Found This Gem On Reddit:

Found This Gem On Reddit:

lol that mother is a toxic bitch. jesus

This is what happens when the mother is the head of household. Since her daughter makes much more money at the time, she supports her daughter despite being worse off for her daughter in the long run. They only care about benefits at the present and would often forgo moral compass.

Now consequences finally catches her daughter but she has to justify her actions of letting her daughter get into stripping and drugs, hence she canonize her daughter as a saint and blame others even though she's just a drug addict whore.

In short, women get caught by their own actions later and they don't want to admit they fucked up and being held responsible for their bad decisions and so they blame the patriarchy instead.

You just know a story is going to be a good one when it begins with - 'My sister became a stripper...'

Mothers desperately want to use their children's success for status. Problems arise when your definition of success doesn't match hers.



fuck i love this app

9:329 PM huh

Yeah, it's fake - nothing like this on her twitter feed.

This app is probably the least sexist app ever.

It's the great equalizer and all it does is remove women's war paint.

Feminist land-whale facial recognition gone wrong

Feminist land-whale facial recognition gone wrong

Her genetic information are destined to be swallowed into a blackhole.

it's not designed for the Hutt family

Quality shit post πŸ‘Œ dank

shit post? thought this was real lmao

Beware of false prophets

Beware of false prophets

If these women wanted families. They would have families...

There will soon be a tsunami of chameleons. Many men will fall to them.

If they get families, beta orbiters will lose hope and stop giving them cash for parroting /pol/.

Yes, that strikes me as odd. If she's so traditional and right-wing, where are her children? Her family? Her husband?

He is a human not an atm

He is a human not an atm

Drain his dick, not his wallet

I'm sorry Sir, I believe that your comment can plausibly be considered as a form of rape.

Let's see her without makeup.

Empty his balls, not his bank account.

The average brigader. They are free to leave us alone as we leave them alone.

The average brigader. They are free to leave us alone as we leave them alone.

"A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bike" - Feminism

Really they should LOVE MGTOW - it's literally leaving women alone to do their own thing.





I don't hate women.

I don't hate women.

MGTOW, at least for me and I suspect a lot of other men is not about hating women, we all have mothers, sisters, friends and daughters for whom we wish the best. Have no doubts about that.

MGTOW happens when men reach a point where we just don't wish to enter into any sort of contracts or agreements or relationships with any more women than we have to. We are happy in our own worlds doing our own thing and every now and then we visit this page to remind each other why we choose this path. MGTOW is not a hate group, it is a support group for men who have been abused, betrayed and financially and emotionally raped. That is what MGTOW is.

We don't hate ya'll, we want to let you be and we expect only one thing in return, that you let us be.

God bless you and have a good day.

I don't think anyone here outright hates women so much as their exes in particular. Who doesn't though.

I don't hate woman either but I do enjoy occasionally shit posting about them, I think it's healthy. It could be worse, you could have men out in public harrassing or harming women to release tension from this misandrist society or you could allow them to have a place to vent and move on. Pick your poison.

that you let us be.

Unfortunately, that goes against, directly against, female nature.

I'm just trying to save myself.

In case this sub gets deleted like Incels, i just want you to know i love you guys

In case this sub gets deleted like Incels, i just want you to know i love you guys

Been here ever since my last heart ache a year ago. This sub motivated me and made me laugh on many days. It would have been much harder without you guys. No matter what happens, remember to take the red pill and go your own way. Even if the world is your enemy.

Just a PSA for MGTOW here:

When incel was deleted, a sub of people that apparently got off on tormenting incel people from a sub called /sub/inceltears started visiting here.

If you are seeing strange posts, it's not incels brigading as many seem to be suggesting in other posts, it's these /sub/inceltears people.

MGTOW have always been fairly critical of incel in a sort of constructive way, but some of the posts you're seeing insulting them now are from these brigadiers which is why the flavor of the criticisms seem more hateful than constructive.

Took me a few minutes to unravel this, so I figured I'd pass it along to any who are also confused.

MGTOW isn't a subreddit it's a state of mind. Just remember each day that there are many other men out there who are your brothers no matter where they are in the world, you are never alone and MGTOW will never stop.

Also reassemble at /v/mgtow

Its like plane crash survivors all setting off in different directions: "good luck my friend, hope to see you on the other side"

Open letter to anyone visiting this subreddit who is not going their own way.

Open letter to anyone visiting this subreddit who is not going their own way.

Due to a recent influx of activity due to the whole /sub/incels subreddit being banned from reddit, I just wanted to post this open letter. Mostly I'm just doing it to get my thoughts up somewhere rather than in my own head.

/sub/mgtow is seen, to many, as a "toxic" subreddit full of misogynistic men who do nothing but hate one women, etc, etc... and hey, if you believe that, then more power to you, I guess. I don't really care what you think of myself or others around here.

