when you become a mgtow

when you become a mgtow

I routinely flaunt my single bliss when people complain about the difficulty of their marriage and kids. LOL

I do too. Whenever one of my buddies is bitchin to me about their relationship problems I just say, "sorry man, but you knew what you were signing up for."

I laugh and say sorry... I don’t know anything about dealing with those problems first hand. And have a huge sinister smile.

Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret

Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret

I think it's called "courage wolf" or something, it's a meme that was popular on reddit back in like 2011-2012 haha.

I know this quote well.


Discipline also means to tame down the porn and masturbation.

Dafuq is this?

Female problem solving AWALT

Female problem solving AWALT

Notice that the option to remove her guilt is to not stop cheating on her boyfriend or be honest with her boyfriend about the cheating so that he can move on , it's to get the boyfriend to cheat so that she's " not the bad one" .

It's not about what she can do to improve it's about how she can make him worse.

"he's a dog"



"He's kinda a dog"

Well that'd make you a bitch.

EDIT: Or actually, maybe he is legitimately a dog? I think that's illegal in some places, lady.

Thought ma bois would like this

Thought ma bois would like this

When it is okay to make fun of short men but is not okay to criticize fat women.

Women just say what feels good. They lack intellectual consistency and moral agency. I understand that you get a kick out of pointing it out, but the truth is that you can't convince women of that they are wrong.

One colleague was trying to argue with me on fat... saying that for her it is genetics. I told her to fuck off or to offer her body to science since the only way to put on weight without eating is to create matter our of nothing. Imagine, these people are quantum walking machines. I mean this is exactly what it is. It would like making things appear right in front of you. This is what they say, right in your eyes. When lying is considered as morality superior to truth by society.

Because double standards

Edit : also they aren’t fat women they are “body positive” women.... cmon dude

You Are Not Indispensable. You Are Easily Replaced.

You Are Not Indispensable. You Are Easily Replaced.

I was thinking this morning as I walked into work about how so many people think their big company can't get along without them... until they get their pink slip. I've seen guys get walked out who thought the place would go under without them. Loyal company men who toed the line. Didn't matter when it came to the bottom line.

And that's exactly the way I've observed it works with women, girlfriends, wives. Just like your employer who lets you go even when you think you're doing a great job that no one else knows how to do and you're adding value, showing up on time, etc. Yeah, they may have to hire a contractor or two for a while to cover for you, but in the long run, they'll find someone to take up the slack because so many qualified people need jobs and are eager to please.

It's just like that with modern women. They'll shed a tear or two and then they'll get that "contractor" (or two or more) to cover during the longer term search for your replacement from a very large pool of very qualified applicants. It's the cold, hard reality of the market and the market's conditions.

You, on the other hand, will re-enter the pool of applicants for another job, hoping you can find one.

Remember: when it comes to women, no matter how good you think your relationship is, you are not indispensable. In fact, interviews for your position, no matter how informal or innocent, may be going on all the time.

You are very easily replaced.

Good analogy, except with an employer you get paid $$$. While a wife/gf extracts $$$ from you.

Well when i comes to being replaced by a big company its like sticking your hand in a bucket of water and pulling it out, see how much inpression you made to the water nothing. The water forms right back.

I was replaced in a couple weeks. Lol thats life. 12 years replaced in weeks lol.

Ha ha, true.

But don't you get paid in Love? /s

Ironically, the only way to keep a woman is if you treat her like shit. But that goes against the good nature of your average man. And it's a lot of work and energy. The guys that treat the woman good, magically become "abusive" when the relationship breaks down.

Found this gem

Found this gem

"Boyfriend playing Xbox"

He sure does with that Playstation controller

Gather resources clown!!

Unfortunately, for him, her fucking other dudes would fall under hobbies

Make sure to rewind those Nintendo tapes before you take them back to blockbuster.

Liberated Women's Achievements

Liberated Women's Achievements

Women really are a great disappointment on the whole.

the cycle will repeat, only in the west do they have this freedom and the west is rapidly being converted demographically to a baser state. it's ironic that female voting trends will be the engine of their own (re)enslavement.

India is also on the same page .. here millenials are more of a copycat of western millenials ..even we had one of those slutwalk in one of the major cities of our country

This really summarizes my thinking since being red pilled by life a few years back and now being firmly Mgtow. We were promised so much, but what we got was the biggest disappointment ever. By far.

Life is short

Life is short

This guy was blazin early. Not saying he’s wrong just saying wake and bake.

That's priceless.

Chance at what? A disease-ridden hole that is attached to an emotional child. Maybe if I'm lucky enough she'll eventually take half my shit and prevent me from seeing my children.

Birth control was very effective until my ex thought I was going to leave her. Suddenly it stopped working. 18 years of $600 per month plus endless bullshit. I'll pass on doing that again.

Too good.

Too good.


On point. Tho I'd wager you can get it out of the bed and couch more completely.

Would you drink an open and half drinked soda?

Not if someone cummed in it, no.

The truth is often funny

Someone sent me this today and I’ve never seen something so accurate.

Someone sent me this today and I’ve never seen something so accurate.

Hahaha ain't that the truth.

Fuck you homies.

The things my friends and I say to each other would immediately and irreparably sever female friendships.

It's very true. True male friendship is something that most women can't comprehend. This is why they will shame you (again) and call you gay etc. Not because they believe it but because they are upset,annoyed that 2 males can be true bros and awesome friend to each other. Also this is why women usually try to separate true husbands from their good friends especially is the good friend is a single guy.

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