". They just want a guy to chit-chat and talk about "love", "spiritual" things, coddle them with fake optimism, pull their hair, lead them to places (since women are eternal children), and so on.

Try thinking when you were a kid or a preteen. You probably weren't interested in politics, human history, phylosophy, the higher arts and so on. Whenever you heard anything about these, you probably just went "uuh no ty". That's MOST women, Eternal children.

Awesome. Ask the poster to come over here, lol.

MGTOW was born on 4chan if you dont know, half the terminology comes from there ( "chad" etc).

..and /u/RasterDeluge..

the acronym MGTOW comes from this iteration of the mostly obsolete manifesto from circa 2007, (where only the acronym has survived),

MGTOW is a phenomenon, where males began asking why things are the way they are.. ..then reacting/teaching males, collectively..

this said, MGTOW did not originate from any specific place, or by any specific individual, group or website..

4chan and many others have greatly contributed to MGTOW, (just as /sub/mgtow,, /sub/theredpill and many others have), though it's creation is nothing more than a phenomenon, with the taken/barrowed acronym..

Try one of these subthreads