But there is something I want you all to understand before you make any more assumptions. I want you to understand why this place even exists and it's not because of the cookie-cutter explanation of "they're ugly men who can't get laid and hate women" or whatever.

Despite what you may think, this subreddit exists as a way of helping men stop hating women and simply walk away from the idea that they need to start long term relationships/get married in order to improve their lives. After all, if you're someone who has been in terrible relationship after terrible relationship, perhaps the best thing to do is to just stop and not do the thing that is making your life worse, not better.

Not everyone here hates women, I certainly don't. I have no reason to hate women because they never did anything wrong toward me. You will find a lot of people here don't hate women because they never hated them to begin. Or, they were one of the men who did hate women but got over their hate and now simply feel indifferent. Most of these men have moved on from this subreddit and are living better lives. Some, like me, stay because it's nice to have examples of people who have managed to achieve a better life for themselves.

Indeed, most of the hate you seem to notice being slung at women is either misdirected hatred or posts designed to highlight what women can get away with. For example, when posts about how yet another female teacher has raped one of her students is posted up, it is to highlight how women are able to get away with serious crimes due to the way society treats women differently to men... some of you "SJW" types may call this... "benevolent sexism"... we here call it "gynocentrism". If you want more detailed information about that, I'm sure you can find it yourself.

To break down the issue that men going their own way have is that it's not women who are the problem, it's the gynocentric society that puts the needs of women above men to such an unequal level that it has made the very idea of engaging in a long term relationship and marriage unappealing. In short, there's no point in engaging in those kinds of relationships so it's best to focus on self improvement and making your own life better.

Of course, there is still actual hate toward women in this sub, yes. As mentioned before, there are some men here who have had negative experiences with women and there are men who feel hate toward women and the system that favours them at the same time. Whether you agree with their assessment of their own lives or not, I think the act of feeling the emotion we call "hate" is a good thing rather than a bad thing. I'll explain.

In order to get over hate, you have to be allowed to feel hate. You can't get over such a negative emotion without first acknowledging it and letting it play out. /sub/mgtow provides these men with an avenue to do that safely. Once those emotions have played out, many men find that they don't feel like hating any more. In fact, they don't really care about women any more and truly do start going their own way.

By the time a man on this subreddit lets go of his hate and fully embraces going his own way away from societal expectations, this is where you'll never see him again. He'll go back to becoming just another face in the crowd and you won't know he even exists.

The reason why you end up seeing a lot of these "hateful" men on this subreddit is because there are a lot of men who are going through this process. What you don't seem to realise is that a lot of those men end up moving on from this subreddit because they've finally gotten over their hate of women and have just walked away from them entirely.

Essentially, this place is doing exactly what you want it to be doing. Let me rephrase so you can understand me better... basically /sub/mgtow is "making the ugly loser men stop hating women and just fucking go away"... as some of you would put it.

So while many of you want this place shut down and complain that it's a hive of hate speech against women. Maybe it's for the best that a place like this exists because without it, these men won't have an outlet to express their hatred and be able to get over it... it'll just lead to these men repressing their feelings to the point where it becomes a detriment to them and people around them.

Anyway, ban this sub, shame the people here, do whatever you want.

Banning /sub/mgtow and sweeping it all under the rug isn't going to change the fact that more and more men are going their own way due to a society that doesn't give a shit about them in the first place. The truth is men are figuring this all out on their own and discovering MGTOW later on, not the other way around.

Oh well shrugs why can't we all just learn to get along peacefully?

To add on to this for the /sub/inceltears brigaders: we aren't your replacement for /sub/incels. You seem to think that we are here because we can't get any but you couldn't be further from the truth. We're here BECAUSE we got some, and realized that we don't want it. Your man-shaming tactics that affect incels don't work here so you can throw "virgin", "losers" and all that other shit right out the door.

And to the women there, we are not the creepy men that stalk you, we are not the ones that stare at you in public making you think that you're going to be the next #metoo, and we are especially not the blue-pilled cucks ON YOUR VERY OWN SUB that say they support you so that you'll validate them.

We are the ones that leave you alone. We won't hurt you, make you fear us when we're alone on the train, or creep you out in any way. Nope, we leave you alone right there in your little space.

This should be stickied for a few weeks, good shit.

The piece about letting people get over hate is gold. While I don't relate with most incels, berating them and taking away their ability to vent is akin to kicking a wounded and abused dog. Go ahead and take away that abused dogs cardboard box he sleeps in but don't act like you're morally superior while doing it, and definitely don't be surprised when he has nothing to do but lash out ala Elliott Rodgers.

These people are cruel man.

Ironic how it's us THEY won't leave alone.

This should be stickied permanently, IMHO. It does a stellar job at describing the more important facets of MGTOW.

Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues

Proving you just don't swing at cops. They can always beat your ass, unlike a normal guy you punch.


Couldn't stop watching that.

They're carrying her back to kitchen where she belongs.

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